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  1. Brian / Minneapolis, MN / US Ping IWI D66 Heppler Anser 2 as plumbers neck Anser-like shapes fit my eye and stroke best
  2. Mizuno did this before any of the other major OEMs with their 2007 MP-600.
  3. Link? Their findings from last year’s study based on testing at 85 and 115 mph found that ball speed efficiency was fairly linear regardless of club head speed.
  4. I believe he is referring to regular retail price which is $40 for the ZStar. The ZStar is my favorite urethane ball regardless of price and the fact that you can find them for considerably less than the flagship urethane models from the other big OEMs is a bonus (I have paid as little as $7 per dozen for new prior gen ZStars). IMHO, the Soft Feel is a typical low compression 2-piece ionomer covered ball which are mediocre by the nature of its construction and the QStar is overpriced for a it’s category (highest priced 2-piece ball on the market that doesn’t have a Titleist stamp).
  5. As I mentioned earlier, multiple covers is an outdated reference from the early days of multilayer balls when most of the industry referred to mantles as additional covers. Basically it comes down to a matter of semantics. Keep in mind that the USGA does not determine the designations for each entry on the list nor are these designations based on any testing or analysis, the entity submitting it to the USGA simply designates it on the application so it is up to their discretion (same with the spin designations). Some companies categorize mantles as covers (Bridgestone/Callaway) while others only consider the outer most layer to be a cover (TaylorMade/Titleist/Srixon). I know it seems confusing as most would expect an official regulated list administered by a governing body to be consistent, but it sadly isn’t. Basically I would not recommend using this list for anything other than verifying conformance and maybe the number of dimples. Below are the USGA submission guidelines in case you are interested: https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/2019/equipment-standards/2019-usga-golf-ball-submission-guidelines.pdf
  6. That is likely more of an Achushnet capacity issue than a reflection of shop trouble.
  7. At the beginning of the multilayer solid core era the industry considered mantle layers to be additional covers. The USGA has not updated the construction designations to differentiate mantles and since these are chosen by the submitter it makes cross company comparisons difficult (some OEMs count mantles as covers while others don’t).
  8. Yes some stores have closed but they’ve actually had a net increase in total number of stores in the 6 years since that article was published.
  9. What you are referring to was from 2014: http://www.golfwrx.com/239847/dicks-sporting-goods-may-close-many-of-its-golf-galaxy-stores/
  10. This has the same basic specs as last year’s EXP-01 (3-piece, TPU cover, 346 dimple pattern), so closer to the higher priced multilayer urethane offerings than the lower priced 2-piece offerings.
  11. See Below in thread for official press release. https://www.golfballs.com/m/New-Titleist-Tour-Speed.html Technology driven core design delivers maximum speed on full swing shots Fast ionomer casing layer contributes to increased speed and low long game spin Proprietary TPU cover generates greenside spin for short game scoring control 346 Quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design provides penetrating flight for long distance with tight dispersion
  12. Ping’s actual involvement with the shaft design process is kind of ambiguous, it is more likely that they are providing requirements and then the staff at Aldila and UST are designing the actual layup pattern at which point Ping tests prototypes to provide feedback. Ping takes the multi OEM private label approach mainly for supply chain reasons (multiple sources in case one of them has a problem and can’t deliver on an order). Historically the primary stock shaft (I believe this applies to the Alta) has been produced by both Aldila and UST. The Tour 65/75/80 shafts have been produced exclusively by UST. Also, Aldila is owned by MCA (formerly Mitsubishi Rayon) and UST is owned by Mamiya-OP neither of which have any affiliation.
  13. storm319

    Urethane Quality

    Two different approaches to urethane covers: Thermoplastc Urethane (TPU) - liquid material is injection molded similarly to how ionomer covers are produced. Ex models: Bridgestone Tour B, Callaway Chrome Soft, Srixon ZStar. Themoset Urethane - components are mixed in a cast mold and a chemical reaction occurs producing the final solid state. Ex models: Titleist ProV1, TaylorMade TP5. Thermoset casting tends to produce thinner, softer, more resilient covers but is more expensive as the process takes longer per part, requires additional painting steps, and the material is not reusable unlike TPU if something goes wrong.
  14. From the 2019 ball test: ”cheaper (2-piece) balls and matte finish balls are affected more significantly by moisture.” https://mygolfspy.com/most-wanted-golf-ball/ The 2019 wedge test also went into detail on the impacts of moisture on spin, but from a club comparison standpoint. https://mygolfspy.com/2019-most-wanted-wedge/
  15. In response to the weak field comments, consider what events are coming up next on the schedule: Next week = WGC 2 weeks = PGA Championship 4 weeks = start of the FedEx Cup I am actually surprised that certain big names are even at the 3M this week given turn around needed to make these bigger events.
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