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  1. Mike / McLeansville, NC Handicap: 13 Wilson D7 cavity backs
  2. Mike Venable, Mcleansville, NC Yes, Skycaddie Currently using Bushnell Rangefinder
  3. Good afternoon Golf spy STUDque, Could you please provide me with a "Broke 80" badge? I shot a 78 at Greensboro National Golf Club in Summerfield, NC. Thanks in advance!
  4. Good Afternoon! I just shot broke 90 today at Country Hills Golf Course in Gibsonville, NC. Could I get a "Broke 90" badge please. Thanks!
  5. Thank you my fellow MGS friends and Golfspy STUDque for adding the survivor badge to the catalog. I am a Thyroid cancer survivor having had two surgeries to remove part of then all of my thyroid as a result of a cancerous tumor. I had radiation along with 7 days of quarantine from my family & friends. I now have to take a Thyroid replacement pill everyday for the rest of my life. I am cancer free and am thankful for each and everyday.
  6. Thank you everyone!!
  7. Welcome all New Recruits especially travwhite because I have had a spinal cord stimulator since 2007 for chronic pain. Just had it replaced August 2019.
  8. Thanks for info tommc23. I have a Jobon Triple Flame now thats on its last leg. Feel better about throwing away a $20 lighter versus a $100 one.
  9. My Grandson practicing his chipping!!
  10. How about adding a "Cigar Enthusiast" badge!!
  11. Could you add a badge for "Cancer Survivor"? Also, I made a donation today, so a Donor Badge would be great! Thanks in advance!
  12. Congrats to you Testers! Look forward to the results!
  13. Fellow MGS Members & Recruits, What kind of torch lighters do you use? Been thinking about a Bugatti torch but are they worth it? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  14. PNOJ, Have you sold the putter yet? Firm on $260? Let me know. Thanks.
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