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  1. The TXG guys spend 15 minutes discussing this in their 'COG Fitting and Edison Wedge Review':
  2. I'll chime in here with my winter experience. I have played Project X 5.5 shafts for many, many years. I had an iron fitting last fall with a highly regarded local fitter, and ended up ordering a few different 5-irons, and trying them all out all winter. I went to the range at least 5 times a week, and have recently made it out on the course for 8 rounds. I picked 5-iron because long irons have always been my biggest weakness. Project X 5.5 SteelFiber CW 115 (R and S) Modus 120 R Modus 105 S I built my Modus 105 5-iron 1/4" longer than the others to try and get a
  3. This is from a video advertising DST training clubs, but the information and presentation is excellent and really worth watching. I like that they show in great detail how, why and when we lose control of the clubface. 100% of tour pros reach full extension after impact. 84% of club golfers reach full extension before impact (20:29). (Only the final 40 seconds of the video talk about their product.)
  4. The OP showed an earlier interest in Mike Malaska's instructional videos and teaching method. Mike is 100% about starting from impact and working backwards, so it is a good fit for him.
  5. I was clearly too terse. 1. Every decent golfer on the planet looks similar at impact. Maybe without that much side bend, but definitely with hips open that much. 2. The open hips and angled shoulders are what allow you to press the shaft with the forearm!!! Put a sandbag or something where the ball is and start from a static address position. Now press so hard with your right forearm that you bend the shaft significantly. You will be in DJs position, and your left leg will be clearly behind your right leg, with your shoulders angled down. My point is that it makes no sense
  6. Below is a screenshot of your impact position from that video. Compare that with DJs position at impact in 4. Since you mentioned earlier that you are a fan of Mike Malaska, I would highly recommend Mike's videos and focus on aligning your shaft with your right forearm, and pressing the shaft into the ball through impact - working on your swing from impact backward. If your impact position is wrong, nothing else matters, and you will forever fight inconsistency. I feel like the hip turn DJ shows at impact is a natural result of an intent to compress the ball with right forearm squeezing the s
  7. That is completely wrong. 0% of golfers are going to be 'best served' by getting a single set set from a single model. There is so much room for improvement here that it kind of boggles the mind.
  8. Watching that video was much more than 'encouraging'. That kind of consistency, as well as the perfect gapping would be game-changing for many, many golfers, including myself. I see a set of Wishon one-length coming my way over the next two months. I can't see how anyone could watch that video and not want to try it.
  9. ... or some such thing. Looking through the data on all of the MGS 'Most Wanted' iron tests, it seems blindingly obvious that what we want out of scoring irons 8,9,P,A is different than what we want out of mid irons and long irons. I feel that if manufacturers would get their lofts and lengths somewhat in sync, than they could offer sets of 4 scoring irons in 38*, 42*, 46*, 50* lofts that would target distance consistency, dispersion, spin and drop-and-stop flight characteristics. A wide range of golfers could benefit from this. Mid irons would target different characteristics - perhaps
  10. Ian Vancouver, BC RH UiHi 18* - KBS Tour 90 Regular VKTR+ 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular Handicap 17 No current long iron or hybrid
  11. No tape or plastic on the P790. It is a high-volume fitting place, they have a huge selection of 7-iron heads. I'm still trying to sort my head around the idea of 2 sets of irons: 24, 28, 32 for easy distance, and 40, 44, 48, 52 for scoring (not sure about 36). Question - if my fitted steel iron shafts are +1/4" and 2* upright, what would I do about graphite iron shafts, which run 1/2" longer. Would those clubs still be 2* upright, and 1/4" longer? I ask because I am curious about the idea of a graphite shaft in the long irons, and steel in the scoring irons.
  12. Great information. Thank you both. My first thought after reading Popeyes comments about the TS-2 being 'distance monsters' had me wondering if they could be bent 20,24,28,32? So 1* stronger in the 4, 2* weaker in the 7, and 1* weaker in the 6. I could see these being paired with a high-launch softer shaft. Does anyone have experience bending these? Then the PTMs in their standard 36, 40, 44, 48 lofts (8-G) would match well, and I could pair them with low-launch stiffer shafts. Or the TS-1 in 36, 40.5, 45, 49.5 and end up needing 1 fewer wedge. Have people experimented with
  13. That was a red flag for me - I don't see any advantage in losing spin in scoring irons. I'm also still unsettled about the distances. Warming up at the range yesterday, with no wind on a clear day, I hit 4 consecutive 7-irons between 151 and 157 yards in the air. I had a clear view of the landing (range marker was right at 151) and used a range finder. The discrepancy between my real-world results and what they were showing me on their monitor is significant in my mind. I feel like I am no further ahead, as I went in looking to improve my long-irons, not wanting to sacrifice spin in
  14. Hello. I am a lifetime super casual hacker, who has spent the past 3 months obsessively working on improving my swing/game (I've had nothing but time on my hands). I had my trapping/compressing 'aha' moment with a 55* wedge about 6 weeks ago, and have slowly worked my way up to compressing my 7-iron on up. I've been practicing a lot on course during twilight rounds these past few weeks, and I am now very confident in my impact from 150 yards and in. The change in my impact from 3 months ago is dramatic (I dropped 29 strokes off my worst 120 score from early July to my best 91 score this past w
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