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  1. I've seen some guys out on the golf course with their four-legged friend riding shotgun. Any time I've seen it the dogs have always been really well behaved so it's never been a bother to me personally. That said, I don't think you want the golf course turning into a full on dog park. Wondering what everyone's thoughts are around dogs on the golf course.
  2. For the past 4-5 years I've been playing Steelfiber 95g shafts and really like them. I was a little opposed to going with graphite shafts until I got fitted and spent some time playing them and saw the benefits. When I put my ZX7 irons in the bag recently I decided to try the Modus 120 shafts in them. Really like the Modus line a lot. So far, so good. However, me and a buddy were chatting on the driving range the other day. He plays PX 6.0 shafts and has for years. He says that he's thinking of going with something lighter because when he comes out of the off season it takes him a while to get used to the weight of those PX shafts again. I'm lucky enough to play almost year round but I play less rounds during the winter and I also noticed the weight on those Modus 120 shafts for a while. Got me thinking about switching back to a Steelfiber shaft again.
  3. I picked up an AF505 a while back and have been slowly tinkering with it. I'm relatively happy with my current set up (SIM 9* w/ VA Drago shaft). My driver it generally really consistent and the SIM has been super forgiving on mis-hits. That said, I tried out a friends AF/G410 combo while in Orlando a few months back and when we compared my set up to his I was seeing 3-4 mph club head speed gains and at least 10 yards more carry distance. So far in my own testing I can say that I'm not a fan of the longer shaft. Coming from a 44.5" shaft it looks freakishly long. I haven't been able to get spin numbers but I suspect it's probably spinning a bit high so I dialed down the loft -2 degrees and the launch has been much better. My normal shot shape is a draw and my miss is just turning it over too much. The right side generally isn't an issue for me. However, with the AF shaft I cannot turn this thing over to save my life. In fact the flight is the most boring little 3-5 yard fade ever, which I kinda love. Not surprising but my strike with the longer shaft has been a little off vs my shorter shaft set up. Not punishing but I know I can get more out of it. Also, the swing weight is on the higher side vs what Autoflex recommends (D0 to D1). So, I think my next step may be to butt trim the shaft a bit and try to kill two birds with one stone - improve strike consistency and get swing weight dialed in. I'm curious what others have been doing to get their AF set up dialed in.
  4. Cace Bentonville, AR I walk 100% of rounds in Spring/Fall/Winter and about 50/50 in Summer (depending on heat/humidity). Clicgear 3.5
  5. First Name: Cace City, State: Bentonville, AR Current Driver in Play: Srixon Z785 Handicap: 10 Swing Speed: 105 mph Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3
  6. I've been gaming the 699 Pro Black irons now for a couple months with several rounds, range sessions and balls hit in the garage under their belt. So far the finish has held up incredibly well. I just cannot say enough about how good these irons are. Since they went into the bag I've already posted 2 rounds in the 70's including my personal best round ever and have shaved 2 strokes off my handicap. Sound is really good and the feel is simply amazing. Even on mis-hits you get feedback but it's not a stinger through your hands. More importantly, I absolutely love how forgiving they are and how they flat our perform. Any movement off-line and distance loss is really minimal when struck off-center. In fact just the other day I had 190 into a par 5 for my 2nd shot. The green is pretty small and there's water in front and left. As soon as I hit it I knew it was going in the drink. To my surprise, though, the ball landed about 15 ft short of the pin. It was a totally crap strike on my part but, again, the distance loss was maybe a couple of yards. Yardage is very true and really consistent front-to-back. I never get any weird "jumpers" that go an extra 5-7 yards like some comparable irons. I can also flight them down if I need to hit a lower trajectory shot or a little knock-down punch. I really can't express how impressed I've been with these irons. If you're thinking about trying Sub70 don't hesitate. Try their demo program and see how they perform for you.
  7. I bought my set of 699 Pros completely blind based on MGS review. They were on back order so I hit up Jason directly and he was incredibly helpful from the first email until my order shipped. Since I put them in the bag I’ve tied my personal best round and have seen my handicap drop from 12 to 10. Just can’t say enough good things about the customer service and the quality of their product. I even did a custom black paint fill on them to go full stealth mode! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Bentonville, Arkansas / Age 39 Current Driver SS ~105 mph Rate your fitness level: Average (workout daily for at least 30 mins) Yeah I'd be in it for the full 48 weeks
  9. Your First Name: Cace City/Sate: Bentonville AR Your Handicap: 12 Current Iron Model In Play: Sub70 699 Pro Desired Model to test: T-100s
  10. 1. Cace - Arkansas 2. 13 handicap / 105 mph driver swing speed 3. Ping G400 Max / Ping Tour 75 stiff shaft 4. G410 Plus
  11. Cace Arkansas 12 handicap Currently playing Cobra Forged Tec Black One Length Ping i210 would be my choice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Cace from Arkansas Age: 37 Handicap: 12 Current Iron Setup: Cobra King Forged Tec Black One Length (5-GW), AMT White Stiff flex
  13. Your first name - Cace State/Province/Country - Arkansas Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup - PXG 0311T / Modus Tour 120 / Stiff flex Your 7-iron distance - 155 yards
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