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  1. Thanks DaveP, what a comprehensive set of ideas
  2. Other than reading the entire "The Official Guide..", does anyone know a good, interactive way to learn the rules in depth. I don't want become an Official, but would like to know more than my buddies. I'm willing to put the time into some study
  3. Has anyone dug into Shot Scope's new Strokes Gained feature? I got an email on it today. It uses PGA Tour pros as the benchmark, so I'm betting we all have shots lost! I think this is what Arccos offers, right? Arccos seems well established although I hear it does not play nice with Apple Watch.
  4. Nextbelt seems perfect! Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know of an upscale golf belt manufacturer that's not too expensive? i.e. under $100, but stylish? I like these belts but they're a bit too much money: https://druhbeltsusa.com/collections/mens-collections?gclid=CjwKCAiArbv_BRA8EiwAYGs23KmTIXeJm03b7BYHa3vv92uzcCYybwL0sUG-pH6HfQR2EHjTv3Vb2xoCTt8QAvD_BwE Anyone have any good ideas. I'm looking to upgrade my game from the usual $30 web belts, reversible belts, etc. Belt buckle is key!
  6. I leave it on the floor, but folded over in half just so the putting surface doesn’t get dusty, or dog hairs, etc. Even if you roll it up, it does unfold perfectly flat.
  7. You're going to like the Exputt. I've learned that the lower stimps are harder for me than the faster speeds. I think that's because on a 7 Stimp I have to hit it harder, which means a longer back/forward swing, which means more room for error. Two nights ago I putted 10' fixed distance. At 7 Stimp I hit 44%, and at 9 Stimp I hit 64%. FYI, on 2019 PGA Tour, pros made 42.9% of 10-footers and 80.2% of 5-footers. That's with weather and reading breaks. We can't compare our indoor perfect condition make percentages to that, but it is somewhat of a benchmark.
  8. congrats. Personally, I could not contemplate 5 rounds in 3 days like some buddies did on golf trips. 3 Rounds in 5 days sounds like heaven to me!
  9. Where do we find the original video?
  10. This is a good resource: https://teamcolorcodes.com
  11. In a total rip off of @csamsh I built some alignment sticks out of 5/16" cherry dowel rods. Colors are Syracuse U, Notre Dame and Washington Nationals. By coincidence, I just saw this website for Bubba Whips! Are you kidding me? $99-129 for alignment sticks just because they're made in the USA out of hickory? Plus 3/8" diameter might seem bigger than normal, or maybe not. I'll stick to make-my-own and give away as gifts. FYI, for a great selection of color spray paint, I used Montana Gold. 100+ color shades
  12. First Name/City State David. Wilton/Conn. Shoe Size 10 Current Shoe Worn Adidas Tour 360 XT. I just bought them at the pro shop end of season sale. I've worn them once and am eager to compare them to Squairz What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection I'm currently suffering from plantar faciatis. I'm looking for shoes that provide great support in the arch area. Factor #2 is comfort and cost
  13. Wow. Congratulations. Those are awesome numbers. 19/20 is very hard! My best (a couple of weeks using Exputt is 40% made puts at 10’ with 9 Stimp. I think PGA Tour average is 40%, but they are playing faster greens with break. We’re hitting dead flat puts. I like your strategy of Random vs. increasing and varying the speeds. I don’t know if I can hit 160 putts every night, though.
  14. damn! I saw this too late for the MASTERS30 discount code.
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