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  1. Maltby 8&9 iron heads and Aldila NV black 65 A flex iron shafts. Already did the 6&7 irons as test. 7iron shaft was a 55 series. Replacing my 7 year old ping G’s. I would love to be able to bend my irons, except for the two no’s. No money, No room!
  2. Nope, you speak for at least for me also Bobbers. Lower 80's swing speed, 200 avg drive, (on a good day.). Still great fun following this article. Dove down this rabbit hole months ago. My swing is way less than ideal so have not experienced the results of others. Haven't given up on OP, just taking a few steps back to see if I can develope a litte rhythm, (key the music.)
  3. First some background. Age 65. I swing in the 90 mph range give or take. I was playing a Ping G15 driver but was hoping for a little more distance/ consistency and figured some newer technology might help. I bought the ST190 off Ebay. Stock ATMOS Red regular shaft. (Great shape, $152 dollars) Initial thoughts: ST190 looks really nice. I immediately noticed it felt lighter, although I think swing weight is D3 like Ping. Shaft is supposedly 3/4" shorter than the Ping. Range: I took it to the range before my first round for a tryout. First 6 balls all found the center of the face. (Was a little surprised how easy it felt to swing. Always felt I had to work at getting the Ping to where I needed it to be.) For distance, Mizuno flew slightly longer than my Ping. Seemed to end up where I was trying to hit more often than the Ping also. Encouraged, I took it out on the course yesterday. *Note: Range is considerably elevated so I really can't tell how long it goes. Just know it went further than the Ping. 1st round: 1st hole I hit a low drive off the towish area. Not the first time that ever happened! When I got to the ball I realized it had travel father than that same miss with the Ping had in the past. Second hole I found the middle of the face. Ball had a nice mid flight launch and finished with some great distance. I'm not talking 20 or 30 yards longer than the Ping, but certainly a noticeable difference. The rest of the round was pretty typical day. Had good drives, not so good drives, and one WTF happened to that one? Overall I would have to say the Mizuno was worth every penny. Good drives were longer and tended to go more where I was looking for them to go. Misses, both heal and toe, flew pretty straight, and again went further than past missed shots on the same holes. In closing I would like to say I'm still still in the "honeymoon" stage with this club, but I didn't see or feel anything the least bit disturbing. I have read some reviews that players weren't thrilled with the sound of the ball strike. Maybe because I don't swing hard enough, or my hearing is going, or I just don't care about that sort of thing, but I had no problem with the sound. Having been fitted for and discovering I couldn't be more "average" when it comes to golf irons, I would still recommend before buying one of these you at least try one at the store/shop, (if one is open near you). In my case, since I am "average", I just bought the stock model. Seems to fit me fine. And with an 18.2 index I'm not sure there's much a new, (expensive), shaft is going to do to help with my inconsistencies. Still have to fix the swing first. Hopefully,if I remember, (another age reference), after a couple/few more rounds I will post an update . Haven't even touched the adjustments yet. Golf is still happening here in GA. 5/14 Update: I've played multiple rounds with the club now and I only like it more. Swings easy. I can really feel where the head is through the swing. Played today and only missed a couple fairways. Lots of hits in the center of the face which really added some distance. Again, I'm not a bomber off the tee but having some extra yards on the shot usually helps. It took a few rounds to really settle in. I ended up raising the loft 1 notch. Think it's at 11.5 now. I tend to hit down a bit so the change gets my drives up a little.. I'd call it mid height with a lot of roll. Works well with the courses I play here in N. Georgia. That's it for the update. I couldn't be happier with the Mizuno
  4. New to forum. Hope I get this right. How long have you been playing golf? Played a little in my twenties. No time, no money. Picked up the game almost thirty years later. One of the best decisions I ever made. What’s your handicap or normal score? Hcp index is 19.9 at the moment. Hit 14.5 at one point last year. Then decided to "fix" my swing. What do you love about golf? Is a wonderfully focused distraction! What brings you to MyGolfSpy? I'm always looking for some sort of info. Got an email about testing a new shaft. I enjoy learning about some of the more technical stuff regarding golf. Do you already know any other Spies? Not that I am aware of. Where are you from? What is your home course? In Georgia little over a year now. Play mostly at Bradshaw Farms. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best: Being able to play all year. (Came down from New England). Worst: I've never played anywhere with so much water, creeks , ponds, lakes, if it's wet it's here. What do you do for a living? Happily retired 3 years. (Was a software tech/sales support guy) How’d you pick your user name? Term picked up from an old Kaizen class from the eighties.
  5. Just joined the forum. I have a bit eclectic set of clubs in my bag. I carry one of three drivers depending how I am striking the ball. Drivers: Ping G15 10.5 dg Use when my swing is working. Longest of drivers I have, but first to go bad when my consistency fails. TM RBZ2 HL Middle of the pack for me. Solid driver. Mid distance out of my three. MacGregor MT 46011.5 dg Nicest looking, easiest to hit, shortest off the tee by maybe 10 to 20 yards. But it will find the fairway when I struggle. Fairway: MacGregor MacTech NVG2 3W Can hit almost as far as my driver on the range. On the course is still a struggle but does go high and long off the deck if I catch it well. Hybrids: MacGregor MacTech NVG2 UT2 Recent acquisition. Needed something a bit longer than the UT3. (Purchased before 3W) MacGregor MacTech NVG2 UT3 My first hybrid. Very solid and long for me. Can get it airborne pretty easily. MacGregor MacTech NVG2 UT4 Pretty much replaced my 5 iron except for certain days. (You know what I'm talking about. Some days irons work better. Go figure) Irons: Ping G yellow dot Graphite shafts. 5-U I was fitted for these. (Lot of fun. Highly recommend the experience). Turns out I am "Joe Average" Nothing needed to be done to fit these to me or my swing. Still was fun and worth it. They did put and extra wrap on tape on grips cause my fingers are a little long. Love the clubs. Very solid and great feeling. Wedges: Cleveland CBX 64 and 58 I have played Cleveland wedges for a long time. Tried a Titelist wedge for a couple years. Just couldn't hit it. I do think the RTX wedges felt better, but I'll stick with the CBX's for awhile. Haven't worn out the grooves yet. Putter: Ping Answer W Cadence TR Great putter, heavy. Good control on lag putts, but I struggle on the short ones. Odyssey White Hot XR #7CS This one I always go back to.I changed out the face to a carbon fiber insert, (just cause I can). Painted and currently have some extra weights on it. Works great as long as I can keep my head out of the putting stroke. Is still my favorite putter. As you could probably guess I am older golfer with 19.8 index. Was 14.5 for awhile mid summer but then the golf gods punnished me for something. Getting back in their good graces now. As someone once said, "I'm actually a much better golfer. I've just never played that way." Note on my hybrids. I have tried and/or purchased a few diff hybrids over the years. None were as easy to hit or went as long as my MacTech UT's. They may be ancient but I'll play them as long as I can. This is the end of my intro. If you made it to the end I thank you .
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