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  1. Pick mine up Monday! Going to be a fun winter, especially with all these announcements. I am looking forward to reviews on the Titleist RCT balls and the pro package. Can't wait to have horizontal ball data and shot shape. With the sale, I saved over $600 compared to SkyTrak. Will be interesting to see how ST responds as it is quickly becoming an option only for those who don't have space to capture ball flight.
  2. Didn't he change from Nike because they stopped making equipment? Don't think he changed for the sake of it. Putter is also the club most commonly not a part of club deals due to the personal nature and some guys using the same putter forever.
  3. Pro V1 left dot if you are stuck with Titleist. I find Bridgestone balls perform better in the wind. The Tour BX would likely drop spin and trajectory as well vs V1. For 8-PW hit 3/4 knockdowns with extra club.
  4. The engraving in the cavity definitely raises it a level in terms of fit and finish. As someone who has done some CAD design for manufacturing I have a few suggestions that you can take or leave as you wish. - You have a lot of different radii/fillets on your corners, I would try to make these similar where possible - For example most of your vertical lines are sharper edges, but you have rounded all the horizontal edges nicely - I believe you have already improved some of this from your first prototypes - Cavity would look cleaner with one depth of milling instead of 3 - Personally, I would make a larger radius on the bottom edges that connect to the putter face as they look very square Great work overall, I love the small details like the "D" milled into the face and the set screws on the back flange.
  5. For all you DECADErs, you will be familiar with the putting combine in the app. The EAS 2.0 tied my all-time low on its first attempt with 30 putts and was the only time completing the combine without a 3-putt. All of the pins were put away from the practice green, so I was putting to tees I setup around the green which also made for a smaller target. Very impressed with the putter performance so far. The quality of the headcover is the best I have seen on any stock putter. The row of magnets along the back seam for blade covers works great and is strong enough I can stick it to my irons while on the green. Hoping I can sneak in one final round this week at one of the last 5 or 6 courses open in the area.
  6. 3 putted my first hole after no warm up with practice green closed for winter which was mostly due to not factoring in the uphill. Finished with 16 putts (on 6/9 GIR AND 2/3 up/down) and didn’t miss another putt inside 8’ after the first hole. Which included a lot of shaky comebackers from around 5’ after hitting lags past the hole. I guess maybe I will stick with the lighter weight in the putter which was ordered incorrectly. Shot an even par 36 after nearly rolling in an albatross on a par 5. This could be that one special putter I finally settle down with and start a family of little putters.
  7. 20 foot putts averaged about 0.1R for ball launch direction. All other distances averaged from 0.1-0.8 L for the session
  8. I didn't do the Analysis as I was a bit short on time but will get more results up in the coming weeks. I struggle with lighting in my house where my tvs/monitors are located and get a lot of missed face/path reads. Not really interested in setting up a spot light to help with this. The ball launch data did have some variation both right and left. My typical stroke is a push out across the target line with a closed face and this putter did have a left miss tendency similar to others. I've mostly given up on trying to zero out my path or have a symmetric arc stroke. Especially if the is geared towards a "Linear" stroke in Edel terms. 1 putt stood out: I made a 30' putt that started 0.3L of center. It only dropped in due to perfect speed. I missed 2 other 30 footers with 0.3 degree pulls during the same session and I believe this is the only time I've ever made a putt at this distance and amount offline. The distance control stood out significantly compared to the start line/aiming performance which is the emphasis of Edel's fitting philosophy. Pretty excited to get that dialed in as it performed well in this area during the fitting. I usually struggle with aim on the Exputt as I try to set the ball somewhere in the hitting area that allows me to use one of the dashes as a target at the far end of the mat. On the course I find a blade of grass or some mark in front of the ball to align the face.
  9. Day 1 and the EAS 2.0 had a strong showing on Exputt. No putt outside 4.5’ on 5-50 footers and what feels like the tightest grouping I’ve ever had or close to it. Not bad for the first time ever using the putter outside of the fitting. 9 holes later today. Fingers crossed for 15 putts or less.
  10. Until someone can quantify ("bad") ball performance with SG data, there is no motivation to change for Tour Pros who often get balls that have additional QC checks or special edition balls. Pro V's haven't won any majors over the past 2 years... Koepka and Woodland in 2019 and Reed in 18 are the most recent examples examples.
  11. I believe Spider Putt app can log all of this data to help study miss tendencies or types of putts you struggle on. But not sure if it does Strokes Gained. Could be an option... I think it will then recommend specific drills for these areas. In addition to the data you mention above, some feedback on whether it was a bad read would be helpful. Mostly for break right/left, but there could also be cases of uphill or downhill being much different speed than you anticipated.
  12. Face angle: this is also related to how you aim the putter (and slightly to path). If you deliver the face angle at 0 but aim 1 degree left or right, you won't hit the ball to the target. Practice putting down a steel yard stick or string line and see if you are keeping the ball on the line (aim to make 10 in a row - my ruler approximates the face angle to make a 15'+ putt). Chasing a "numerically perfect" stroke in terms of measured face angle and tempo won't necessarily improve putting on the course. -0.9 deg makes an 8 foot putt, if you can aim it properly. Your -0.3 - 0.3 degree target is admirable, but roughly PGA tour level face control. #ManageYour Expectations Instead of practicing lags from mainly 40', I would expand this to 20-40-60' or even 10 foot increments in this range. You mention 50 and 70 footers, so getting some reps in at 60' will help someone hitting a large number of greens who inevitably faces more long putts of 50+ feet. I hit 20-40-60' putts on a slight uphill and then downhill to start putting before each round (and I still struggle). If you are playing different courses often, this becomes even more important to get pace for the day and course. "Heads up" gave minimal benefit to my speed control since I am comfortable using benchmarks for stroke length of: inside trail foot, even with foot, barely outside, and then a few distances past outside which correspond to 20-30-40 and 50' which I practice indoors on a sim. I also pace off every putt to get a distance number in feet then try to match those feels. I also wonder: why is Heads Up non-existent in pro golf? Putting is the area of golf where people tinker the most with equipment, grip, etc. It would be silly to think pros wouldn't have tried this to earn more money or save their Tour card. Especially after Spieth's early dominance with the technique. I believe all studies up to this point has been indoors with relatively short putts (under 30'). This could be something that holds up well in a lab environment (80% of participants improving is mentioned...) but not outdoors for a larger portion of people (but still helps some). There is also convincing research on the "quiet eye" technique to improve putting, which involves trying to focus on a single dimple or spot on the ball as closely as possible. You putting routine, aiming technique, and stroke are some of the most personalized aspects of golf. History shows it doesn't need to be pretty or "technically perfect" to be effective. The only way to optimize this on an individual basis is to track playing stats on either strokes gained or make an leave %'s. Practice stats could also be tracked, but at the end of the day practice doesn't count towards your index.
  13. As someone about to pull the trigger on a MEVO+, this has my full attention. Most good fitters around me also use Trackman indoors.
  14. What ball are you using? Low spin balls will amplify hooks especially if you have a toe pattern. This happens to me with the Tour BX when I am not swinging well and is much less often with a higher spin ball like the Tour B XS. You need to hit 10 balls with driver and see where you are hitting them on the face, extreme toe could cause most of the issue. Otherwise, get on a good launch monitor that has club data so you know your actual club path and face angles and figure out how to correct. There's no magic driver that only hits 150 yard hooks, that shot isn't an equipment fix. Someone already posted above, it's very likely you're not turning your lower body through the shot and are flipping or rolling your hands at impact. If you are trying to work through this on your own, in addition to short swings I would begin by moving the ball closer to the middle of your stance then slowly moving it toward your front foot and seeing how that affects ball flight. Also, teeing it lower and swinging level then progressing the tee height up as well. It is easy for setup to get out of whack with driver. This won't always show up with other clubs because you address them more neutral and likely have all different swing thoughts and intentions.
  15. I'm monitoring these emails as well. I have all but settled on the MEVO+ now that the Bushnell/Gc3 pricing is out. I can push the net back in my garage and have space for full indoor mode. With space being the main downside to these and not being an issue, it seems to be the only system with full functionality and limited sim use without a subscription model. Unless you are in the $8000-$10000 price range and buying a lump sum license like TGC 2019 which is then driving more cost to buy a gaming PC and projector instead of running MEVO+ on your phone or Ipad.
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