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  1. I couldn’t find it last night. Took more searching today. This what I was referring to. An old article with stuff from Dave Stockton. it fit for me. I putt almost as good with my right hand as I do with both. I guess I take stuff from someone like Stockton as gospel, but that’s me. https://golftoday.co.uk/dave-stocktons-all-time-top-ten-putting-tips/
  2. What kinds of things does your instructor say about total weight? Does one side tend to yield certain effects? Sounds like a MGS opportunity for a lab test here. I totally agree with your last line.
  3. That’s awesome. I’ve played it twice. 11 years apart, so definitely not the same putter. It’s a great experience.
  4. I think the weight of the putter might have something to do with it as well. A light putter will be easier to control post impact to slow it down. A really heavy putter will carry more momentum.
  5. Maybe this is a naive question, but does swing weight come in to play at all? I play putters that are all less than 33", and everything feels lighter than it did before I cut them down. I've experimented with different size grips, but haven't ever really paid attention to the weight of the grip. My current favorite grip is the Golf Pride Snsr, 104 CC red one. I chose it because it feels nice and soft, and fits my hands. I recall years ago, all the scotty cameron putters that had changeable weights, came with different weights, based on the length of the putter. The 33" had two 2
  6. I'm the same. I tried it for a while, and made more from 4-10 ft, but 3 putted more, because I couldn't get speed right from long distance. Was all over the place. For a right handed golfer, the pace/power/feel comes from right hand in a right hand low, so moving the whole angle of right hand changes all the feel. I could never make the low hand left take over the feel and control.
  7. This is a great topic. I have 10 putters by my desk at home. I have been changing way to much. This is evidence of the psychology of having to many options. There is a sweet spot for where having some options is good, but having to much actually creates doubt, even with all the data from Arccos, or a fitting. There is always the doubt. I am currently trying to give myself only 2 or 3 options. I of course will keep all the others.... I can't let them go.... BUT, I am going to setup 2 or 3 that each have some distinct qualitys. One center shafted, one anser style, and one heel
  8. Hey Sparkee! I did some golf ball testing this year. While we are at different places in our golf games, I think what I did might help. I read all the MGS data on golf balls from their 2019 analysis, and picked 4 that I thought fit what I needed, mostly for spin numbers off driver and wedge. I then went and bought a sleeve of each. Over the next few rounds, I played each ball for a stretch of 3-6 holes. I kept notes on fell, and distances. After about 4 rounds, I found myself going back to one model consistently, so that is my ball. On another point, I'm surprised no one mentio
  9. OMG. I’m not the only one. We should start a therapy group.
  10. I know it’s all an algorithm, and having that analytical data probably messed my head up. I didn’t change putters before or after the session. They just bent my current one to match the SAM results. you comment about using a different putter might yield different results is interesting. I hadn’t considered that.
  11. Ok... So putting is one reason I joined. I had ideas, and thoughts, and wanted to vent, and get feedback and other POV. Here is my thing on this: I got fit at Club Champion last summer. Did the SAM thing. Slight arc going back, then straightening out past the ball. stroke was really consistent. Then SAM spat out it's data about what putter type and balance I should be using. Face Balanced Blade. Not many of those exist. Bettinardi makes one, kind of an Anser style with a long neck. Carbon Putters makes one. Beyond that, all the "face balanced 'blade'" are largish variation
  12. First Post. Of Any Kind. Ever. I've never done forums. Hopefully I'm not out of place very much. Answers to the welcome page are below. I have a few other thoughts and introductions to throw out. I LOVE GOLF. I'll play if the course is open. 25 and rain? Yep. Windy and snowing? They make Yellow balls in a ProV1 now. I'm game. I tell people all the time, there are good golfers, and good players. A good golfer is someone who loves the game, respects the game, and plays the game with all that entails. A good player is someone who shoots a low score. Not all good playe
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