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  1. Handicap and Location (5, San Clemente CA) Current Irons and 8-iron distance (Maltby TS1, 140) What do you know about Sub70? I've dealt with DTG and Hurricane Golf many times over the years as I am a hobbyist clubmaker. While Sub70 has been intriguing, I've been pretty well locked in to Maltby as my supplier of choice since Wishon went overseas. Would love to try out the Sub70 irons.
  2. Cimmaron is a nice fun course. Quite a bargain for Palm Springs too.
  3. I've had some 5 hour rounds at Goose Creek. As much as they want to meet 4:30, it doesn't always happen. It is a very good track. Rams Hill is my #1 in SoCal. Oak Quarry #1 in LA area. Maderas #1 in San Diego.
  4. I'm in for one, with a hot dog, soda and a churro.
  5. I have a Michigan Ave. Great putter, although the finish and grip seem to be wearing out faster than I would expect. It hasn't won a permanent spot in my bag, but it always seems to be the one I go back to when the putter of the month isn't working.
  6. SoCal is finally pulling golf courses off the lockdown list. Tee times are going fast right now.
  7. I haven't even taken the plastic off my 5w. The 3w and 3h are working great, but I still bought the 5w just in case.
  8. I've gotten many shafts from Diamond Tour. Good group of people there.
  9. Ah, if only Dana Upshaw was still working in Warner Robins. I'm in California, but I was lucky enough to have a two-week work trips in the late 90s. One week in Columbia SC, then one week in Atlanta. I was able to go spend an afternoon with Dana, it was super fun and really informative. Although I never did get the Golfsmith P2 irons he recommended.
  10. It's hard to find a low launch shaft under 70 grams. Fortunately, as I am nearing age 60 I'll need that extra launch soon enough.
  11. SoCal here. All have been closed 4 weeks. A few counties in mid-CA have allowed courses to open, but not near here. There's a pretty vocal groups on Facebook that loves to find people playing golf, walking on beaches, going to the park....and take pictures and shame them on the internet. It is a shame when a dad and his son our for a quick 9 alone get accused of being idiots and wanting people to die. Luckily, we get to see a daily inspiration message from LA mayor Eric Garcetti, and everyone feels much better for a few minutes each day. Oh boy, it's almost time for today's inspirational message!
  12. I can't stand to be between. Either it has to be really nice looking, or really really ugly, something that makes me laugh. When I first moved to SoCal 25 years ag0, I ended up with a regular foursome. We had one guy that took a hunk of 2x4, drilled a hole in it and installed a putter shaft. He loved to putt with that thing. He was probably the worst putter I have ever seen, but he loved that putter more than anything. I respect that.
  13. I'm glad I loaded up on the Atomic drivers and woods when they started dumping them. The FWs especially are amazing, I've hit some 3w shots with it that I didn't think were possible.
  14. I stick with 45.5". For some reason, if I go 44.5" or shorter, it completely falls apart. At 44", all my drives go low and left with no distance at all, my head hurts, and I get the runs. 44" is bad.
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