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  1. Thought I was done updating here, but i did just get my clubs back. Funny story... After he (club builder) took off the grips, he realized that the grips weren't put on all the way. The shafts were all the correct length, the grips just didnt get seated on right. No shafts got cut, grips got put back on all the way, and the lengths look normal now. Also feels way better to hit with them.
  2. You still have these? Am curious why you are selling since your other post was pretty positive on them. (can DM me)
  3. I've cooled down now from the initial discovery so not as mad anymore. I'm getting my 5-7 cut down a little bit and will proceed from there. I'm honestly hitting my 8i and up really well at around D0 so if anything is sus it's likely the initial fitting of me to a D6. I'm not sure what I'll do with the 5-7i going forward. My 8i is around 145y carry and my 4h is around 180 carry. The 5-7 in theory fill in the gaps but now I'm wondering why make this harder on myself and just go with some higher lofted hybrids or try out some one length cobra irons for that gap. All this to say I'm just gonna put club champion behind me and move on . I didn't pay a premium for the clubs over what TM would have charged me, which makes this easier. (I checked before ordering). I appreciate all the feedback here and the discussion!
  4. So the story is that apparently the clubs are direct OEM from TaylorMade, so CC stands by absolutely nothing here. Apparently they (taylormade) have a "reputation" for getting stuff wrong, according to the CC rep in the store. This is in contrast to what CC told me when I was getting fitted and ordering - i knew i was getting OEM and a stock shaft, but that CC would still do the construction hence why the clubs had to ship from TaylorMade to their Chicago office to get work done, and then to the Bellevue office to get delivered to me. If the clubs are delivered pre-made by OEM i'm not sure why it needed to be delivered to Chicago at all, as it's probably them wasting money to ship it to me. I havent really decided what i wanna do about CC. If they were to fix it, it's either going to be to send it to Chicago and that would be a long wait, or this rep in the Bellevue office tries to fix it, and i definitely don't want that guy touching anything of mine. I'm older and have less free time these days and would like to spend more of it playing golf and less of it being "right" against some corporation i have zero interest in going back to. If there's a better option (than just getting it fixed myself) i'm not sure what it is .
  5. Update on this! I went to the practice facility i take lessons at and they took a look at my iron lengths for me. The 5i-7i are all indeed 1/4" too long. Additionally, all the swing weights are around C9 and NOT D6 for the entire set. Ugh. I went to Club Champion immediately afterwards and explained it. They could not have been more dismissive about the whole situation and focused on absolving them of any wrong doing or error, and even going to the length of telling me that even if i wanted them to fix it, good luck getting the clubs back at any reasonable timeline cuz I would never be a priority. I thought about escalating up to the corporate level, but at this point, do I want this place touching my clubs anymore? No. In talking to the club builder at my practice facility, the overall cost to repair isnt so bad, so I'll just go that route. ANYWAY TL;DR don't trust Club Champion, at least the one in Bellevue, WA.
  6. I found the spec sheet that my clubs should have been made at. I dont have the same length jump as stock.
  7. That is interesting, looking at it now. The weird jump in my clubs is from the 8i to the 7i (to me) that looks longer than the rest though, and that still looks to be a 1/2" jump. Off the spec sheet, it's from the 7i to 6i where the length starts getting a little longer between clubs.
  8. I regripped the 6 iron myself and stretched the grip down a lot when i did it, so it looks different than the others. It was my 2nd time regripping a club by myself. The clubs were made to order by Club Champion. I'll just go back there and have them take a look.
  9. Got fitted for new clubs and received them back in June. They were all lengthened by 1/2". Today i decided to compare their lengths, and from the 8i to the 7i, there just looks to be an odd increase in how long the club is (aka 7i is too long?) Pics attached of my 6i, 7i, 8i, and 9i. Is this normal? Not even sure what I would ask my fitter to look at. Where would i measure the shaft length from/to? Thanks for any thoughts.
  10. I'm only buying from places with a good shoe return policy for now. Have discovered that even with brands like Adidas that I normally wear I need to size down for some reason with boss.
  11. I know it's personal preference, but what's everyones thoughts and preferences here? And why do i keep finding myself looking for BOA shoes?
  12. I did my first and only fitting (so far) at CC around April up here in Seattle. I felt that it went pretty good, i only fitted for my irons and hybrid. I told him what kind of club i'm looking for, as well as price range. I ended up with the Sim2Max OS irons with R flex shafts and a Sim2 rescue in a R flex shaft. Both shafts were stock and not upcharges. The fitter double checked the shafts that he was giving me to hit to make sure that i wasnt trying on any upcharged shafts. I didnt get my clubs until late June. Overall I think the fitting process was fine, though I would not go back there for my next fitting as the place i'm taking lessons at right now also does fittings for cheaper. I am a "member" now though i havent taken advantage of any of the perks. I tried to book a trackman session once but you can only do so 24h in advance and no earlier, so they were all booked out. I did not order the clubs right away, but did go home with a spec sheet that i could have used to order. I used that to price check what they were quoting me, and overall it seemed that their price was maybe $50 higher in the totals, which was not a drastic difference to me. This is considering I wanted to make sure that all the specs get entered in right and would rather them do it. In the end, i think i shoulda taken lessons before i ordered clubs, but my existing clubs were in such bad shape i didnt wanna spend money to spruce them up and then buy new ones.
  13. Dont get cute, and keep more weight on my left foot ( as a RH golfer).
  14. I'm just starting to navigate this journey myself. I'm picking golf back up right as my kid is turning 2. His life up til now has had a lot of my time/attention due to covid life, but this is something the wife and i are trying to transition away from in a healthy manner. It's also a matter of "reset time" like some others have pointed out, and being able to communicate and schedule properly when theres time to go play without making it too much of a strain.
  15. Driver: Taylormade R15 with R flex shaft. This was given to my recently, haven't hit much with it yet. 4hybrid - Taylormade Sim2 Rescue Irons: Taylormade Sim2 Max OS 5-PW 52 deg: Sub70 286 forged wedge black 56 deg: Nike SV Wedge Putter: Yes! Tiffany putter with SuperStroke grip Context: Used to play a decent amount in the mid to late 2000s but stopped after moving to a different area in 2010. At best I was +20 handicap. Played about 1-2 times a year since then until now and picking it back up. I was gaming with used cleveland irons and decided to rehaul my entire bag (including the bag) to take advantage of all the new advancements in the last 10+ years. I went to Club Champion to get fitted and came away with the TM Rescue and TM Sim2 Max OS's. I don't know if it was the wise order of operations, but i've started to take lessons after getting the new clubs. These are my first lessons ever, and i'm changing everything from grip/stance/setup since the one i had was only working cuz i was younger and able to muscle my way through shots. Quick review of my equipment according to me Putter - I like it? Didn't even realize Yes! went out of business until recently. The weighted SS grip helps me a lot. Nike SV Wedge - have had this forever. I've since gone down from S flex to R flex shafts across my other clubs, but this is still on a S shaft. I'm still able to work it, though it also feels a bit heavy for me now. Sub 70 286 Forged Wedge - Meh at first, but after playing with it more i prefer this to my 56 now. The weighting fits me a lot better and I feel i have much more control using this club. Sim2Max OS - These are pretty darn forgiving. Sometimes I hit what i think are good shots and I look down and realize it was a toe strike. These irons have more offset than I'm used to, so I'm still adjusting to it. I hit them so well in my fitting though. Sim2 Rescue - I love this one and it's saved my butt quite a few times. This is generally what i use off the tee box as well since the courses i play on dont force me to carry much. Since I'm in "get better mode" i want to force myself to play with irons so not always looking to hit it too far off the box and leave myself with shots that make me use my longer irons. R15 - Have yet to really use this, so we'll see.
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