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  1. Looking for advice ideas. I currently play a TM P790 PW, TM P790 AW (*50), and Cleveland CBX2 54 & 58. I don't play a ton and my swing speed isn't super high, but feel I have a huge gap problem. My yardages are 105, 95, 70, and 64. A 25 yard gap seems like too much between my AW and 54. I don't want to drop my PW and AW, and need to keep my 58 for sandy options. Debating going to a 52 deg to try and close the gap to my AW which is 50 deg. Any suggestions?
  2. Wanted to start a forum on speed training through the use of training aids. I've seen three very promising: Superspeed, Rypstick, and LAUNCH CODE Overspeed Trainer. Recently a mygolfspy review on the Rypstick was posted and it has some benefits of only needing one stick, but getting similar results from the Superspeed system. Has anyone used each as a comparison against each other? What about the Launch Code. Being able to use my driver shaft and grip and adding weights for speed training seems like it would be a better impact on muscle memory. Is it a gimmick or a strong speed training competitor to the Superspeed system?
  3. Thanks for the replies. A most wanted type of review would be ideal with comparison data and MSG selection of top balls
  4. With the release of the new Bridgestone e12 contact, it got me thinking about the mid tier $25-$35 ball market. There is quite an array of balls that land in this pricing: Taylormade Tour Repsonse, Bridgestone e12, Titleist Velocity, Titleist Tour Soft, Callaway Super Soft, Srixon Q-star to name a few. Some have urethane cover, some not. We know Pro-V's, TP5, and Tour B's dominate among the professional market, but for us that are not as good and not willing to pay as much for premium golf balls, which balls should the amateur play? It would be an interesting test by MSG to help us in determining best performing mid tier golf balls.
  5. I like my TM mini, but now that the Sim 2 has come out, TM should revisit an update/refresh to the mini. Maybe insert some of the tech from the Sim into the mini...
  6. I just picked up a new 2021 Sync bag. Top has been redesigned with a different configuration. Putter well is more padded all around. no longer a 15-way bag. the putter well has remained. the 13-way section has three holes in the center running front to back and five wider holes running down left/right. Instead of each club hole being somewhat square they are more rectangle on the sides and square in the middle.
  7. How does the Titleist Tour Speed compare to Taylormade Tour Reponse. Both a tier down than their big brother golf ball in their respective brands.
  8. I have a sun mountain 5.5 stand bag. I currently have a caddytek EZ pushcart that I got from Costco. Bag fits well, however the bottom of the bag that engages the stands causes the total bag to sag down and rub the front wheel. I was lucky to play at a course with the newest clicgear 4.0 carts. The same issue happened. The bag sagged on the bottom, and the newer top capture on the cart caused my bag to sway side to side and almost fall off. My next action is invest in a cart bag made for push carts....Sun Mountain Sync. I believe this will fix my bag sag at the bottom and will fit nicely in the upper bag capture on the cart I have.
  9. Got my mini driver last week. Spent a little time on the range. It is replacing a 2017 M2 D-type. I tend to play a fade/slice depending on if I eat chicken wings for dinner the night before playing or not. Right off the bat I was hitting this new mini straight as an arrow. I am guessing because it is more efficient of a club for me to hit I was getting same distance as my M2. Center of the fairway drives will be welcome anytime I play. Hoping to see 10 or so more yards than at the range once I can hit some real balls and not the range garbage we have.
  10. John here. I live in Seattle. I wish I could play more than I do, but if I can get out every other month I'm lucky...2 year old daughter keeps me busy. Most of the times I get to play are on trips we take...Hawaii, Bend, Carmel Valley, etc. I like to get out and play golf for the challenge. It is just me and the course. I am my own enemy most of the time. I like to hang out on the MGS site to see in depth testing and recommendations on equipment. I don't upgrade a lot, but when I do I like to be informed.
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