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  1. Quick update. Balls arrived over the weekend so I am trying to get the garage cleared up a bit to make some space to get some initial data. Hopefully will be able to get some data tonight!
  2. Still waiting on my shipment. Should be arriving today so will try to get some initial testing done this weekend and post.
  3. @edingc by the way my wife just upgraded from an s10e to an S21ultra for 300 after trade in. Verizon is having a crazy trade in deal right now. 650 trade in value for most phones. Also, any update on your Titleist RCT balls? I think I got a shipping update they should be here in another week or so.
  4. Hmm that is interesting. I thought light conditions had nothing to do with radar based monitors? Could it have been some other factor?
  5. I will be testing some ProV1 RCT's alongside @edingc when the balls arrive. For what it is worth, this is a fun toy for me that let's me play golf anytime. Yes it does not beat going out to the course but when time (and now weather since I have moved from SoCal to Texas) don't permit you to play as much as you would like, this is a great sim. Better than an optishot and not as much as a skytrak. Better than just bashing balls into a net with no feedback! Also, I noticed that hitting range balls at the range vs hitting a real one (yes I sacrificed a new Maxfli in the name of science!) shows a huge difference in measurements. Has that been verified by any other testing?
  6. Cool. I ordered a hat along with it to get free shipping. Looks like the hat has shipped but no idea on the balls. Let's keep in contact and figure out how we want to do the test! For now I will be hitting some brand new ProV1's out the box without stickers to get some baseline numbers and compare with my Shotscope distances out on the course. Interesting that with the sticker you have to hit the same part of the ball but makes sense since the orientation with the sticker matters. We should include that in the test too to see if orientation of the ball matters.
  7. As mentioned above I ordered a dozen RCT ProV1's because I am a sucker for data accuracy as an engineer. Thinking of doing a joint unofficial test with @edingc. Also ordered some hitting mats and a net from Amazon. Since I had the Rukket tri-turf small hitting mat, I ordered the matching "Tri-turf golf hitting mat attack". Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat Attack basically a narrow hitting mat with cutouts for their tri and two turf mats. Good idea in theory but after receiving it found that the longer cutout is too short for the tri-turf. Also, the shorter cutout allows you to insert the tri turf mat in a longer orientation but even in this orientation it is too narrow to try and hit a tee'd up ball with your driver. If you go to the Amazon link and see the pictures my explanations make sense lol. So this is being returned. I also ordered the GoSports Pro 5X4 hitting mat. GoSports Pro 5X4 Hitting Mat This one has 6 cut outs for rubber tees and comes with 3 rubber tees of various heights (and one of them lets you insert a regular tee). Has a nice thickness and turf feel to it. Will be keeping this one and doing follow ups on durability. Finally ordered a Heavy Duty 7X10 hitting net. These are all probably made by the same factory in China and rebranded so just find the one that has the best price and offers a good warranty. Hit Run Steal 7X10 Golf Hitting Net I bought this one from a company called "Hit Run Steal" as it seemed from reviews they offer excellent customer service. I can attest to this as I ordered this used from Amazon and it came with 2 of the poles missing. I emailed their customer service and told them I bought it used from Amazon and they are sending the missing parts free of charge. I saw in the reviews someone else had ordered it used as well and got a damaged net and the company also replaced it for them. Once the replacement parts arrive and I can get this set up in my garage I will follow up. I was using the Rukket pop up net but wanted something with more coverage at the top since the pop up net sits like a triangle. (I did pop up a drive once and it went over the net and into an open field thankfully). I only got the Rukket pop up net for the portability since at the time I was living in a small apartment but now that I am in a house with a garage I can set up a more permanent net!
  8. Funny I also ordered a dozen ProV1 RCT on the day you posted this lol...there is a possibility we were looking at the webpage at the same time...great minds think alike...maybe we should follow up and create an unofficial testing page for these...I will be using a Garmin R10 and comparing to non RCT Pro V1's
  9. I use a Shotscope V3, the GPS function on my Grint app, and a range finder. I am also an engineer and firm believer in multiple sources of data to confirm. I do find the GPS app is limited in the sense that it does not know the pin location for each day so that is where the range finder comes into play. At a certain point, FMB pin locations can be the difference between a tap in birdie and a long 3 putt.
  10. Don't think the M5 units have that issue since it's meant to be operated from directly behind at all times. It does have an autostop function that will stop the motor after a certain amount of runtime (though if it encounters an obstacle such as a bunker or a pond before it hits that timer it will go right into it!). I haven't really tested this function as I only did the set distance mode for stop.
  11. What a prize! Got my team in! Haven't been able to post much lately as I get ready to move but will definitely be following this one closely!
  12. BTW just an update for those still waiting on orders. I cancelled my order from Ascent Cycles as the ship date kept getting delayed and I received a unit from a different vendor already. Yep placed 2 orders in case one didn't come through. Good luck to those still waiting!
  13. What a great analysis with data and everything! I think we are all in agreement that the spin numbers in general are hard to capture with a unit this size and in this price range. Side spin deviation seems to be also on par with everyone else as we all got some shots that were different in actual flight vs simulated. Agree that the Hometown Hero sim is a blast and definitely plays how the course plays in real life pretty close. Just fun to have a portable sim for the range rather than just blasting balls in any direction with no consequences. If anything it trains you to maintain that same pressure at the range as the course. Most difficult thing I found is the short chips and pitches near the green. Hard to estimate for anything under 50 yards as the same distances on the range in actual ball flight resulted in wildly different distances on the sim. Overall a great option for those with a budget under $1000 just for the fun factor alone.
  14. Just updating since everyone is providing one! Been a bit busy packing for my move to Austin, TX so havent had much time to play. Packed the Motocaddy away but will definitely be walking it once I get situated in Texas and hopefully it gets cooler in the winter. I have been playing the simulator on my Garmin R10 and though the distances aren't always accurate it has been fun playing courses on the range than just bashing balls!
  15. Already a shotscope V3 user and highly recommend to everyone. Another great test for fellow spies. Good luck to all applicants and welcome to the fold lol.
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