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  1. Due to the lockdown in CA, I bought both last year lol. I'd pick the putting mat.
  2. I received my custom Wilson staff wedge in about 7 working days which I found to be outstanding.
  3. Fitting data for sure. I tried recoils on a whim and they just weren't right for me. Steelfiber in the correct weight/flex are just fantastic things! I even have the CW 115 in the wedges. I have played primarily X100 for ~twenty years but there's just no question these are easier on the body and feel great.
  4. 1. Sean, San Jose CA 2. Yes, G80 with Garmin iphone app, the TM iphone app, and various rangefinders 3. G80 Thanks!!
  5. Sean / San Jose, CA Desired to Test: 460 Current Drive in Play: Epic Flash SZ 9.0 Swing Speed: 117
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