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  1. My brother has the same issue, everything is for right hander. The biggest issue he has is finding Left Handed Golf Balls. That is always his excuse when he plays bad which BTW is generally every round.
  2. In the good old days when I was on a single digit handicap I generally played a tour ball however today as I am slowly getting over my illness and my swing is slowly getting back to how it used to be I find the Costco balls excellent. If I am playing match play or in the club champs I will sometimes switch to Seed 001's - https://seedgolf.com/pages/compare - which feel and have similar performance to a Pro v1 but at 60-65% the price $3.25 AUD . The covers on the Costco ball do mark up but at $1.75 AUD per ball I simply use a new one every round.
  3. Have them and every now and then a group I play with play a round where we have to use old clubs just for fun. We even try to use old balls. I still have a dozen Balata Z - not that old-old but still makes a difference. Love the feel of blades and the old Wilson Persimmon Woods.
  4. Sounds like to me that they had not calibrated it properly. Where I get my lessons they use the latest Trackman and Sam checks the calibration every 4-5 weeks. 90% of the time it is good but he has found that every now and then it go out and he has know idea why.
  5. I got given some Srixon Distance balls and could not figure why I was missing so many puts long. Then I tried the same put with a Pro V1 and found that the Srixon was really jumping off the putter. I have found that with most of the so called distance balls and also agree that the Wilson Duo does the same.
  6. Fantastic, let us know how you find it.
  7. I am the complete opposite, I prefer a full shot in rather than trying to hit a 50-80m wedge. I will however go for it if I can get within 15-20m as I am pretty accurate chipping.
  8. How is the face weighted, Toe, or Mid Point?
  9. When I was allot younger I hit the ball a lot longer than I do now and was reasonably accurate, I would guess that 60% landed on the fairway and were 300+. However as I have got older I have found that I can still hit a drive 300+ but the accuracy has dropped dramatically. With the new driver - Epic Flash - I have taken a little off my swing and have found a good increase in accuracy but in doing so I have lost 30-40yds. So the questions is do you bomb away or try to control your swing so that you end up on the fairway.
  10. NO more three putts - I can hit a drive 300yds and if there is one thing that get me angry with myself is hitting a par 5 green in 2 or having a 20ft put for birdie and 3 putting. Particularly when one of my best clubs is my putter.
  11. No, they are not necessary, as I said I can play with or without them. However it does give you options you currently do not have with regard to sunnies. For example Oakley make a lens specially for golf. A friend has a similar issue to you and they found that these were brilliant. I wear Costa Del Mar Mirror Green Copper lens and they are superb.
  12. But you wear glasses now, do they not have a tint. I only mentioned it as when I wore glasses I needed them tinted on sunny days. I have know issues not playing with sunnies on, in fact because it is mandatory to wear mask even playing golf, the last 10+ rounds I played I could not wear them as they fogged up.
  13. I gather you took a nice divot. My perfect impact would be a couple grooves lower but I do hit down on my wedges and take a decent divot.
  14. You hardly feel anything, mine felt a little gritty when I woke up but were fine within a few hours. They put like Vaseline in your eyes after the op and you have to go back the next day to get a check up and they remove it. However the amazing thing is that you can see perfectly when you wake up. You have to wear little triangles over your eye when you sleep for a week to stop you from accidentally rubbing them. Best thing I ever did back in 2006.
  15. I had Lasik in 2006 and it is simply amazing.I found it easier to judge distances and everything is so much clearer. Only thing you will need is good pair of sun glasses. The best thing I found was when you go swimming in the surf, you can actually see the waves clearly before they hit you.
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