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  1. golfish!


  2. Brian / Los Angeles, CA (actually Rancho Cucamonga but nobody knows where that is unless you have watched Next Friday, Craig's cousin and his freaky aunt and uncle lived in Rancho Cucamonga) HDCP is now 17.2 (guess i gotta update my profile!) Currently playing Callaway Mavriks
  3. @dlow206 "This week's round"? You mean for that day's round...right? xP
  4. Will definitely be keeping up on this test as I have looked into getting a 3W from Sub70 and am interested in the comparison between big brand OEM clubs and the Sub70 clubs.
  5. @Tom the Golf Nut Not sure if shotscope takes into account elevation or wind but as @GolfSpy MPR mentioned, SS also removed outliers from data collection. There is an average shot distance for each club which takes into account every shot and then P. Avg which stands for performance average which takes the outliers out.
  6. Brian / Rancho Cucamonga, CA Bombtech Wedges in 52,56,60 Would most likely choose the 60 as I use that most of the time around the green!
  7. Congrats to the chosen testers! Look forward to your reviews
  8. Agreed. Tried the cut sampler a while back and the covers kept getting cut too easily. Never tried again.
  9. Ah icic. So it isn't the CNC face that is cutting the balls, it is actually the groove from the insert. I can see how that would cut up covers on off center hits. Prob as sharp as an iron groove.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Look forward to your testing!
  11. @edingc you mentioned off center hits. Are you seeing shredded ball covers on off center hits? Recently bought an F8 driver for my mom and she complained about off center hits shredding the covers on her balls ( i had to sit and think about how that sentence was going to look and if i was setting myself up for failure but there is really no other way to put it...xP) I did see on other forums that this was an issue for all the new CNC milled face drivers from Cobra
  12. for sure! i did not have high expectations for the second one but it was better than i expected. Original still the best!
  13. @B.Boston voted for your intro because of super troopers gif. One of my favorite scenes!
  14. @Jgrim i don't know if you will see this brother but I hope you are doing well. Have you looked into programs like PGA Hope? My buddy who was wounded in Iraq (we were there with 1/6 in 04 around Fallujah) took up golf with help from PGA Hope.
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