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  1. So I have recently purchased the black Ben Hogan equalizer wedges to go with the black icons i tested and kept in the bag!!
  2. What are your thoughts on those ptm forged?I am looking for a set of game improvement clubs for my dad and looking for something that can be built to specs online.
  3. well my review is up and it added an extra picture at the end that i can't get rid of even if i re-edit it. so sorry about that
  4. these irons aren't going anywhere!!!! Best I've ever used! And 4 iron is absolute money now!
  5. Just shot my best round of 18 straight, and my best streak of birdies of my life! Started on the back and 4 holes in this happened!! I was sticking it close, granted allot had to do with me absolutely smashing my driver and straight! But also hitting greens with irons! Hole 1 to 4 inches on the approach! Made a couple 10 footers and a15 foot ish! You could see when i realized how good the round was, it got less good lol
  6. Yeah I was standing right next to the green when it happened! Ran right by me taking to the hole, his the pin bounces around the back of the cup and spins back into the hole. The best part was watching @GolfSpy MPR celebrate like a child who got an official red ryder BB gun on Christmas morning! Good stuff, my one highlight was a5 iron from 205 that stuck., nothing exciting
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