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  1. Whoa, is Texan Classic still around? I remember putting together some and giving them to my neighbor, must have been around 2001. Last time I saw my old neighbor a few years ago he was still hitting the woods.
  2. I had to give up the TEs because they just went too high for me. Great heads though, I just hit it high already and the TE just went even higher. I have the TS1s right now and I love them.
  3. I got one of these a few months ago. We were at a rummage sale at a local Boys & Girls Club. Under a table there were a dozen assorted golf clubs. Most were mediocre condition Vokey Wedges, couple of Bobby Jones hybrids, Titleist 983 driver. And one of the Rife 2-ball mallets, although in 6/10 condition. Yours looks much nicer. Grabbed the pile and took it to the cashier, $1 per club. For giggles, I played it one round and it felt great. It had a big old Tiger Shark grip on it. Played it for a month, and then the grip just fell apart. Regripped with a midsize Winn and lost the mojo. Looking for another monster grip to get the mojo back.
  4. Not new, they have been out 2+ years. The RalphMaltby website is not regularly (if ever) updated, but golfworks.com is up to date. I have the TS-1s, and they are excellent. Still I have an itch to get the TS-2s as well, but the 1s are doing so well I've avoided another purchase so far.
  5. Dallas Golf does carry the new Lynx stuff. They had a few sets of VT when I called them almost a year ago. I was in a long thread about the VTs when they first came out. The prevailing theory (sorry, no concrete proof, but a lot of insider input) is that the Chinese manufacturer took the Hireko Dynacraft Prophet MB muscle blade design of 2017 and made an open model out of it. It is obvious when you also note the similarity of the Lynx Prowler CB forged irons to the 2015 Dynacraft Prophet MB forged. I am a huge Prophet MB fan, and must admit the Lynx Prowler VTs look like a fantastic cosmetic improvement to a great performing head.
  6. My vote is 10 clubs and a putter max.
  7. That was just foam for weighting. The new stuff uses SpeedFoam, which is faster than regular foam. It's like foam wearing a lighting bolt shirt fast!
  8. Welcome to the forums Sparky14 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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