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  1. So what cnosil says that Ping app measure " arc" is really rotation of the putter head then the Ping app isnt really that accurate. the putter path may be going straight but rotating and PIng says that "arc " stroke Has any one use the other method to measure path/rotation more accurately? My preference is toe hang putter and Im curious to know how much arc and rotation I really have
  2. I like wolf. It’s fun. Competitive and enjoyable no matter why level your playing partners are at
  3. I download the iping2.0 app yesterday. Seems to less user friendly than the original version and seems to do only one fitting rather than multiple trial I can’t even find a cradle being sold around anymore
  4. I read it’s call the “fall line” too. For what ever reason I am not as comfortable with the right to left break. I walk a bit more to read my line and use more of a straight line aimpoint type strategy.
  5. Working on short putts and when I’m focused on specific part of the cup my aiming becomes more accurate. On flat putts I have a tendency to be left biases and will look at the entry or exit points on the left part of the cup My preference is to stroke at inside left edge with square/slightly open face (less than 2 degrees if possible) I’m gong to test this out with Laser and see if there is a SAM lab locally I can get tested
  6. I naturally cut my putts. I’m not sure how that would fit in. Over the years I worked on developing an arc stroke. I’m not sure SBST is natural.
  7. I’m overthinking this. Two popular web instructions (Chris Ryan and Clay Ballard) says the putting stroke length should 1/3 backstroke and 2/3 forward stroke. Two PGA players says the opposite. The foreward stroke is shorter than the backstroke Luke Donald. “Like hitting a hammer” Brandt Snedeker “The follow through is nonexistent“ I trust this forum and the it’s insightful members to shed some wisdom for this dichotomy
  8. Practicing short putts and find that for left to right sliders deviate differently than my normal routine When I read a break that runs toward me I can see one line But for the break that runs away I have to see “two lines” one from the cup to the apex and another from the ball to apex and kind of join those two lines I think if I go through this routine and read from both sides I will not miss as many left to righter So I what I’m saying is I can can see a draw curve easier. When force to imagine a fade I have to think of two straight paths intersecting, if that makes any sense
  9. Rotating between two different putters right now FGP see more and Odyssey 9 Went to try the spider and like it more than my odyssey Don’t really like having too many putter but might pull the trigger
  10. I’m conventional style. I did putt cross handed for 3 years during time Spieth was good but switch back to conventional I would use my shoulders “power” the long putts With short Putts I stand closer to the ball I use my trail arm mostly to tap push instead of my shoulders. For a while I tried the Lydia Ko method , conventional grip for long putts and cross handed for short putts but I didn’t feel right and I just stick to conventional appedulum. Just an after thought day afterwards I usually putt with a flow neck putter. During the period I was putting crosshanded. I wa
  11. I prefer putters that have simple looks in regards to the number of bends at the neck and with less aiming lines painted on top of the head. (Less busy). One thing I notice is that how the putter looks sitting on the display floor can be very different when I set to putt behind the putter I really don’t know if the putter fits my eye unless I roll a few. I spotted few putters I though was “ugly” at first glance that was surprising accurate rolling on the putting green.
  12. Working on my short putts this week. I been trying to avoid the forward press. (Hands forward Just with Wedges around the green for me) Trying to reduce my follow thru and keep the face angle square to the hole. I’m trying to keep my follow through length shorter than my backstroke length. At around 8 feet and further out is when I tend to follow thru length about the same or longer than backstroke
  13. Having trouble aligning my eyes to the “ apex” after reading the green for long putts that move right to left Closed to eyes to putt and seem strange at first but really felt the ball off the putter really well and as long as I have the “spot” in my mind eye I can putt Felt more confident after holing a few with my eyes closed
  14. Had been working hard on my putting overdoing my eye alignment that bleed into my long game and long game suffered Had an aha moment today. When I was setting up to hit my irons, it feels I see the “top” of the ball for better striker. With the driver it was the “back “ of the ball. If that makes any sense. Im not sure about chipping and pitching but maybe it’s the “whole ball “
  15. I bought a yardstick 2weeks ago and determined to improve my putting. Put the ball on the 3 feet long stick and roll the ball over it. It’s harder than I thought and I noticed how misaligned my eyes were to my stroke. I tried with different putters and notice I got to handsy and went with larger putter grip that help.
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