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  1. thank you very much for the recommendations, it's very helpful for me! I am a professional powerlifter and lately, due to very heavy weights, I increasingly feel pain in my elbows. I went to the doctor who prescribed me some drugs that I order from http://powerliftinghigh.com/, which are steroid drugs and help in the restoration of cartilage tissue and inter-articular fluid. Have you tried this option? It helps me a lot. Within a few weeks, my elbows began to hurt much less.
  2. I really like Ballou, unlike Scott. The difference in approaches and methodology is felt.
  3. I love podcasts and lately, in addition to podcasts that are related to golf, I increasingly listen to educational podcasts that help me learn. It is very important when you have difficulties learning something new in order to form the skills to correct the situation and improve understanding of the matter.
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