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  1. Hmm reduce REM during sleep? Aren't we supposed to have REM sleep for deeper sleep? Sounds interesting though. Will have to research more.
  2. I assume so. I notice myself snoring right as I am about to fall asleep. I believe the snoring has something to do with our nasal passages. Nothing CBD can do about that.
  3. If we are talking what was the farthest I travelled and played golf, I was on a business trip in Germany and managed to get a round in. If we are talking just to play golf, the first courses to open up after covid lock down here in socal were in thousand oaks so i drove 160 miles round trip just for a round of golf
  4. Take me with you lol. Definitely looking forward to retirement outside of Cali. oh and congrats to all the testers! Looking forward to those reviews.
  5. As @B.Boston stated what a great winter training opportunity....except I live in sunny SoCal where "what is winter"? but I have a newborn so not getting out much to play but this is definitely a great opportunity to polish up my putting for when I get back to playing more regularly Brian from Los Angeles Again, what is this "winter" you speak of? I just go out and play in my shorts and polo all year long...sometimes it gets cold in the mornings here so i might wear a beanie... I had a birdieball pressure puttout trainer with the optional 10"x8' putting matt. I gave the putt out to my mom and the putting matt is sitting rolled up in a box on my patio! Not sure if this is the same as the putting matts they have now. If i were to try a birdieball putting matt now probably would test the medium speed greens as I tend to play faster munis and semi-private courses in the meantime, let me go unroll that putting matt and see if the claim that it lays flat after a roll up holds true...might be an earlier gen so a different product altogether
  6. I don't have sleep apnea but I know I do snore most nights when I sleep. Can't say if the tincture is helping much with the snoring. I will ask my wife to monitor my sleeping with the tincture at night lol. We have been sleeping in separate rooms lately because of the newborn so at least one of us is getting good sleep.
  7. Thanks for the honest review. I have been looking into these as well and I believe I will be waiting for Android support for Rhapsodo before looking deeper.
  8. I was using some old taylormade ATV wedges I bought at Play It Again as I only started taking my golf game seriously a few years ago and I rarely played wedges around the green, mostly bump and runs with my 9i or PW. Well as my game improved I thought it would be nice to have new wedges and get that spin everyone was talking about. I looked around and saw the deal for the 3 wedge set plus a discount code so I pulled the trigger thinking what they hell if I don't like them I can return them or just keep them around as practice clubs. It took a while to get used to them but right now my distances are pretty much dialed in and I am definitely getting more spin than the old wedges (though to be fair they were pretty beat up when I bought them). I did bring one to my local Roger Dunn to try out some other name brand wedges in the same loft and bounce and I did not see much difference in spin and distance. I still blade and chunk shots once in a while but it is a blade style wedge. Might be time to consider the cavity back wedges that everyone seems to be coming out with but for sure customer service has been great with BT. The first set I ordered had a nick in the finish so they replaced it right away with a brand new set. A few weeks later I had a deep gouge in the sole of one wedge which I found odd because I hadn't been playing that particular wedge much and I wasn't hitting off bad lies recently but again they still replaced right away. If anything I agree with what most people are saying. The clubs are hit or miss especially for the price you pay but customer service is excellent. Sully knows what he is selling and to whom. These are not your golfaholic, golf gear head, aspiring tour pro clubs. These are clubs for your every man who just needs some clubs to get out and hit some balls after a long day of work.
  9. sure just reach out to me via PM and maybe we can even arrange with any other local SoCal MGS forum guys.
  10. I guess you need to come over to Cali then and hit a round with me after you buy them straight from Cobra?
  11. Alright so first round back since the new baby and I definitely notice the difference in playing weekly and taking 2 weeks off. Swing is still pretty much there but needs some tuning up. I won't post the scorecard as I did not have a great round and shot 100. However, what I did notice is that I was definitely not as nervous or jittery as I thought I would be getting back after 2 weeks. I took a full dose of the tincture before leaving home which was about 1 hour before the tee time. Warmed up a bit at the range and then headed out with my group. Even through out the round as I was hitting shots I would normally make, I was noticeable calm about it (even having my 3 year old with me on the course!). I hit a great 299 yard drive and one of my playing partners said it was the most relaxed swing he has seen me make! Of course I pulled it into the greenside bunker next shot but I managed to get out in 1 and get a par save for up and down. Now for the morning after report. I noticed some cramps in my legs at night ( I took another full dose of the tincture before bed, had a gummy, and applied the cream to my lower back and knees). Woke me up about 2 times during the night but I was able to stretch it out and go back to bed. Sometimes these leg cramps I have in my calves can take a while to stretch out but I noticed I was able to recover quickly from the cramps though not sure if it was due to oil. Hypothesis is that the CBD is helping to manage the pain from the cramps so I can power through and stretch them out. Usually I just have trouble stretching out the cramp due to the pain! As I write this now, no soreness in the lower back but some in the shoulders and the upper back. Could be the extra bucket I hit after my round but with a friendly tournament coming up in 3 weeks I need the practice! I have 2 more rounds scheduled over the next 2 weeks and will continue to update.
  12. Interesting. I have the choco mint but the flavor is pretty mild so might not taste it. I only drink about a cup of coffee a day at most so itll be on my first cup. Also, wife finally gave me the green light to go as long as i bring along the 3 year old so first round back soon!
  13. For sure the cream. Not sure how the gummies actually help but I am taking one daily. Most likely acts as a booster of sorts to keep the levels in your system? My buddy who is on my team for an upcoming friendly tournament has been out of commission due to a backsprain. I recommended the Kanibi to him so will have to follow up on what he does. Makes sense. Prob why i felt the heat again.
  14. @xOldBenKenobiX so are SoCal "winters" lol. I grew up in NYC so winter isn't winter without snow. I am wearing the same golf gear all year long here.
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