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  1. Yea still have my broomstick that I take out and practice or play a round with once in a while Its not any better than the short putter but it can free up some rigid thought about about "how one suppose to putt" Putting is more an art than a science for me As far as anchoring I dont hold the butt end to my chest when I putt and I dont have problems with others using the broomstick as long as they follow the rules If I really want to "anchor" the putter then the arm lock is the way to go
  2. Been away from golf for a month and google his story. First thing that came up was crazy wife story Then the hot streak with new long putter story. Watch his new putting stroke and it looks really good I rather see him playing for Ryder cup than JT. One thing I really like is how he setup up with the rear arm then the front arm and loosen his rear arm before he take the grip again. Definitely not anchoring I believe his lead forearm and putter shaft is on the same plane
  3. Have taken a break for three weeks and climbing myself out of the rabbit hole One of the first question that lead me into the rabbit hole was wondering what is a release ? And what release patterns are there ? It doesn’t matter. I seen so many ways players swing As long I release the club I can figure it out as I play my round. Sometimes it starts as fade. Sometimes as a hook. Another problem with my golf journey is to develop a good short game to match my tee game The feeling I get when my putting and chipping “is on” is that I’m feeling im “holding off the release”. Fundamental different tempo/rhythm pattern than my long game. In my long game I’m feeling like I’m “throwing” the club. my throw pattern is synonymous with my release pattern There is no throw in chipping. It’s a pure pendulum swing The release is naturally through gravity or release held off for better roll effect on the green Just a random thought that I share with all of you
  4. Thanks for the input. I definitely open my putter face during my stroke on the left to right for the right handed putt And that is certainly why I am inconsistent with my left to right breakers. I’m not sure if I do that with right to left. But I do feel right to left breaker stroke has less manipulation
  5. Practice Putting and chipping from above the cup generally downhill and breaks quick I have a better chance of one putting/holing the chip if I read from the below the hole , walk circle ( I know it might take a longer ) but getting a 3-D prospective is so important Right to left I aim with toe/ topline of the club Left to right more tricky for me , i have to aim with leading edge/ bottom part of the toe of the club to make it work for me I think left to righter take more time for me to prepare stroke the ball properly Goes against my natural tendency and not compatible with my long game
  6. Might seem obviously for some folks but I’m notorious “die in “putter and often I don’t give my putts a chance as they come short Best TIP for me was to look for a spot beyond the cup or have speed so the ball rolls a foot past the cup especially important on shorts inside 10 feet
  7. Played early morning 9 holes 40 Yesterday able to fade my driver. 1st tee hook. Settle down by the 3rd hole and played my draw all day which is comforting OB twice but had fantastic short game. Got up and down several times and my putting was good. Able to see the line and central cut into the cup when I was inside 10 feet
  8. Ball position for putting in the past was getting to obsessed with getting my eyes over the ball Now generally have the ball middle of stance and slight inside the balL line and make an arc stroke For special circumstances when I need to make a straight stroke I will play ball either off front/back foot and position my head /eyes so I can see the ball path better which may or may not be over the ball The Malaska video with Brendan (be better golfer) about putting really clears up the issues about eye alignment
  9. Played team scrabble. Got in with -12 and thought that was good was Not enough good for top5. Winning team -17 I was driving the ball well. Made some good iron shots. The other fellows in my group were strong putters and chippers we complimented each other well My ball flight has really changed a lot since the start of the season I’m primarily a drawer of the ball. Lost ability to fade My fade is basically a straight shot and when I try baby cut I can’t it turns to a slice. The good thing is that I don’t hook the ball and have reasonably good right to left control and not afraid of the hook and can hook on command How ever I just cannot hit a control fade anymore. My basic iron fade is really a hold off pull shot that "cuts" If I come down more steep than I can cut the ball more If I hit up on the ball I can somewhat control the ball by extending my arms and letting my forearms roll after ball contact To fade the ball I hold off the rolling effects of my forearm
  10. Graphite in my irons. Just easier on my joints and I’m not afraid to swing fast and hard because there no vibrations from a mishit I still like steel in my wedges and putter for feedback Most times I don’t go all out with those clubs
  11. Been more consistent with alternative LHL with conventional grip depending on the putt Ideally I like to have my shoulder level for putting as I like to rock my shoulders But got fast breaking putts I feel LHL brings my left shoulder bit higher than my left and I can adjust to the start line and speed a bit better
  12. Trying for a full finish on my driver swings typically my iron finish ends with the butt end of the club finishing a few inches just above my left shoulder In an effort to create more speed I been developing a recoil or helicopter finish that I like to start feeling more comfortable with Doing some drills off the Steve Pratt site that seems to be working
  13. Driving. Been happy with improvements and consistency with putter/wedge/irons Time to work on the Driver. Generally good but I think the other swings has bleed into my driver swing and I’m losing my “ whip” and swing speed Not gripping with my left hand properly The back of my left hand was hurting a bit. So drills with taking my grip over my right shoulder and making practice baseball swings and it working really well Might make this drill my practice swing
  14. I just saying that I’m chipping to the pin has improved my short game rather than chipping to a spot When I focus spot I forget the cup and the chip ends up stopping near the spot
  15. Watching team Taylormade tips and Rory talks about chipping to a spot. Tiger says he doesn’t know how to chip to a spot and his target is the pin/cup. I always used a spot. Went out and tried to be focus on the pin but also found a spot on the green on the trajectory to the pin and chipping was 100% better I think I was too focus on a spot and lost focus on the pin There certainly times when looking to the spot only will work better like a flop shot to a fast green running away from me but keeping in my mind the ultimate goal is the cup/pin There too many times chip goes short and ends up at the “spot location”
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