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  1. Just got done my PXG fitting, some numbers while they’re fresh: Driver Swing Speed: 112-114 7i Swing Speed: 90-92 The fitter said whoever fitted me into a 95G shaft should be fired, and that I need a heavier shaft to control that speed. We worked around the s400, the x100 and finally dialed in on the KBS c-taper S 120. Also fitted into the 0311 Gen3 T’s The T200s ballooned and were definitely giving me some slicing action, as expected by a not so stiff light shaft, guess I won’t be going back to that shop for fititngs anymore.
  2. This was my understanding as well. I have been hemming and hawing over the Edison Wedges, Edel, and now the Hogans (admittedly because they're so pretty). I was surprised to see Hogan basically going opposite of what others are doing/saying gives more spin. Now if they're just trying to get the ball in the air because AMs have a hard time doing that so it lands with a steeper angle of attack, I get it, but that's what I'm trying to cut through here and figure out. Ultimately I want a wedge with more spin, I play the SM8s (54/58) and I'm pretty alright with them, I have always been a prett
  3. They’re taking opposite approaches to the ‘Progressive CoG’ theory, it’s intersting to me to see a company taking an opposite stance than the industry like Hogan is, curious to hear thoughts. TLDR: Vokey higher lofted has CoG higher up the face, lower lofted, CoG lower on the face (and most other brands), Hogan is the complete opposite. Vokey CoG description: PROGRESSIVE CENTER OF GRAVITY SM8 features a reimagined progressive center of gravity, which produces the most accurate and forgiving Vokey wedge yet. Using tungsten weights and varied hosel lengths, the Vokey R&D
  4. It was a joke because of the appearance of the club on the post, apparently a bad joke...
  5. I found that thread nice and quick after your post and looking at the Hogan site, thank you.
  6. These two balls seem to be the best fit for my game, want to give them both a good go, curious where you're finding the Snell with the AlignXL, that's a golfballs.com product, correct? I'm only seeing the Snell Sum for sale on there.
  7. Man that is a gorgeous set, seems like it may fit me well too, I tend to stripe my 8-P
  8. I have 3 sets of irons and a fitting coming up.. I can safely say I will most likely keep 2
  9. I do plan on going in with an open mind, however, I hope that my Gen3 PXG 0311P or my T200s are what win out (with expected new shaft combos) If not you'll be seeing a couple of sets for sale on BST, as I'm going with what the LM and my feel tells me is best. As @Middler mentioned above, feel is very important to me, you can give me a club I hit straight every time and if I can't feel the ball off the face I don't want it.
  10. 30% discount?! That'd be hard to ignore if all else is fairly equal. I'm a veteran, so PXG, Callaway, and Taylormade (ping to a lesser extent) have nice discounts. That said if I really like the feel of something, I'll pay the extra, as it's a longer term purchase, almost an investment, but the returns will be my paltry scores.. The Mizuno love falls in line with the readers choice article MGS put out recently. I honestly never gave them much of a thought but am very interested as I'm definitely more of a feel player. The Srixon's are interesting for similar reasons, I've never reall
  11. I’m a mid/high handicapper, used to be a low handicapper, but a 18 year hiatus has obviously affected my game. I’m in the midst of trying to find a good iron, my problem is I can’t hit the GI irons as there is no feel, I can’t even tell if I hit the ball plus I expect I’ll play out of them fairly quickly. I love the feel and look of a players iron because that’s what I used to play (Titleist 704CB) I understand I need to be fitted (already have been, and have two more fittings scheduled - PXG and Club Champion) This is a post/thread less about me and more about what irons does the MGS communit
  12. Keep meaning to watch the TXG review, but get distracted by squirrels.. going now! Look at you earning your $$ Edit: already watched it, but watching it again, such good stuff.
  13. I’ve decided to purchase a set of these, can’t wait. It just makes too much sense what he’s saying, and with the reviews backing it up here and elsewhere, it seems silly to play something else unless you’re a pure striker.
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