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    Retired mid operations manager, veteran's program outreach specialist and veteran's transition facilitator, world traveler, play golf, fine art collector, pier fishing, music, volunteer for PGA, LPGA tour events, as well as local charity events. Member of CGA, SCGA, Team Titleist Ambassador and FootJoy Ambassador. Play local senior tournaments, travel with buddies to out of state golf events to play championship courses, Charleston Interclub League playing at a different club once a month annually with a champion named at the end of the year and and in a men's senior league three days a week. Very active in golf community. Tournament Support Representative for the FootJoy District Sales Rep doing various golf events and pro/ams (Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Hilton Head). Disabled veteran, US Air Force (1965-1971). Lowest Round 69, September 2014 at age of 68. Four Hole-in-ones: May 2001, May 2012, December 2015, January 2021.
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    A friend.

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    60 and over
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    91-100 mph
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    Multiple times per week
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  1. Rule one, do not like a lot of markings on my golf ball. Very distracting "to me". May disagree with some. When I order my Prov1s, I always order the no. 8. Most do not use that number, must be superstitious. I do put three small blue dots next to the number on one side only, so when I tee it up I get a clean ball. No lines for me. I use the line on my putter to line up my putts and how to read bermuda greens. The way I was taught by a putting master back in the mid 80's. He was something to behold. He gambled with the likes of Snead and Hogan along the east coast. He did not spend five minutes on the green lining up putts.
  2. I use to but realized you can only use one at a time. Being I am a Titleist guys I usually order their headcovers from their online special headcovers. I their pom pom and a Team Titleist (which is one of my favorite's) which I won at one of the events at Pinehurst. I support the course I play at the most and am on their interclub golf team. Charleston Municipal Golf Course, (#19 rated muni, by Golf.com in the U.S.), and a ProAm Jam R/W/B (an event that I volunteer for in Mt Pleasant since it began). Denny Hamlin [NASCAR #11] and Mark Bryant [lead guitarist of Hootie and the Blowfish] are the celebrity main sponsors. A worthy cause and get to meet a lot of great people. We are moving from Daniel Club Club to Bulls Bay this year. Other driver headcovers are Titleist stock. Outside those headcovers, I might pick up hybrid headcovers; The Masters, The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, and Folds of and Honor. Only if they have a special meaning. Like I said, I use to. Would buy cutsies but finally passed them on to others to enjoy. At 77 guess I outgrew them. Hakuna Matata. We do what makes us the happiest, won't change out scores. ha..ha..
  3. My wife and I will celebrate our 47th years of marriage in November. During this time we have been bless with having four wonderful miniature Dachshunds' in our lives. Dylan (7), Zach (4), Scarlett (14.5), and Katie (17.5). Funny, stubborn and very loving little furballs. We found that the little girls seem to be more to our liking and a bit more lovable. Of the four the first three had trouble with their backs. Our last we had to let go last winter due to blindness, loss of hearing and dementia. At her age she was becoming aggressive and quality of life was a real issue with her. She was my best friend. All of them are still with us in urns on our bookshelves. When our ashes are spread they will go with us. This is Ms. Katie on her 12th BD and when she was 1 (below). RIP our little angels. Dylan and Zack with black/tan. Scarlett brown/tan. Katie, fawn.
  4. Fujikura speeder shafts. Have them on all my woods/metals. Seem to fit my awkward swing.
  5. Good to rotate in the hot and humid weather. Get two. I have six of them
  6. I look to keep rounds under $100. I am a member of PGAHope which is for veterans and some premier courses in SC offer us deep discounts to play. I can play the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island for $70, the other courses there that are open to the public charge us $50. Great deal. I volunteer to work events in our area to get free golf a private courses after the event is over. You have to be resourceful and you can play very good courses for reasonable rates and even sometime free. PGAHope is availabe to veterans nationwide. Look for a chapter in your state, attend the seminar and get your card. It is free and enjoy the benefits that go along with it. Get to meet other veterans as well and improve your game.
  7. I usually mark three Titleist Prov1s, #8 with three blue dots for play and two sleeves of back up in my bag. Carry two in my pocket ready for play at all times and extra in pocket with tees, extra divot tool and ball marker. Extra sleeves go in extra pocket with tool kit to change lofts on driver/fairway and hybrids (Titleist, of course) and extra weights for Scotty Cameron putters.
  8. Will be looking at SM10 wedges. Just got a T350 five iron in this week. Can rotate 5i with 23* hybrid depending on course.
  9. Take a look at FootJoy traditions. Very stable, wide toe box and most important for walkers, light weight. They come in spiked and spikeless. Spiked have more color options. footjoy.com
  10. Well, yes it is. And only a 3.5 hour drive from my front door.
  11. At the age of 77 I have to look at my current game and laugh at times. It was not too long ago that I was a low double digit. Boy have times changed as have the numbers. One thing that has hurt has been the renovation of our golf course. I shot my best score ever on our old course on September 13th, which was three days after my 68th birthday, and that was a 69. Could have been better as we all would say, double bogied the last hole. Anyhow they have the renovation about 10+ strokes harder. Seth Raynor style and very severe breaks and greens fast. Can never really shoot at the flags. Reason one. Have to eliminate those triple bogies. Seem to have at least two a side. That is 12 strokes. Reason two. With the new greens, never consistent, pins seem to always being placed in awkward positions. Most of the workers who set them do not play golf of understand. Most likely loose another 4-6 strokes each round. That is a stroke a hole. Pretty consistent of the tee, keeping it in the short middle grass. Am working on the short game figure could off another stroke or two. That gets up to 20, which is about where is handicap is now. Now the point is, if I would look in the mirror every morning before I leave and convince myself to eliminate those demons, WOW I might even love this game more. HOW ABOUT YOU. What can you do to improve you handicap, by the numbers. I sure could love to play at a 10 for my age and shoot my age. At this current rate I had better live a long life. ha...ha...ha... Hakuna matata.
  12. Understand, did that for a year and a half. Got no support from management. We had a day when the weather was bad, high winds, lightening in area, lightening arrester out of order. Only one ranger and was starter. Went on course to help get folks off course. Two guys I explained that lightening was in area and needed to leave in polite way wrote letter to GM that I cursed them and was belligerent. I was in customer service business for over 40 years before retirement, I know how to handle customers and that not in my DNA. He and the person who was in charge of rangers/starters called me in, handed me the letter and fired me. Asked if they did not want to hear what I had to say and they said no. They believed the guys, because they knew them. Lost a lot of good rangers/starters because they never backed them for anything. Seemed they were always looking for reasons to let them go. The person in charge of the rangers/starters was part time like we were had no experience working with people and ran a lot of people off. If we did our job like they asked and followed the rules and anyone complained, the fired us. It was a total catch 22.
  13. 1. Travel the world with my wife. Have two trips planned to Europe this year. 2. Collect fine art. 3. Different genres of music and have extensive collection. Condensed on USB drives. Can always grab and take with me on trips in SUV. 4. Watching old westerns. 5. Dachshunds. Recently had to let ours go after 17.5 years. Contemplating getting another at my age, 77. She was our fourth in our 47 years of marriage. The one before her lived 14.5 years. We have had good luck with little girl doxies.
  14. I love golf and like to think of it as fun. Nine years ago I as an avid and loyal customer of FootJoy I contacted the the new FJ Rep in this area and as a FJ Ambassador (under their program at that time) wanted to introduce myself to him. Within a few short time frame that day he called me and set a time for us to meet. During our meeting which went on for about an hour we had a friendly discussion about FootJoy and ourselves and I was ready to head back home. I told him if he ever needed any assistance just give me a call and I would be glad to help him out. Naive me, not realizing he was interviewing me. I retired in 2011, having no interest in working after that. He told me to hold on he had something to talk to me about and he begin telling about him needing help in his territory as a Part Time Tech Representative, not selling, but working at events (i.e., member/guests, pro/ams, invitationals, etc. at his accounts across S Carolina). Sounded like FUN, get to see nice courses, meet interesting people and get some extra cash to buy FJ products with, or at least they how I look at it. It goes into my special golf fund. Why not give it a try. We had a gentlemen's agreement. As long as it remained fun and not work, I would stay with him. Well, April 1st, 2024, nine years, and 250 accounts later, still here. I do the Charleston, Myrtle Beach areas and he has hired another TR for the Hilton Head, Savannah areas. I use to help him with the entire area, but it just got to be too much. Both of us (Tech reps) have years of customer service experience and have been around golf in some form or fashion. It all happened one day, just reaching out to volunteer to help.
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