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  1. New Level 902 irons. $600 shipped CONUS. 4-pw. And 50* M wedge. Penley IMS graphite shafts (105 gram). 4i-9i have 6.0 flex, PW and 50 have 5.5 flex. Lamkin Crossline Plus Wrap grips. Clubs have been played 4 rounds, with 4 range trips. Headcovers always used, so they are in excellent condition. Unfortunately, I have discovered that I don’t have the SS for these shafts which play very stiff. Lengths (the way I measure it anyway) 50* 35.75”, PW 36”, 9i 36.25”, 8i 36.5”, 7i 37”, 6i 37.5”, 5i 38”, 4i 38.5”. Swingweights D1 in long irons to D3 in short irons. PXG Driver Heads: $
  2. Wishon 519SHPR driver. Like new, only hit for 3 range sessions. Tensei Orange CK 60 series, S flex. 45.5" length. $160 shipped CONUS.
  3. Steve Sparks San Clemente CA Sub70 005 Wide Blade No 2 Wide
  4. I use iron covers religiously. Then at night, I wrap my whole bag in bubble wrap. And my new 70" TV came in a nice padded sleeve which fits right over the bubble wrapped bag.
  5. How about some real life putter pics?
  6. Haven't seen any threads or real pics on the Sub70 putters yet. Mine arrived yesterday. Comes with a full weight set and wrench. Nice headcover with magnet closure. Beautiful putter.
  7. Kenny is right, you have to call Golfworks and ask about the adapters. They are not listed on the website. The Atomic and 845 will fit, but they have more adjustments than the TA1 hosel. It still works as it should for a TA1 though.
  8. Highly recommend the PTMs folks! Really great heads.
  9. The times could be different depending on the type of epoxy used and the thickness of the hosels. But it would be hard for the untrained eye to tell when too much is too much. Post some pics of the tip here and I am sure those of us who have destroyed a few over the years would be glad to voice our opinions.
  10. And now the 0341x Gen 2 fairways and hybrids are down to $145 and $135.
  11. I have both Maltby and PXG in my bag. I got haters on both sides. And I'm not even going to mention how much I love my Tommy Armour Atomic 3w. OK, maybe I will.
  12. Yeah, between PXGExpress on ebay and some local sellers, I've gone through 5 PXG drivers this fall. Finally decided which model and shaft I liked best and ordered a new one from PXG.
  13. Congrats on the move...Phisag? Phosag?
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