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  1. I just bought this one and love it. Paid an extra $15 for 2nd day air UPS. I move one of the cars out to the driveway and use it up in the garage Easy to assemble the first time. And takes less than 60 seconds to partially break it down and lean against the side of the garage wall so I can park the car back in the garage. https://galileosports.shop/products/galileo-golf-nets-golf-hitting-net-training-aid-driving-pop-up-automatic-ball-return-for-backyard-driving-with-target-carry-bag-8x7x7ft-gg07bk-的副本
  2. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Played as a kid growing up in upstate NY. But playing seriously about 30 years. I'm now about to turn 72. My Index is currently 7.4. What do you love about golf? The camaraderie is great. But most special is the occasional chance to play all by myself early in the morning or early evening. Just walk off the patio to the 14th tee and hit it. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Don't know any other Spies. But came to research equipment and ideas. Wh
  3. I've tried EVERY grip in the store at PGATourSuperstore and Roger Dunn. Plus my local shops (Pro Golf Discount and Peutz in the Seattle area). For me and my hands, the best is a Scotty Cameron Medium Matador.
  4. For the first 55 years I always walked unless I was playing at a resort or in the 4 winter months at our Club in the Desert, where riding is required. Four years ago I had my first knee replacement (the preceeding year of limping around the course with a bone-on-bone knee was not fun) and following rehab I started walking again. Wore out the other knee and then 2 years ago replaced it, as well. I'll be 72 in 2 months, played 122 times last year and have a 7.4 Index as of the moment. If you know anyone who has had knee replacement surgery, they have probably told you that the week fo
  5. Playing with a 35" Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter that came out of the wrapper with 3.5* of loft. My standard setup is with hands slightly forward so that the shaft angle is leaning slightly towards the hole. I don't actually forward press prior to the backstroke. I just freeze this setup angle, try to keep the hands set and take it back & then forward/through the ball. I suspect that this might slightly, dynamically de-loft the putter at impact to something less than 3.5*, even though I don't necessarily see any bounce or skid to the ball. Should I think about addi
  6. Any of you who have made your own DIY set: Anything fly apart over time? Or are they holding together well?
  7. Anyone counterweight your entire set, using graduated weights?
  8. I'm considering adding a 60 gram counterweight to my 35" Scotty Newport 2. My objective is to quiet and stabilize my hands during the stroke. Should I just put it in the existing end? Or should I pull the grip, add 3 inches to the shaft and then install a longer grip so that I still grip it at 35", but have 3 inches of unsprung shaft above my hands so that the putter acts similarly to the typical counterbalanced putters that have been on the market? Anyone's thoughts would be appreciated.
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