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Golf's Best Kept Secrets


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Golf is a game of precision and skill, but it is also a game of secrets. Many professional golfers have secrets that they have never revealed, because doing so would give their opponents an advantage. Some of these secrets are small, such as a special way of gripping the club, while others are much bigger, such as which golf course is the best to play on. Golfers are a notoriously secretive bunch, but that does not mean that there are not ways to get insider information. There are many websites and forums where golfers can share tips and advice, and some of the best golfers in the world are more than happy to share their secrets if you ask them nicely.

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Ao many stereotypes and superstitions in golf. My friend almost took a driver to another friend cause he was talking in his swing. Topped the ball 30ft into a pond in a stroke play money game…. Got pretty heated

Been playing for about 2 years in total. Winter breaks and a 6month period when I got sick. Starting to feel like myself again and recently played a “okay” round. 
I currently have custom fit Cobra LTDx irons/wedges, a Vokey 60(cause my short game has been the best part of my game, and a Maverick 9 deg. Driver. Driving is the worst part of my game so My 4 iron usually takes alot of the long game abuse. 

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