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  1. Every time I look to upgrade I always take my current driver to the fitting to do a fair comparison. My fitter actually recommends this so we can see if we need to move forward. He has always told me that if I do not get at least at ten yard improvement with my driver, no need to change. At 75 years of age, distance and accuracy is important. My current Titleist 917D2 launch angle is 14*, 93mph, 2200 spin, 132mph ball spin.....ball carry 225+ yards with about an additional 15-20+ yards of roll....passed on last TS2 model but will be testing the new TSi2. Have heard nothing but outstandin
  2. Looks like Lydia got game and she passed the field. Was pulling for Nelly, sport the new Titleist driver and fairway. Congrats to Lydia. Korda holding her own, number one on tour.
  3. Unfortunately none of the shoes that I wear showed up on your recommendations. I wear the FJ Pro/SLs as my primary. A very comfortable spikeless shoe in any weather condition. Am looking at the new Premiere spiked shoe that is new for this year that gives the look of the old FJ Classic shoe, but the light lightweight comfort and feel of a Pro/SL style shoe. Am convinced it will the knock out shoe of the year. Also comes in a spikeless. A classic looking shoe with the absolute lightweight comfort and traction that FJ is noted for. The pros are already wearing them on the tour. Have alwa
  4. Chuck/Mount Pleasant, SC Zelos 8, R Flex Driver swing speed: 93 TRUE TEMPER AMT RED, Flex: R300, Weight: 95g
  5. Chuck Mt Pleasant, SC Titleist 917D2 (10.5) Fujikura Speeder Pro 64 GolfPride MCC +4 Grip 11.7 index GHIN 93 mp TSi2 (10.5)
  6. Chuck/Mt Pleasant, South Carolina 11.9 GHIN T300: P, W, 53W, and Vokey Sm7 58.12D A raw represent the purity of the metal and a clean feel.
  7. Chuck, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA Scotty Cameron, Newport 2 = 35" 10 grm with Golf Pride SNSR 105 grips Anser 2 - I still have my Ping Pal 4, but like the Newport 2 because it is very similar to the Anser. The Pal 4 has a longer blade. I have three Newport 2's and like the soft touch of those putters, but do feel like I am seeing an Anser when I use it. I do like the option of changing the weights which I do depending on the speed of the greens. The Anser started all this new technology in putters with the plumber neck which I really love. As Mr Solheim's wife said
  8. Chuck Mt Pleasant, SC 11.8 GHIN Titleist T300s 2* flat + 1/2" True Temper AMT Red R300
  9. Chuck Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 11.7 Titleist T300s PTX Pro-Icon Combo
  10. Chuck South Carolina (am senior 73 years old) 12.4 Titleist T300 AMT Red R 300 2* flat, +1/2 Golfpride MCC+4 M/S GRIPS 160 yards
  11. Chuck/South Carolina Handicap - 11 Titleist AP1/Vokey SM7 Full wedge shot, based on wedge. Have mine dialed in on distances. Was fitted by Titleist product specialist and Bob Vokey team.
  12. Chuck/Mount Pleasant, SC Hdcp 11.2/SS 93 mph Titleist 816h1 18* and 818h1 22.5* w/ Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour 8.8 HD Stiff shafts. At 72 years of age I prefer these hybrids over long irons. Find that I can hit them with accuracy and can count on them from 185 to 205.
  13. Mt Pleasant, SC 14.7 Cleveland's new Launcher HB driver/FW/hybrids Cleveland's new Launcher CBX or Launcher HB irons Cleveland wedges, including the new CBX Cleveland Huntington Beach or TFi 2135 putter Srixon's golf balls ​Launcher HB Driver 10.50 Launcher FW 15.00 Launcher Hybrid 18.00. 25.00 Launcher CBX irons and wedges TFI 2135 putter All based on fitting by your staff. Could differ based on the numbers.
  14. Chuck, South Carolina Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select 35" O Works Black 330M
  15. 1. Chuck South Carolina ​2. Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Select (35", 15grm weights, GolfPride 104 Tour SNSR grip) 3. No 4. Studio Stock 8 cz
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