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  1. Curious. What were the parameters you changed to get the Maxfli score up?
  2. Thanks and yep. The Maxfli Tour for me was about a 91% match and the Pro V1 was only an 85% match.
  3. After getting a lot of feedback here and demoing some 7 woods, I got a PXG 7 wood last summer and love it. Hit it so much better than I did the 21 degree hybrid. Makes me wonder if I should next replace my 6 iron with a hybrid or something like the Cleveland Halo or TaylorMade Stealth HD. Always something to consider in my bag.
  4. Very similar to what I got. Got an offer by email from Ping for 25% off so it only cost $30. For that, I thought it was interesting.
  5. You get to do it five times and I have now done four of them making tweaks to my answers. In all four tries, the most recommended ball was the Bridgestone Tour B X (about a 96% match). Surprised me as I am 67 and certainly don't have a swing speed like Bryson DeChambeau. But, MGS recommended this ball as a balanced ball for mid swing speed people and the B XS as a balanced ball for slow swing speed players (it was my third recommendation in most the ways I did it (around a 92.4% fit). The balls I regularly play - a MaxFli Tour (2001) was 91% fit but the Pro V1 was only an 85% fit! Interesting. In one run, the Pro V1x Left Dash was the third recommendation at 93%. When I asked it to include some more value priced balls, it recommended the Wilson Triad (91.2% match) and a Srixon Q Star Tour (90.3%) match. In this run, the MaxFli Tour was only an 89.7% match. Even taking price into account, the Bridgestone B X was #1, but in this case (I assume it was downgraded on price) it was only a 91.7% match. So, I guess next stop is to try some Bridgestone B X golf balls. Anyone else do this? How have you liked the recommended balls?
  6. I think that a lot of how I feel about PXG has changed in the last couple of years. I thought they were overpriced and overhyped for a number of years. But, in the last couple of years they did demo days at my club. Last year, I was looking for a 7 wood. Very few companies make left-handed seven woods. I tried out a few and liked PXG and Ping the best. I like Ping clubs a lot and might have gone with their club except for two things. One, it would have taken months for Ping to have gotten me the club while delivery time with a PXG was two weeks. And, most importantly, PXG had a local store where I could get fitted for $40. PXG Stores I was really impressed with the fitting when I went to the PXG store. We tried two different left-handed seven woods, a couple of different shafts and moving the weights and lie angle around. Took about an hour, and I have been really happy with the club I got. Gave me a very different impression of PXG. Would have to consider them when I get other clubs. But, I don't think I would have any interest in PXG if they did not have a local store here. I think this is a key. In my area, they are the only company with a local store where I can get fitted. Yes, I can get fitted by a pro at my club (and often do). Yes, I could go to a big box store or somewhere else and get somewhat fitted. But, this was a pretty nice experience. Beyond this, as can be seen from what is in my bag, I have a positive bias for Titleist and Ping. I have a bit of a negative bias towards Callaway (never really demoed one I liked).
  7. Thanks for the help. I found in experimenting a couple of years ago that I like a Pro V1 more than a Pro V1x because for me the Pro V1x spun too much. That is why your post got me a bit nervous.
  8. Pro V1s sort of had a price increase last year. I have been able in the past to buy 4 dozen Pro V1s at the beginning of the season for the price of 3 dozen. Last year, that sale was not offered.
  9. If people like the 2021 Maxfli Tours and don't like the price increases on the 2023, why not just buy a bunch of 2021s at discounted prices rather than go to a new golf ball?
  10. Now you have me wondering. I have played the 2021 Maxfli Tours some this past year and liked them a good bit. I now wonder if I will like the new ones. I guess with time, a dozen golf balls and the end of winter I will have some idea.
  11. I saw one today at the PGA Tour Superstore. Is Odyssey making these again?
  12. Then buy white. Not that hard.
  13. Get them in yellow and you won’t have the issue with the range balls.
  14. I tend to get new grips once a year. Our club gives us wet towels on the cart so I generally clean my grooves between shots. Swing in peak shape????? What day of the week is it?
  15. To me there are three reasons to possibly replace irons 1. Technological improvements. Not sure that is happening these days to any real extent. 2. Changes in my game. As I get older do I need a different shaft or should I be getting rid of clubs like last time I went to a five hybrid rather than a 5 iron. By contrast, if one gets better, maybe different clubs are appropriate. I went to a 9 degree driver last year instead of a 10.5 and am hitting the ball further (mostly as a result of more roll). 3. Grooves wearing out. It is my understanding that as grooves on irons get older, the ball does not spin as much and starts to fly less far. Item 2 is pretty personal and something that happens to each of us differently. A guy going from 30 to 35 probably does not have this issue. I am 67 but playing more golf than I ever have before (have more time to play since retiring) so I am seeing things both ways in this regard. It is the 3rd one that confuses me. I have read things that one should replace irons every 400 rounds or so because of issue 3, but seems like people here are playing clubs for many, many years without seeing degradation. Of course, being retired, I probably play more rounds in a year now than I did in a decade when working like a dog.
  16. I have a good friend who has Halo hybrids/irons and just loves them. Not a great player, mediocre with the driver, not great with his regular shorter irons in the set, but he really nails it when he hits these clubs.
  17. I thought what I have seen is that the HL is shorter - including the NPG episode when they discussed trading distance for height. If you are correct that the two clubs fly the same distance my guess is that, all else being equal (like weight of the shaft, length of the shaft, etc.), the one with the additional loft would be easier to hit, but I would be surprised. I agree with your last point. With a driver, I prefer more distance (assuming no loss in accuracy). But, with irons, etc., I want a club that gets me to the yardage I want every time and I don't really care what number the manufacturer puts on the bottom of the club. Sometimes I think we would be better off with symbols on the clubs rather than numbers.
  18. I agree with the issue being raised. I am 67 and now have a 6 iron as my longest iron. I have a 25 degree hybrid and a 7 wood instead of longer irons. I have friends whose longest irons are their 8 iron and have either hybrids or hybrid-irons (like the ones made by Cleveland) to solve the issue being raised. I can see a future where I go to a six hybrid instead of my 6 iron (not for height, which is not an issue with me, but for consistency in hitting the ball straight). So, I agree that the issue is real. I just don't see how raising the loft in irons solves it. Seems to me that this just kind of changes the number at the bottom of the iron and not that much else (except maybe the length of the iron. I would think if I wanted a 28 degree iron, if they go the same distance (big if), I would rather have one called a 7 iron if it is shorter than one called a 6 iron if it is longer.
  19. If the seven iron (say) has higher loft and higher spin and it goes less far and I have x distance to the green, won't I have to use a 6 iron to reach the green. Using Mizuno as an example, the loft on the 7 iron of the hot metal is 28.5 degrees. Yes, the loft on the 7 iron of the hot metal HL is 31 degrees, but the loft on the 6 iron of the HM high launch is 28 degrees. If I have to use the 6 iron in the high launch to hit the green, what have I accomplished by going to the high launch? If we were talking about a driver, I could see the point in giving up distance to have better accuracy and more consistent launch. But, is this really happening on an iron in my example above?
  20. I was just listening to No Putts Given discussing how wouldn't it be better to hit a say 7 iron that goes a little less distance but has a nicer ball flight over a 7 iron with less loft that does not go up in the air as well. Does anyone think of their shots this way? I step up to a par 3 let us say with a distance of x yards. I have say traditionally used a 7 iron to hit it this distance. If I bought new irons that went further, wouldn't I be using an 8 iron instead of a 7 iron? If I bought new irons with higher lofts, wouldn't I be using a 6 iron? Isn't the proper comparison not between a more consistent ball flight among say 7 irons but a more consistent and better ball flight between whichever club needs to get you to x yards (which could be a hybrid)? Wouldn't I really care whether a 7 iron with jacked lofts is easier or harder to hit than a 6 iron with "regular lofts" (whatever that means) and not whether a 7 iron with jacked lofts is easier or harder to hit than a 7 iron with "regular lofts"? I know that ego is very important here. That guys want to brag to their friends that I only used an 8 iron where you needed a 6 iron, but for those of us who care about results and not bragging rights, does it really matter what # is on the club? What I want to know is which club is the easiest for me to hit x yards. Seems like these comparisons of 7 irons is mostly about ego and what you are hitting in the hitting bay when comparing irons, not what is relevant playing golf. Seems like we are asking the wrong questions here. Does anyone agree or disagree?
  21. I have contacted PGA tour superstore (I bought the original from them). They got me the replacement the first time but they have not heard back from Shotscope this time. It has been over a month. I thought this board would like to know about issues with the Shotscope but I guess you believe there should only be positive reviews. Do you sell Shotscope or have any other financial interest in them? Seems like you have much more of an interest in this product than a mere user. Don't you think you should disclose your conflicts of interest.
  22. Twice in a row? Indicates a quality control problem IMHO.
  23. German Riesling or Gewurztraminer from Alsace would probably go best with hot and spicing food.
  24. I bought a Shotscope V3 and would never buy anything from them again. The batteries do not last. For the first V3 I had, the battery lasted less than a year. Shotscope replaced it and with the new one it lasted about 2 months. Piece of junk IMHO.
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