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  1. Rick/ Sulphur Springs TX Right Handed VKTR+ 18° Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular 8 Ben Hogan CFT (2004) in the bag. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  2. Rick Sulphur Springs, TX M5 8 95 TSi2 I have always played the D3’s. Almost bought the TS3 but opted for the M5 to replace the 917D3. Haven’t loved that swap. However, I would probably be a better fit for the TSi2 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Mike Davis as a golf course designer. This is the first course during his tenure that the USGA hasn’t screwed up during the US Open, and that was probably because it was so late in the year. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  4. Sometimes I reach up and rub my eyes and think “Oh $4!t, my contacts!” only to remember I haven’t worn them In 15-20 years. Not often but it happened a few months ago in the shower. Glad it worked out for you. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  5. Rick/Sulphur Springs, TX/USA Scotty Cameron Newport 1.5 GSS Ping Heppler Floki Why? I need a strong arc putter, although I also have a very short modified straight arc putter I’ve had success with.The ZB3 is very close to what I have, but then why get the same thing but newer, a different brand and color? I have tried mallets in the past but most have been a slight arc vs strong arc. Therefore, my success with them has been nonexistent. I would like the MOI of a mallet but need the strong arc. I’m a very good putter with the blade I have now, but when the greens are a bit bou
  6. My wedges are SM6 46° 8° Bounce F Grind. SM8 50° 8° F Grind. SM7 54° M Grind SM6 60° 12° D Grind. Historically, I preferred the 56° 14° bounce and a 60° 7° bounce. When I saw my current wedges new on eBay but of an older generation I bought them and stupidly got the bounces confused. I got these and considered returning them, but they are actually are better this way. I just had to change my go to club off a short sided tight lie. I am now more likely to putt if possible. Interestingly, I can’t really see 10 cents worth of difference in the SM6-7-8. Certainty, I see a difference in t
  7. I agree to build your bag to suit you, I just posted about why instead of my 13 Mizuno club bag of 2019 clubs, I am opting for a 2015 Driver, 2011 3 wood, 2004 hybrids, 2015 irons and new wedges. I’m just going on about the tape on Mizuno specifically because those are beautiful irons. Of course beauty has nothing to do with scores. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  8. I had this done 15 or more years ago. I had it on Wednesday and played golf on Thursday morning. They biggest impact it had on my game was I had to wear wrap-around sunglasses. But “had to” was only the next day. I went from 20/400 vision to 20/10 vision. Or however that should be written. I could see at 20’ what normal people could see at 400. Now, as of June when I was last tested, I can see 20’ what others see at 10. Although I do have trouble reading. Gives me a headache. I have spent $7.50 a couple of times on some of the finest glasses money can buy in the check out lane at Walmart and t
  9. Isn’t it against the R&A and USGA rules to ugly up Mizuno irons like that? Or should it be? Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  10. Right after the first of the year, I traded in several sets of Mizuno blades and bought a set of JPX 919 Hot Metal Pros (HMP’s). The claim is that they are easier to hit and go farther. They do. They are a great iron and, unlike some clubs, really do deliver what is promised. And here is the reason the are currently in the spare club bag along with the ST190TS 3w and ST190 5W. For a while I also had an ST190G driver and Mizuno wedges giving me a 13 club Mizuno bag. My thinking when getting these was that traditional lofted irons tend to have lofts that bunch up at the top of the bag,
  11. Thanks. I think at the beginning of July my handicap index was 15.3 was 13 from these tees, when I did this it was 12 from these tees, and as of this weekend it is 8 from these tees. Unfortunately, the club championship is this week, and I just moved into a harder flight. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. I was planning on playing an extra 9 today after my round and trying this again, but we had 2” of rain this morning. So instead of 8:30 we played at 12:30. So no time. Also, HRC on a soft course is not the way it is intended. Although I think the course was softer than a typical July when I played in this. Not wet like today, just not baked like a normal July. Usually we go without rain from the second week of June until the end of August. We did have rain in July this year. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Practice wise, I didn’t really do anything. I was an almost scratch golfer in 2014, but had a number of swing flaws. When I returned I tried several different swing changes, but most have caused more problems than they solved. I am still trying different things to improve but no more trying to swing like a 20 yo. I had the skills then and retained the course management skills now. I just can’t pull off the shots every time like I did then. It is not unusual for me to have either the front or back 9 that is 10 or more strokes higher than the oth
  14. I’m gaming 2 hybrids right now. No it’s not the Mizuno CLK’s I bought last year or whatever I bought the year before or even the year before that. They all sucked. (Certainly wasn’t my fault) I’m gaming TM SLDR’s BUT what’s different about these are I stuck in some old Aldila VooDoo shafts in them. I had the heads in the garage and the shafts, perhaps from the Bush Administration, and I butt trimmed to he shafts to play standard steel shaft 3&4 iron lengths. It was meant as an experiment but I have never hit higher and straighter hybrids in my life. I’m sure it is the shorter shaft is
  15. I’ve got to play in this again this week. The week I played this was my best week in over 5 years. Since then I stunk and have only been to the range this week but not consistently striping the ball. I’m working on that this weekend, range only. I also made some equipment tweaks going for more consistency. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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