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  1. Unfortunately not. My old boss belonged there in the 80s,but that was before I picked up the game
  2. Deer would TOTALLY get in my net. I take my dog out for a walk before sunrise every day. We see deer, raccoons, foxes, skunks. Fortunately, a dog having free-run on my 2 acres I think prevents deer from wandering on. We've rarely had deer problems (eating shrubs) so long as we've had dogs
  3. Peter Millar has phenomenal fabrics. Ashworth and Masters 1934 collections are just as good. I love the patterned PM fabrics coming out. Sort of like Vineyard Vines ties
  4. My favorite sushi in various cities: NYC - Hatsuhana LA - Sugarfish San Fran - Tataki Vegas - Nobu
  5. The grounds are not photogenic, but this serves its purpose. It's fall here in Connecticut, so not a lot of grass. Still gotta practice! TrueStrike golf mat, a good net mounted on a tree and 10' 4"x4" post, a home made driving range club stand, and a custom made cedar golf shed for my chipping mat, chipping target net, etc. I have a heavy duty tarp to keep the mat in good condition (10yrs old!). Whadda ya think?
  6. Does this have the capacity for firmware upgrades in the future? The forum has listed a lot of suggestions for improvements, and it would be great for current owners to benefit from future refinements/features
  7. Check this out. A steal at any price https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019O889T2/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_29GHFbWAKMQQB
  8. I scrolled through 34 pages of Sports items. Very few golf items, although as noted, there are a lot of no-name range finders (plus Callaway. Range finder). I did not see the salted force plate insoles, though
  9. @csamsh are those 48” dowels, or 36”. Driveway markers are 48”, but my local Woodworker’s Club only stocks 36” (in hardwoods)
  10. I’m staying at the Westin Punta Cana in January. What are the best golf options, not more than 1/2 hour drive away?
  11. Does anyone have any idea when Shotscope will begin taking orders, or shipping V3?
  12. An avid golfer is obsessed with golf and wonders if there’s golf in heaven. He goes to a psychic who tells him “I have good news and I have bad news”. “What’s the good news?” The golfer asks. The psychic says there’s the most beautiful course, always perfectly maintained, free, with 24-hour play, 26 holes, on the water”. “What’s the bad news?” The psychic tells him “you have a tee-time next Friday!”
  13. If I’m playing a private club with good friends or for work, I stick with the top shelf balls I started with. If playing for yucks with your buddies at the Muni, I’d say 2-4 lost balls is my limit before switching to tier-2 balls
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