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  1. gotta love that I'm playing blades and Ive been playing 1.5 years and I'm 13.
  2. I worked so many hours on those clubs. Over 150 hours
  3. Yes Please. I wanna show them how stupid I am to spend that money!!!!
  4. And sure you can be in my will but your going to have to wait a while
  5. Sure why not. Buuuttt Im 13 so I'm not 100% sure that will work.
  6. um sorry to break it to you there i already a change in my bag. New Driver!!!! Sim2 Max 9* with the ventus red velocore shaft.
  7. i had the newport and then got fitted for the other one. I just keep it in case of a putting meltdown.
  8. Ive been buying clubs non-stop and this is what i ended up with.
  9. I like rick shiels and TXG for clubs reviews. But I also like peter finch, bryan bros, andrew jensen, and the gm golf squad. completely unrelated but im happy that tm brough out the sim2 hybrid also with the sim2 max hybrid.
  10. I love Alex etches too. The will always watch Rick Shiels’ videos. But txt us super nice n depth too. Another one I love is Peter Finch he is another jokester but his videos are a little different Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Oh no I did it myself I bought some clk hybrids and I think new ones are coming out in a couple days. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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