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  1. Prices dropped for MGS shoppers - some good stuff to be had for when the snow melts!
  2. Clearing out my COVID lockdown spending spree. Open to offers, all prices are shipped CONUS, and paid with Paypal goods and services. All putters come with original head covers. - Ping g410LST (no headcover): head only- $SOLD ping tour 65s - SOLD Speeder 757 Evo - $85 65s is standard length, evo plays a little less than 1" shorter. - Callaway x forged '18 UTs: 24 and 27, standard LLL., nippon pro modus 120s shafts. 27 has a new mcc +4 align (newly installed), 24 has a tour velvet align. Excellent condition, great clubs, just don't fit with my gapping anymore (mp2
  3. The surface is totally smooth and rolls well. It seems to give pretty good data, though I have only been using in for less than a week.
  4. Been using it for a month or so now, after a 2h putting lesson just before thanksgiving. It revealed the choice to either rebuild my grip and posture or try to find a putter to cover up technical flaws. I decided to do the long-term fix, and the squareback fits the new setup. So far, so good - I use a gate and putting mirror to practice starting the ball on line for 8 footers, and interestingly I always slightly pull my “warm up” putts before getting into a groove. I bought a putting fork pro that fits easily in my bag and I throw it on the practice green before I play to work through the pull
  5. I found myself reminiscing in a similar way - I started playing in the mid-80s, and always wanted a set of Wilson Staff irons (they were the prettiest things around back then - the size of butter knives, and you could cut your finger on the topline, but so shiny!). I found a few sets on ebay for about $150, and am sorely tempted to finally get a set, just for fun as you mentioned.
  6. Just started a new relationship - back in the honeymoon phase...
  7. I went through my long-abandoned old clubs in the garage today (too old to bother about selling, but in decent nick), and hit them on the launch monitor indoors - most had earned their place in the discard pile (change in swing, faster speed now, better tech etc) - an old cobra 3 wood, a nickent hybrid, an orlimar trimetal fairway - but one club blew me away... First swing with an old taylormade rescue mid 19 deg (early 2000's - can't remember exactly) and it launched high, straight and long. It repeatedly went straight, high and the right distance to fit a gap in my bag (the awkward 220-ish c
  8. Dan, Pebble Beach ipad pro will test both indoors (have a sim setup with skytrak, screen and projector with enough space) and outdoors (lucky enough to be in CA, with good winter weather)
  9. Got fitted into an Edel putter, and wasn’t able to afford it new. Found a mint, used one with standard loft and lie - it is great for me from 8ft in, but I couldn’t get used to it for lag putting (not part of a fitting!). Only used it for 2 rounds and in the garage. Need to re-sell it to finance the continued search for the unicorn putter.... $SOLD - please close.
  10. Just finished a putter fitting session - the first one I’ve had that wasn’t rolling a bunch of putts in a big box store - and it was truly enlightening. Using the SAM putt lab setup outside on the putting green with my current putter, the initial 5 putts confirmed what I had suspected about strengths and weaknesses - tempo was really good (my strength has always been speed control and lag putting) and the stroke was very consistent in all other metrics with one concern highlighted: too much opening and closing of the face around impact. If everything else wasn’t perfect, then this added a lot
  11. They were always the weird small old balls that had gone yellow in some old guy’s bag (acknowledging that to us, old guy was anyone over 40, like my dad), and they had weird dimples (you can add the Dunlop 65 to that list). We used to try and hit them hard and thin with a wedge, to cut them open to see what looked like a mass of elastic bands inside.
  12. I just watched Rick Shiels' video on Top Flight balls, and he reminisced on the balls he used "back in the day" as a junior. It made me think back to my early years playing golf as a junior in the UK in the mid-80's. Our club had a strong junior program (25GBP a year for membership!) and we would hunt for balls when not allowed on the course at busy times. The gems we all wanted to find were Spalding Tour Editions, Titleist Tour Balata (or any Titleist we found). Wilson Ultras, Pinnacles and Top Flites would hurt your hands if you caught then the slightest bit thin, and were rocks. You were al
  13. I live 2 minutes from Pebble Beach Links and have been fortunate enough to play it a handful of times, and have never used the same putter twice...
  14. Dan, Pebble Beach, CA RH UiHi x stiff first choice hybrid x stiff 2nd choice hcp: oscillating either side of 5 currently play a 17deg cobra f9 hybrid, and sometimes a 21deg x forged UT (for when it is windy)
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