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  1. Too cold to play. Working on my putting. Notice that after about 7 paces the cup doesn’t look as round, more elliptical and smaller to me and makes me change the way I putt. So for longer putts I make sure I walk-in side 10 feet make a practice stroke looking at the hole. Then walk back to ball and just make same stroke for the long putt as for short except it’s longer backstroke
  2. Thanks for sharing that. When I tried to shorten my follow thru Deliberately didn’t have the proper tempo and didn’t work out thinking about that I don’t think about the length of the follow through anymore. I went back to slight forward lean /press and think about far back I been want to take handle/putter and I notice the shorten follow takes care of itself as I naturally hold the finish
  3. Yea that was bizarre play to end it for Dallas. Not the first time this season McCarthy been criticized for clock management
  4. Woke up with back pain. Past two days Played 18 yesterday and hit 4 buckets of balls after not touching a club for three weeks I really overdid it. It was cold 8 C outside but there were lots of golfers as the course reopen after 2 weeks of snow melted and I was just to excited to go out and play. Watching too much instruction tips on increasing driver swing speed on my time off and felt like I pull some muscles torquing my spine the wrong way. I going to rest the back and apply heat and massage treatments One thing about driving the ball is I can drive better if I just picture the apex of where I want the ball to start off and want to land as external cue as get ready to play the ball. If I start doing internal cues thinking about two or more body part and positions in a swing that lasts 1 sec instead of where I want the ball to go I get into trouble. There nothing wrong with dissection the swing just do it on the driving range.
  5. Played 9 holes 43. Really poor putting and chipping no excuses. Last few times on the course I just can not play a draw everything fades My refusal just let it go and play a high fade with my irons cost me some strokes. I had some fantastic games in the summer dialing in pure draw type I iron shots to the pin. I just. cannot do it now
  6. Its been3 weeks since I touched a golf club Went to the driving range and felt good enough to hit two buckets Tried double overlap / interlock grip and felt surprising comfortable Will try to use it on the course Appendum just got back on the course and used the double overlap/interlock and was very good with that grip with wedges from 100 yards plus minus 20 yards. This will be my go to grip for that distance It’s just a simple left arm swing. No extra lower body squat/ speed
  7. Feeling the one arm drill extends to the shoulder blade I do this “ shrug move” with my shoulder/neck and shoulder blade to feel more of a connection I’m feeling “one piece motion” driven from turning/rocking action from the muscles of my upper back makes my putting stroke more consistent. Also feeling like the putt stroke starts from the head down. Just opposite of the swing motion which starts from the ground up
  8. I find putting my weight toward the foot by having my head justly foreward of center makes the swing simpler aas advocated by S&T S&T works great for the irons but i didnt like it for my driver swing. Yes I overthinking this I swing better when i just allowed head to move with my golf swing I think I forgotten that the swing starts form the ground up and been too overly focus with manipulation my head positions
  9. I tried the center head position, I just dont have the athletic motion to squat on both leg like those who do on a trampoline. I feel more comfortable when my head mass is more over inside of my right foot instep and so when I lower my pelvis to squat I feel more springy in the right leg. I think the ideal is to have centered head position but there are variation like the S&T where the head mass is closer to the left foot I think as long as its not too extreme on one side or the other the swing will work , I feel I will develop swing speed if I have weight and pressure on my right hip to start the motion I guess if the modern driver , too swing up is KIng to distance so in the last few years with the observation of certain players like Justin Thomas that "jump" I believe that the downswing is club moves down and then up again to make contact with the ball not just "down"so I think the terminology downswing should be replaced by forward swing Just my 2 cents
  10. Trying to regain lost SS by watching some old video of my self swing when I use to have faster swing speed. One thing that helped was allowing my head to drop I would be able to squat and allow my head to drop with my squat. I would prefer to position my head more over my rear leg when I squat To complete the swing I feel like preset my pelvis to be open to turn better Then all I had to do was turn on the upswing. Why the forward swing is called downswing I don’t know cause with the modern driver I m swinging up not down. I think in the old day was different in that the iron and driver swing was down I think I lost that core driven swing in my old age and also i been focusing on putting and one of the fundamental is keeping my head from turning and moving up and down in the putting stroke as I try to strive for upper shoulder pendulum stroke This has certainly affected the dynamics of the swing which is more driven by the pelvis and leg as the kinetic change sequencing moves uP to the arms.
  11. I have not touched a putter or a club for almost 3 weeks. I been trying to work on my quads and footwork to improve my ground forces. upper body strength my forearms and more flex in my shoulder blade muscles Also trying to squat and jump and trying to let my head move with my squats improve my sequencing better ( starting from my legs up) Boring rather be hitting balls but I believe this will improve my distance
  12. Excellent point. The OP probably means the follow through not the foreward stroke.
  13. Most golfers seem to focus on the swing rather than putting for lessons. I was searching golf forums threads and there very little on putting What there is players wanting help for making short putts!
  14. If you have the cash to try new putter every 3-4 rounds and add it to your harem Why not? I have 3-4 putters I rotate through Have made changes to the shaft length and /or grips and that makes it “new” for me
  15. This past few months I’m been working on my short putts 4-10 foot range I was okay from long range but terrible from short range. Missing the hole entirely or poor speed control and lipping out. Last time playing on the course after practice out I was so confident with my short putts that it put less pressure on my chipping and long putting.
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