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  1. Good to know. Thanks! Ive always just seen videos of people cutting off the old grips.
  2. I just bought the Arccos Smart Grips (MCC Plus4). But i just realized that when and if i change any club i would need to buy a new grip. Anyone have experience with moving these grips to other clubs? Or would you have to buy the individual grips each time? Thanks!
  3. I definitely always try to tweak something here an there with my swing. I never had an official lesson so everything i do is from reading or videos. My biggest problem is when i hit the ball solid i forget what i actually did with that swing..haha. Good to know that there is a noticeable line separating driver and iron swing. Something i will have to work on to get better. Thanks!
  4. Current objective is to be more consistent so yeah i guess more distance wouldn't help. Im glad u put it that way, with how golf is right now everything seems to be about distance distance distance. Once I think ive achieved some sort of consistency ill probably venture to swing changes. Thanks!
  5. I know the rule of thumb is to setup your driver swing so that you are hitting on the way up while your iron swing you are hitting slightly down. Im a pretty consistent iron hitter and my really main problem is my driver. Ive read alot of how-tos and watched a lot of videos all claiming to set up with a little spine tilt to ensure you are swinging up. My problem is when i set up like that i tend to be all over the place. Hooks, slices, etc. but when i do get ahold of one it feels pretty. If i set up like how i would strike an iron i am hitting consistently straight but just losing a
  6. These shoes looks nice! I love to have different pairs of shoes depending on how the course conditions are for the day.
  7. Howzit MSGers! So happy to be able to join the community here to read and learn everything about golf. I grew up playing every sport I could think of (Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, etc.). With my friends and I getting a littler older now and not being able to recover as fast as we would like we all decided to pick up golf! Now we all wish we would have started golfing years ago!!! How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Just started playing golf regularly about 1 year ago. HCP 19, Normal score 90-95. What
  8. Chasen Honolulu, Hawaii Evnroll ER2V (long plumber) Would love to test out the Impact 3 Thanks!
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