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  1. Highly recommend the PTMs folks! Really great heads.
  2. The times could be different depending on the type of epoxy used and the thickness of the hosels. But it would be hard for the untrained eye to tell when too much is too much. Post some pics of the tip here and I am sure those of us who have destroyed a few over the years would be glad to voice our opinions.
  3. And now the 0341x Gen 2 fairways and hybrids are down to $145 and $135.
  4. I have both Maltby and PXG in my bag. I got haters on both sides. And I'm not even going to mention how much I love my Tommy Armour Atomic 3w. OK, maybe I will.
  5. Yeah, between PXGExpress on ebay and some local sellers, I've gone through 5 PXG drivers this fall. Finally decided which model and shaft I liked best and ordered a new one from PXG.
  6. It is an excellent head, and the larger weights in the Proto offer a lot more adjustment than the little weights in the Gen 2. However, if you don't need the big weight movements, the Gen 2 drivers are $120 less and give you 98% of what the Proto gives. I've had all the Gen 2 and the Proto X/X+ drivers, and ended up keeping just the Gen 2s. The Protos are slightly longer (only 2-3 yards for me) but I prefer the Gen 2 sound and looks (but only by a little bit). They are all great options. Have fun at the fitting!
  7. I agree with Rchang here, you are getting just about everything out of that swing speed you could ask for. My SS is 2-3 higher than you, but you are getting 5 yards more than I am.
  8. OK, I'll give it a shot. PM me your paypal. Thanks!
  9. I've never been offered blood in a trade...gotta think about that.
  10. OK, I've bought way too much stuff from PXGexpress on ebay, and I finally think I've settled on some winners. Here are a couple for sale that didn't work out for me. Both are in excellent condition. *SOLD* Proto 0811X+ driver, 10.5* loft. Mitsubishi Tensei Orange CK Series 60, Stiff Flex. 45.75" long. Headcover and wrench included. I also will include an extra 2g weight as the longer length results in a heavier D5 SW. You can swap the 2g in place of the single 15g weight and get SW around D0-D1 if that is better for you. $350 shipped CONUS. *SOLD* *SOLD* 0211 Irons, 4-PW, Mitsubish
  11. Ugh, pxgexpress listed a Proto X+ with the exact shaft I'd want this morning....so I guess I will be trying out the Proto X+ after all.
  12. Our distances, and the baby fade, are similar so maybe my input will help. I was in the market to replace my formerly impressive TA Atomic which has been misbefading, so I jumped on used 0811X Gen 2 (10.5) and 0811XF Gen 2 (9) drivers from PXG on ebay. And on the day those were arriving from PXG, I found a Proto 0811X for sale locally. With all 3 in hand, I spent a few days mass testing on the range and at the PGATSS launch monitor, swapping all the shafts and heads. 0811X Gen 2 is extremely low spin. I am a high spin player, and even with weights at a nominal position the Xg2 fired
  13. Thanks for checking, I did not even know there was a non-Velocore until someone from GolfWRX mentioned it last night. This one is the OEM non-Velocore version. Price has been lowered accordingly.
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