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  1. Yeah, everyone agrees whoever designed this course is a sadist and loves groups getting backed up. Who puts your long narrow par 5 and your almost as long and just as narrow par 4 as the first two holes???
  2. Exactly. And those kinds of cheap but functional balls are also great for courses that are designed to make you lose them. One of my favorite courses in Salt Lake, River Oaks, is known for losing balls. It's incredibly narrow with at least half of your holes having water or unsearchable OB on either or both sides. One of the par 3's over water even has a "substitute ball" basket, where the course fishes previously lost balls out of the pond and puts them in a basket for you to use with your tee shot if you don't want to risk losing your ball. Then just swap your main ball back out for it on th
  3. Nope. I always have the Wilson Ultras as my go to spares when I haven't picked up a your ball on sale. Wilson's two piece balls, both the Duos for softer and the Ultras for harder, are great cheap options. They're clearly not elite balls, but they don't try to be. They're very reasonable and functional for their price and you can always find them on sale somewhere.
  4. MNUte

    Price Trigger

    This is the same boat I'm in. I always have Wilson Ultras because they're a cheap two-piece ball that i can pull out and use if I'm between balls. But then I just like to pick up and test whatever better ball is on sale. I think there's definitely a price trigger for everyone, but if you're willing to be a bit more flexible with the ball you want to play you can almost always get what you want below that price. For instance, there was a good thread recently on "practice" tour balls that had visual defects but the same performance at half the price. Or rather than spending $40 plus for th
  5. This. My CBX irons feel heavier in the head than my old irons because I have graphite shafts in them, but that's not why i chose them or like them. Rather, i love them because Cleveland's shifting of weight in the CBX heads out towards the toe more helps minimize the effect of my most common type of miss. It took me about a week to get used to the heavier feeling club head, but I'm just as comfortable swinging both my CBXs and my old clubs equally.
  6. And as if by magic, Rick Shiels' video today is on chipping. Figured it would be a nice addition to this thread. https://youtu.be/Y0_79WklZ40
  7. Brian from Salt Lake City, Utah The last few months, I've been shifting back and forth between the Wilson Ultras (super cheap 2-piece) when I'm playing tighter courses and whatever better golf balls come on sale for when I'm playing more open courses or striking well. So in the last few months, I've had the opportunity to test and game Vice Pros, Callaway Chrome Softs, and Bridgestone E12s. I've only had good experiences with Top Flite balls because they've always been one of the few brands that doesn't try to act like they're something they're not. They've always been super cheap e
  8. As no one has made the joke yet from what I can see, and as your friendly neighborhood spider....i mean attorney, please don't drink and drive I don't mind players who drink and will occasionally enjoy a drink with friends on the course. But living in a very hot place during the summers, I just get too dehydrated if I'm not guzzling water and a drink doesn't help.
  10. Well also think about how these clubs are also oriented towards people with bad striking and who don't play or practice all that often. When i was first starting out, I had so many holes in my game that I wasn't paying attention to things like spin and how well the ball stuck on the greens. Instead, I was ecstatic hitting relatively straight, relatively high shots consistently. And these hybrid irons are designed just for that: forgive mishits and chunks, get the ball up in the air, and straighten out the not as bad strikes. So I think that they actually give their tar
  11. I mentioned this in a different thread on this, but Rick did a review on the putter and i agree with his take. Given how new this tech is to the industry, there are plenty of kinks to work out. But the potential is there for some amazing products down the line that can reshape how we view putter design and construction. https://youtu.be/RZ2u0fE97dM
  12. And Rick did the same (without the giveaway). Interesting to here the different perspectives on it. I like what this putter's 3d printing tech and the recent articles on MIM tech are bringing to the table, but i think we're still a few years away from top tier, fully hitting their stride products.
  13. Exactly! That's one of the main reasons why I chose the Cleveland CBX Launchers. TXG on their channel this morning in looking at the ZX irons mentioned how good the Vsole is for diggers or people like me with a steeper path. And speaking from experience, knowing that there's that turf forgiveness is just such a mental comfort and one less thing to worry about that it really feels so much smoother throughout your shot.
  14. Thanks! And I'd be very pleasantly surprised to see a Srixon SGI, since I've had only had good experience with the company as a whole and loved hitting the Cleveland Launcher line. I couldn't get over the looks of the HB and UHX irons, but they hit so well and consistently. It would definitely be fun to see how Srixon would design and present an SGI.
  15. Since I'm not smart enough to quote multiple people in the same post, I'll just do a single response. So I don't think Srixon is going to release an SGI. That seems to go against what they're shaping their business model as. Instead, I think Cleveland will continue to expand on the GI and SGI lines while Srixon will focus on the better players. And you see that focus in the common tech. My CBX launchers from Cleveland have V soles and me and every other CBX user I know loves them. Lo and behold, you now get that tech in a player's iron. Also, as Srixon keeps growing, I don't
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