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  1. Whereas in contrast bumping mine from 10 to 11 is what did the trick for me since I was launching too low.
  2. Agree on people trying non-standard grips. But people should definitely figure out the size that works for them. I have massive hands, but I'm abnormal in that my fingers are normal sized and its my palms that are massive. So oversized grips don't work that well for me since if I want to interlock my fingers I really have to be reaching around the grip. In contrast, the range of mid sized grips are perfect.
  3. Had a very good round of golf this past weekend. Played one of the tighter courses near me and used my cheap balls from last year. While I was losing those, it gave me an excuse to walk in the shrubs. Found about two dozen of the new colored Bridgestone, maxfli, and Srixon balls, as well as a few ProV1s. All mint condition. So I guess I now have several testers to see if any of them want to be my ball of choice this year. Nothing better than playing a tough course early in the year.
  4. Well done! Yep, born in Minnie then moved out to Utah years ago for college. And yeah, there are some great courses in Utah County, but it's often not worth it cause they pack you like sardines. Last two times I played down there, at least four groups got backed up behind two really bad and slow groups who wouldn't let people play through.
  5. Salt Lake Courses tend to get pretty packed on weekends and most of the day weekdays. As a result, group size is one of the few things that's consistently enforced at almost every course.
  6. GPS has more advantages, but I prefer the range finder. Having to shoot a few distances gives me time to talk out my plan to myself. I need that mental slowing down so I don't rush through a game plan.
  7. Seconding this! It's a design build that seems straightforward on the surface but straight forward does not equate to simple. Do as much research as possible. If I remember right, there are a bunch of YouTube videos on how to do it and some articles on tips, tricks and areas to avoid so you don't turn a part of your lawn into a bog. Edit: thinking on this, for how cheap it supposedly is, it's just as cheap, more year round, and a lot less of a headache to get an indoor putting mat from Birdie Ball.
  8. A question that hasnt been broached yet is would you consider one length irons? If so, that opens up a whole new set of recommendations and ideas.
  9. Brian from Salt Lake City, Utah. My current putter is an Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 blade putter. I would love to test out the No. 3.
  10. To me, I'm intrigued by the consistent forgiveness. A few yards shorter is fine if I'm in the fairway more often and my mishits are minimised.
  11. I see someone watched the GolfSidekick episode from today But you're 100% right. Golf is a lot like surfing or rock climbing. There are peaks and troughs, but the majority of the time is spent working our way up the middle and pushing ourselves higher.
  12. I do similar work of working up the bag. But another thing I do that also helps is that I work up the swing and speed. So eighth of a swing, then quarter, half, and so on. So if I'm doing something that is causing a bad result, i know the general quadrant of my swing that it's happening in.
  13. Salt lake has several great courses and a lot of variety in the types of courses (hilly mountain style courses, tree filled river courses, wide open but long, etc). So I love bouncing between them and focusing on different aspects of my game depending on the course. Far more mentally stimulating in my mind.
  14. So in a different thread, also on a fake scotty, a few of us talked about how with counterfeits you want to look at the paint first. It's so hard to get the color exactly the way the makers do it (yay trade secrets), and then to apply it right (yay more trade secrets). And the reds in a lot of the Scotty Cameron fakes are just a lot lighter and duller.
  15. Brian Salt Lake City, Utah I walk all of my rounds. I use an Airpow 2-wheel golf push cart.
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