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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say that on YouTube Sam (LAB CEO) and Cade (club builder) from LAB Golf are playing BustaJack on their channel. BustaJack is the reason I got interested in LAB Putters and signed up. Go over and watch it and “like” “subscribe” etc. I haven’t watched it yet and interested to see how the Sam and Cade do. BustaJack guys are good. And they have a giveaway for a trip to LAB Golf and a putter for subscribers.
  2. Date 09/20/2023 Course Name Sulphur Springs Country Club Gross Score 81 Course Handicap 6 Gross Strokes over/under par 9 Net Score to Par 3 Net Score 75 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 235 VCT Match Play Today was the first round with my new irons. It didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I can’t blame the irons. First I didn’t have my best swing, I had high hopes for a new transition move that didn’t pan out, I was questioning the distances the new irons traveled, the wind was 20-25mph, and there was a 45 minute lightning delay between holes 2&3. We basically played the first 6 holes in the rain. Of course, the bottom line is I didn’t make great contact with the ball and once again relied on my short game to get me out of trouble. There is always Friday and the weekend. Although I will not likely play the shorter tees then. I did today because that’s where the others in my foursome played. Of course I give up 3 strokes to play from there. My course handicap was an 11 Friday and a 9 today but a 6 from these tees. It didn’t help.
  3. @Hacker60521 In putting, I try to keep my left side as stable as possible with my arm against my side but my left wrist subtle. I have a couple of inches between my hands and pull back and push through with my right hand. I feel as though my left side provides the base and a hinge where the club face cannot twist. I’ve missed numerous putts because of misreads or speed issues, but I do not recall missing one and feeling like I twisted the club face off line or “made a bad stroke” in a month. In January, I tried every form of putting, but I find it very easy to twist my shoulders when I try to just rock my shoulders. In chipping, I of course allow my body to turn in support of my hands (which are really just clamps, and it is wrists that move). But I am more a “hands provide the speed” player all the time. I’ve gone back and forth with this, but when ai try the “body provides speed” swings, I end up injuring myself. You are 100% right. There are many ways to do this and every teacher likes his way to do things and thinks it’s best.
  4. I use wrists even with putting. I think the whole “take your hands out and use the big muscles” is nuts. Putting and chipping are delicate. Can you sign your name using the big muscles? Can you spin your body faster than you can slap someone? Pick your line and landing spot and focus on the speed with you wrists supported by the body. Get the speed right and you will likely be within 5’. Get it wrong and it doesn’t matter what muscles or technique you used.
  5. It was not all @Golf2Much’s fault. I tried to handicap scores on GolfShots last week, but didn’t know my GHIN number to sync the accounts. I didn’t realize it just picks a number. It was listed correctly in the other thread. Problem solved this week.
  6. Golf Cart Posse pairings will be switched up a bit this week based on copious study of very little data. @RoverRick and @JHN @brogies and @David Staller
  7. I recently changed my pitching and chipping from multiple clubs to basically the 58° with 3 different ball positions and back swing to different heights based off my trail leg. I also changed my putting to a split grip with the left arm rigidly against my body with my left wrist acting as a hinge and my right hand providing the power. I feel there is no way to twist the grip or turn my shoulders to get the putt off line. My short game has been good with this, but today…. 11 times from 15-50 yards I put the ball within 5’ of the hole and made 10 of the putts. I unleashed on the MidWest Aces today. Interestingly, there were 20 people in my group today and in spite of these scores I won nothing. On hole 11 from 77.2 yards, I hit it to 3’. I was walking to the green with my putter when the other 3 hit on the green. We had birdie putts from 3, 4, and 6 feet and a par putt from 8. We all made the putts. I did work on my irons after the round so I have high hopes for tomorrow. But since it is unlikely I will score better, I use this round. I didn’t strike the ball great, but I scored phenomenally.
  8. Date 09/17/2023 Course Name Sulphur Springs Country Club Gross Score 75 Course Handicap 11 Gross Strokes over/under par 3 Net Score to Par -8 Net Score 64 Net Birdies or better 12 Longest Drive 237 VCT Match Play Designate as Week 2 Match Score As I stated last week, I missed most of last week with a bad back. This week, I’ve been working on swing changes that I hope will stop that from happening. I moved back a set of tees this morning since I’m basically healthy once again. I wasn’t pounding the driver far, but I did hit it very straight. 230 in the middle of the fairway is very playable. That’s more than I can say for the irons. Both distance and direction from them were not good. They are probably mad at me because I bought some new irons, and they are not here yet. Golf clubs as we all know can be very spiteful and once they know they are on their way to the trading blocks, they refuse to do what you want them to do. However, the story of the day was not how poorly I struck the irons. The stats show I had just 26 putts. I putted very well, but the putter is not really the story either. The story was the 58° wedge. I pitched to within 5 feet 10 times today. I birdied all the par 5s and while I sank a 25’er on 14, the other 3 I had 3-4’ers for birdie. On holes 2,6, & 7, I had 4-5’ers to save bogey after hitting my irons into trouble. And several more holes I had little more than tap ins for pars. I even missed a 4’ slider on hole 8 that would have been a net birdie. I do not think I have birdied all 4 par 5’s in the same round since 2015. Yesterday, I shot a 92 and didn’t hit a single fairway and made darned few putts. While today I show to miss 2 fairways, one was a bad swing and the other was a missed fairway, but was only technically a missed fairway. It was exactly where I wanted to be to get an angle at the flag. The only problem was I chickened out and went for the center of the green when I got to the ball and saw 10’ short or right and 15’ long was in the water.
  9. This is one of the things that I looked at when I was going to replace my old bag with the broken zippers. I found a bag that had enough room for the putter and matched the colors.
  10. I also meant to say I have a G425 3H also. The jury is still out on the 7w vs the 3H.
  11. I just bought new irons. Ping i525 6-U on KBS TGI 90S shafts. I hit these shafts a few weeks ago and have been obsessed with them. I was considering them in some P790 Blacks but a buddy has the i525 irons and they are awesome.
  12. I unofficially kept score for my team and you are right. It was thrilling just calculating the scores on a seesaw match. I thought the scores should have been listed in order of handicap not order of play. However, I was wrong. This added a level of randomness that adds excitement. There is always randomness in golf and the fact that you may be on the hardest hole and your teammate on the easiest while your opponents are on middle holes but one gets a stroke adds to the excitement. My teams ended up with the 2 lower handicaps together and the 2 higher together. I fretted about it all week (along with I would be healthy enough to play), and it was needless worry. The handicap system and randomness lead to some close matches. And shoutout to @DonnieGolfs for the eagle on a par 4 stroke hole for a net one. I was happy we weren’t doing a net stroke play team event. That would have changed the outcome of that match.
  13. Getting 64 handicaps, 64 courses loaded including hole rating, entering 64 scores, calculating net scores, finding the best score for 32 teams, then establishing 16 matches, and calculating the score for 8 teams. Dang man, what took you so long? Seriously, this was a monumental task and thanks for the hard work.
  14. I wish I knew last week what I know today. I would not have chosen the team name of Golf Cart Posse. I would have suggested the Golf Brother-in-laws or Team Ham and Eggs because we played well “together”. Here’s my card that I also posted in the other thread. Although I wish I could have posted the scores for September 1. I was a 12 handicap then but shot a net 65 or something like that. While we can use scores from then, I was not a member of a team then. I was also not injured. But my handicap dropped to a 9 after a couple of great rounds posted. Still, I have great teammates, and I think we will be tough to beat.
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