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  1. Golf Discount will periodically have "performance packs" (6 balls) of the current gen Z Star and Z Star XVs for $10.00 each, so $20/dozen. I picked up about 5 dozen a month or so ago.
  2. Ahh. Very cool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. So are you keeping both sets? Or did you order both to test and you’ll move the one you like less? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. https://www.golfdiscount.com/catalog/product/view/id/186606/s/taylormade-tp5x-practice-bagged-golf-balls/category/570/ https://www.golfdiscount.com/taylormade-tp5-practice-bagged-golf-balls
  5. Ryan, Frisco, TX A couple ways. Putt on carpet at the house. Since I'm in North Texas, I can still sometimes get out to practice greens even in the winter. I also implement a 4 foot aluminum ruler in the house to work on keeping a straight line at the start of the putt. And I've been using the PuttOut Pressure trainer - both on the carpet, and with the Wellput mat noted below. I've recently been trying a Wellput mat in the house. It's good overall because it is faster than the area rug in the living room, but I am keen to try some other options to see if I prefer them to the Wellput.
  6. At my recent fitting I hit the D7 and the HMP. Both awesome clubs. I ended up going with the standard Mavriks, though I was hitting the HMP very similarly. I actually may end up switching to the HMP under the 90 day playability guarantee for a couple of various reasons, but we shall see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I turned 40 in March and I'm just getting back into playing more after not playing much for the last 7-8 years (not coincidentally, our oldest of two daughters turned 7 in May). I don't have a high swing speed, and at 40, I doubt it's going to get much higher (I think it may increase a bit as I continue to take lessons, practice, and what not, but not something I am counting on). Anyway, I just did an iron fitting and got fit in the standard Mavrik with Tensei Silver graphite shafts. I ordered them on 9/4 and they just came in yesterday. So, I've only been able to hit them a couple of tim
  8. Ryan Frisco, TX, USA Current (depending on mood and who is behaving): Odyssey Toulon Austin or Cleveland Elevado Slant Neck Would love to try the Tomcat 14 for slight arc.
  9. When I was doing my fitting, I was hitting mostly GI irons, but also hit the Wilson D7 forged. While I ended up fitting best into the standard Mavriks, the D7 numbers weren't that far off for me. On solid hits, they were extremely similar to the Mavriks, but they were a bit more punishing on mishits. Not blade punishing levels - the ball still went, but didn't go as far as mishits on the GI irons I hit. So, it's a small sample size and wasn't playing them in a round, but it seems like the D7 are pretty forgiving for a players distance style iron.
  10. The Mavriks are doing something correct, at least for me, as it relates to height and distance. They’re actually what i just ordered from my fitting. I have the Cobra F9 right now and I was getting the same height with more distance on the Mavrik versus the Cobra. And overall better dispersion too. So, at least for me, Callaway did/is doing something right on the Mavriks with the lofts working with height, spin, etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. What's the lead time now that you've got the approved design?
  12. I've noticed that at times with left hand low, I tend to pull it left too - even more than traditional when I'd close the face to quickly. Again, I'm assuming that a lot of that boils down to practice and trying to become more comfortable with cross handed. I've also dabble with trying a claw grip. I feel like it's very helpful for me on shorter putts, but I've had the same issue as with cross handed as it relates to longer putts and distance control.
  13. Yeah, I fee like there are times when I’m practicing left hand low of my yard stick that I find myself using my arms too much instead of the larger muscles. I chalk much of that up to the fact that it’s a new approach for me and just need to get used to it. I’ve been switching back and forth between my Toulon left low and my O Works right low and one “round” I hit more off the end of the yard stick with the o works and then later that day with the Toulon. I too have found that left hand low seems to make the shorter putts a bit more consistent, but I feel like I have a harder time on longer
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