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  1. I like playing 9 when I am walking by myself. Most of the time I do ride 18 as my typical playing partners, my son and his 6 yr old son, like to go that route. My grandson is getting his own cart for Christmas, so we will be doing more 9 hole walks in the coming year. The pace and peace of walking cannot be beat for sure as you hardly ever have to wait on anyone.
  2. No and no. Always been a khaki or navy color when it comes to pants. Besides you are not supposed to wear white after Labor Day and it doesn’t cool off enough in Eastern NC before then to require long pants. Of course, I wear short pants pretty much year round anyway - even on some of the cooler weather days.
  3. The Eye 2’s line up like this - 50.5 GW, 53.5 SW (Eye 2+) and 57.5 LW. They are fun to hit - shoot now I may have to put them back in the bag for golf Thurs.
  4. I literally bounce between two gappings. Have TM SLDR irons so PW is 46deg. Use Cleveland CBX / CBX2 wedges - 4deg gap setup: PW (TM) 46deg, GW (50), SW (54), LW (58) - all CBX or 6deg gap: PW (TM) 46 deg, GW (52), SW/LW (58). The 52 is a CBX2. In terms of shot distances - the 52 seems to be more versatile. When I really want to mess with my head I’ll drag the old Eye2 wedges out, another day another conversation.
  5. Thanks for the overview of the tester selection process. I live just far enough away to never be part of the Hit Squad. I have applied for testing opportunities in the past, but have yet to be selected. It’s all good though as I have enjoyed the reviews. I have learned much and the MGS team strives to give us good info not Mfg suggested promo info. I am looking forward to maybe getting in on a test this year….
  6. Words after an ugly slice? Not too many, usually its some sort of self-analysis. Feelings? Used to be heart-felt angst that could easily get me down. As they are much less frequent, it is a self realization that “bad shots happen”, now it’s time to figure how best to resolve. Where do so feel them? Sometimes a gut punch, others it’s just “oh well” and it’s gone. Slicing was my life when first starting. Through live and learn and some good instruction, slicing is less an issue these days. Power fades (controlled slices) are more the norm for me. The game for me is about enjoying the moments and memories.
  7. Meh - he’s just following the money. His name on a Srixon bag won’t inspire me anymore than Rahm on Callaway or Rory on TaylorMade. Please keep in mind I really like watching these guys play at the highest level. For Srixon it adds a domestic face to go with its International face in Hideki. The cynical side of me says it’s just a sponsor deal that puts more money in his multi-millionaire bank accounts.
  8. Lofting up (if your 3w has that capability) is a good start. Up till this year, gamed a SLDR 3HL (17* loft) - basically a 4w head on a 3w length shaft. Now using a Ping G410 that is adjustable, lofted up .5 to 15*. This club carries further and is more accurate than the SLDR. I have worked to make sure I make contact first with a bruising of the turf after when off the deck. Getting consistent long penetrating flight. It has become a regular part of the arsenal.
  9. Driver, fairway, hybrids - Ping Irons - TaylorMade Wedges - Cleveland Putter - Odyssey Tend to mix up ball brands even more….most prevalent “OPB”
  10. A local semi-private club offered a “special 3-yr membership”, so the missus and I joined. It is struggling to make the course better. The benefits are if you walk 9, it’s free. To ride 9 or 18 it’s just the cart fee. I also play number of other semi-private courses in the area, some in super nice shape.
  11. Will need to check my FBS (found ball stock) to see what the current level of CS along with ProV-1, TP5, etc. I have been averaging 2-3 found balls per round of late, most are in plain view - think folks don’t care to look for them. On the story about Callaway and their not taking new orders, I am not surprised. The current climate is such that all markets are seeing material shortages. I suspect we will see long lead times all across the industry for some time.
  12. The last paragraph is what I have been doing - being certain of where I am planning for the ball to go. I pick the smallest target point in the distance, when on the tee, and plan the shot path from there. Quietly confident in where the shot is going, knowing I am not going to land in the bird box 600yds away, but will be somewhere along the line of flight I envision. Once read “see it, feel it, trust it” and it has been a life changer. Work on the driver on the range, picking specific targets for each drive….then after each shot take a moment to assess what went right, what did not. Also powder foot spray on the driver face will give great feedback as you begin to correlate the shot observed with the impact seen. Of course a Trackman or related device will give you all that and much more.
  13. Man I was just kidding about the custom initials. Yes, I do live in the states (NC in fact). Appreciate the offer on sending a sleeve my way, I am sure that with such I would likely lose them too quickly to appreciate such.
  14. What Hook DeLoft said - first clubs I ever used were blades from the late 60’s - early 70’s so thin lines don’t scare me. Yes the narrow soles will make you think twice….but. As Shankster points out below… I don’t feel comfortable behind them, they are so clunky. That is why I parked the Callaway Diablo Edges. I have a good middle ground with the SLDR irons.
  15. Short and/or hard dogleg par 4’s are typically fairway wood or 3h. Rest of the time it’s big stick unless it’s misbehaving and then I back down till there is an agreeable club that day.
  16. I was going to be all stupid and say they are my custom initialed balls they built for me but got shipped elsewhere. The mold initials makes great sense….now I will be looking as I would like one day come across some with the “WT” mold markers, my initials btw.
  17. Remember the cameras cutting to #6 last year as they were finishing the tournament. Thought they were just updating the greens, wrong! The man has an eye for design, have yet to play one of his courses, but I like what he said about Muirfield “...May not be tougher, but it is better...”. Makes me appreciate the Golden Bear much more. This course will be his ultimate legacy.
  18. I have done something similar using dimes, practice mat and lob wedge. The premise there was to catch the dime clean. It was about engaging the bounce, but it also encouraged consistent knowledge of the low point of the swing.
  19. Ditto - my CBX wedges are da’ bomb!
  20. Congrats - love to hear and read if the shoes walk the walk that lets the clubs talk the talk....
  21. Willie New Bern, NC Callaway Superhot 70 My experience has been limited to pitch practice in the back yard with a ton of "gimme" "rock-flite" XL's to more recently finding the occasional and playing the Top Flite D2 Distance. I like the sound and feel of the D2 and it seems to play well from tee to green.
  22. Willie / New Bern NC Size: 7.5 Addidas (just don't remember the model) - soft spikes I have to say how comfortable it is to my left foot (no toes/transmet amputation due to motorcycle wreck in 2016) and how it supports my stance as a I have little to no lateral support on that side. Couple the comfort with solid traction and we are cooking with gas.
  23. Mr Wishon makes some good points. Let me first say, I've never been fitted and know I should. COVID has killed that for me at the moment. Hopefully soon. For me, I play a 1" shorter shaft on the driver and I like it. I don't hit far, a lot of that is due to the physical mechanics I deal with (no toes on the left foot, grafted skin where they used to be, no lateral support in that foot, the list goes on). What has helped is that I have my driver dialed up in terms of loft somewhere around 11.5-12.0*. Then again I believe SLDR drivers need to be lofted up to get back to reasonable lofts. Also I have worked hard to make consistent strikes in the middle of the face, spray powder on the face even when playing a round is great soon, certain and positive feedback. Also I play with a "R" the shaft, have toyed with going to an "A" shaft. I am not afraid of the "senior" flex, I play forward at the senior tees most of the time anyway. All of this is "educated" guesses and can either be validated or debunked with a good fitting.
  24. Willie - New Bern, NC Right Handed 1st choice - GS53 3wood - 14* MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Reg flex 2nd choice - VKTR+ Hybrid 18* Recoil ES 75 F3 Reg 22.2 Taylormade SLDR-S 22* Hybrid
  25. Willie Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Green – Portable Mat with Auto Ball Return Function (from Amazon) Medium as I tend to switch between Muni and Semi-Private.
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