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  1. 1. Handicap-14, Location: Mcleansville, NC 2. Social Media Accounts: Instagram - @Pinger__MV 3. Expected rounds in 8 week span: 8 4. Current OEMS in bag: PING, Taylormade, Wilson and Scotty Cameron 5. Dream bag: Cobra King Speedzone Driver 10. 5 R flex Cobra King Speedzone Fairway 3 & 5 woods R flex Cobra King Speedzone Irons - one length Cobra King Black - one length wedges
  2. Had the pleasure of meeting the Jeff Critenden aka "The Critter". He's a super nice guy & kills it!
  3. Barkley & Feherty together would be great announcers but the PGA wouldn't allow it!
  4. Really would like to see a match between Charles Barkley & Tom Brady!
  5. Tiger & Payton on are tearing it up! Phil & Tom are struggling! Think Tom is a 18 instead of a 8!
  6. Tiger & Payton on are tearing it up! Phil & Tom are struggling!
  7. Had a Dynamis by Sun Mountain but ad trouble findinding replacement parts. Sold it on EBay and bought a Bat Caddy currently.
  8. Which cut do you use on your cigar? I'm currently on a V- cut kick. I use a Colibri v cutter. Seems like I get a better draw. Thoughts my fellow MGS friends!
  9. I've done that before, but have forgot about it & drove off!
  10. Congrats to you lucky MGS members! Can't wait to see the results!
  11. Do any MGS cigar smokers use a bugatti torch lighter! If you do or don't what king of torch do you use? Thanks!
  12. Montecristo is a great smoke! Enjoy.
  13. Kanoito, Nothing wrong with that if it works!
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