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  1. I’m almost positive Davis and Trevor got together and conspired against me and paired up players so that there was no way I could score more points. That’s my excuse anyway.
  2. I get to watch this all weekend without being interrupted by playing golf because of injury. USA 16.5 Internationals 13.5 I fear that the absence of the LIV players will make it more competitive but more boring this year.
  3. The only reason I can see to playing the same brand of everything is if you are being paid to do that.
  4. I had a 3 or 4 paragraph epic saga of which is better, but deleted and the CliffsNote version of it is do what I did. I visited a PGA Tour Superstore on a weekday morning and had all the help I could ask for. Ultimately, I settled on Ping G425 Max 7&9 fairway metals and 5,6,&7 hybrids. This gives me 12 yard gaps 154 to 226 including my existing 3 and 5 wood when I put a nice smooth swing. However, the 3w went 12 more yards off the tee, but the 5 wood went 6 more yards off the deck than the 3w did. Also there tends to be hills and trees and lakes and wind and all manner of obstacles that effect the flight more than 1/2” and 3° so I put a 3w shaft in my 5 wood and have more room for wedges. If I’m hitting 3w off the tee it is because I need less distance than more distance. I will say that a hybrid is probably easier to hit than a fairway metal, at times but that’s when zi have swing issues. As far as long irons go I averaged hitting my 5 iron just 5 more yards than a 6 iron and hit the 4 and 6 about the same. Which is why I ditched all of them. I now use bladed irons below 8 because I prefer to chip with them and found no detriment to using a blade vs a GI iron at that level.
  5. I’m a big fan of multiple clubs and techniques. The Dave Pelz Clock system with 4 wedges with 4 backswing positions gives me 16 known distances 12 yards between them. I e pay particular attention to the angle of the shaft address. I can play the ball forward with a vertical shaft and take 6 yards off. Play it back and try it and gain 6 yards. When I have blade irons, like now, I will expand this to 8 & 9 iron. Today, twice I had 95 yards to the pin and chose to do a waist high 9 iron chip that hopped and stopped. I pulled the first one 15’ left and the next 5’ left but was hole high. Sadly, I missed both putts and coincidentally I finished in second place by 1 stroke. inside 30 yards I go to a system called “The Rule of 12”. This is the carry/roll ratio. I often walk by the flag on my way to the ball and pace off the distance. Let’s say there was 24 paces to the ball and 8 paces to the green. 24/8 is 3. 12-3 is 9. So a 9 iron will give me the correct carry/roll ratio. 24 paces with 6 paces of carry is an 8 iron. I read the last 16 paces like a putt and pick my spot and and try to land the ball on that spot. The same distance but not much green say 24 paces but 16 paces will be a 54° wedge. This only works with traditional irons without the hot faces and jacked up lofts. But all you have to do is experiment with any irons. I gamed i500’s for a while but didn’t like the fact that the ball seemed to shoot off the face. I just got Mizuno ES21 54 and 60 wedges. These are awesome. Most wedges are hosel heavy which assists in closing the face. These are face balanced and fly straighter for me. Consequently, I have been using them almost exclusively the last 2 weeks. I just take my putter and 54° usually and still pace it off, but pick a spot 2/3rds of the way there. The jury is still out on if this is better in the long term but I’ve had great results with this. But only been doing it for 4 rounds.
  6. I didn’t really say that it appeared one way or the other. The red face on the Stealth draws the eye and it has a curve to it. I just said that the ball flight was different. SIM2 fades and the Stealth draws. However, I am getting (see what I said there, apparently my mind is made up.) Stealth Plus. I did not notice it looking closed at address compared to the SIM2, but I have not hit the Plus side-by-side with the SIM2. Actually have never held them at the same time. Today, perfect weather today, I borrowed a Stealth Plus from the Pro Shop. It was 9° and on the Kai’li 6S not the 10.5° on the RDX, but I was fitted with the 10.5° turned down 3/4° and thus open 1 1/2°. This I set to 9.75° but that closed the face 1.5°. The Kai’li was the shaft the fitter first picked for me, but for whatever reason, I preferred the Hzrdus Red Smoke RDX. But this was close enough. I went to the range and then played 18 holes with it. My back and knees were sore on the range and that never changed today. I swung the club terribly and for the most part when days like this happen, I go with more club and a “3/4” swing with everything but the driver. With that I just try to do my best. I fully tested out the forgiveness of this club. The center of the face is pristine. The low heal and high tow got a solid workout. Based on the monitor numbers I was expecting major improvements maybe 25 yards with a good swing. Unfortunately, I didn’t make any good swings. What I did see was probably 15-20 yard improvements on bad swing to bad swing, mainly in roll. But twice I just knew I wasn’t going to clear the hazard only to see it barely clear and when I got over there it had run out to almost, but not quite, to the area I would consider a “decent” drive. Bottom line is on a bad ball striking day I was able to scratch out an 80 because the poor strikes were still in play. Granted I only hit it 12 of those 80 strokes and 1/2 the time I still had to hit from a less than ideal location, but it was enough to convince me to go ahead and take the plunge.
  7. I had my fitting today at my club, but first over the past couple of weeks I was able to play 2 rounds with the Stealth. I hit 2 drives off every tee box with TP5X balls. My SIM2 has a slight fade bias, and the Stealth has a slight draw bias. They were basically ending up in the same area just had slightly different ball flights. On the first round, the Stealth was the clear winner by a few yards. After that I went ahead and signed up for the fitting. It then got postponed because of weather. But I took the Stealth back out on the course for a second round. The SIM2 out performed the Stealth by a few yards every time. Moral of the story, there didn’t appear to be much difference in the 2, or enough to justify the expense. However, I still had my slot, and was planning on giving it up to a friend, but he couldn’t make it, and I didn’t want to embarrass the pro by a no show. So I went and explained what happened, I also said that while I didn’t think the Stealth was worth changing to, I wanted to try the Stealth Plus since it was a lower spin head. I said my spin was way too high now with my current set up. SIM2 Max 9° turned down to 7° On a VENTUS Blue 5S shaft. I was launching at 11-12° but 2800-3300 rpm’s. I was fitted for this club last year, but I have made significant changes since then. While I have improved in every other area on the course, my distance with the driver has actually decreased slightly. Accuracy is up but obviously if I’m turning the driver down to 7°, I’m trying to cut the spin and stop the ball from ballooning. I have been hitting the SIM2 reasonably well, but because of the excessive spin it was affected by the wind much more than the others in my group. After several shaft combos, the Stealth Plus 10.5° turned to 9.75° on a Hzrdus RDX Red Smoke 6S gave me 14-15° launch with 2200-2300 rpm’s and 12 more mph ball speed. Couple that with the fantastic looks, feel, and sound and now I’m going to have to change drivers. I may be able to play a loaner configured this way tomorrow. If so this will be like moving up a tee. It is funny how the VENTUS Blue was a great shaft for me last year, and then I made swing changes. I now hit up on the driver much more. I was actually very surprised about the Hzrdus shaft fitting me although the Kai’li also was a good fit.
  8. Matt is back on YT. Matt Blois Golf. Only been on for a week, but has some interviews and lessons. Good stuff and I wish him success. I subscribed, liked, and commented. Join me. It costs us nothing.
  9. I’m all in on lofted fairway metals. I have Ping G425 7 and 9 woods. I also have 6&7 hybrids.
  10. We have a Men’s Golf Association at my club. We have a tournament every month and the first for the year is this Saturday. The Icicle Open. We probably will not have any real icicles but 40° and 25-30 mph winds will be a challenge. We have at least 1 tournament a month and also have a Wednesday night scramble. Since our club pro is female we tend to allow players in some tournaments that are not necessarily members of the MGA. Especially in the Wednesday Night Scrambles. There are also several “groups” at my club. These are chat or text groups where we have regular scheduled rounds. My group consists of 26-30 players. We play Wednesday and Friday afternoons and Saturday and Sunday mornings. Of course most of us have pesky jobs that sometimes interferes so there can be as few as 4 or more than 20 show up on any given time. There are 3 or 4 groups like mine. We are considered the fast group and tend to be the first of the groups that go out. We also usually have 2 bets of $10 per player per each bet. So $20 buy in. $10 handicap net score and $10 half of handicap skins. So a 13 handicap gets 6 strokes. Why not all? Don’t know. Everyone in my group is between a 2 and 14 handicap. All in all it is a lot of fun. Some of the tournaments like this one are pretty cheap, $40 entry fee. Wednesday Night Scramble is $30 plus $10 if you want to get in the team skins pot. Last year we set the record 12 under in a 9 hole 4 man scramble and won the skins pot that had been carrying over for 3 tournaments. I bought a Ping G425 7 hybrid with my winnings. We have them range up to $300. My teammate and I also won our flight on a three club tournament last year, and I believe we also played the worst in a Member-Member Tournament.
  11. I rarely watched the TXG videos without Matt, but never missed one with him. As soon as I heard Matt left I unsubscribed. If Matt becomes a YouTube golfer traveling, playing, etc. I’ll subscribe the instant I see it.
  12. I was saying The FACE is the same speed (Limited COR) Not the overall head. Also the same shaft doesn’t necessarily fit the same head. I would guess with other resources I could have different results, and I have a friend who has a Ping that got pretty much the opposite results from me.
  13. After further review perhaps this was a yes answer. I did say that all faces produce the same ball speed or at least rebound. The TM reps statement about the TM face being hotter was what I called BS on. Not because TM couldn’t make one, but because that particular variable is limited by the USGA and most OEM’s are at the max. What I am really saying is from lead tape on the toe, to weight in the grip, there are thinks that affect the performance of the club.
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