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  1. I went ahead and bought a 7g weight for the Max. That will give me a 27, 17, 7. I’m still playing around with the shafts and weights. Trying to reduce the spin.
  2. Before I spent $380 MSRP for a shaft, I could trade in the Ping and spend $200 more for the SIM or sell the Ping and buy the SIM. It was the relative cheapness of trying this experiment that made it worthwhile.
  3. It doesn’t matter. The TM VENTUS was what I was hitting. I also saw the TXG video where they compared them, but the TM VENTUS Blue 5S was the one that fits my swing perfectly.
  4. I believe the moral to this story is that with the proper fitting any modern driver can become more beastly. I just did it myself. I have a garage full of failed experiments, I only post the successes, or perhaps that is singular, success and the jury is still out on that. Would it beat the SIM2? Don’t know, I didn’t buy one. I have some friends with them but they have to have the proper specs. I’ll see this weekend.
  5. There is no question that they both play a roll. The VENTUS was way better for me than the Tensei and Smoke Yellow that I also had and didn’t mention. The TM in no way has more forgiveness than the PING. All the reviews only knocked the PING for its slower ball speed and heavy weight. The heavier weight was the reason for the slower balls speed and in the TXG Build a Beast, the TM won out but it was also his gamer, verses a driver they cobbled together for the video.
  6. I thought about this, but I was hitting the stock VENTUS in the fitting. Veloccore was $380 and the stock with a LH TM adaptor was much cheaper. So I figured the stock was enough to try. And it works great. The added bonus was when he refunded my money and the shaft showed up the next day. I paid just $45 for it. However, if this had turned out differently, or if IT DOES TURN OUT DIFFERENTLY, I can buy a SIM2 head and adaptor and change it back to a TM shaft. Besides, I have closer to a $45 swing than a $380 swing.
  7. You can buy 7 different weights for the Ping G425Max. As you reduce the weight you will lower the MOI, launch, and probably the spin a few hundred RPM’s. There will definitely be a trade in forgiveness and distance, but there has to be the right one for you. When you compare a $14 each for the weight vs a new $500 driver, you can probably pick the right one for you. I chose the 17g because I was wanting to replicate the weight of the SIM2Max. I considered getting a couple of them, but I was more concerned with replication. Go to eBay and type weight for Ping G425 and pick one or 2. The 17 g is also the one that is in the LST.
  8. I struggled with this also, until the Ping G425’s came along. My friends call this the Ping Demo bag because the shear number of them. I have some credit and am considering upgrading my 3 & 5 woods from 410’s to 425’s. My 3 wood is mostly for off the tee on 2 holes. My 5 wood goes only 6 yards less than the 3 off the deck and way easier to hit, so the 3 wood is for hitting off the tee or punching out of the woods.
  9. I’ll skip the long preamble and cut to the chase. I have a Ping G425Max 10.5 on a Mitsubishi Tensei AV Orange 65S I was fitted for a year ago, before I tore up my knee. This caused me to change to the Moe Norman/Todd Graves Single Plane Swing, mainly because there is no knee stress. but that’s another post. I knew that this driver was no longer the best fit for me. I could tell that I was spinning the ball too much. The ball was just sort of stalling and falling down. Since it was still in the fairway, and I had all the Ping fairway metals in the bag it was no big deal. Then Taylormade came to our club for fittings. Full disclosure, my intention for scheduling the fitting was because I wanted to hit my Ping on the FlightScope, but after a couple of months dely for COVID, I was ready to take the plunge if there was a significant performance improvement. There was. I loved most things about the SIM2 Max. Looks at address, sound, and performance were outstanding. The bottom of the club didn’t excite me too much. However, the Fujikura VENTUS Blue 5S was out of this world. I hit the center of the face time after time with that shaft. Then the Taylormade Rep made a crucial mistake. He said, “You have 3-5 mph ball speed increase with the SIM2 Max because if the hotter face.” BS. The faces on both clubs are pretty close to the legal limit and no way can that account for the difference. The true difference was G425Max 206 g / SIM2 Max 196 g, Tensei 65S is 69 g and VENTUS Blue 5S is 59 g, the Tensei has a stiff butt section and the VENTUS a stiff butt and tip section and softer in the middle. So overall the Ping setup is 20 g heavier or 7% heavier than the TM. And the VENTUS delivered the club head in the optimal window. Could I get the same performance out of the PING? While watching various comparisons on line I came across TXG Build A Beast series. So I got a really good deal on the VENTUS Blue 5S and bought a 17 g weight to replace the 26g stock weight. Since the head weight arrived first, I put it in and went to the course. Right away I could see the difference. Before I was getting virtually no roll and now I’m getting a lower flight and a little more roll. I was perhaps 10 yard average further than I was. Then the VENTUS arrived with a LH TM adapter on it, so I stuck it in my M5. I will admit that I was considering buying a SIM2 Max head only after just a few holes. Actually, the shaft didn’t arrive on time and USPS said they delivered it to my house in Mathews NC. Since I live in Texas and have no other house, I was concerned. I pointed this out and immediately my money was returned. Then the next day, my shaft arrived. I contacted the seller and said I got the shaft so I felt I should pay for it. He said , “Okay, pay me $45 to my PayPal account.” So based on that I felt I needed to go ahead with my experiment. I had only spent $58 so go for it. I had about an hour to kill today, and of course the range was closed for maintenance, so I went on the course. After I spent a bit dialing the new shaft and weight in, I took 3 brand new TP5X’s and marked my balls 1, 2, 3. The first ball I hit with the VENTUS and the 17g weight. (SIM2 specs) the second I hit with the 17g and Tensei, and the third was with the 25g weight and Tensei. I would go to the shortest ball and shoot the range finder to the other two. After hitting on 5 holes this way, sadly that pesky job intervened, and I had to leave with my results. The shortest was always the Tensei and 25 g weight. And average of 12 yards ahead of that was the 17g weight Tensei. The VENTUS and 17g weight averaged 27 more yards and the longest was 33.6 yards. What validated this was that every time they were in the same relative position. VENTUS was by far the longest and the heavier weight always shortest. This has not been my experience with irons. I hit DG S300 120 g shafts the longest. I didn’t have a SIM2 Max to compare it against but this last weekend with the M5 on the VENTUS. I was about a club less into the greens than normal, but with a 25 mph wind last weekend it was hard to tell. Today however, I was 2 clubs closer to the greens with this set up. I’ll update this again after playing a tournament this weekend but I think I did build a beast. Or as beastly as a 57 yo with bad knees is going to get. Have any of you tried anything like this?
  10. I carry a 50, 54, 60. It’s no more difficult to hit well than a driver. You have to learn the proper technique and practice, just like any club.
  11. The BestGrips I use have a seam on them. As for “on the underside” not exactly. My putter grips the seam is on the underside but the others are clocked a bit. But I love it. I know exactly where the face is pointed by feel. I will say that I am in the process of a swing change, anyone that has read one of my posts in the last 10 year will be shocked, I sure, but the left hand is weaker and the right is stronger. This would cause major issues with these grips, but the only club currently with that grip is my driver. Make that WAS my driver because I got a new shaft today. I’ll be posting more on this next week after I complete my test on Sunday. All my clubs are relatively new and I haven’t felt the need to replace them with my stash of leather grips. Except my putters. All four of them have best grips on them.
  12. No glove for me. I started using BestGrips Leather grips many years ago. Because these are super tacky, and get even tackier when they get wet, I haven’t used a glove in years. I prefer not to wear a glove for feel, but there is no need now. As far as the price of these grips, yes they are twice the price of Golf Pride MC grips, but last four times as long. These grips can be blown on and off for changing clubs, so economically the rubber grips have to be changed at least every year, gloves seem to last 3-4 rounds. I have some BestGrips that are 3 years old and still great.
  13. I’ve now looked at this “Heads up” article, and while it is similar to what I do, the aiming point is not the same. I’ve tried this, and still find myself doing this occasionally, but tend to miss the putts this way. The difference is the aim point. ”Heads Up” putting is picking an aiming point, much like “Aim Point Putting”, next to the hole. Then unlike “Aim Point” instead of then going to a conventional putting set up, you continue to look at that point during the putt. Sort of a combination Aim Point and Instinct Putting approach. A lot of golfers could benefit from this. I haven’t read “Instinct Putting” in 8-10 years and began doing this a few years before I came across this book. I look at the putt from a couple of angles but try not to think “I need to aim x” left of the hole.” Instead after I’ve taken it in from various angles I allow my subconscious mind to process all the data points it took in that I was probably not aware of. Including seeing what other putts did around the hole. I then stand behind the ball and “see” the line. Sometimes it is as though there is a line on the ground that I imagine I see. I pick the point to where the ball has to enter the hole based on slope and then place my putter behind the ball and look at the hole. While looking at the hole I make minor adjustments to the face angle until it FEELS like I’m lined up to where the ball will enter the hole. Once it feels like I am on the right line, I forget about the line and think about the speed. Rarely will you miss a hole 5’ left or right, but it is easy to miss it 5’ short or long. That was my original intent. I can’t remember the exact year, but I remember the day I did this the first time. Golf story, feel free to skip ahead. On our par 3 fourth, I hit to about 4’. Chad, who missed the green said, “I’d be more concerned about the bet if you could putt.” He was right. I lost the hole. On number 5, I had a long putt and decided to look at the hole and focus only on the speed. On the 8th hole I sank a 25’ birdie putt. And another long one on 12. That started my looking at the hole every putt. It freed up my thinking about the stroke and break and allowed me to think about the speed. My looking at the hole was to avoid 3-4-5 putts. I was amazed that they were going in the hole occasionally. It was some time later that I realized that when I think “aim 3 inches right of the hole”, I would often roll the ball 3” right of the hole. “Left edge” and roll the ball across left edge. If I consciously aimed at a point, my subconscious had me make adjustments to hit that spot. MY FOCUS HAD BECOME THE SPOT NOT THE HOLE. Heads Up Putting has you focus on the spot. That may work for you but not for me. I focus on where the ball must enter the hole based on slope. It’s been several years now but on hole 7 I had a triple breaker from across the green. I’m conscious mind thought it was going to have to break left to right. I adjusted the putter face angle back and forth until it felt right and focused on the speed. Then hit the putt and thought “WTF ARE YOU DOING THE HOLE IS OVER THERE!” I had stated that ball 25° off my “intended” conscious line. Luckily, I didn’t say it because it took a hard left turn and a hard right turn and then faded left into the hole. Everyone was amazed. Especially me, I thought I missed it by 15’. I may have failed to mention that to my playing partners. So looking at the hole works for me. Aiming at a spot other than the hole does not. Just as THINKING about the speed doesn’t work. Do you THINK about how hard to throw a wad of paper at the trash can? Concentrate on the ball rolling into the 7 o’clock position on the hole and hit the putt.
  14. I’ve been doing this for more than 12 years. Here is thread I began in 2012 on this site. That’s when I got the book that called it “Instinct Putting”. When I’m “feeling it” I sink an uncanny amount of putts. I really need to revisit this and haven’t looked at the podcast that started this thread. The bottom line is I started this because I was sick of 3 & 4 putting. I began to aim at the high side of the hole and focus solely on the speed. The goal was to have a tap in for a 2 putt. Suddenly, I began to sink putts from everywhere. I still look at the hole, tend to make a lot of long putts and rarely 3 putt. However, I still have bad days, like during the club championship last month where I had 2 chip-ins and 3 chips to within a foot, and still had 34 putts on the other 13 holes and probably the worst putting day in 15 years. I also have began this with chipping. Mainly I do this with a 9 iron, pace off the distance from the flag and pick a spot 1/3 the way there. Say 21 paces and pace back 7 to my landing spot, and read it like a putt. Then make a practice stoke with the 9 iron looking at the ground, step in and look at the spot I want to land on. I missed the green on 9 last Wednesday, and had 21 paces landed 7 Percy on my spot and sank it for a birdie. Hit it in the same place on Thursday but had 18 paces so landed at the 6 pace mark and made it again. But sadly no others on the weekend. But I look at the hole EVERY PUTT. The side benefit is I no longer even think about my stroke. Just focus on the target. I don’t think about the grip, the stroke, and have noticed that I may use interlocking grip, 10 fingers, overlapping, of even split hands grip. I just do what ever feels right and focus on the speed. Which is what I failed to do on the 34 putts in 13 holes. The next day I had 26 putts on 18 holes, which is more typical, but it didn’t matter for The Championship. I had already played my way out of that tournament.
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