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  1. Adam seaford, ny Tempo drills inside No experience with putting mats Slow - 9- 10 Stimpmeter - Public Municipal
  2. Adam/Seaford, NY Average score 95 Callaway Rogue
  3. Adam seaford,ny vokey sm5 56*14 f grind 56 mid or full
  4. Adam Alberghine long island, ny Yes i have used garmin s2 and garmin s60 garmin s60
  5. I played the oncore avants for one round and didnt like them at all, there was just something off. The supersofts have been good but i have the srixon z stars that im ready to try....ill see what happens when inget on the course. How do you like your mavrik?
  6. Thank you for the input! So far i have been using callaway super soft and taylormade tour response the past few weeks. I like the feel of them both, tour response went a little further on certain shots and responded a little better around the greens.. I have ordered some srixon z star per a couple of guys in this thread saying for the money it is a great ball. I will test them put in a couple of weeks as i will be traveling. I will keep you posted, and if i ever can get my hands on kirkland balls i will try them as well.
  7. I am about to buy some of this years srixon zstar, BOGO from srixon. I will try them out and let you know what i find. Here is the link:https://www.srixon.com/us/balls/golf-balls/z-star-golf-balls/MZSTAR18.html
  8. Ok so played this weekend with predominantly callaways supersoft. They feel good fly pretty well, i lost a little distance. But i joined golfpass+ and finally got my free dozen golf balls....taylormade tour response....anyone have any experience with these? I only played one sleeve but they felt great and i gained a good amount of distance over the supersoft. I have 3 more sleeves, and a couple more rounds before i leave florida...they might be a winner ill keep you posted. I still would like to hear if anyone one has experience with the tour response ball, im hoping it wasnt just a good day of ball striking...hahaha
  9. Thank younso much for your input, incannot take offense because i am a high handicapper and that is why i am asking. My struglle withbthe game is off the tee and putting (i always feel rushed, but thats for another thread haha) i just want to hit straighter with my longer clubs. Around the green i have seen very little difference between balls because of the way i play the shots and the inconsistencies of yhe actual greens from course to course. I feel confident around the greens. I will definitely give the srixon a go. I did try maxfli, but they just didnt feel good off longer clubs which lowered my confidence. I might pick up a sleeve of srixon and see how it goes, i am still on the fence about callaway supersoft but it was a little straighter than chromesoft. I will let you know how it goes....thank uou again for your time.
  10. I never know what to tgink about prior gen balls and overruns....but ill look into that i was getting chrome soft 2 years prior for like $25 a dozen.
  11. Ok it looks like kirkland might be a way to go....but didnt they say, those are not as good as they used to be?
  12. i understand what you are saying completely anout green backwards approach. And i was more consistent with chrome soft but i just started playing supersoft so i know i have to figure out how they work on the green. I swing pretty fast and have great distance but sometimes spin is my worst enemy withbthe premium balls.
  13. As for swing speed, im not sure because i dont use a driver. But if i had to go based off this chart, i would be between 100-110. And as for lost balls, it depends on the course and how hot it is, both things affect it for me. I have played 18 holes with 3 balls or 15 (really bad day lots of water). I have been playing in florida since beginning of april and i have progressivley shooting worse. I think its due to the heat and flooded golf courses. I played supersoft this weekend and had some great shots but around the greens im a little off from what i ised to do with chrome soft.
  14. I have bookmarked that website and i will check it out and give them a go once i run out of the supersoft from callaway. Thank you very much for the input and advice.
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