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  1. I have them 6-PW. Really like the club heads, as was mentioned, shaft offerings very limited! Got them w/ stock elevate tour. They’re ok for now, gonna hv them reshafted over the winter.
  2. Went for an iron fitting last Sat. Was really interested in the new Titleist T-100….. didn’t hit them very consistently. Tried the Apex TCB’s. They were really good. Then he handed me PXG Gen4 Tour iron. It was far an away the best and most consistent. Gonna hv to sell a bunch of stuff outta my ho’ closet to purchase those PXG’s. $275 just for the head. Ouch.
  3. Ordered I-Blades in June. They said 10-12wks. 15wks an counting.
  4. Ordered I-Blades 4-PW. 6-19-21. Still waiting, but my patience is wearing thin.
  5. Vagina cut! Bro. Can’t believe u had to ask!
  6. Mark Harrisburg, PA Taylor Made SIM MAX 9.0 104-108 4 TSI 3-9.0.
  7. Mark/Hbg.PA/USA My Spider X Chalk Tyne 3 interests me. I’d like to give it a roll
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