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  1. Bridgestone Tour XS. 
    XS gives great distance and with the approach shots, the ball shines. XS holds the greens and short-game spin, you can run it, spin it, and have no fear over green side bunkers. 
    Nice feel off the putter. Your GIR will increase with this ball. Note: I have played just about all the major brands, Tour, and Tour X offerings. 

  2. The Tour XS would fit you current ball section with Pro V1. The Tour X are firmer balls.

    Since you using the AVX and Pro V1 which are softer balls. You would find some familiarity with XS; Feel, softness, spin.  Bridgestone offers the RX which slow swingers should use but hey we all want to play what the Pros play. So go with the Tour XS. 


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