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  1. Hi guys, Just wondering in this applies else where in the world as my golf app calculates my handicap using the WHS but does not do Daily, so I have to change it every time. In Aussie this rules is applied to Daily Handicap Calculations: (GA Handicap x (Slope Rating ÷ 113) + (Scratch Rating minus Par)) x 0.93 The 0.93 Multiplier is be transferred out of the GA Handicap calculation and into the Daily Handicap calculation so therefore almost everyone handicap has dropped by 1-2 strokes. For example. My current handicap is 21.6 so the old calculation was... Old was 21.6 x 124 / 113 =23.7 WHS is 21.6 x 124 / 113 - (70 - 67) = 20.7 Daily is 21.6 x 124 / 113 - (70 - 67) = 20.7 * .93 = 19.25 Here is the explanation from the Aussie PGA site. As you can see it does have an impact on a players handicap but I suppose as it applies to all then it is still a level playing field. The 0.93 Multiplier will be transferred out of the GA Handicap calculation and into the Daily Handicap calculation. Note: Our statisticians confirm this change will have no overall impact on the handicaps players actually play off (ie Daily Handicaps). This is because the slight increase it will cause to GA Handicaps (by being removed from that formula), will be exactly the same as the decrease it will cause to Daily Handicaps (by being transferred into this formula). As a result there will be no overall impact. [See Item 13 for the full new Daily Handicap formula and for an example of the calculation.]
  2. Do you mean something like this. It is part of the 2019 ball test and shows Average Height. Another way would be to have a look at Rich Shiels as he does allot of golf ball tests which usually includes flight data from GC Quad. https://www.youtube.com/user/RickShielsPGAGolf/videos
  3. Congrats on your new set and I fully agree with your decision to by Forged. I love the way Wilson Forged clubs feel and at the end of the day feel and confidence is what improving and playing good golf is all about.
  4. Depends on where you were playing. If this was at Victoria GC in Melbourne, I would tell the Pro Shop as we passed by going to 10 and advise them of the situation. They would generally do two things. 1. Send someone to tell the group in front that they were on a slow play warning. 2. Advise the group behind that they are also on a dangerous play warning that could result in them being suspended. At the course where we now play, slow play is normal and as it is a public course there is virtually nothing the pro shop can do. We generally do not tee off until the group in front is on the green, that way we do not have to wait to play our next shots.
  5. Used to play blades - Wilson Staff Tour 100 until illness forced me to switch Callaway Steelhead Pro's with graphite shafts. I was lucky and I recovered from the illness and are now reviewing what clubs to use. I am in the process of refurbishing - new grips and clean and polish - my old Spalding Top-flite Tour Irons as I would like to try steel shafts again. I am know longer at the level required to hit blades and doubt I ever will be again. Mind you cannot bring myself to sell them.
  6. For me there are 2 that I consistently stuff up. As you can see this course is tight and there is not a flat/level lie on any hole. The second at Morack is a 467M Par 5 Dog leg to the left at 220M. I either get a 4-5 or an 8-9. However the killer hole for me is the 14th which is straight up hill 342M Par 4 Rated 1 because it is OB on the Right. Should be easy but if I am going to loose concentration it is on this hole.
  7. Agree with all the comments plus one additional question. Does it have the same Shaft, Offset, Lie angle etc as you normal clubs?
  8. I will need to go look or ask Gerard (PGA Rule Official). I was part of a discussion group when the new rules were being hashed out and the reasoning was behind them was to speed up play. Hence the reason for reducing 5 to 3 min to look for the ball and the new lost ball rule. If you then could not find your ball the last thing they wanted was that you then had to waste even more time by going back to the where you hit your last shot hence this ruling. They remember that they were both to be local rules and went hand in hand. They were not meant to be used in Professional of Elite Amateur Comps.
  9. I tried tested many different bands of irons before I bought my Callaway Steelhead Pro's. When I say many, I went to Callaway, Ping, Mizuno, and Cobra Performance centres. I have to admit that I found very little difference between GI and CB except that it was in some cases almost impossible to shape shots with GI's. Mind you the other thing that I struggle with is looking down a a thick top line which GI irons have. All I can say is test as many as possible and then decide which one feels the best, then look at consistency. Simple reason, as you improve your consistency will improve and if a club feels good then you feel confident when standing over it. Another option is to go with a less expensive GI and then in 4-5 years trade them in on a set of CB's.
  10. No you cannot. If the Local Rule regarding a Lost Ball is in place - 2 stroke penalty, drop the ball on the fairway within 2 clubs lengths no closer the pin then the rule states You cannot search for your ball and then decide to return to the tee and play a provisional ball. You must declare your intention to play one before you go forward, from the tee. Once you proceed forward from the tee, you forfeit any right to put a provisional ball into play.
  11. The new Local Rule regarding A Lost Ball is all about YOU and your playing partner agreeing on where the ball was lost. If you saw it cross the hazard line then so be it however if you did not then it is a Lost Ball. OB is defined as a Lost Ball. And the penalties are simple - Red line = 1 stroke penalty, Lost Ball = 2 Stoke Penalty - ball is to be dropped on within 2 clubs lengths on the fairway no closer to the hole. NOTE. Once you leave the Tee Box you cannot return - therefore in you see the ball land in a hazard generally it is better to take a drop. However is it goes OB or in to deep rough it is much better to play a provisional.
  12. Really hard for someone to make a major change to a swing. When my Pro rebuilt my swing, I was 27 and on a 18 handicap. He stated that I had to be prepared too... Play badly for 12-18 months. Hit 400+ balls a week. 4 x 100 was what I was told to do. The biggest issue was getting the drill correct and then transferring that to hitting balls. The key was having a video camera that could record you range session. Nowadays with apps like V1 they would make it much easier. It took me about 8 months before I finally started to get consistency, within 12 my handicap had dropped to 7-8 and continued to drop. BTW, the original goal was to hit a draw, however I found that my miss was a hard draw or worse a hook. In the end Ray my pro had me change it to a wee fade. It made a huge difference. Mind you in order for me to maintain a 4-7 handicap I needed to playing 3+ rounds a week and hitting at least 2 range sessions plus hitting 100 ball before every round. Luckily I lived 5 min from the club, the bad news was that back then we had to go pick up the balls we hit at the range.
  13. I contacted Callaway and they stated that 1. it was outside warranty and 2. That as I put epoxy over the crack that it would make any warranty void anyway. Response was as expected. Mind you if it happens to the Epic Flash I just bought I will then refer it to the Australian Consumer Commission.
  14. Update. I have now played 13 rounds with the Kirkland ball and I have to say I am impressed. Mind you out of the 24 I only have 9-10 left. Lost one in the middle of a fairway last week, that is how wet it has been here in Melbourne. Pros. I like the Feel. I like the Price $1.75 AUD) Cons The cover marks easily - mind you I gave 6 to my mate and he does not have that issue. All comes down to swing speed and how you hit your short irons and wedges. Tendency to spin too much - again all depends on the above. Will be interesting to see how they perform in Summer.
  15. One of the issue my brother has and he has many is finding Left Hand Golf Balls
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