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  1. Right to left putts are a problem for me. I have accepted this Not sure why. But I have overcome this I have read 360 degree. Do a long walk around the cup Find my spot and once I find my spot I don’t look at the cup just aim the spot. Sometimes my eyes will want to look at the cup like in chipping. If that happens I close my eyes to putt.
  2. I stopped crouching behind the ball for putting. Do better when I start drawing a line from the cup to the ball. Often for short putts I draw a line with my eyes from 2feet beyond the cup back to the ball and then stroke the ball. Try not to take too much time between moving my eyes back and stroking the ball If I’m look like I’m taking time it’s just to figure out my speed. chipping seems to be different. I look for a spot to land the ball I actually have to stand on the side and have full view of both ball and hole and image the ball either dropping into the hole with wedge or play chip and roll with lower loft club So I walk from the side and start my routine from side rather than behind the cup.
  3. playing tight short course with lots of water +7 not bad hit a 2 water balls putts were not dropping until the back 9 Had these wedge short from 80-120 wedge shot had bit of trouble adjusting and hit in to the pond behind the green 80 years and in I was confident to get to putting range
  4. Bad scoring round. My chipping and putting was not there. Playing at links style course with no trees and wind was strong Ask the club pro how to play into a strong head wind some Suggestions and tips to try out against the wind next time for me With the driver and 3wood tee the ball lower than normal and make the swing less upright With the irons take 1-2 clubs more and play punchy/knockdown shot. Ball middle /back of stance with shorter length swing Don’t use a tee or tee barely above the ground for those punchy shot Take out the hybrid instead of 4/5 iron Flighted low draw is easier than low cut
  5. everyone slices. Not something that it curable. Moreso self maintain. The great like Tiger can manufacture one when he needed too For I slice a lot of wedge shots in practice to get that feeling out my system when I begin to think slice.
  6. 20-40 yard lob shots to the green. more comfortable slice/cut lob and ball will roll sideways after it lands Taking the club outside the line. Trying different postures where to locate my sternum/spine. To reduce the slice as approach closer to the green I Prefer to setup with my sternum/spine more in front of the ball and tilted. Especially inside 20 yards
  7. Tiger at his best was hitting all 9 window shapes with irons I think the driver is a different story. The driver is not a club I want to have a two way miss For me it’s a fade spin for consistent The hook/draw spin does feel more powerful but from my experience more OB as well. Other golfers they can draw with control much better than me should stick with it
  8. My controlled ball flight is a fade. I can do it instinctively Any club High/low. More fade or less fade. adjusting stance and grip posture without thinking about it Draw totally different story. I snap hook Only certain clubs don’t hook as much as other so I’m comfortable using those clubs only if the situation calls for it. Pin tucked in the left back / fairway severe right to left dogleg Past season I was working to learn draw the ball Start with my wedges as only club I felt could comfortably hit straightish/small draw And tried to make swing through the bag Really there was 2 days I could draw the ball as my first option using that swing and that swing didn’t last as felt unnatural and hook came back plus I totally lost my ability to fade I had to convert back.
  9. Yes you are right I usually set up open or square. For whatever reason I was trying new clubs in the stimulator and hitting fades like I normally do Then trying to draw the ball and setup with my feet closed caused it worked the last time I was at the course and hit a bunch of closed loopy body hooks that seem to work but I think I put too torque on my front knee. I been trying to draw the ball where I don’t turn my hands at all and just try to do it with my body turn. And it does work but at the expense on my knee I think I may have to go back to more handsy way of drawing the ball.
  10. I am rehabbing a left knee sprain and man , didn’t realize how important it was to have a strength in the lower body for swinging My last time out I was babying my knee and was all arm swing and did not use any “ ground force pressures” causing loss of distance One thing I remember doing was flaring out my feet and that really felt less pressure on my knees when I turned For some reason stopped doing that Maybe that’s why I put pressure on my knees ? will do that again as much as I can once I’m back full strength Also I have too much weight on my toes. Which is fine for putting chipping but it seems to limit my ability to pivot properly on my front foot when I swing
  11. Got a new set of iron Tour edge E with graphite shifts. Wanted to try it out on the course. Had hurt my left knee didnt play for couple of weeks Excited to get out as it was warmer today my swing was awful. Too much arms and not proper body rotation. I had six lost/OB and quit scoring after 7 holes after realizing I couldn’t put pressure on my knee just played out front 9 and time for rehab for another week. I’m going make sure my turning and extension strength on my knee is better before trying to play again
  12. Is that the idea for the claw? When I turn my trail arm to claw I don’t think I can pull the putt as much or at least takes one variable out for pulling. The trail hand turning over too much
  13. Weather warmer and will be playing more. Looking back past year my best driving range sessions were after I played. I seem to sort things at the driving range after However putting doesn’t seem to sort itself out after a bad playing day. I do notice that if I practice my 3-4-5 footers Prior to a round it does help my confidence.
  14. When I stick the butt end against my forearm it feels like anchoring to me , but I didnt make the rules The USGA definition of direct anchoring is The club is anchored “directly” when the player intentionally holds the club or a gripping hand in contact with any part of his body, except that the player may hold the club or a gripping hand against a hand or forearm so hands and forearms are exempt and not considered "anchoring" Armlock is just another technique that permissible Take advantage of the rules and try arm lock see if you can make more putts that way There another section for broomstick and side saddle putting that has a definition for " anchor point" that gets more complicated as well since the butt end is held by the gripping hand , and is not directly anchored but consider "anchoring " but way of " anchor point" the definition of the "anchor point" "Anchor point” exists when the player intentionally holds a forearm in contact with any part of his body to establish a gripping hand as a stable point around which the other hand may swing the club
  15. In professional teams sports there are meetings once a year to go over the rules and make changes so the game is more enjoyable and fair for everyone Don’t understand why golf is so slow to make changes.
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