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  1. First some background. Age 65. I swing in the 90 mph range give or take. I was playing a Ping G15 driver but was hoping for a little more distance/ consistency and figured some newer technology might help. I bought the ST190 off Ebay. Stock ATMOS Red regular shaft. (Great shape, $152 dollars) Initial thoughts: ST190 looks really nice. I immediately noticed it felt lighter, although I think swing weight is D3 like Ping. Shaft is supposedly 3/4" shorter than the Ping. Range: I took it to the range before my first round for a tryout. First 6 balls all found the
  2. New to forum. Hope I get this right. How long have you been playing golf? Played a little in my twenties. No time, no money. Picked up the game almost thirty years later. One of the best decisions I ever made. What’s your handicap or normal score? Hcp index is 19.9 at the moment. Hit 14.5 at one point last year. Then decided to "fix" my swing. What do you love about golf? Is a wonderfully focused distraction! What brings you to MyGolfSpy? I'm always looking for some sort of info. Got an email about testing a new shaft. I e
  3. Just joined the forum. I have a bit eclectic set of clubs in my bag. I carry one of three drivers depending how I am striking the ball. Drivers: Ping G15 10.5 dg Use when my swing is working. Longest of drivers I have, but first to go bad when my consistency fails. TM RBZ2 HL Middle of the pack for me. Solid driver. Mid distance out of my three. MacGregor MT 46011.5 dg Nicest looking, easiest to hit, shortest off the tee by maybe 10 to 20 yards. But it will find the fairway when I struggle. Fairway: MacGregor MacTech NVG2 3W Can hit almost as far as my dr
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