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  1. I put my clubs away for the winter except my putter When anchoring banned was in effect some years ago I spend the winter practicing standard length putter and was somewhat proficient with the standard flat stick past few years but I went back to the broom stick this season for a while to get my confidence back I am convinced that anchoring is the easiest way to putt and the arm lock has me intrigued that its a better anchoring method I converted bellies to arm lock but seem to flat of a lie angle I be spending the winter months lengthening putters and seeing if I can change the lie and loft and trying various combos
  2. Seems like inside 2.5 feet my eyes are drawn to the hole as I can see the cup in my visual field without moving my head. I think “banging” the ball in certainly is confidence builder with a deliberate follow through When I get longer out say 4-20 feet I feel my stroke reverts back to more pendulum like and follow isn’t longer than my backstroke. Usually follow through is short than length of back stroke
  3. Yea I find that my setup differs on downhills /side slopes I usually have to go behind the hole or low side to read it properly. Almost all the time I’m looking to roll to curve /look for apex Almost never straight for me shaft lean does help as much as more vertical shaft. Thanks for the tip
  4. I been thinking about where the “cutoff” between what I consider long vs short and it’s usually 25 feet give or take few feet depending on how fast the green is Then I get into what is a “chipping” motion over 25 feet For me it’s using my hips and allowing my lower body and knees to move. Doesn’t have to much but just a little For fine short distance control I feel like most people that it’s shoulder/arms/hands motion. No lower body movement
  5. My aiming with the putter was getting inconsistent. Went back to odessay 9 to practice and immediately had some confidence. There something about flow neck that is pleasing to me eye For the longest time whenever I was looking at a pumblers neck or double bend putter was “ugly” neck design to me but I rolled the ball better. when I hold the putter cross handed the neck didn’t bother me at all but when I held the putter conventional seem like I was using the tool in the toolbox the wrong way
  6. When I using conventional I tend to rotate/Torque the putter head too much so I can push or pull my putts cause it hard to match my putter path with that much closing of the face I end up pushing a lot of my putts conventional grip to "trying to hold the face square " I find that cross handed minimizes the pushes . Also finding a putter that has less 'toe flow" ( less toe hang) seems to reduces the pulls as well Making putts is just a different fundamental than swinging to a target so I have no problems with totally different grip
  7. Been going back and forth this season and I think crosshanded fits in with the rest of my game I seem to go back LHL method more often than not When I started I used 5.0 fatso baseball style Changed to thinner 3.0 superstoke as felt more comfy to put my hands closer together Don’t have a specific way of holding the putter but I do find that if I have breaking putts feel more confidence with a either a double interlock or double overlap type grip If it a straight path to the cup then ten fingers most of the time
  8. It’s getting to cold to play but still like to go out for a practice my putting. Seems like there’s something new that I figured out. Few weeks ago I was wondering if was better to “swing the arms” or “rock the shoulders” to power/initiates the putting stroke Both worked along with depending on the type of putter that suited that style Today I discovered a third way. More of a “waist initiating “ stoke Kinda like belly putting Butt end always pointed to my midline. I would stand pigeon toe lock up the knee and lift up the putter when I straighten my knees and my arms would “hold the finish”with a “pop” stroke. Was effected but very different feeling with my arms Usually my arms would swing like a pendulum or slightly more follow through than backswing. This time my follow through very short never past my front foot. Surprising my distance control for short putts just as good as long distance putts Only draw back was I had to modify my routine for breaking putts as I need more “lag speed” for those type of putts My arms felt very different. it serve more to “hold the line”. I was was used to releasing my arms. However if I did the putter face would rotate too much off line The drawback was I was having a hard time with breaking putts. However if I modify my routine and set up so that I initiate the putting stroke with my shoulder blades instead of my waist. Don’t have to lock my knees or doing anything lower body it was a smooth stroke. Could develop more touch with that type of stroke That type of stroke felt like when I belly wedge just off the green.
  9. what about routine? Is there a significant change long vs short putts?
  10. I cant find any answers to this question online Do you feel there is a different stroke with a long putt vs a short putt? Do you have a total different setup for long putts vs short putts? Do you have the same stroke regardless of the length of putt ?
  11. My putting has been inconsistent. Left the flagstick mostly all season for putting. Now reflecting back I think it’s really speed up play so it serves it purpose. Overall I think it helped my putting The short ones 3,4 5 footers I feel like more confident. Can’t explain it other than like me putting to a table leg at home. It’s just an addition target longer putts I don’t think it makes any difference to my score. I haven’t done the stats but generally feel I should be aim at a cup not a pin for longer putts I could be wrong but I think there is stats that says if there significant downhill break the pin does help.
  12. Maybe I’m going crazy but now I’m going through the 3rd putter that “works” I was having trouble with my short putts and grab an old Newport that I thought I was hoping to sell. Tried different setup and styles then old of sudden I was sinking a lot of putts Went to another green that had steep uphill and downhill with lots of break just to make sure it’s not just “practice” on the same flat green all the time that made it easier. I been using mallets and it always felt that I was suppose to hit the ball on the center. That felt good. With the Newport I was sinking putts hitting closer to the toe. Plus I was having excellent distance control. Short putts were tough as I like to “bang” ball in. Lots of lip outs. Then I tried this routine where I would bounce the putter on the ground Do a practice stroke with my left arm at the cup without holding the putter Setup to putt , then lift the putter off the ground with my left arm only (I guess it would be like a hover) and my stroke seem to have excellent back of the cup speed. No lip outs. Worked well as I got further away from the hole. The other way I did it was wiping the toe and lightly tap the toe of the putter on the green before putting. This routine gave me more inconsistent results but was much better when I had a downhill break
  13. Missing short putts when I last played Practice 2 footers to gain confidence and slowly moved back one foot at a time I think what happening is that I get that I move my head and eyes during the stroke With short putts 2.5 feet my head stays still and I can see the hole in the peripheral of visual fields I sure that why no one misses under 2 feet Dont why I don’t do this anymore but I use to look a spot just back of the ball and make sure my was square to that spot at impact at contact. Was good for keeping my ball online and prevents me for looking up to early
  14. Trying to be more accurate on the really short chips and green side bunker shots with fast downhill greens I feel that if I hold the wedge however open and close and then follow a routine in which I then regrip with my top hand I can keep that face angle And my hands will not want the clubface to rotate and square up. Felt really good for those touch shots around the green
  15. Using Stx putter actually meant for face on. But I find it odd to putt face on so I turn side ways and attached to my trail arm. The lie is upright I have tried same putter with lead arm anchor. Prefer the length of the putter the pit of my elbow for lead arm anchor. I prefer the length of the putter to be mid trail forearm height if I’m using it attached to my trail arm Still have to play a few rounds to test it out but likely would be able to anytime soon due to the colder weather
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