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  1. Probably doing the same, but thought it may have been the 80g weight I was getting used to. Went to the range and everything was good so hoping it continues tomorrow on the course. It has potential to be the best club I’ve ever owned, not just best 3 wood. Early days though
  2. I think it was more of a swing issue after a lesson, but I found I was constantly topping it. Never had an issue with a fairway wood before so was frustrating, especially after I was striping it over and over at the range. Used it 3 times off the tee today and they weren’t far off where a decent drive would go! The distance is incredible. Not tried it off the deck yet since I sorted the swing out but intrigued what happens. I put a ventus blue into it which has made it feel a lot more stable as well.
  3. I have the 15* version and you’re right, distance is unbelievable when you catch it. Definitely not the most forgiving club though!
  4. I think it depends on the course you play on a regular basis. The 2 I play have plenty of holes where hitting 3 wood off the tee is the better option, but also has 2 long par 5’s. For me it’s an important club as I always like a backup when driver is feeling off too.
  5. Had a hire set of these once and they played and felt great!
  6. Had a Titleist fitting last month and hit TSi2 3 & 4. 4 definitely wasn’t for me, 3 was ok, but 2 was the clear winner. The dispersion ring was the smallest I’ve ever had. Ever. I really like the club at address which instantly makes me have good swing thoughts. The sound and feel are better than anything I’ve had before as well. In the end it was between the RAW blue 65g and the RDX black 60g. Rep said he was edging towards the RAW so went with that. Played one round so far, missed one fairway and no club in the world could have saved that shot!
  7. Horschel has to be the most difficult player to watch nowadays.
  8. Managed to get round to this. Was kind of sceptical as was convinced he/she would say Pro V1 which I like anyway. However, number 1 recommendation was Pro V1x (2021). Going to buy a sleeve and see how I get on. Glad I did it!
  9. Project X have confirmed TM offer the real RDX shaft for anyone that’s interested
  10. Also, if anyone could suggest a soft to medium tip section shaft I can look to test that would be great! Thanks
  11. Yes, yes, yes until... “This testing opportunity is open only to golfers who live in the U.S.A.”
  12. I see that Taylormade are offering the Project X RDX blue and black with no up charge fee. Does anyone know if these are the real deal or a watered down version like they did with Ventus? Thanks
  13. Had my first lesson in years yesterday. Was brilliant. Focused on 1 thing and a pre shot routine and the difference was dramatic. Will have one a month I think now.
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