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  1. @CrazyGolfNutyou could always demo the clubs and decide but 1 year later in still loving the clubs. As I mentioned in my review, I am seeing tighter dispersion with these as the massive hook I had with my old callaway XR is less prevalent with the sub70. I feel more confident in my ability to hit these well. I highly recommend these and I don't even get any endorsement from them lol.
  2. Oh that's odd. Well it's been sold but thanks for looking!
  3. Selling used R10. SOLD $475 SHIPPED
  4. Hey fellow spies, it has been nearly 9 months since I had time to post any reviews as I have relocated halfway across the US and been busy with relocation and settling in. I did recently purchase Sub70 949X 3 and 4 hybrids with the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 80 6.0 shafts. These were to replace a set of Callaway XR hybrids that I hit ok since I purchased them but more recently with swing changes was starting to hook more often than not. I was looking at the Taylormade Stealth hybrids because I noticed they have the V-steel soles from my old TM woods. Not sure when they brought that design back though I might just be out of date as I have not bought hybrids in years. I did the research on what causes hybrids to hook (my natural shot is a draw and my normal miss is a overdraw/hook with all clubs from driver down to wedge) and saw that I could possibly benefit from a heavier shaft with more torque. So after some discussion with the owner Jason Hiland, he agreed that the shafts I chose on the order were the right place to start. Sidebar on Sub70 as a brand. If you have not looked into Sub70 yet, I highly recommend giving them a serious look. I currently game the Sub70 699Pro irons and have no complaints. The best part of buying Sub70 is that you get a quality club at a better price point than the big names. Only downside is you have to trust the process and purchase to test (they do have a testing program but the club selection is limited to what they have in stock at the time) unless you live near their HQ or happen to find some at your local golf shop used shelf. Jason will work with you from the beginning of the process and get you into the best fit for you. I have not had to personally swap anything on my clubs so far so no experience with that but talk to anyone who has dealt with Sub70 before and you will hear the same story over and over. Getting back to the club review, I immediately noticed the difference in shaft weights compared to my old Callaway XR hybrids. I have come to realize that heavier shafts give me more control even though I know my swing speed is suffering a bit. I think these are the right shafts for me though because I am still able to get good carry distances and have not noticed any decrease in carry/overall distance with these. The lofts are 1 degree stronger than the Callaway XR's but I don't think that makes a big difference. I liked the design of the heads with the carbon fiber crown. The soles remind me of the Taylormade V-steel soles and I do notice I am able to get through turf easier than with my Callaway XR hybrids. The hook still rears it's ugly head here and there but I am noticing a much straighter ball flight. I feel more confident with these clubs that I will hit a good shot off the turf and get close to the pin. On contact, these feel great off the face and I am now expecting the muted sound of carbon fiber crowns with metal faces as in my TM Sim 2 driver. These sound crisp on good contact but sound is subjective. I am sure there is someone out there who enjoys the thonk sound of the square drivers of the 90s lol. In summary, if you are looking for some new hybrids take a look at the Sub70 949X. It is a newer release from Sub70 and they don't release new clubs for the sake of releasing new clubs so you know that they have done the research and testing to make sure there is going to be improvement from previous releases. Their 939's are still a top seller but I was drawn to the 949X because of the carbon fiber crown and the sole shape. Hope this helps somebody looking for new hybrids but not wanting to spend major OEM money especially in this economy!
  5. golfish!


    Looking for 2 more in the Austin area to play at Avery Ranch in Round Rock tomorrow 1/29 @ 1245. PM if interested.
  6. Thanks for that. I'll have to measure actual height from my mat to the bottom rafter. I hit a few drives at 60% speed and had no issues but still makes me nervous. Also found this on Garmin support page about spin measuring. Looks like they specifically mention marking balls with metallic dots degrades performance. =(. I tried testing the balls again and nothing has changed. I tried to put as much space as I could between radar and net and again had trouble picking up the RCTs. I don't think it's an issue with space rather the Garmin R10 doesn't like the RCTs. Oh well. Someday when I can afford a bigger garage with a Track man lol. https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=kj37CgzvwM98hC9WPrIQm5
  7. Yeah last thing I need is to crack my driver on a garage rafter lol. I guess I could try and swing my swing trainer which I believe is longer than my driver and see if anything hits lol.
  8. Hmm my garage total height is much taller than 10 feet but the rafter comes down about that much. How tall are you? Sorry I am not trying to get personal data on you lol. Just want to compare and see if I can also swing a driver inside!
  9. @edingc How high is your garage? I don't have enough clearance to hit drives inside. I mean swinging slowly I can keep it under the rafters but at full speed I am afraid if I raise up even the slightest I will smack the rafters.
  10. Can't really speak on durability as I have not had much time to hit in my garage but I did hit a few half wedges and full irons and did not notice any difference between the RCT and a standard ProV1x. As per edingc's testing seems like you are also on par for ball durability.
  11. That is awesome! I already know that when I buy a house (currently renting) I will be looking at the garage and making sure I can get a full sim space in there lol
  12. You have 21 feet of space from the Mevo unit to the net? I must have missed the original post somewhere but are you in your garage or basement? Texas does not have basements lol so no luck for me. Also, turns out the new friend has a Skytrak so no RCT sleeve for him!
  13. Sorry been mia folks just not a lot of time between the move and trying to get settled in. Haven't had a chance to retest with a better setup. Playing golf with a new group on Monday, one whom has a sim in their house. If it's radar based I may give him a sleeve of rct to test out as well. Will update s soon as I can!
  14. Looks like they sent another email out. Code is MGS40OFF at Dicks
  15. Anyone else try the coupon code for 40% off maxfli balls sent out by MGS? I tried and says it does not apply and I only have the maxfli tour and tour x in my cart.
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