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  1. Got my mini driver last week. Spent a little time on the range. It is replacing a 2017 M2 D-type. I tend to play a fade/slice depending on if I eat chicken wings for dinner the night before playing or not. Right off the bat I was hitting this new mini straight as an arrow. I am guessing because it is more efficient of a club for me to hit I was getting same distance as my M2. Center of the fairway drives will be welcome anytime I play. Hoping to see 10 or so more yards than at the range once I can hit some real balls and not the range garbage we have.
  2. John here. I live in Seattle. I wish I could play more than I do, but if I can get out every other month I'm lucky...2 year old daughter keeps me busy. Most of the times I get to play are on trips we take...Hawaii, Bend, Carmel Valley, etc. I like to get out and play golf for the challenge. It is just me and the course. I am my own enemy most of the time. I like to hang out on the MGS site to see in depth testing and recommendations on equipment. I don't upgrade a lot, but when I do I like to be informed.
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