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  1. ah the ol one foot in each door user. I had an iphone for work long ago when they did not have a BYOD policy and paid you a monthly stipend for your cell phone bill lol. no longer I am android all the way!
  2. Ok so how is everyone feeling on actually playing these balls? I played them today and could not keep them straight. Might have been how I was hitting them but I went through 2 full sleeves because they kept going OB. Also felt they did not spin as much as a ProV1X 2021. I was playing the Tour X. Does anyone else concur?
  3. Congrats testers! Now we know who has apple xP
  4. It's a well known fact now that many Chinese families immigrate with their kids to other countries so they can be top there for olympic sports esp. table tennis and badminton. Like you might be ranked 50th in China but you'll be #1 in Zimbabwe. Plus the countries are all for it so they can send more olympians to the games lol.
  5. USA!USA!USA! Lol had to give it up for Xander!
  6. I google searched Garmin R10 and a linked popped up for a place called Ascent Cycles. Interesting that a cycling place has a golf accessory but they sell a bunch of other Garmin accessories and it looks legit. Plus they had the best price. Only sharing since I already pre-ordered mine! hehe
  7. I don't think this has shipped yet. I just pre-ordered mine from a shop in WA and website says shipping on 8/20. The Bushnell is most likely going to be in the same class as a Mevo+/Skytrak so definitely out of budget for me as well. In terms of the accuracy though it will be interesting to test out the Garmin against a higher end LM. Once mine arrives I will try and find a place that has a GC Quad or a Trackman and see if they will let me compare numbers. Where do you work that you have a Skytrak just sitting??? Are you hiring??? I have mobile hotspot on my phone...xPPP
  8. Just pre-ordered a Garmin R10. Says shipping on 8/20 so let's see!
  9. only 13K sign ups? Cmon spies lets give the staff more applications to pick through because you know they got nothing better to do xPPP. Wow this is going to be a good one. Good luck to all those that signed up! Man this is a good year for testing, might be the best yet!
  10. Congrats guys! Excited to see what changes you observe with changes to shaft and head.
  11. Possibly. The original MGS article on these mentions that the CG process is not to say that the balls will be more balanced than others in the market. Just that they put the factory line along the same CG line as a CGP as opposed to just a random spot.
  12. Lol I flipped mine too but that's cuz I was trying to do a burn out. Luckily it was on the fairway so it didn't scrape up the handle like that!
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