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  1. Thanks. Taking some getting used too again as the sweet spot is small, but when you hit it they feel great.
  2. Hey dudes, When I was ill it was recommended that I use graphite shafts to minimise the vibration which certainly helped and allowed me to at least finish 18 holes most of the time. However I really like the lack of feel this shafts provide. Now that I have recovered I decided that it was time to see how much difference there is between Graphite and Steel S300 shafts. The only choice was Topflite Tour Irons or Wilson Blades. I looked at both and figure with the way I play today, blades were not the option. A few this to note, the clubs are traditionally lofted so 3 is 21* the 7 is 34* compared to my Steelhead Pro's 4 is 21.5 and 7 is 31, both shafts are stiff but Steelhead Pros are 1/2" longer. First impression - my god the heads are small and so is the sweet spot. Did not have time to go to the range so it was trail by comp. Was surprised how quickly I got used to them, yes I bladed my first shot but then hit the second well. Did not have a great round but that was expected. So what did I discover... Pro They are 12-15m longer than my equivalent Steelhead Pro's - for example the 4 iron (21.5*) vs Topflite 4 (23*) the Topflite was longer. They feel superb when you hit them right and horrible when you don't. Cons Miss the centre and boy do you get punished - 4 irons again, Steelhead I loose and 10-20m, Topflite 35-40m. Miss the centre or blade the ball and boy do you know it, my bottom hand is still sore this morning from the vibration. So the question is - Will I continue to play these and the answer is YES. The next question will be do I upgrade to newer technology, that will depend on how things pan out once I have a few rounds under my belt with them. Next question is do I try the Blades.
  3. When someone re-releases that song The Streak but changes the words... Well the call him the cheat Shiftiest golf golfer on two feet He's as bent as he can be and Pay no head to the constabulary So that is why they call P Reed the cheat.
  4. Would also check out the latest Wilson Staff Irons, the reviews on them are extremely positive.
  5. If I was buying now, I would be looking at a mix set of Mizunos. JPX921 Forged 3-7 and MP20 8-AW. Gives you the best of both world - forgiving where you need it 3-7 irons and feel for you approach shots.
  6. One that does not ask what your problem is but watches you swing and then outlines a solution to what he has identified.
  7. I have really wide feet and have orthotics and the only shoes I find that fit are FJ. I suggest you look for the SL Pro when they are on special. I paid $129AUD for mine and they have lasted more than 2 years. Most comfortable golf shoe that I have ever worn.
  8. Never really thought about having to stop playing in winter because of snow. It would be really hard to find a white golf ball.
  9. The data is copied directly from MSG Ball Comparison 2019.
  10. Good and maybe good news with regard to my finger. Good news it that it is healing nicely, as the skin above the joint was starved of blood for a short period the other layer went black and when the skin eventually peeled of the skin underneath was really tender and is still quite sensitive but is getting less and less every week. Since getting back playing my handicap as dropped 2 strokes in 4 weeks. I used to enjoy being a bandit.
  11. Will try to make a video but will have to wait till the new year.
  12. Another option would be to decrease you AOA as it really has an effect on launch angle. I used to and sometimes still do have a steep AOA which used to mean that my miss was a pull draw and my launch angle on my 10.5* Driver was 4-5* - not great. When I got my new set of clubs it came with a 18* hybrid and it took some getting used to. I used to only hit my driver every now and then because I found I was hitting my 3 wood almost as far and more consistently. Nowadays I still hit down on my irons but know where near as bad. As far as Woods, long irons and hybrids I now sweep them or hit slightly up. Still not 100% yet but slowly getting there. During lockdown I sent my V1 swing videos to my old golf pro and asked him to review and make suggestions. He is in a aged care home and we thought it might give him something to do. He came back to me after a week and over Facetime pointed out that I was starting my swing from the top with my arms instead of from the bottom - my legs. Hence the steep AOA and out to in swing. He told me of a drill that I remembered him having me do 20+ years. I know this might sound strange but give it a try. Take a 5-6 iron and tie a short length of strong string around the shaft, then attach to something solid so the club head is at the same height it would be at the top of your back swing. I use the clothes line. Now set yourself up so that you are holding the club like you would be at the top of your back swing. It helps the first time you do this if you have a second person to help. When you have the club in position you will find that if you gently try to start your swing with your arms the club will not move. Makes sense it is tied to something. Now instead try moving your lower body and you will find you can move your legs and hips back to parallel without your shoulders and arms moving. I spent 3 months of lockdown doing this 10-12 times 2-3 times a week, then doing that same thing with the club not connected and making a full swing from the top and over the last few months I have seen a huge improvement - yesterday for example I had my best round in many years, 48 Stableford Points, a Gross 79/Net 60. As with all training it is all about muscle memory and getting the feeling and this drill for me works.
  13. Epic Flash 3 Wood and a new back, shoulders and neck.
  14. I sat beside the MD of Acushnet ANZ at a charity event and we had a really interesting discussion on golf balls. I asked him about using balls that had been in the water and he said that it depended on the type of cover, if the cover is scuffed and the quality of the water. A Urethane covered ball like Pro V in clean water should be still ok for 5-7 days, however if the water is polluted or acidic then it could be as little a 8-12 hours. He also said that scuff marks break the seal and will allow water to penetrate the cover much quicker. Fusablend/Lonomer will last allot longer in water but again it all depends on how badly the cover is scuffed up.
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