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  1. Managed to get round to this. Was kind of sceptical as was convinced he/she would say Pro V1 which I like anyway. However, number 1 recommendation was Pro V1x (2021). Going to buy a sleeve and see how I get on. Glad I did it!
  2. Project X have confirmed TM offer the real RDX shaft for anyone that’s interested
  3. Also, if anyone could suggest a soft to medium tip section shaft I can look to test that would be great! Thanks
  4. Yes, yes, yes until... “This testing opportunity is open only to golfers who live in the U.S.A.”
  5. I see that Taylormade are offering the Project X RDX blue and black with no up charge fee. Does anyone know if these are the real deal or a watered down version like they did with Ventus? Thanks
  6. Had my first lesson in years yesterday. Was brilliant. Focused on 1 thing and a pre shot routine and the difference was dramatic. Will have one a month I think now.
  7. 2nd session at the range was just as horrific as the 1st! In the end I just practiced chipping and short pitches. I then immediately booked a lesson ASAP - which is tomorrow. 3rd session had a similar start and was getting very frustrated so decided to video the last 15 balls to see if I could see anything. Suddenly started to hit it ok! Had a 4th session Sunday morning and hit it well throughout. Such a relief I’ve started to remember how to play again. Can’t imagine what some of you guys go through when there’s an off season. Still keeping the lesson
  8. Here in the UK, specifically Wales, courses and driving ranges have opened after a significant time of being closed. Yesterday I decided to go up the range and hit a few balls and wow! Started ok, but in the end the last 10/15 shots were either tops or full blown shanks. I had to leave halfway through as nothing I did was helping. Even when I first started out playing golf when I was 15 never was I this bad, and what makes it worse is that I don’t even know what I was doing wrong! It’s definitely a long road back, but hoping next time I go up I just start swinging ‘normal’ again. Goes to show
  9. Morning, Whats the general consensus about the Arccos screws, specifically the putter one. I’ve recently bought a set of the grips and the pack has come with a putter screw to attach. I really like the Scotty Cameron Matador grip but this screw doesn’t look like it will survive too long in the bag. I know superstroke do a sensor adapter which looks the most secure, but would like to keep the matador grip if possible! Next question would then be what superstroke is closest to the matador? Thanks
  10. Blast from the past! Cleveland CG Golds were the very first set of irons I bought for myself. £290/$400 4-PW. That gets you 2 clubs nowadays! Absolutely loved the CG Golds, but then changed to the Cleveland CG Tours about 2 years later which were even better. Both came with S300’s.
  11. I’ve always put the same shaft as my irons in too but curious on the graphite option and what weight people use. Will try some when everything is open again but wanted a good idea before going into the fitting
  12. Morning, For those who use utility/driving irons, what shaft did you gone for? Same as your irons or something different like graphite and lighter?
  13. Morning all, What one simple piece of advice dramatically changed your game, for better or worse I guess!? For me it was ball position hitting wedges. I was having a vokey fitting and hitting my usual straight but slightly left shots. Fitter asked if he could do one thing which was to move the ball dead centre of my stance instead of a few inches left of centre. Change was immediate and huge. Took a bit of time getting used to but have never looked back.
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