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  1. Nice write up. I had a similar ah ha moment after trying a set early this year, including the value assessment (non-golf injuries had begun to significantly interfere with my game). I have been gaming a set of Gen3’s since early June.
  2. Joe/Algonquin IL/US 1980’s era Ping B60 (L/H) Anser 2. Tried many putters over the years, even some of the newer grooved/milled face putters including the Ping Sigma, always come back to my OLD B60. The smooth face seems to agree with me best. Would love the opportunity to try the Heppler on a long-term basis, see is this smooth face combined with the multiple materials provides the feel I’ve been seeking
  3. I’m late to the thread but I’d be in!
  4. I’m currently playing a 4 thru a 48 gap wedge set, set club gaps fit my game, added a Vokey 56 & 60 for other parts or my short game. Like others have said I think it’s what you benefits helps your game.
  5. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? On and off for more than 30 years, had a couple work related injuries that took me away from the game on multiple occasions. Haven’t had an official handicap for several years, was once as low as 11 but I’m sure nowhere near that right now. Currently back down into the low-mid 90’s with an occasional 88 or 89. What do you love about golf? The camaraderie among players, the peacefulness of the course, the individual nature of the game and its... eh... “challenges”!!! Mostly it is my connection with my father who loved and introduced me to the game when I was young. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Always been a research to the extreme guy, so love all the insights and opinions. Like that MyGolfSpy makes it possible to speak intelligently with others about many aspects of the game. Guessing I could know one or two judging by how many are also from this area, but otherwise no. Where are you from? What is your home course? Greater Chicago area. Currently split time between Illinois & Florida. Illinois home course probably Whisper Creek if any. Florida is Palmer Legends. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? LOTS of playing options, many very nice courses. Never to difficult to get a tee time. Not much to complain about except weather or playing season like other have said. What do you do for a living? Law Enforcement Executive How’d you pick your user name? Just a mix I’ve used for years
  6. Donate them to a youth program or First Tee! My first clubs were a set a neighbor friend of the family gave me so I could play with he and my dad (dad didn’t have $ to get me a set). I still consider getting them to be one of the biggest reasons I got into & stayed with golf.
  7. I’m a life-long everything righty who plays-right handed. I putt left-handed with a right-handed grip. Happened by accident when I lost my putter. Long story short, my playing partner was a leftie and my only option was edge of an iron or use his. Felt like I had better control, especially on distance. Spent time trying both sides after and found I was clearly better leftie with the right grip, have never looked back. Not sure I even could putt right handed anymore?!?!
  8. My game on the greens has never been bad, but there are certainly days it could be better. I have been playing a smooth faced Ping Anser for years... so long it could probably be considered vintage. I recently played a rental set in Vegas that included a Cleveland with a milled/grooved face. Now granted it was a single round sample but, it certainly felt at the end of the day like a great day putting. Is there any real advantage(s) to a grooved over smooth faced putter? Thanx all in advance.
  9. Joe - western Chicago suburbs Only when playing home course (app) GPS of phone linked to home course app
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