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  1. Exputt is great for speed control and I use mine every week for this purpose. I would guess the population of golfers who have been on Puttview is less than 1%, and negligible for the amount of people who practice on one regularly. I never said you cannot get better indoors and the tools above are great examples of ways to do that. It can be a challenge to find an indoor facility where you can be fit while hitting 30' putts or work on your ladder drills from 10-30' (let alone 30-50'). You can hit some long putts in PGA SS, but are they setting you up on a Trackman, CAPTO, or SAM? Or are y
  2. Putters are all trial and error. The only good way to test is on a putting green unfortunately because indoors you can only measure aim and start line, leaving out speed control. In my experience, I have better start line (face control) using mid-mallets with less toe hang but distance control is better with moderate toe hang (30-45 deg) putters which are usually blade style. Best bet to "learn your stroke type" would be to measure your stroke using a wide variety of putters - face balanced, moderate and strong toe hang to see which matches your closure rate best. Grip size and shape make
  3. https://www.princessauto.com/en/12-x-16-ft-heavy-duty-mesh-truck-bed-cargo-net/product/PA0008547309 "Mesh Tarp" is the search term which turns up similar products in the Google machine.
  4. IKEA curtains rods + zip ties + mesh cargo net from auto parts store. This is 13' wide and 9.5' tall, if you went down to 9' wide the setup would have cost about $150 Canadian, which is probably $30-$40 dollars US LOL. 13' cost me about $200. Slide the whole net over against the wall and out of the way. Been using for 1 year no issues, was wrapped around plastic tubing and used outdoors before.
  5. I always wonder about the criteria for outliers that are removed from the data. The far left data point for the G410 above is 15 yards left of the next closest point and creates a 105 yard wide dispersion pattern vs 95 yd wide with the G425 and the next closest point being only 9 yards away. I couldn't find any other shots over 10 yards outside the next closest point, but I only looked at 5-10 clubs.
  6. I experiment with feels or swing thoughts. I haven't to video'd to see if the feel was real... And sometimes old thoughts don't work during a certain session. Here's a few to play with: * loose grip/wrists (help maximize wrist hinge) high hands (max hand path, reach as far from ball as possible - I even tested with a measuring tape) * stomp lead heel (I lift lead heel on nearly all full swings) jump/push up with lead leg (often preceded by bump hips toward target) rip lead glute back from target (open hips) whip lead knee toward trail knee (max hip turn) * are favourites
  7. I tend to hit fat on the divot board... But the top surface also sits 3/4" off the floor and I'm usually in my living room in bare feet. So that's about 1" above a flat lie compared to with shoes. When I try to strike 3-4" in front of the ball, I often miss the mat entirely. Probably an issue with casting and a poor pivot.
  8. I don't know what the climate and course conditions are like in the fall where you play, but the courses here firmed up in September and October. I tag all my shots with Shot Scope and hit a 17 deg hybrid 260 off the tee in my last round which is 10 yards longer than my good shots and 30+ longer than average. My 95-100 MPH swing speed is good for 240-250 carry with driver which works out to about 270 total in normal conditions at Calgary's elevation. It doesn't take much wind or a firm bounce to add 10-20 yards. How was the course overall that day?
  9. Go watch the videos on TheStacksystem.com or sasho’s Twitter. It logs all your data, has all the routines, some training videos, and times your workouts plus more.
  10. 36 putts in practice mode, first 5-50ft increasing then analysis mode. Only 3/36 putts outside the 3’ ring... and they were all inside the 6’ ring at roughy 4, 5, and 6’... could be something to this thing
  11. It should be a right of passage that each owner of a 17 deg puts up some launch monitor numbers in this thread. So we can see who is truly worthy of Thor’s hybrid hammer.
  12. Happened to a buddy, I believe he suffered a full or partial re-tear after the walking boot was off due to a minor slip. Make sure you focus on lots of mobility work all up and down the back of the affected leg - plantar fascia, calves, hamstrings especially with all the extra time spent sitting.
  13. A source of error would be mixing people who golf year round and those who do not among the groups if the testing/training happens over winter. Especially for the group just doing driver swings. You could make 50-200+ driver swings per week while playing/practicing during the season. Adding the swings off-season could be either an increase or decrease for that person's workload based on in-season work. If someone down South adds 300 driver swings per week on top of range work and playing 3 times a week, maybe they just fatigue and lose speed. But gains will be limited if you go from swinging a
  14. If you make swings without a ball on the SC200, it will give your swing speed. It just reads as ball speed, which throws your distance off. But I use it for tracking, it can be picky in terms of setup. But it seems reasonably consistent once you are swinging through the zone it reads.
  15. I've only used a weighted sled on artificial turf which has a lot more resistance than wheels. I used 50% of my body weight while still moving at a decent pace. Around 75% and it was a challenge to keep moving. On wheels I think 80-100% is a reasonable start point, but it may prove too easy. I would caution you to watch the momentum on that thing... It might get awkward if you need to stop it in a short distance. I would take it easy the first day, start at 100-150 just to get used to the equipment, then go to 200 and assess how hard it is to stop or if you can let it roll to a stop on its own
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