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  1. So something else that kind of confuses me sometimes is the Most Wanted testing. Many manufacturers are on 2-year release cycles. It would be nice if the testing reflected the current offerings in each category, rather than the current releases. This may get a bit off-topic, and I assume this has been discussed before, but the search options of this forum are a bit challenging (or perhaps I am challenged?). I ask because I hit some Mizuno JPX 921 Forged irons at demo day of a local course and liked them. They are in the 2021 Most Wanted testing for Players Distance, but not in the 2022 testing. They are still a current offering from Mizuno right? It would be nice to see how it compares. Doesn't Ping and several others work on a 2-year release cycle? It just makes it hard if I am trying to identify what to test and if I can't see how a club released last year compares with clubs released this year. Couldn't the club from last year be better than this year? Or comparing Srixon ZX5/7 is difficult with their release cycle as well.
  2. Ok, this was helpful. Are these general guidelines? Or does it mean that a Players iron will always have traditional lofts and never be hollow?
  3. I apologize if this is the wrong forum. I see reviews from MGS for Players and Players Distance irons, and it seems like there is a lot of overlap. However, can someone explain the difference to me?
  4. I have similar feedback to what has already been shared. I was a little disappointed in the new format, but I want to be fair and give it a few episodes. I know this may not represent reality, but my perception was that this was done as an after-thought with little preparation. Not saying that is what actually happened, but that was my perception as a viewer. I did have some follow-up questions on the change in how drivers are rated. How does this change previous years rankings? Being that the Ping G425 is now ranked as the most wanted driver, should it be viewed as the actual winner from the '21 Most Wanted testing as well since it was in that test pool? As this is just a shift in how you score various metrics, can't you apply this scoring calculation to previous tests? How would the Most Wanted Driver Shootout have been impacted by this new scoring formula? Will this new formula be used similarly for other tests (e.g. Irons, putters, balls, etc.)?
  5. I am interested, just not sure my game is worth a $600 shaft...
  6. A family member bought a home along a golf course to remodel. When he cleaned out the yard, he pulled out 300 or 400 golf balls. I threw out the low grade balls and non-urethane cover. Then after cleaning, if they had significant scuffs I also discarded them. This left me with maybe 100 balls in the Pro V1(x), Chrome Soft, TP5(x)/Penta, etc. Some of these were probably only a year or 2 old, but many were 5+ years old. For instance, I found a few of the Pro V1 392 balls. I usually shoot in the 80's. Am I a fool for playing these older balls? I hit a few of them yesterday on a course I play 50 times a year, and felt like I was losing distance on the driver. Maybe a little on irons too, but that was a bit harder to see and I could chalk some of that up to colder weather, damp conditions, and a little wind. However, I felt like I was losing 20 or 30 yards on drives. Are these balls old enough that I should not be playing them? Or is this all in my head and I just had a bad one?
  7. I suspect this would be confusing to most consumers. The ones that really want this information are likely to research the individual shaft options themselves.
  8. Ryan / Bozeman, MT Yes, but not at my home. Yes, but do not own one currently.
  9. I hope this is the appropriate forum for this. I bought my wife a set of Wilson Ladies Profile HL clubs about 5 years ago as a starter set to see if she got into it. She has been playing more and more each year and I think I am to the point of upgrading her to a new set. I don't think she is to the point of getting fitted, and I would really like her to take a few lessons (will work on that separately). However, I want to get her upgraded to some higher quality equipment. The Wilson set includes: 1W (13.5*), 5W, 4H, 5-P, S, putter I know that you should always get fitted for clubs. I get it, however, her swing is still evolving and I hate to get her fitted for clubs now that won't be right in a year or 2. I also get the argument that it is better to spend money on lessons rather than fitting. I do plan to get her lessons this next season (if she will do them). It is like pulling teeth to get her to go to the driving range or putting green! What I was thinking is that I would like to get her some higher quality clubs, but not top-end or fitted. Then get lessons, work on her swing for another 2-3 years, then get her fitted. Am I being foolish and the Wilson set is better than I think it is and she should continue to play it until she is ready to get fitted? Or is it good to get her an upgraded set off-the-shelf? What is a good value on a med-level set of clubs off-the-shelf? Costco has a set of Callaway Edge 10-piece Women's Graphite Golf Club Set at that mid-level price. Is this the right balance of an upgrade without going for a fully fitted set? Or is this all foolishness and I should get her fitted for her full bag and spend the $1,500 hoping her swing doesn't change too drastically?
  10. First Name/City State: Ryan / Bozeman, MT Handicap: 12-15 Current Model Wedges Played: Cleveland RTX-4 60* in black finish, Vokey SM7 56* in chrome finish, Vokey SM7 50* in gunmetal finish What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge: Less distraction from sun glare, and a potentially softer feel at impact. I would also be interested in seeing if it truly delivers more spin.
  11. 1) Ryan in Bozeman, MT 2) Putting on carpet (just got a mat, also travel over winter) 3) Just purchased one, only used for last couple weeks, not overly impressed so far. 4) Medium - 10 - 11 Stimpmeter - Private Course
  12. Ryan/Bozeman, MT/US Everyday: Scotty Cameron Newport w/ Flow neck, 20g weights, and SuperStroke CounterCore (no weight) Fatso 5.0 grip Testing: Kirkland KS1 Backup: Oddyssey 2-ball center shafted w/ 2.0 Super Stroke grip Anser 2 because it is the closest to the SC Newport I currently play and I prefer the look of a blade.
  13. Not sure if this is still open for applicants. 1) Ryan from Montana (let me know if I need to be more specific) 2) No, not even a phone app. 3) Bushnell Tour V2
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