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  1. Was doing PT, recovering from back surgery earlier last year and hurt my hips from the exercises. Exercises were too advanced. Went to another PT Dr which provided some relief but the hips still hurt and have had numerous steriod shots in both hips and am going back to the neurosurgeon who did my first surgery. My game is in shambles and am in a lot of pain. Ibuprofen 800 mg helps with the pain. Saw a second neurosurgeon and he said I have arthritis. Too much pain for arthritis. Due to the pain, my game is very much with the arms and all over the place. Realize that I am 75, played a lot of sports and this body took some good hits when I was young. My Drs said if it hurts do not do it. Cuts out a lot of exercises and walking. Use cart to get around the course. I am one who believes in modern medicine. Was first in line at the VA for the COVID vaccines, 1,2, and booster. Have had shingles and flu shot. I go in for physicals yearly with five doctors. My father did not take care of himself nor did my mother and they both died painful deaths. My mom died at the age of 53 from lung cancer. My dad died at 82 from colon cancer. If there is a choice between a non addictive drug and pain, give me the pill..... I have had cluster migraine headaches since 1966 and due to modern meds they are now under control. These are not something you want to mess with.
  2. I for one am not a fan of purchasing clubs off eBay. A lot of fake clubs are on there and yes you can save hundreds of dollars but buyer beware. I prefer to purchase from dealers and know that I am getting a quality set and the manufacturer will stand behind the clubs. Just my two cents worth. What you purchase off eBay is yours, good bad or indifferent and you have no guarantees.
  3. My boss and I are planning on heading down to Sea Pines in December for a round. Have lived here since 1984 and have never played the course. Have been down there numerous times for the tournament and we work the pro/ams every year at the RBC Heritage on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Love the area. Not too far from Charleston.
  4. Guys, we are living in a logistics nightmare world right now for all manufacturers worldwide. There is not a golf club company out there that is not experiencing the problem(s). I think that we need to be patient and understanding of the fact the there are ships backed up at the ports waiting for a place to dock, to be unloaded, trucks/drivers availability, delivery of products to the warehouses where they have to broken down then shipped again by truck to their final destination. As in the past it was days to get products, now it has become weeks to months and I do not see it getting any better any time soon. I would not get my expectations up when ordering equipment. Most sales people are there to sell. They need to keep their jobs as well. They have no control over deliver and then should we be delivering our anger at them, rather than the manufacture. We need to be more understanding. One opinion. Companies are doing the very best they can and I applaud them and also am glad that I am retired and not in the retail business any longer as a District Manager, having to address these issues from customers. Mainly because I could not be part of a solution that is a world wide problem. Just sayin'.
  5. Have played a number of brands over the years and realized that the problem was me and finally went to see a Titleist fitter and they set me up with the correct big dog in 2010. Have been playing them ever since, always going in whenever the new clubs came out to see if I needed an upgrade and we did not always move up to the new equipment if we did not see an improvement of at least ten yards. Have learned that it just not the head but getting the right shaft to complete the driver. Was recently set up with the new TSI3 10.75 with a Fujikura Speeder 661 Tour Rated S shaft and the ripe young age of 75 can still hit it 260. The proof is in the fitting by a qualified titleist fitter. Trackman numbers do not lie. All my woods/metals have Fujikura speeder shafts and Titleist heads with GolfPride MCC Plus 4 Grips. At my age I need every advantage I can get. Just another two cents worth. Whatever you do, go see a qualified fitter, mine has over thirty years experience, one I can truly rely on.
  6. The spikes on the Pro/SLs last longer if the shoes are worn only on the golf course. Wearing them on the parking lots will decrease the life of the shoes. I gave a pair of the test first generation to my neighbor before they were called Pro/SLs. Still has good tread. Have yet to have a pair wear out. I only wear them on the course and take them off when I get to the car.
  7. I have a number of spiked and spikeless shoes and they all hold up well in all conditions. Am a fan of the Pro/SLs. Great shoe. You asked which shoe replaced the DryJoy Tours? First really sad day when they dropped that line. I still have four pair of the MyJoy DJ Tours Saddles in Red Lizard/White, Orange Tortoise Shell/White, Blue Black Lizard/White, Silver Fish/White. Mine have been around a while, take good care of them. Keep them clean with saddle soap and in cedar shoe trees keeping in pristine condition. If you are looking for a shoe that will wear like the DJ Tour I would highly recommend the FJ Premiere shoes. Much lighter with great traction. I purchased the White skin/White saddle Packard #53922 recently and absolutely fell in love with them. The Packards are spiked as are the Tarlows. In the Premiere series they also make spikeless shoes in the Flint and Field Style. A very popular shoe on tour as well as at member/member/guest events this year.
  8. I go to a Titleist certified fitter for a reason. Results. He is very upfront with me and always has. If we do not show improvement and I mean, significant improvement, we do not make a change. Getting the right shaft and head combination is important and I stand my ground on this. I am currently playing Titleist TSI3 with a Fujikura 661 TR Stiff shaft and I did find ten additional yards and the accuracy is much tighter over my Titleist 917D with a Fujikura Tour Speeder Pro 64. At the ripe young age of 75, I am happy with sending that Prov1 down the middle 240-260. We skipped one cycle with the TS drivers and fairways because three yards just did not cut it. Other seniors in my M, W, F group are playing Cobra, Taylormade, Ping and Cally. Some are around my age but most in their sixties and cannot match this distance. They cannot keep up. I am retired, take pride in my equipment and have a part time job so that I can get the best equipment to suit my taste. As a disabled veteran I could get a discount from PXG under their PXG for Heroes program. Any veteran or active duty military, in Law enforcement, a Firefighter or an EMT you too can quality for this program. PXG for Heroes™ is designed to provide the world’s finest golf equipment and gear to our nation’s finest – the men and women of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and EMTs. All current and past Military, Veterans and First-Responders are invited to purchase PXG clubs at a very special price as a thank you for your service. Buy PXG clubs online and customize your set using our advanced club configurators Buy PXG Apparel and Accessories at a special Heroes discount Speak with a PXG Customer Fitting Assistant or schedule your in-person fitting with a PXG Fitting Specialist near you by calling us at 1.844.PLAY.PXG
  9. At 75, golf is more about fun for me and am pretty happy playing from the senior tees. Guess if I played this wonderful game for a living and hit thousands of golf balls to perfect my game might carry more lofted clubs in my bag. A 58.12D SM7, which I use for my sand wedge and 60 yard and in shots is the highest loft in my Titleist bag. Guess to answer the question, it is all what we are comfortable with, how the club feels in our hands and performs, but it takes a lot of practice with those specialized shots and we have to ask ourselves do we really take the time to practice with them. When I go to the driving range, most people are not practicing wedge shots. Just sayin'.
  10. ChuckZ

    TM buys Nassau

    Thought that Titleist had three plants in the US and one in Thailand where their balls were manufactured. What off brand balls are you referring to? This is a good business decision for TM. The TP is a good ball.
  11. What we have here gentlemen is the inability to have fun at this wonderful game. At 75 I feel bless to be able to go out and actually ride and play with all the medical issues, unfortunately I have, and enjoy myself and play in 3.5 to 4 hours three days a week with my men's senior league (ages 60-93). We have a few Karens in our group also, but not this bad. Their main complaints are about slow play. I am a reformed smoker (stopped cold turkey in 1990 and choose not to play with those who smoke) our guys purchase their drinks from the cart girls and we do not allow cooler on the course. This type of behavior is totally the responsibility of the management of the course should be addressed with them. If it cannot be resolved, recommend changing courses. Getting an ulcer is not the answer. Hakuna matata.
  12. One thought would be to change from the Prov1 to the AVX golf ball. Buy a sleeve and give that a try. You might be surprised. Lowest flight, lowest spin.
  13. Even Titleist is charging for fittings, but the cost goes towards the cost of the clubs to the fitting centers. It is a modest fee. In the past some came to Titleist for a fitting, get their numbers, go elsewhere and order their clubs. Did not hardly seem fair to Titleist, the club or to the fitting center. If these brand "certified fitters" spend their time and knowledge, I feel a nominal fee such as some charge is not an unreasonable fee. These fees also ensure that people actually show up for the fittings. A registration fee is something I am onboard with.
  14. When it comes to golf equipment, I do not blind buy. I am a brand loyalist and always get fit when I purchase my equipment. Always test the shafts as well as the new heads. Have always been a selective buyer. I may invest in more expensive equipment therefore blind buying is definitely out of the question and never makes purchases off eBay.
  15. It is an interesting concept and just not something I can find interest in. Seems to work for at least one pro. Of course his swing speed with them is off the charts.
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