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  1. I've heard Memorial Park is pretty nice but not for the price (unless you live inside Houston proper, not even Harris County residents can get the local rate). I'm stunned that Palatka is on here, then again I played it during my high school days so I can only assume its received some love since then.
  2. Osprey Cove just across the GA border was nice and Oak Marsh at Amelia Island is a good play. Amelia River was also enjoyable.
  3. Agree on The Bandit, played it twice one weekend last year as a little trip out of Tomball. I really need to find my way to The Quarry.
  4. Over Memorial Day weekend I finally did my Pinehurst Bucket List Trip, playing both Tot Hill Farm and Tobacco Road, Pinehurst #2, #4, and #8 (and The Cradle, naturally), and the Mid Pines/Pine Needles duo. Tobacco Road was the course that I was looking forward to the most and it did not disappoint one bit... it actually exceeded expectations. I enjoyed it more than anything else on the trip and I had the worst weather of the trip on that day as well. I hope I can make it back. I've always loved Strantz courses, I've been able to play Royal New Kent and Stonehouse as well as True Blue and Caledonia... though all of those were nearly 20 years ago now.
  5. Laying up seems to be the right play since you can't hit driver past/over the yardage that the trouble is located at. The hole is short enough that using less than driver should be just fine. My son-in-law owns a house that borders this course but I've never had the chance to play it. Is it true that there are going to tear it up and make a 12-hole course out of it? I thought I had read that somewhere...
  6. Rick Perlini - Tomball, TX (Houston) I currently use Arccos for all of my club tracking/GPS I use a Bushnell Rangefinder, the X7 Jolt with Slope I believe (the one you use horizontally, not vertically).
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