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  1. Instead of more equipment, buy him some lessons.
  2. I cannot say I have tested them side by side. However, my experiences with the Q star have been sub-standard. My experience with the Taylormade Tour Response, and previous version Project (a), have been stellar for the money. The Q star didn't perform well greenside or off the driver for me. More spin around the greens and driver distance with the TM. Irons were similar.
  3. #1 they walk on a golf course Now we got that one out of the way: #2 not practicing #3 not understanding the golf swing well enough #4 improperly fit equipment #5 over-swinging #6 poor course management #7 not knowing how far they hit their clubs accurately #8 consistency. (Focusing on distance over accuracy) #9 trying to be a hero - you are not Tiger, Phil, or Bryson #10 losing your cool - you're not good enough to be upset about a bad shot Honorable mention: caring more about drinking than golfing doesn't help scores. All this is part in jest and part serious. I want to encourage everyone to enjoy golf. I hope people learn more about their own game than anyone else because you are the one executing the shot. Learning basic swing mechanics, swinging within your ability, course management, and aiming for the back of the green number more often will lead to a more enjoyable round.
  4. The B60 is shafted similar to a Ping Anser 2 where the hosel enters the clubhead closer to hallway inside center. The B61 is shafted with the hosel more on the heel.
  5. These laminated maple woods had perimeter weighting with an epoxy filled cavity in the middle but, it is still made of wood. This is the Ping ISI Tour driver and fairway woods last used in the PGA tours in 1996/7. I actually love hitting my 3 wood of the same style. Part of the rollback line of thinking could be: woods have to be wood, limit driver/wood head size, increase minimum driver/wood head weight, decrease maximum shaft length, or increase minimum shaft weight. (Again, I like modern tech so, this is just thinking about exhibition and/or select events only) * I found these images on eBay
  6. I'd like to throw away my two cents: I am relatively new to golf, I started playing in the last 3 years. I hear the stories of old and, I enjoy watching old matches where the distance was less. Givens: the courses are setup with faster/firmer greens now, the ball has much less spin off of driver, driver sizes have about doubled, shaft weights on drivers are nearly halved with graphite, irons are stronger lofted with launchpad faces available, and the players are more athletic as a whole. I can see both sides of limiting equipment, course design, and how older/shorter courses are not as challenging for the modern game. I would like to see players play both the older courses that helped shape the game and modern courses that are setup with current distances in mind. I would propose that the tour include shorter courses to ignore the distances the boys hit the ball and let the score fall where it may about 1-2 times a month. I think it would also be fun to have exhibition matches with older equipment as well. I am also a fan of limits on equipment in the effect of a sort of bifurcated rollback that could only be used occasionally or on those shorter courses. It could look like a balata ball, persimmon woods, less clubs, or limited flight modern balls that haven't been designed yet. If this is the route, it could only be either for 2 months a year at the beginning of the season, only the once a month at the short/retro courses, or as an invitation only exhibition match (could be sponsored by one of the big three?). I like watching Seve, Nicklaus, Tiger, Trevino, and the new breed of DJ, Rory, Bryson, and Wolff. It would be fun to see them do what they do with different sets of equipment and with the latest in the same year. Even then, what would it look like if Thursday uses old equipment, Friday is new equipment, Sat is old equipment, and Sunday is new equipment? Wow could be entertaining!!
  7. 2 baby pigs and a baby seal were sacrificed in the making of this golf grip... We mourn their loss as I make BIRDIES!!! Hehe
  8. @BIG STU I must see pictures of these relics! I love, love, love nasty golf monstrosities that cause some arrogant jaws to hit the floor when they perform miracles.
  9. @HardcoreLooper & @BIG STU I will keep the Snell MTB (x) in mind. I don't get much chance to game them because I play what I find. I find more ProV1&(x) balls than any other tour ball by at least 3 to 1. I think I have found 2 or 3 Snell balls in 4000+.
  10. Buffly

    Balls ? Which one ?

    Officially it is discontinued but, a few can still be had: https://www.golfdiscount.com/taylormade-project-a-proto-golf-balls?gclid=Cj0KCQjwk8b7BRCaARIsAARRTL5fW4DZHkPUmc-iIOvhYVZyUz5r5_mmlgfwzP3iDm41IzCxLYJMxPUaAg5iEALw_wcB
  11. @Ratcatcher Richard, you would need to test it out. The idea of needing speed can be related to peak height to optimize performance. However, it also depends on your delivery and strike conditions. If you hit the numbers you want and it works then go for it. However, if you struggle with height and it falls short then a 3 hybrid or 7 wood might be better. Or, getting a fitting might show a different flex or shaft might find the sweet spot like Senior flex (M or A flex) which can also be lighter at times. The Ping crossover does have a lot of hybrid qualities so it might just work out. If you buy it online then try to make sure they have free returns to lower the risk.
  12. I would think about bending the 52 to 51 deg. Then maybe the 56 to 55 deg and leave the 60 alone. If you want a 50 to 54 is fine but I would still keep the 60 because I like the options it gives. Another option is also bending your PW one degree weaker depending on the Gap to your 9i. For instance if the gap is 12 yards then stretching that to 15 would be fine. * Remember increasing loft reduces bounce by the same amount where 1 stronger loft is 1 less bounce. One thing to consider is a set Gap/Approach wedge because they can be already the right Gap and loft to fit your set. If the set PW is 47 then the set Gap is usually 51. If the set PW is 45 or 46 then 50... and so on. Don't be afraid to try a Gap from a different set of irons with the same shaft if the loft and bounce specs fit what you're looking for. Good luck. I know left handed options are limited.
  13. That's how I acquired my two Scotty Cameron putters - trolling the pond on 18 with a large magnet. Hehe
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