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  1. Yes, it will be perfect. Good gas mileage too.
  2. Subaru Forester Sport has faired well for me!
  3. I averaged some of the numbers from a session at Golftec on the GCQuad. I used a Prov1. I was swinging it hard...Lead to some left misses. I feel for the long drive guys. It is a workout hitting drivers! Happy with both numbers (numbers below exclude the two worst shots from my session). Do like the feel and sound of the Sub70. Sub70 spins more than my Gamer. The Sub70 spun more, had a higher peak, and lower distance...shaft thing plays into this. SUB70 w/ Hzrds Smoke Ball Speed Launch angle spin side spin descent angle offline peak carry total 169.87 12.23 2538.00 307.33 40.47 19.00 39.67 298.33 319.67 M1 with Tensie Pro Orange Ball Speed Launch angle spin side spin descent angle offline peak carry total 171.73 12.23 1935.50 400.75 34.58 11.88 33.25 308.50 333.50
  4. The joy of testing…typing all of the numbers into a spreadsheet
  5. @twyatt700 haha yeah I had to keep track of it that way from my session at Golftec on the GCQuad..take a picture of the screen on my phone and put it into Excel. Going to post some numbers this morning. The MLM is a good tool but the alignment is not perfect. I have had some troubles with the Rapsodo in their monthly closest to the pin challenges. I understand they are going through updates all of the time. It's a useful tool for video and numbers at the price point!
  6. I will get to that with indoor testing I am doing. I am not a fan of the MLM dispersion since lining it up is difficult. I also have to stop a session in MLM when I switch drivers or it will average both my gamer and the Sub70...
  7. I have finished up most of my testing on the Rapsodo MLM and the numbers are pretty comparable for my Gamer M1 and the Sub70. I am happy with the Sub70 but I would love if I could put my tensie pro shaft on the Sub 70. Observations I swing the M1 faster (likely a shaft thing) and the M1 launches lower with even being .5 degree more loft. Numbers below. I am happy with both numbers. I do like the sound of the Sub70 more than the M1. I am going to play around with the weights to see if I can close the gap between my Gamer and the Sub70.
  8. @twyatt700 i really want to do the same thing! Are you buying them from sub70 or just using getting a tips to put on other shafts?
  9. @NittanyGolf34 Do you still have the driver shaft?
  10. @twyatt700i do like it! I have a 430 CC M1 that I haven’t used. Might bust it out for more comparisons. I hit the sub 70 really straight today. Got some more MLM numbers.
  11. The MLM RAPSODO bombs test is what I will highlight here. You only get three shots in the competition. I went with my gamer M1 and the Sub70 in each session of three consecutive shots. Testing under the gun is important… you can’t delete a shot. Summary: the sub70 was straighter, launched a little higher, lower ball speed and distance. Overall the numbers were really close. I think the differences in shaft might play here too.. both low launch X flex but the Sub70 has a lighter shaft. I missed 1 of the m1 shots a little low on the club face as shown in the picture below on the right. It was 50ish degrees in Dayton Ohio. I was using taylormade tourspeed range balls.
  12. Did some more range work today. Threw a new grip on there. Will post some Rap. MLM data tomorrow as well. Club still looks really good. Can see a subtle difference in the smaller Sub70 club head.
  13. I agree the feel is quite good when you connect with one. Muted sound and the ball comes off hot.
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