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  1. I play a 58, but even then, rarely use it. Mainly for greenside bunkers, high lofted lob shots (probably 1 every 2 rounds) and that’s about it. Use the 54 for most other things. Saying that, I wouldn’t take it out in place of anything.
  2. Always find this useful. https://www.vokey.com/tools/wedge-selector-tool.aspx
  3. I find I smoke my 3 wood at the range, but on the course can be 50/50. Not entirely sure why.
  4. Hope it plays as well as the driver!
  5. Does anyone have any experience with this shaft in a fairway wood? Looking for a shaft in a TSi2 5 wood which will allow a high launch and have come across this which sounds interesting. Won’t be able to test but can buy and return if needed.
  6. TXG will say it shouldn’t be as common as it is, but on tour it’s very common. When I got fitted for my TSi2 driver I went into the AV Raw blue, but preferred the RDX black in the TSi3 3 Wood. A boring answer, but probably best to go try them..
  7. Pretty much always use the 58 from a green side bunker. Have considered a high toe recently, especially the new callaway, but will wait to see what Titleist do next year
  8. Was putting terribly so paid for a proper fitting. Overall I found it very helpful. Showed where my misses were and what I needed to work on stroke wise. More importantly, the fitting suggested the putter I currently have is good for me so I know I can be confident in it now.
  9. Wilson are the latest to introduce a full face high toe. Wonder if Vokey will get involved?
  10. Probably doing the same, but thought it may have been the 80g weight I was getting used to. Went to the range and everything was good so hoping it continues tomorrow on the course. It has potential to be the best club I’ve ever owned, not just best 3 wood. Early days though
  11. I think it was more of a swing issue after a lesson, but I found I was constantly topping it. Never had an issue with a fairway wood before so was frustrating, especially after I was striping it over and over at the range. Used it 3 times off the tee today and they weren’t far off where a decent drive would go! The distance is incredible. Not tried it off the deck yet since I sorted the swing out but intrigued what happens. I put a ventus blue into it which has made it feel a lot more stable as well.
  12. I have the 15* version and you’re right, distance is unbelievable when you catch it. Definitely not the most forgiving club though!
  13. I think it depends on the course you play on a regular basis. The 2 I play have plenty of holes where hitting 3 wood off the tee is the better option, but also has 2 long par 5’s. For me it’s an important club as I always like a backup when driver is feeling off too.
  14. Had a hire set of these once and they played and felt great!
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