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  1. Been using since April, with no problems. The original batteries lasted 4 months. Used outdoors only in the yard for SupersSpeedGolf and on the range. It seems pretty accurate on the range, compared with the markers. If I hit a low stinger it will mark the speed, but, not the length unless I raise it about two inches using an old ball box.
  2. Or, it is time to joint the PGA Circuit? Using the PRGR this morning for my SuperSpeedGolf exercises, and, it went haywire, flashing and then came up with this. I changed the batteries, which have lasted about 1000 drives.
  3. Good point, did not know I input to the official thread.
  4. Interesting discovery yesterday. I shot my worst round in two months, after playing twice a week since June. Looking back on the reasons I sucked, it was not my putting or sand rescues. Those were actually better than normal. It just seemed, and my ARCCOS post round data substantiated, that my 2nd and 3rd shots were consistently off by both distance and dispersion. On the 17th, a playing partner also commented that my 54 degree wedge shot that bounced over the green was solidly hit, just too little feel for the shot. I did my normal 5 shots per club warmup, although I was sweating a lot
  5. Ranny Reynolds Heritage Hunt, Gainesville VA Currently play: XXIO Prime 42, XXIO Prime 48 Cleveland CBX2 54, CBX2 58, Cleveland CBX Fullface 64 I would want new 48, 54, 58 and 64 degree wedges.
  6. Ranny Reynolds Handicap 25 from White Tees Play mostly at Heritage Hunt, Gainesville, VA 8 iron 120 yards Play XXIO Prime Senior Flex This looks like an interesting company that does factory direct. I currently use that method for balls, gloves, bag, cart and electronics.
  7. Got the email from Arccos this morning and placed my order for the new and improved Link. Supposed to be a September delivery.
  8. Ranny Reynolds in Heritage Hunt, Gainesville, VA I currently use a Skycaddie SX500 for GPS and yardage
  9. So, on Wednesday I managed to clip a piece off my right index finger. Playing on Friday, I noticed my drives were 20 yards shorter and I had 5 misfits versus my normal 1-2. I did notice my 7 wood and hybrid were basically the same. I put on a right handed glove the second hole. I later verified my yardage with the Arccos report. Today, Saturday, I was doing my SuperSpeedGolf exercises and my average had dropped 5 mph on all clubs. I even tried with the right handed glove. My guess is this is going to take about two weeks to cure. Until then, I plan to play with both gloves.
  10. Ranny Reynolds Heritage Hunt Golf and Country Club Gainesville, VA I practice with my PerfectPutter mat at least 3 times a week for 10 minutes, or, until I can make consecutive 2,4,6 and 8 foot putts. I get out to our practice green weekly for about 50 putts, also, before each round. I currently average three 3-putts a round, mainly because of 50+ first putts. My average putts per round is 36, ranging from 32 to 40 depending again on how many 50’ putts I have. Judging from the literature on the website, I believe I would gain the most from watching my bad putts on video.
  11. The pictures below are screen shots from the range on May 3 (Week 4) and June 27 (Week 10) of my SuperSpeedGolf. Ten mph increase in club head speed and 10 more yards from a 71 year old 18 months after a reverse shoulder replacement.
  12. What I have found most impressive after nine weeks is that the extra 25 yards on my drives means I can now play multiple clubs on my second shot instead of having to reach for the 3 wood.
  13. So much for club head speed for old guys. The sons and Grandsons came over on Sunday. I proudly told them how I have gone 80 to 95 in 9 weeks. After a few beers, we went out to try the yellow club. Grandsons 10 and 12 got 77 and 89. Thirty-six year old sons that hit the range twice a decade got 101 and 117. Cannot wait until next year, when I get in the 100s.
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