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  1. So @xOldBenKenobiX any wins yet?
  2. https://wn.nr/sUDfJs Scotland golf trip giveaway from UnderPar. Please enter using my link!
  3. Same here. Could be that means the stations are too close. But I just go in and delete those shots.
  4. So I recently bought a used Mevo off Ebay and tested the 3H against the 3W. Got some interesting data... Average of 23 yards longer carry with the 3W than the 3H with an avg speed 4 MPH faster. I checked with the data I got from the other LM and saw that I was swinging the 3W faster by about 2MPH but also swinging the 3H about 2MPH slower than that test. Could just be I was more warmed up for that test or just swinging better that day on the 3H vs this test day for the 3W. I noticed the carry distances on my last comparison were about the same so it is interesting data indeed.
  5. Interestingly, I seem to pick up the shots of people next time me occasionally. I just go in a delete the shots after. For sure I am loving the data it is giving me. Sorry to hear that. My unit came ok and works just fine. Always a risk with Ebay but at least you have the guarantee that the item is as described.
  6. Yep same here. My tees have built in marks (not painted on as I learned those paint marks eventually come off) so I get consistent tee heights. Been teeing with just the tip in the ground with a 3 1/4" tee. Only issue is that my tee goes flying out of the ground and I am constantly looking for it!
  7. During my most recent fitting, the fitter actually told me to tee the ball a little lower as I was catching it high on the face almost the border of the crown. But after the new driver came in, I noticed I was hitting too low with the tee lower. I experimented with a higher tee and I was launching the ball much higher and carrying further with more hang time. I read an article or a quote somewhere that a fitter can only fit you for the swing you have that day. I must have been hitting more down on the driver that day because with the higher tee that I am playing now I am impacting just above t
  8. As someone who just bought a used Mevo, my 2 cents is that I agree with what everyone above says. Having a LM is great if you are a numbers/data guy (I am an engineer by trade so data makes me hot lol) but if you don't know what to do with that data then that is all it is...data. What you want to do is take that data and turn it into useful information so you can make an informed decision on what to do next. I went from a simple LM with swing and ball speeds with calculated carry to the Mevo because I want to work on my spin and launch. I know that the accuracy of the data can be a bit varied
  9. Yep I really have to try and hit a slice to get it to slice. I am able to really swing faster because I know the most I will get is a controlled fade now.
  10. Agreed. I was thinking of buying on Ebay but either the sellers seem shady or they are scalping because they know the backorder time. Since I am mostly going to be on the range and can see the ball flight, I will most likely hold off on the Mevo+ until I can have a home setup. As long as it is not impacted by someone hitting balls next to me then the Mevo seems to be the way to go for me. Thanks.
  11. Has anyone used this on the range and found any issues such as it tracking other people's shots? I know the unit has the aiming sights so that it is aligned behind the ball but wondering if it had any issues since there are multiple shots going on at the same time. Just ordered one used from Ebay and wondering if it is the right device for me if I will be using it almost exclusively on the range. Might be thinking of upgrading to a Mevo+ already...
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