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  1. Good afternoon, Spies! I'm late yet again with my daily howdy. I ended up meeting my dad first thing for a gas up at Kroger. He had like 2500 fuel points, which made gas basically free. I think it was like 10c per gallon. I owe him a dollar for my 10.5 gallons. :-) Crazy. I needed some groceries, so I figured I'm there, just get it done. Plus, it's just been one of those Sundays where I got home and had a bunch of odds and ends to do. Fix some food for the upcoming week. 2 loads of laundry. And just that weekly prep stuff we all hate doing. Got a nice pork loin cooking in the crock pot for Sunday dinner with dad. Haven't made it in a while, so it'll be nice to have one of my best pork loin recipes again. Anyway, back to my Sunday relaxation watching some golf and chilling on the couch. Have a great Sunday, Spies. Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  2. How much is "a lot?" I've been xl in most polos I wear, so I'm curious. Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  3. First off, congrats. Second, I'm super jealous. :-) Those are 2 great options to be sure. One thing you'll need to do is lay out your 14 clubs and decide what you absolutely won't remove under the threat of death. Then, take the rest of the slots and compare and contrast the options from both companies. If you're in p790's now, it's unlikely you'll want Z-Forged irons or Darkspeed irons. So, some things will get eliminated right off the top. Srixon (not including previous gens) - 3 drivers, 1 fw wood, 1 hybrid, 1 utility, 4 irons, balls, no wedges. If Cleveland is included, you'll have access to their drivers/fww/hybrids/irons/wedges/putters, etc. Cobra (not including one length and previous gens) - 3 drivers, 3 fw woods, 2 hybrids, 1 utility, 6 irons, 2 wedges, 30+ putters. If Puma is included, you'll have access to all their clothes and shoes. There are definitely pros and cons on both sides for sure. Access to Puma and Cleveland may be deciding factors in the end. I don't envy you having to make this decision, but be sure to have fun with it regardless of what you decide. Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  4. Good evening Spies! I know it's a morning thread, but I totally forgot when I got up and went to the gym right away, then got home and basically died. :-D I am so out of shape, but I AM working on it. Although tomorrow and Monday aren't going to be happy wake ups. Although the workout was a welcomed one, the news on our local pizzeria was not. I went by to grab some delicious thin crust pizza when I saw a note on the door stating it was closed until further notice. I hope it's nothing super serious or permanent as there isn't another quality place close enough that the pizza won't be cold when I get home. And the frozen stuff at the grocery store just doesn't cut it. Anyway, everyone have a wonderful evening. Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  5. Wow, I didn't know the G430 was around 5-6 years ago.
  6. Good morning and TGIFF, Spies!! Had a nice strong rain last night. Could really hear it on the roof, plus the occasional flash of lightening. The thunder was a bit light, so I knew I was well away from the center of the storm. But a little rain isn't a bad thing. The sun is trying hard to get through the overcast skies. It's supposed to get through in a couple hours, which will be nice. I do need my sunshine, after being so spoiled in AZ. Quiet weekend planned at this point. Gym, getting things settled in the garage a bit more, prep for the laundry room redo dad and I will be starting as soon as the cabinets arrive, then a grocery and gas run Sunday. Golf swing lessons start back up in 2 weeks, so I really need to get some swings in the garage in the next couple weeks so I can at least remember how it goes. Plus I'd like to get all my new tech out and setup and working going forward. Anyway, everyone have a wonderful Friday and weekend.
  7. It was great dealing with you on this. Glad we could work it out to get you a great new weapon. Now if could only get my other clubs sold, my upcoming season will be starting on a great foot.
  8. I second the Christmas markets over there. I was in Europe for 3 weeks for Christmas around 2008 or 09. I went to Vienna, Budapest, Berlin, Munich, and Prague. One of the best trips I've ever been on.
  9. I live in Crossville, TN so I know the feeling of nowhere to really go that's close. It's 1:45 to Nashville and 45 to Knoxville for me. But a decision like this isn't something to leave to chance or "buy and hope." I'm taking the time to go to Knoxville in May for a PXG and Club Champion fitting since I know it's worth it for my game's sake. So here's what a little research found me: - Dick's Sporting Goods has a location in Jackson. Call to see what they offer for fittings and what brands they can fit for if they do fittings. Second location in the NW 'burbs of Memphis. - Golftec has a location in East Memphis, around I-240 & Rt 72. I'm not familiar with their fittings, but might be worth the call to get their info. - Club Champion has a store just 2 miles East of the Golftec in Memphis. Again, worth a thought. I realize these are about 70 miles away from Jackson, but it's worth the time it would take. I don't know your family situation nor your time situation, but to me it's worth figuring out how to get to at least Club Champion on an weekend or evening if possible. You'll be able to check out the latest heads, shafts, putters, and all the goodies. They may even have last season's gear still that might be able to save you some money when you buy elsewhere. You don't have to buy from them, and definitely not right then and there. Go through the process and get your stats. Get the top 2-3 head options and shaft options from the fitter. Then go and research online for the best prices you can find for those options. If you can't find anything new that fits the bill, then look at the aftermarket for a used set. Also, look at the DTC market - Sub70, Takomo, New Level, Haywood, and PXG (TPC Southwind in Memphis does PXG, as does CC). The quality and value from DTC is crazy right now and worth the effort. I'll recommend Sub70 till my voice gives out. You can't beat their full selection of clubs, value, and customer service. Their CS is the best in the business and can't be beaten by anyone, anywhere. Having said all this, here's some suggestions from the DTC perspective, for more forged, player's clubs. Sub70 659 CB/TC/MB Sub70 639 CB/MB Takomo 201 Takomo 301 New Level, all but the GI Haywood CB/MB PXG 0317 T/CB Also give Maltby a look, through GolfWorks. They have a bunch of player's oriented options at super great pricing, along with shaft options and assembly. Check out the Maltby thread to learn more - azstu324 is a wealth of info on Maltby. Hopefully you'll find a way to get to the CC in Memphis for a fitting to really help you maximize what you can do with your budget.
  10. Good morning Spies, and happy Thursday!! Another chilly (albeit not as bad as the last few mornings) but sunny morning. It's supposed to rain today, but that would require a complete change in what I'm seeing out my window. My app says rain will arrive around 3pm today, which is better I suppose to it actually raining all day like originally thought. But then rain on and off Friday and Saturday. Hopefully I can get out and walk one of our courses here on Sunday if it isn't raining then. Nothing earth shattering to report this morning. Set for a PXG fitting in May and waiting to see if any Club Champion deals come up with that $100 full bag fitting or whatever. It's one of the only other full service options I have reasonably close (within 50 miles) and I don't want to go multiple hours away. Work is, well work. Retirement is at least still 11 years away if I can make early retirement work, yet I'm already thinking about it. That's not a good thing, I don't think. It is what it is though. Anyway, everyone have a fantastic Friday Eve!!
  11. Oh sweet. I didn't notice that. I need to order that up today then. Thanks.
  12. I wonder if the Star Grips cup attachment would work with the Harbor Freight air gun or device like yours above. I just don't know the sizes of the threaded parts for that attachment to connect to.
  13. For those that have done this without an attachment like the Star Grips device, how did you do it? Did you make something? Did you just plug the nozzle into the hole at the butt end of the grip? I'm curious to other ways to do this than spending $50 on the Start Grips gun/adapter.
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