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  1. I would be interested! From UK though so shipping may be an issue
  2. Been told there won’t be any new stock of SIM and new driver out in Feb
  3. Was looking at the high toe wedges the other day - either in black or raw. Well priced when compared to a wedgework order ($100-200 dollar difference), albeit a few less options.
  4. Here in the UK I’m trying to buy a SIM driver / fairway and a vokey wedge - No custom fit options through the main online retailers, only what they have in stock is available. They said the options should be back in a month with then 6 weeks for delivery. Severe delays.
  5. Fitters also do not have EVERY shaft available to test out, only a select few. If you have an idea what you like / what works for you why wouldn’t you explore the market further...
  6. I’ve had my Driver for over 3 years now and never really thought about changing it until the TS series came out, but never enough to go and try one or get fitted as was really happy with the M2. However, these new TSi drivers tempted me even more! After looking at comparison reviews of the TS & TSi models the majority don’t see a difference in performance and now I see the TS drivers are $150 cheaper - still fully custom fitted! Now I’m even more tempted by the TS as they’re the same price as a cobra which represents good value. Problem being I cannot go try one as we are in full lockdown
  7. Thanks. Actually gone for the hi rev as would prefer heavier than lighter if anything. Will see how it goes!
  8. Thanks for replying McaseyM. Wasn’t sure that was an option so will ask. Was mainly the weight as seems to match the head weight of the wedge better than my iron shaft (modus 120). Did try the stock Vokey shaft during a fitting once and felt way too heavy at 130g.
  9. Cleveland CG Tour irons. Thought that moving from a blade to a more forgiving club would help, but I lost so much control it was unbelievable. Went on a downward spiral trying to rediscover what I had and think I’ve only just found it again recently. Should never have got rid of them, especially for the trade-in I got. However, at the time it was better to use that cash towards the new set instead of having them lying around collecting dust!
  10. Hi guys, I have a Pw and Gw available Of the new Mizuno 921 Tours. Hit each about 5-10 times! Got excited when I ordered the set of irons and did 4-gw, but after 1 round going to stick with my vokeys. Each have a Nippon modus 120 shaft in stiff and are +0.5 & 2 degrees Up. Price I’d be looking for £100 each, and I’m based in UK.
  11. New forum member so hi to all! hoping someone can help... currently going through a WedgeWorks order and ideally the shaft I want is a modus 115 which is what I have in all my other wedges, but as this isn’t an option need to pick something else. It’s likely I’ll buy the shaft separate and get it fitted, but may as well try something new which is perhaps comparable. Anyone have any experience which could help? Have attached available shafts
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