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  1. 1. Evan, Herndon, VA 2. Occasional indoor putting mat at Golftec 3. No experience with putting mats 4. I would prefer a Medium speed mat
  2. Has anybody heard of and/or tried out Sqairz shoes? They are marketed as a "better" golf shoe, and on their website, they do seem to have made some innovations. I would love to see them be a part of MGS "Best Spiked Shoe 2020". Duffer E
  3. Evan Herndon, VA I currently use my Android phone and SwingU for GPS (but it kills my phone pretty fast -- I need to upgrade my phone!) I have been researching rangefinders, and, thanks to the timely MGS Most Wanted Rangefinders of 2019 article, I had narrowed down my choices to the Nikon CoolShot Pro Stabilized, the Garmin Z80, the Bushnell Hybrid and the Precision Pro NX9 (The Nikon is the frontrunner) . I was just trying to find a reason to pull the trigger on the purchase. One of the things holding me back is that I am still relatively new to the game (21 Handicap), and I'm not sure that a rangefinder is going to improve my score much. However, several people I golf with say that the simple knowledge of your distance to the target is a huge boost in confidence. One of my playing partners even has an older model Nikon (the CoolShot 20) and I was paired with her, and she used it to give me distances. That day, I shot my best round ever -- 92 (legitimate, no gimmes, no mulligans). So I am now sold on getting a rangefinder. I am therefore extremely hopeful to be picked for this particular honor.
  4. Evan Virginia 26 (I have only been playing for 2 years, and only occasionally) I have never used a trainer before, but I could probably use one!
  5. First Name/City, State: Evan - Herndon, VA Handicap/SS: 25 / 94 Current hybrid model Played: TaylorMade M4 4&5 Hybrid What loft you think you would choose and why: 3 (19*) -- I don't have anything longer in my bag then my 4 Hybrid, and this would fill the gap perfectly.
  6. So, the next logical step, IMHO, is to test the difference between brand new balls of one model (i.e. Titleist ProV1), and refurbished balls of the same model (and don't forget to test the different rated refurbished balls, i.e. 5A, 4A, 3A, etc). Especially if you look at the sidebar in the MW Ball page about pond balls -- I've seen videos where the people who own/run used ball companies get a good portion of their balls from dredging ponds!
  7. 1. Evan, VA 2. Rain jacket: No-name windbreaker -- No rain pants 3. My birthday round last year -- early June, storm came through, temp dropped 20 degrees in 2 hours, went from 68 deg down to 45. The temp drop caught us unprepared and we had to take a rain check on the back nine. The cold and wet made it VERY hard to hold the clubs properly.
  8. I would have to go with the Big Shot Tuned Golf. I gotta look good on the links!
  9. Tier 1: Rickie Fowler Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Kevin Na Tier 5: Billy Horschel Winning Score: -14
  10. Tier 1: Rickie Fowler Tier 2: Adam Scott Tier 3: Xander Schauffele Tier 4: Danny Willett Tier 5: Luke List Winning Score: -11
  11. This is a great, timely contest for me. I've recently done a fitting (to upgrade from an absolute beginner's set-in-the-box), I got a new bag (to go with my clubs), now I need to upgrade my tech (all in a quest to become a better golfer). Evan, Virginia (Northern) I currently use the Swing x Swing app for distances.
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