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  1. Bought this to go along with my mmc and mb combo 6-PW, but hit the mmc so much better so am going to replace this one with the mmc 5 iron. Barely used (never hit outdoors just on simulator in garage). KBS Tour 90 shaft and golf pride MCC align grip. $135 shipped anywhere in lower 48.
  2. They arrived - took over 4 weeks (looks like Mizuno have quite a backlog). Had a bit of a hit into the screen with them, but will tear them out fully this weekend. They feel awesome off the face so far!
  3. Dan, Pebble Beach, CA Callaway MD4 chrome 54, 58 Would like to test a 58deg, low bounce
  4. Just started engaging with the forums here after a couple of years enjoying the site - thanks for all the great content and for the kind replies to my early posts. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Been playing for about 35 years - started as a kid at the local course back in Cornwall, UK. Dad used to drop me and my brother off in the morning then go to work, and pick us up at the end of the day during the school holidays - 25 quid a year for a junior membership! Stopped playing during college years, then started up again when I worked at a school with a little 9 hole course in Dublin about 15 years ago (built as a labour of love by the long-standing Chemistry teacher). HCP is currently a 5, and anything in the mid 70s is a good day. What do you love about golf? As most others say, the challenge is what keeps me coming back - it is also good for working on your resilience. That day when your swing feels off and everything is out of sync, you either have to resign yourself to 4 miserable hours, give up, or commit to figuring out a way to get the ball in the hole. It is also the perfect mix of social and personal time - chat on the tee box and between holes, but plenty of time with your own thoughts in between. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I really like the reviews and data-driven approach. I don't know anyone else on the site, but I'm guessing I've played with a few without knowing. Where are you from? What is your home course? I currently live in the Monterey area, and play whichever public course has a tee time at a good price (lots of good options, but lately it has been absolutely mobbed down here). What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Lots of options, but can get very crowded and the prices are high for the better courses. Some fantastic public golf (Bayonet-Black Horse, PG muni, Poppy Hills) and I've been lucky enough to play all the private and big-name courses in town. The worst thing is the slow play and the crowds, particularly this summer, and the lack of a reasonably-priced private club option. What do you do for a living? I've been a teacher for 25 years. How’d you pick your user name? Old college nickname that became my email address a long time ago.
  5. Second this - you can get one used from the prowled website for $200 with their sale right now. I have bought a bunch of stuff used from them and it is always in great condition. Their eBay site is often even cheaper and has free shipping - if you know the shaft you want, it is a great way to get a great club at a reasonable price. If you register with the preowned site, put a club in your cart and don’t check out, they usually send you a free shipping code if you wait a day or two to close the sale, I bought a used epic flash sz with the Tensei blue 65g shaft and it goes for miles (but as juspoole says about forgiveness, it is not necessarily always in the right direction...)
  6. I can’t emphasize enough now much difference the right shaft makes - I was late to this realization, always searching for the magic driver head, but while waiting for a couple of clubs to be regripped at a Golfmart I messed around with the drivers on their launch monitor. Some of them went nowhere (the cobra speedzone, which I was keen to try, was giving me low flight and no distance with the stock stiff shaft), but the epic flash sz was going miles. Out of curiosity, I asked the guy there to put that shaft in a couple other heads, and got the same great numbers (and not a great deal of difference between low spin and regular models). Picked up a used epic flash with that Tensei blue shaft and I am hitting longer and straighter than ever. On a side note, I also found out that the ball you use makes a lot more of a difference to distance that I ever thought (the tp5x adds 5-10 yards to all but my short irons, and spins comparably with wedges)
  7. I played with a set of Rogues for a year or two because of a back injury - couldn’t turn fully so needed help getting the ball in the air. When things were getting back to normal, I couldn’t stop them from going up to the moon with every shot. I could hit them from level with by back foot and they still went into space. When my ball speed returned, I switched back to an x forged/apex mb combo set and can now control trajectory etc, Didn’t see any loss in distance (though I am swinging faster now, but the player’s irons are plenty long enough) and the feeling when you hit either type in this combo set is incomparable.
  8. Pebble Beach, CA - 5 hcp. callaway x forged/apex mb combo, 8 iron 155-160 (apex mb, 34 degrees loft) I bought my current irons used, and learned about sub 70 when I was looking for irons to update my Nike pro combos (but got a great deal on the callaways this winter) - the price of irons in the players/players distance category has gotten so high that the DTC options look really appealing, and the sub 70 reviews were really encouraging. Having tested a bunch of shafts I know what I like/what fits me, and their 60 day money back guarantee makes trying their irons a zero risk option.
  9. Did you only hit 6 irons? I had a similar experience with p790s, but it gave me issues with gapping at both ends of my bag. I got so excited by the distance I was hitting a 7 iron, the only one I hit in the fitting at a Golfmart, but the reality on the course with a full set of clubs and a range of distances to dial in didn’t work so I took them back. Will you get a chance to hit all the irons? The stock shaft in the p790 Is limited to one option, so I ended up testing Mizuno v Srixon, which have a ton of shaft and grip options at no upcharge.
  10. I hit a mixture of premium balls with my Skytrak launch monitor indoors, usually a mix of prov1 prov1x, and Bridgestone tour BXS - I get almost identical performance numbers and have always been a little skeptical about the difference between premium balls for my game. A tp5x found its way into the mix, and I noticed significantly lower spin with my pitching wedge. It was an old ball I found, so I thought little of it. Out of curiosity today, I broke out a brand new tp5x (was given a sleeve at a recent competition) and a brand new prov1 and compared their numbers with a 6 iron. The tp5x added 5mph of ball speed, 10 yards of carry with higher flight, and dropped the spin into the mid-high 4K range, (prov1 was consistently around 5600). I checked the spin with 100 yard wedges, and the two balls performed identically (slightly lower spin With the tp5x, but still over 9k with 3/4 swings). Driver distances were basically the same - within 5 yards with the same spin in the low 2k range. Has anyone else experienced this kind of outlier of one type of ball? Not sure what to do with this new-found knowledge......
  11. Have to wait 2 weeks to get them - can’t wait, Will post pics, thoughts and some numbers when they get here (as long as the numbers look good!)
  12. Dan, Pebble Beach CA I practice putting a couple of times a week, but it is an area I should devote more time to - don’t convert enough from the 8-15ft range. Arccos 3 putt percentage is 3.5%, so I don’t 3 putt often (lag putting is a strength, just don’t make many outside 6-8ft). I’m really interested in this system because my iron play has improved hugely since I set up a simulator in the garage, but there isn’t anything to help in a similar way with putting (as a science teacher, I love the data side of things and using it to help focus practice and technique), and putting on skytrak is not helpful. The ping app has helped identify some bad habits (inconsistent arc, leaving the face open and adding loft at impact) but doesn’t really help beyond that so it would be great to try something like this system to add to my practice regimen. With 2 young kids, I don’t have the opportunity to get to practice facilities outside often so something I can jump on at home for an hour or so each night would be a gift.
  13. Went with the modus 120 throughout - felt the most balanced to me, and the numbers were great.
  14. Thanks for the replies - in a miracle development, Golfmart just reopened so I could go in and hit the various options. Didn’t even get as far as the Srixons, because I hit the MP 20 MMC so well with the Modus shaft - turns out that it must have been the x forged head that was giving the lower flight for my swing. Great numbers for descent, spin, peak height, distance and consistency with the MP20 MMC in the mid irons, and MP20 MB in the 9 and PW (hit the s300 and $ tapers and the balance felt way off - so glad I got to test out various shafts). Now I probably need to buy new wedges to blend in better - the urge to buy new clubs never ends!
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