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  1. Adam Seaford, ny I do not walk the majority of my rounds, but I am going to start to more this season. I have an inexpensive pushcart that just folds nicely to be compact
  2. Maybe my numbers might be wrong but and i applogize but bottom line, i was hitting the maverick almost twice as far to left and right of center as the ping.
  3. The maverick was over 60 yards where as the ping i believe was around 30 on average because i wasnt missing left at all . If i remember correctly.
  4. That is what i have really taken into consideration, and the ping did feel better in a tactile way. The hit felt solid and the sound was appealing. I know in time i might be ablento get comfortable with the maverick, but will it happen before i get too frustrated. That is why im going to go with the ping i believe.
  5. Well it was roughly 20-30 yards more right on average, it would most likley end up in the trees where i am. I dont know if the confidence is there with the maverick because of that.
  6. We did 5 different driver heads and started eliminating based on my feedback and the actually hit. Then between the those two we played with different weight shafts. It felt more solid with the ping and more controlled. I do have a fast transition from backswing to downswing.
  7. No matter which one i get i will try this, its a great idea because i dont believe he is doing anything with length.
  8. I never really gave ping a thought because i really dont like the feel of their irons even when it was flush. But their driver is winning this battle, the only thing that i dont like are the speed bumps in top but that is not a deal breaker.
  9. With the maverick i didnt hit any down the middle even with a fade or draw. The ping felt more solid. I did try the maverick with different shafts and it didnt help with the erratic dispersion. I had an taylormade r1 up until 2 years ago and i got rid of it because no matter what i did i couldnt keep it on the fairway. I havent used a driver in that time, im trying to lower my score and give myself better scoring opportunities.
  10. No we didnt go over length, we did shaft weight, and driver heads. This was the first pro shop i liked in the time i have been playing golf. He did my irons and i have been happy with them.
  11. On average it was 10-15 yards but accuracy was an issue because the misses on the callaway were worse and the ping g410 it was more manageable.
  12. Hello everyone, so i got fit for a driver, and i am a very tactile person. With this amazing sport of golf everything matters, touch, feel, sound etc....so after trying 6 different drivers it came down to two. Callaway maverick max 66g stiff and ping g410 plus 75g stiff. The maverick i hit longer but less accurate than the g410plus. It was a little more erratic, but more yards is what we all want, right?....do you go for the longer club, struggle and try to get more accurate? Or do you take the more accurate and try to make it go farther?
  13. adam/seaford, ny no i have never used one but i have been looking at different options I do not have a LM but im looking at the options as well.
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