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  1. If you hit your drivers straight down the middle every time and your ball flight doesn’t put you in trouble, then you might not need an adjustable driver, but we all know those golfers are rare! That is why golf companies such as Titleist, Callaway, Taylormade, Ping and Cobra have adjustable drivers. Personally I like to have the option and it seems that those are the brands that are winning the dollars on the tours worldwide. That is why I choose fitters who offer these clubs. The two I use have over thirty years of experience and are in high demand. And these companies have great customer service to back up the products. What brands do you offer?
  2. Mike, who did your fitting? David Ayres or Billy Forbes?
  3. Guess it all depends on the bounce and it's purpose. Sold mine years ago and now go with a 56.10S which is an average wedge. Feel more comfortable and have adapted.
  4. Have heard of mixing the heads in iron sets. Maybe a lighter or Regular vs stiff in the wedges. My D,F,H all have Stiff graphite shafts and my irons have R300 shafts. Yes, I was fitted for my clubs, as always.
  5. To break 90 consistently this year. My game has gotten consistently out of control this year. Not typical of my capabilities.
  6. I am an Acushnet loyalist... Titleist all the way (Scotty putters and Vokey wedges) Their products have been dependable and given me excellent results, plus their customer service has been second to none.
  7. Picked up two new SM9 wedges this year. 56.10S and 52.08F. Was playing with a 58.12D, but just too much bounce for our surface and the thicker traps. Vokey does such a good job with wedges and offers so many lie/loft combinations. Only wedges for me. Those SM5s must be smooth as silk, if you play often. Time for a change.
  8. I would recommend the Titleist AVX. Good distance and control with less spin. It is a premium ball but an Alternate to the ProV1 and the Prov1X.
  9. Snell is the only company allowed to use those molds in the manufacturing of their balls in that plant. Like many have noted, all manufacturers are experiencing shortages of golf balls this year. Saw on the news today that there are 500 ships in the harbor at Shanghai. WE ae just going to have to grin, bear it and buy them at whatever costs we can find them. I have been looking for Titleist Prov1 left dots and have friend who owns a golf shop and told them when they come in to hold them for me. He is my fitter and does all my repair work. They might get three dozen a month. Really surprised that lower priced balls are putting limits, but guess being they are getting their from overseas, only makes sense.
  10. As long as it has a FJ logo on it I am good. For comfort and stability you just cannot go wrong. I am a big fan of their new Premiere line of shoes, which are like the classic shoes but very lightweight and come in spikeless and with spikes. They do make some a great line of cool soft athletic waterproof shoes, with spikes and spikeless. Amateur and pros approve. Number one on tour.
  11. A lot of the SC custom putters are similar in the Newport style which are similar to the putter that started it all. The Ping Anser. Every manufacturer of putters has copied it. Most touring pros get paid to play clubs except to when it comes to their driver and putter. Not all have exclusive contracts for those. Those are of their choosing. Even though a lot of Scotty putters are being played on tour does not mean they are getting paid to play them.
  12. When I was fitted for my Vokey 58.12D at a Bob Vokey experience fitting at Pinehurst, by Bob Vokey, the shaft he had his staff put in it was NS PRO 950 GH R 94.5gm. The True Temper AMT Red regular shafts in my irons are 105-95, T300s.
  13. Have not tried them. Personally, huge fan of Fujikura Speeder shafts. Currently have the Fujikura Speeder 661 tour rated stiff on my TSi3 driver. At 75 it really helps me get the ball where I want it and way past guys my age with accuracy. One of the guys in my senior league, asked me yesterday how I hit the ball so far and outdrive him when he is nine years younger than me. Told him it is in the equipment. He has been playing most of his life and I took up the game in 1984. All the guys in the foursome I play with are much younger than I am and cannot come near that club. I can keep up with most of them with my 16.5 fairway, which also has a Fujikura Speeder shaft. My teaching pro turned me on to these shafts. Tried them at a fitting and the rest is history.
  14. Am on waiting list for a three night/four day event in Bowling Green, FL (Streamsong) in September and my retiree budget will only allow one event a year. The concierge said he felt positive I would make it when I called because of my room accommodation request. What do I know and hope so. Guess a certain percentage drop out. You guys have fun. Hope you see at least one of you there.
  15. I wear bifocals and as a disabled veteran the VA provides them. Have transitional anti glare, polarized grey lenses. Have been wearing them for years.
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