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  1. I'm a 16, finding a shoe for any occasion sucks, but luckily there are a few out there that cater to us gun boats - Nike, Callaway, FJ (very limited has to be custom built). Been wearing the Nike's lately.. if you're 16 W good luck, probably FJ only.
  2. https://www.carlsgolfland.com/search/go?ts=custom&w=adidas+tour+360#/filter:shoe_size_filter:10.5
  3. Was a PXG fitting/order. Alright let me see if what I gather from these replies is correct: Since my irons ended up at +1, the “small +” represents that, if it were a regular + or a large + that would be 2 and 3+ respectively (this may not line up with the manufacturers actual numbers, but the general idea)? And the ‘small’ doesn’t have anything to do with the actual size of the hosel?
  4. I’ll second this, the T200s I mentioned are about to be for sale on B/S/T, went with PXG Gen3 0311Ps, got them in two weeks from order, got fitted for full bag by PXG because why not, and to make sure my irons were the right choice, figured I could keep them if so, if not return, return it was, ended up in the Ts.. anyway, fitting was last Wednesday, the order was in assembly by Friday, shipped by Sunday. A couple of items here: 1. I think when your order goes in through a PXG rep as vs online/on phone they get fast tracked 2. The order process at PXG is awesome, you get a link to track your order from order>picked in assembly>inspected>shipped, it’s so nice to watch the progress.
  5. T200s ordered via retailer took 6 weeks, ordered in March.
  6. I just got fitted for a new bag, I noticed that the order was put in with “small+“ hosels on all my graphite shafted clubs - D, 3w, 19, 22 looking for info, like why would someone be put into a small hosel, and what does the + denote? Thanks all.
  7. Just got done my PXG fitting, some numbers while they’re fresh: Driver Swing Speed: 112-114 7i Swing Speed: 90-92 The fitter said whoever fitted me into a 95G shaft should be fired, and that I need a heavier shaft to control that speed. We worked around the s400, the x100 and finally dialed in on the KBS c-taper S 120. Also fitted into the 0311 Gen3 T’s The T200s ballooned and were definitely giving me some slicing action, as expected by a not so stiff light shaft, guess I won’t be going back to that shop for fititngs anymore.
  8. This was my understanding as well. I have been hemming and hawing over the Edison Wedges, Edel, and now the Hogans (admittedly because they're so pretty). I was surprised to see Hogan basically going opposite of what others are doing/saying gives more spin. Now if they're just trying to get the ball in the air because AMs have a hard time doing that so it lands with a steeper angle of attack, I get it, but that's what I'm trying to cut through here and figure out. Ultimately I want a wedge with more spin, I play the SM8s (54/58) and I'm pretty alright with them, I have always been a pretty strong wedge player, but consistent spin is a problem for me, I have no problem getting the ball up in the air, if anything it's too high, even with the high CoG on the SM8s. Also looking for a wedge with that forged feel, I'm a 'feel' player.
  9. They’re taking opposite approaches to the ‘Progressive CoG’ theory, it’s intersting to me to see a company taking an opposite stance than the industry like Hogan is, curious to hear thoughts. TLDR: Vokey higher lofted has CoG higher up the face, lower lofted, CoG lower on the face (and most other brands), Hogan is the complete opposite. Vokey CoG description: PROGRESSIVE CENTER OF GRAVITY SM8 features a reimagined progressive center of gravity, which produces the most accurate and forgiving Vokey wedge yet. Using tungsten weights and varied hosel lengths, the Vokey R&D team has moved the CG outside of the wedge head and placed it in front of the face, resulting in increased MOI and exceptional feel. For the golfer, this means optimized ball flight and a club face that simply wants to square up at impact. SM8 accomplishes all of this while preserving the classic Vokey head shape players demand. Hogan CoG description: PROGRESSIVE CENTER OF MASS Shot trajectories to help you score better The larger face size on Equalizer II wedges maximize and perfect the Progressive Center of Mass system from wedge to wedge. Higher lofted wedges have more weight low to create high trajectories that stop on the green quickly, while lower lofted wedges have more weight positioned higher on the face to eliminate ballooning and increase accuracy. Overall, the Equalizer II wedge club heads have been lengthened and discretionary weight has been removed from the perimeters. As a result, the thickness of the face area was thinned strategically behind the impact area depending upon loft and desired performance.
  10. It was a joke because of the appearance of the club on the post, apparently a bad joke...
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