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    Retired, world traveler, play golf, fine art collector, pier fishing, music, volunteer for PGA, LPGA tour events, as well as local charity events. Member of CGA, SCGA, Team Titleist Ambassador and FootJoy Ambassador. Play local senior tournaments, travel with buddies to out of state golf events to play championship courses, Charleston Interclub League playing at a different club once a month annually with a champion named at the end of the year and and in a men's senior league three days a week. Very active in golf community. Tournament Support Representative for the FootJoy District Sales Rep doing various golf events and pro/ams (Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Hilton Head). Disabled veteran, US Air Force (1965-1971). Lowest Round 69, September 2014 at age of 68. Four Hole-in-ones: May 2001, May 2012, December 2015, January 2021.
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  1. Really enjoy watching it and love match play. Think it is the real test of golf, one of one. My favorite game to play.
  2. Still sticking with my exercises during the week, going for refresher lessons on Tuesdays and visiting my Physical Therapy on Thursdays. Hit a few balls on Tuesdays. Will probably start going to the range once or twice a week as we start to finish the clinic and my Physical Therapist releases me to start playing. Do not want to rush things with the lower back.
  3. I use both, all depending on availability of my fitters and how big of a hurry I am to get a new club. My outdoor fitter is about an hour and a half away and my indoor fitter is about five minutes from the house. Both are certified, very qualified and experienced. Neither has ever failed me in a fitting.
  4. The first bag drives me absolutely crazy, should be organized and easy to pick a club. Like most left to right starting in the very first slot at the top of my Titleist cart 14 bag, going longest left to right until we get to the last wedge. Putter goes in the putter well. I can almost pick my clubs with my eyes closed. When I use my Titleist Tour Midsize same order. Commend Middler on such a "great example". If you are going to do something, do it right, on the other hand, life is about choices. Hakuna matata.
  5. I have four hole in ones and have been chasing my age. Came close three days after my 68th birthday in 2014 when I shot a 69. Double bogied the last hole. Guess the pressure got to me. One of the guys said all you have to do is bogey the last hole and you will shoot your age. Famous last words from a friend. I actually stopped playing with this guy for this reason. Always saying IF on hole sixteen or seventeen. Do not know if he did it on purpose, but it did not set well with me. Maybe he thought he was trying to motivate me. Did not work. Now I am 76 and will be 77 in September, maybe my odds will increase. Coming off three months of PT and doing refresher lessons and continuing PT thru April. Only time will tell. Can hope for the best. If I do not worry about either, maybe both will occur. Hakuna matata.
  6. Bought two of those like you are talking bout at Steinmart when they were still in business. They had three choices, tan, brown and black and retailed for around $10. Gave them to my brother, who loved them. Wanted something more fashionable that would match my FJ shoes; bought: navy, grey, red, white, orange, black pebble grains, also in alligator skins (black, navy, tan and cordovan). Have had some of mine over five years. If it fits, wears well and you like it, then that is the belt for you.
  7. My weight fluctuates so much I wear Nexbelts ratchet belts. Met the president of the company at the PGA merchandise show a number of years ago and I have a number of them in different textures and skins to match my FJ shoes. Not for everyone's budget, but very well made if you want a quality belt. I cannot afford the higher end leather belts, like Links and Kings.
  8. Might get them even cheaper when they have their clearance sale. They are going out of business.
  9. Just do not wear suspenders with a belt. Now how did we get here. After all it is Monday and we should start the week out with a few good laughs. Have a goood week guys and keep them in the fairways. Regardless of which hat you are wearing. Always remembering that life is about choices. Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
  10. Me, I like the performance hats that come from Titleist also. Their TOUR Elite, Performance, Breezer, Rope, Class and Charleston Garment Wash Wash and Diego are all rated 50+ UPF. I have a large collection of their hats and agree, they do last. If you purchase their hats that are mesh you are not going to get UPF as in some mesh hats. Some mesh hats do not offer protection from the sun.
  11. Going to go stick my head in a bucket and pretend I did not hear that comment about the baseball style caps. Granddaddy use to tell me that a lot when I was growing up on the farm when I said something off the wall. But not repeat what else he said to me. He was my mentor and a very smart man. Anyhow to each his own. Guess the guys on tour can't be wrong. I have a FJ bucket rain hat that I keep in my bag in case of inclement weather. Folds up nicely out of my way and every hat has it's place. They make good hunting hats, I have one camo and one orange, but do not think they would look very sophisticated on the golf course, maybe at a $10 a round muni that is not very well maintained. Just sayin'. Hakuna matata.
  12. I use to know my numbers pretty well. Guess I gauged everything around my seven iron as they do in a fitting. I normally hit mine around 150 yards which is above average for a young fellow like myself approaching 77. I have been out of golf for a few months due to back issues working on my flexibility. I have scoliosis and my neurosurgeon sent me to a physical therapist to develop a stronger core to support this issue. Hopefully I will be able to take a full swing, meaning I will be able to hit my driver again in about four more weeks, I should be able to see again what my numbers will be. I do lessons (PGAHope) on Tuesdays and PT on Thursdays. My flexibility has increased immensely. Last week I was able to hit my 48* about 110 yards. Only took five 80% swings with it after being off since December. No pain. We are trying to making every effort not to come back to soon. Our goal is have me on the links by the end of April. Can start work on gapping at that time. Guess I will hit the range with my rangefinder. Should not take long. My instructor works with me on my weaknesses. Slowing down my takeaway and hitting at about 80% with more control of my shots. PT has worked with my slowing down all my motions. Only time will tell. The normal gaps between my clubs were 10-15 yards and they were gapped 4* between each iron. My driver 10.75, Fairway 15.75, H1 18* and H 21*. See what the future brings. More flexibility, should show improvement.
  13. Me, having an issue with getting the right size, I have to stick with the tried and true and depends on the season. My go to in the spring and fall in the Titleist Sport Mesh because I can get the XL/XXL in the standard colors I like. I can pick most colors I need to go with my FJ apparel, but usually stick with the basic black/white, white/navy, white/grey, white/black. White with black lettering is my go to. I can order the Tour Preferred or Tour Elite which comes in a size 8 but prefer the Mesh. Only two that really fit my head properly In the summer when it is hot/humid and the sun is beating down on us along the coast line, I wear the Titleist Charleston and Tour Aussies. Have been wearing the Aussie hats for years, have kept my skin cancer free and when I go to see my dermatologist in November she is always happy. White is a good reflector of the sunlight and yes it gets dirty. A little Shout and a toothbrush, put it in the top of the dishwasher and it comes out nice and clean. Must have at least four dozen Titleist caps/hats/visors in my rotation including their StaDry rain cap with Pinehurst Logo. Will pick up one at a course every now and then, if it is cool and fits in my need for a color. Plaid visor from Hilton Head Heritage, i.e.
  14. Talked to my fitter this morning at his shop when I was ordering my new supply of Prov1s. Titleist is having their 3 for 4 program and just could not turn down buying the new premium balls. Tested the white boxes (388 protos) on this ball back in September and it is definitely a winner. Discussed the TSR fairways (5 and 7 woods) versus the new TSR hybrids. He fitted me for my current hybrids way back when (818 and 816) and we agreed to get together once my Dr releases me to start playing again. Kinda excited.
  15. I think they need to work on something more important and that is slow play at all levels. Baseball has addressed the issue with speeding up the game with success this year. UGGA and R&A, lets work on this at all levels (especially at the PGA level, because they influence the amateurs watching them on TV. If they take 30 seconds to putt, then most ams feel they should also.). People are hitting the balls longer because they are better conditioned athletes. Look at their swing speeds. Yes the equipment is somewhat better and the distances for some is insane. PGA Tour Player - Driver 285 - 321 yds (Tour Average: 299.8 yds). It is a science to get less spin from the drivers and balls which is increasing the distances, with the players swing speed and the ball speed. So much for just grip it and hit it.
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