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  1. I can also attest to the great workmanship Yeti offers. They truly make the best water bottles. I believe what separates them from the rest is they're dishwasher safe. Forget the brushes and scrubbing, and the mildew. Hydroflask can't even do that. Right around Thanksgiving / Xmas 2019, they were offering free engraving, so we ended up getting 3 - 36oz bottles for the family. Hopefully they'll bring back the free engraving this year.
  2. To answer your question, YES. You should do everything you can to gain swing speed, everything. The journey alone will make you love the game of golf even more. Reaching a par 5 in 2 is an adrenaline rush. I just turned 48 and my ball speed has been recorded at around 165s (calculated Swing speed 112 mph). I was wondering, can you provide your Ball Speed average? A lot of launch monitors calculate your Swing Speed using some formula so I don't trust it. However, they all measure ball speed. You can then take that number and compare it with data available on the internet. Also, swing speed (or ball speed) does not equate to shaft stiffness. Here's where you want to get a trusted, and I mean trusted, fitter. To determine the right shaft stiffness, you need to understand the load you put on a club and most of all FEEL. For example, a short swing with an aggressive transition will need a stiffer shaft than someone with a long swing with a smoother transition. Softer shafts also feel so much better than stiffer ones, but you lose some control. it's a balancing act, and as you swing faster, the balance becomes harder to meet. https://swingmangolf.com/average-golf-swing-speed-chart-2/
  3. Shipping varies, and as such, you shouldn't limit yourself to just one. At times USPS has great prices for locations nearby. Recently, I've found Fedex ground to be cheaper than USPS and UPS for anything out of the county. If you use ebay to sell your clubs, then you can let their system automatically provide shipping costs to the buyer.
  4. Doesn't seem very reliable or accurate. I play Ping S55 (594) and they're listed as Game improvement. They're not designed to improve your game... The I210s (338) are Classics, iBlades (430) are Conventional, and the Blueprints (458) are conventional. I wouldn't consider the cavity back i210s to be harder to hit than the blade Blueprints.
  5. Not a problem as long as the owner keeps them leashed and cleans up after them. There's not much the golf course can do if the owner claim them to be "Service Dogs".
  6. I tell my buddies that my time at the range are my "Anger Management" sessions. Not great for scoring but great to just forget about the stressors of life. Nothing beats flushing a 5 iron and the screaming ball telling you "yes sir, you are right and I was wrong". My time on the course is different. It's where I commune with "nature" and with friends. Fresh air, freshly cut grass, and the sounds of mother nature. While other travel to distant lands to get away, I just go golfing.
  7. +1 Swing U I've been very happy with it. Scorecard, GPS, Score sharing, stats etc. I tried the Grint when SwingU was charging for Handicap scores, but something about it didn't work for me. It may have been the ads. Since SwingU brought back the handicap scores, I went back and it's been going great.
  8. Handicap and Location 5.6, Thousand Oaks, CA Current Irons and 8-iron distance Ping S55, Tour Issue DGX100, 165 - 170 What do you know about Sub70? Very littler other checking out their site after reading this post. Ping was the last big name brand company to make 17-4 Cast Players irons. I've been looking for a replacement. Love Forged, just can't afford to maintain them with all the time I spend on the range and the course.
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