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  1. Dan, Pebble Beach, CA RH UiHi x stiff first choice hybrid x stiff 2nd choice hcp: oscillating either side of 5 currently play a 17deg cobra f9 hybrid, and sometimes a 21deg x forged UT (for when it is windy)
  2. I tried left hand low at home on the practice mat, and while it felt weird and uncomfortable the ball rolled really well. I tried it out on the course and could never get comfortable, and as others mentioned, tension is a killer and I pulled everything. For 35 years I gripped the putter with an overlap, traditional grip because it felt normal. In the last couple of months, I have tried out a baseball-style grip with the putter: index finger of my left hand barely touching the little finger of my right. For some reason, this totally stabilises my hands and takes any wrist out of the stroke
  3. Dan Pebble Beach, CA Callaway Epic Flash SZ hcp: 5.3 swing speed: 112mph would like to test the TSi3
  4. I’ve been playing for 35 years now - now I have a few more resources than when I was a kid I can be sucked into impulse purchases compared to when I had to make do with whatever I could get my hands on, which makes the frequent switching more possible. I’ve never found something that does it all - I used a Rossa Monza spider for a good while (probably the longest in recent times) and it was awesome for 5-6 footers, but had to be because I really struggled with long putts with it and this often left a lot of cleaning up to be done. The one in the bag right now (odyssey double wide) is great at
  5. I seem to have a pattern of behavior that may well be common out there - I test out new putters and find a “magic wand” that holes everything at a demo day, or on the practice green. It goes in the bag, and seems to work really well for a while, but it doesn’t take long for me to second-guess performance (and things like Arccos aren’t great with putting stats, only measuring the length of the 1st putt, but suggest any uptick in overall performance is negligible). I invariably start trying out old putters and replace the magic wand with one of the others and have a revolving spot in the bag. On
  6. Dan, Pebble Beach CA 5.4 callaway md4 54, 58 my favorite wedges I ever owned were a set of mp black ox wedges that I finally had to replace about 7 years ago. No raw wedges have caught my eye since but I keep looking.
  7. I thought folks might enjoy this photo from last month - playing at Pasadera in Monterey the day the wildfires started, and we got this photo on the 15th (highest point on the course) as the River fire spread in the background. Huge thanks to all the firefighters who risk life and limb to get these fires under control - they do an unbelievable job in awful conditions.
  8. Fun thing to think about - ranking fun and wow factor over what “technically” are the best courses: 1- Cypress Point 2- Pebble Beach 3 - Bandon Dunes (Pacific is probably the better course, but Bandon was more fun - Pacific was so tough with the wind blowing!) 4 - Pacific Dunes 5 - Spyglass Hill 6 - Pumpkin Ridge (Witch Hollow) 7 - Wailea Emerald (again, the gold is probably a better course but the Emerald is so beautiful) 8 - St Enodoc, Cornwall 9 - MPCC Shore course 10 - (wildcard, for the fun factor) Narin and Portnoo, Donegal
  9. Dan, Pebble Beach CA I have a wellputt 10ft May in the garage with the puttout mirror, gates and putting trainer - really good for grooving a consistent stroke, but a bit boring! The medium speed would be a great fit for where I usually play.
  10. You could try something I did when everywhere was closed during the spring - I bought used clubs from the Callaway preowned store, and they have a 15 day playability guarantee - for the cost of shipping them to you and back again (less than 20 bucks, I think), you can try them out and send them back if you don’t get on with them. They have frequent sales with great prices, and they also have an eBay store that has free shipping and free returns. It also has the benefit of letting you try more than just a 7 iron off a mat in a store - you can take them out on the course in real conditions.
  11. I would add that it is just as important to factor in what makes you feel confident when you stand over them. I hurt my back a few years back, and my swing was a mess. Standing over my usual irons (that I loved and hit well for years), they suddenly looked like teaspoons and anything longer than an 8 iron filled me with dread. I got a set of used Callaway rogues after hitting a few GI irons at a local golf store, and they gave me back a bunch of confidence (even a pretty poor strike got the ball up and going). After a bit of physio, lots of stretching exercises and a lot of Advil, I got full r
  12. I go down to the beach with my son and we go golf ball hunting - we give any ones in decent condition we find to the local middle school, and I keep the premium balls that look in good nick. We find 70-80 balls every time we go down and I have dozens of pro v1s in the garage. I tested them on my launch monitor and the ones that look good perform exactly the same as new ones - you can tell if they have been in the water a while, and these ones get discarded. a local high schooler fished thousands of balls out of the ocean -
  13. It all depends what kind of help or forgiveness you are looking for - I can only speak to my experience, but I tested out a bunch of player distance irons last winter and was seduced by the length of the p790s (who doesn’t want to see a 7 iron fly 180, and come in at 48 degrees?). When I took them out on the course, I couldn’t control the distance and it created gapping issues throughout the bag. The misses were fine, but spin disappeared and I flew greens too often. I took them back and got some mp20 mmc in the mid-irons and they are really consistent with distance and spin (my miss is cat
  14. Dan, Pebble Beach Odyssey Stroke Lab double wide I’d like to test the ZB3 - I have a fairly strong arc and like the look and feel of blade-like putters but benefit from as high a MOI as possible in this shape. I’ve owned a bunch of ping putters (my backup is a a sigma Tess, but can only use this if I’m rolling it really well - the odyssey replaced it last season) and have always liked the feel off the face.
  15. Are you tied to going in July/Aug? Sept or early Oct are the best time for both - the fog can be bad in Pebble Beach and is a complete lottery in June through Aug - strangely, Pebble Beach avoids the worst of it but Spanish and Spy can be unplayable (though it usually clears up enough to be playable by late morning). By mid -sept the weather is awesome. Before moving to CA a couple of years ago we lived in Portland and spent a lot of time on the Oregon coast - early fall was usually the most reliable weather. In terms of the golf, it goes without saying that you can’t go wrong at either. Pe
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