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  1. Agreed. Would love to win something, but honestly just grateful that MGS has a developed enough community where things like this and the testing opportunities are a thing.
  2. Out of curiosity, if you donate for the raffle, can you also get the "donor" banner? No skin off my back either way since I've already donated, but more just an interesting question that popped into my head.
  3. This sounds like a batch issue and not an overall product or Cobra issue. Same set, same break, same location makes it seem like something in the manufacturing process (material mixture, the machine, etc) went wrong for your particular batch and the other shafts that were part of that batch. And given that it was the same location for your three shafts, I'd put my money on it was something with the machine that day. Unfortunately, it happens all the time in manufacturing for all industries when you get a bad batch of the underlying materials, when someone doesn't calibrate the machines right, when something gets knocked loose, etc. Just sucks when you get the bad draw. Sorry to hear mate.
  4. But if I kill a tree for my distances, it means there might be one less tree in front of my ball when I shank my tee shot.
  5. Right??? The pro they brought in for the vid said the same thing, where he teaches it to pros and lower handicappers and they're like "this is too easy." Really? You're complaining that golf is too easy? Sign me up for only 3 swings to give me full, repeatable and accurate gapping from 130 (my full PW) in. Hell, I'll even take the pros advice and write the matrix on an index card to make it even more mechanical and easy when I'm on the course.
  6. Someone said lesson. Drink! ....but actually, a wedge lesson would probably be really good.
  7. I think based on distances and consistency, you definitely drop the 5 wood and just mail it to me. As for the wedge, that depends on what you're more comfortable learning and what you expect to happen more next year. Do you think you can learn to be comfortable opening up your club face on the handful of occasions where you'll need a short flop and stop? Or do you think it would be more valuable for you to have a 120 yard club. Then again, since you have 20 yard gaps between your wedges, do you focus on reducing the overall gapping. E.g., bending the 43 degree to 44, bending the 48 to 47, swapping the 54 with a 52, and leaving the 56 (or swapping it with a 58 and filling the gaps below 100 with partial shots. Tldr: agree that 5 wood is out. As for the replacement, up to you.
  8. So TXG's video yesterday was about properly building a wedge matrix. Aka only doing 3 shots with each wedge (half, three quarter and full swings) to give you a consistent set of yardages. I think if you're comfortable at the top of your bag and your PW goes 140 plus, a five wedge bag wouldn't be a bad idea. That would give you 15 (3 x 5) different yardage between 0 and your full PW to even out the bottom of the bag.
  9. Or even a particularly good day. Dogs are an all-occasions kinda joy bringer, so why limit the amount of joy?
  10. MNUte

    Sub70 golf

    So what you're saying is you have an in who can get us all tee times! Set it up! But I'm also curious how Fish's round at Bandon went and if he was able to keep his flight a bit more controlled.
  11. MNUte

    Oncore Vero X1

    Good morning fellow golf nerds! TXG just released their review of the Oncore Vero X1 (with a nice little shout out to MGS's ball test and compression numbers). Since I couldn't find a thread on it when I made a search, I wanted to ask if anyone's used these yet? Any thoughts or opinions. The performance looks really good, especially at the price.
  12. Same for me. I have my 44, 48, 52 and 58 degree wedges. But I'm generally more comfortable hitting partial shots with my 48 and 58 than I am hitting full or partial shots with my 52. So in essence, my bag is 44, 48 and 58 except for pretty specific situations.
  13. MNUte

    Golf Ball Spin

    Yep. A lot of spin comes down to the individual and technique. I was just at a golf store a few days ago looking at possible replacements for my wedges for next season. Same club, same ball but being lazy with my technique dropped my 58 degree's spin from ~9600 to ~7500. When I saw that, I hit a few more being a lot more conscious about what I was doing and I got it back up to ~9800. And that was in a closed environment where I didn't have to think about weather. Even the pros can struggle at times controlling spin. So just focus on which ball works best for you in terms of feel, looks, price and results. For me, that's the Kirkland Sig Performance V2 and whatever high quality balls I find during my round. To others, it's a brand new Pro V1.
  14. For the sake of conversation, let's talk about this. And apologies for my counter-rant Acknowledging the most difficult aspect of the game for yourself by no means prevents a golfer from simultaneously talking about the fun and what works. It's far from a one or the other, black and white system. In fact, talking about both can be significantly beneficial. Case in point, the easiest part of the game for me is putting and adapting to different greens. The reason for that is that I have a fairly straightforward, simple and repeatable approach to putting. Looking at that strength has helped me work on trying to find ways to overcome my endurance deficiencies, i.e., finding how I can create as many simple and repeatable approaches: clubbing up as the round goes on, forcing myself to talk through every shot, even the simple ones, etc. Overly simplifying the game to the point where you're saying it is as simple as moving the ball in a forward direction and that the source of failure is just ego or expectations is far more detrimental than acknowledging difficulties. In creating that black and white summary that "it's not your game, it's your ego and expectations" without acknowledging the unique WHY for each individual golfer's struggles, you're potentially blocking off so many ways for golfers to improve and the chance for them to find what works best for them. The reason I struggle with endurance is because I have bad ankles and knees. So just saying I need to reduce my ego or lower my expectations doesn't do anything for the fact that I deal with more pain as a round goes on, making it harder to concentrate or keep my swing consistent. Indeed, the argument could be made that the assertion that golf is not difficult fosters a focus on ego and expectation ("if the game is so easy, why did I fat that chip? If the game is so easy, how come I couldn't hit the ball in a forward direction on that shot?"). I'd say if your premise was tweaked to be "acknowledging and working on reducing ego and expectations can help people make significant improvement in their game," I'd be 100% on board. That's been a significant source of my game becoming more consistent. Similarly, if your premise was tweaked to be "golf is a lot easier than we think and tend to make it," I'd be 100% on board. And if your premise was tweaked to be "ONLY focusing on the difficulties in your game and wallowing in them is detrimental to golfers," I'd be 100% on board. But as they stand, I'd say your assertions that "the game in and of itself is not difficult" and its just our expectations and ego getting in the way is far more detrimental than people acknowledging what they find to be the most difficult part of their game.
  15. Every day is national dog day. At least, that's what my little girl tells me.
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