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  1. The struggle was real on the back 9 Wednesday, was garbage off the teeI've never had my clubs turn in my hands so much in my life!
  2. 37, 34 for a 1 under 71!! Drove the ball straight and long, greens were really slow so it took a couple holes of leaving everything short!
  3. Well for me, I have 2 kids, 3 and under so i like to bring them golfing with me, but if i end up leaving them with a babysitter, grandma or momma, I feel so guilty about it and I end up passing like garbage.
  4. I've been using lamkin utx cord midsized grips for a couple years now, and love them!
  5. I'm not sure with different conditions, rain and wind, if you could get consistent enough to even think of trying it. There's too many variables. Plus you'll be tearing up the tee box. Superintendents might not appreciate it and then amateurs trying it more then they already do.
  6. Trying a new ball out! I've used the vice pro plus white before, but I'm trying these bad boys out! The packaging on vice balls is over the top awesome!!
  7. I was the one always trying to find the presents, so I'm bad at it lol
  8. Anyone else keep hoping to see those personal messages come through? Just hoping that it's saying I got a shipping confirmation?
  9. Nice find, put a fire in me to find some old garage sale "woods"to hone in strike!!!
  10. Driver, which is why I just ordered a hazardous smoke in x flex
  11. So I'm thinking with the red on the kbs sticker that I'll go with these bad boys if I don't like the stock option!
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