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  1. A 5 degree spread between face and path angles is going to lead to excess curvature especially when spin is 1000-2000 rpm low.
  2. The F9 doesn't have the channel around the face that the F8 had, it is a different construction so OP confuses me. There is a seam since the crown/body of the F9 driver wrap around the edges of the front of club and the CNC machined face "insert" is mounted in there. I've gamed the F9 Driver and 5 wood since fall last year and haven't noticed damage to balls (all urethane). The only question I have about this family of woods is if the milling pattern on the face wears balls out faster. It is very easy to see where the ball was struck on these faces, but it is less damage than from fresh grooves on a wedge. If you are considering this driver, I would wait 3-4 months until the SpeedZone goes on clearance and get the new model where the milling wraps around the face as you will avoid any paint chips.
  3. SC200 launch monitor, finally won a bid on ebay after 5+ attempts. Coincidentally, it was the same day golf courses in Alberta re-opened post COVID. But it will be nice to get some feedback on the hitting net I built in my backyard to see if my grip changes and off-season lifting made any changes to distance.
  4. Five Fundamentals - Steve Elkington has a great section on grip with photos. Definitely learned a few things and it is available as a free download online!
  5. I think one of the biggest aspects to consider with OPs question is making good contact with a ball while playing golf vs max speed generation. The George Gankas driver example is a good one, but it is also only used for a ball played off a tee on level ground (not sure if he uses that technique for anything other than driver). Try to play a ball on a severe sidehill lie but starting from the top of the backswing. I bet your contact is poor without the ability to adjust your address position. It could be a good way to diagnose your grip as I could see directional control being bad without setting the club at address.
  6. For putts 8-10 feet and shorter, your focus should be on face control. Buy a 3-4 foot long metal ruler with a hole at one end and practice putting the ball straight off the ruler. I have a Putt Out mat and hole at home and made either 60 or 90 putts in a row from 4 feet. It took me 2-3 weeks before I could roll 10 in a row off the 3 foot metal ruler I bought during the COVID-19 isolation. Turns out that a lot of putting mats develop grooves or channels which keep the ball moving straight and can lead you to think you are much better at short putts than reality. After using the ruler, I wish I didn't waste the money on the Putt Out system. The mat is only useful for helping alignment for setup and providing a surface if you have no carpet in your house. Speed control is not causing you to miss 10' putts unless: you never get the ball to the hole, or are hitting it 3 feet or more past the hole. If you want to improve speed control, put a mark down at 30' and 50' away from you on a putting green. See how many balls you can fit in between marks with each putt being shorter than the previous ball. If you hit it past a previous ball the game is over and you tally your score, anything over 7 balls means you can control your speed within 3 feet which is really good. Another drill is to put a club down 3' behind the hole, start putting from 20, 25, 30, 35 feet in order. Every ball needs to end up even or past the hole but not touch the club behind the hole. See how far you can do this while moving back 5' each putt. Hoping to shave 2-3 putts/round this season with these drills along with additional practice chipping which can have a large effect on your putts/round depending on how many greens in regulation you hit.
  7. Eyes inside the line, but I average 35 putts/round. So take it for what it's worth.
  8. Update - this turf does not hold a tees. It does have cutouts on all 4 side for rubber tees which come with plugs in them. Fortunately, you can stick a wood tee in between the plug and mat to adjust to any height. Turf is trampling down where I take my stance, will be interesting to see how that holds up and if it fluffs up when I rotate the mat and hit from that spot. Fortunately, I can stand near the center of the mat and hit from the edges. It looks like getting the 5x5' size was the right call so it can be rotated at least 4 times over its life. It works as advertised on fat shots, irons will "dig" close to 1/2" and hit the ball near the top line on my G410 irons.
  9. I bought the 5 Star Zoysia fairway mat, I chose this one because it appears to be the thickest of the 5 star mats. I wanted something that would provide feedback and punish fat shots, if you are hitting off a perfect and flat lie there should be some additional difficulty which this mat provides. It also accepts wood tees. It shipped to Canada from the US in about a week which was a pleasant surprise. If you add one of the mats to your shopping cart they will email a 5% off coupon the following day FYI. The mat is a bit soft because of the turf length, so it needs to be setup on a firm surface and I would recommend using golf shoes while hitting to prevent sinking. One benefit is that it has made me more aware of my weight balance between heels and balls of feet. It is also easy on the joints because of this which was another major consideration for me. I picked the 5x5' mat which is expensive, but the extra size will allow me to rotate the mat to hit from 4 spots instead of 2 like a 3x5' mat so it should last forever. I haven't demo'd any of the popular mats mentioned above but the 5 star appears to be excellent quality and worth the cost. Nicer than any range mat I have been on except for maybe the odd high end commercial mat at private golf clubs. The attached photo shows the side of the mat, that is a green yoga mat, and white area rug underneath it for reference. The Real Feel mats look to have thicker turf but I felt the 5 star products were close enough in quality that price difference vs Real Feel wasn't justified.
  10. You also need to consider loft when transitioning to EVNROLL if you are used to playing plain milled faces, you can reduce loft by 1-2 degrees and still get adequate lift with EVNROLL. I had one adjusted to 4 degrees and it turned into a chipper
  11. Completed Unconscious putting and putting out of your mind last weekend. Testing out looking 2 inches in front of the ball while putting. Looking at the cup was too far out of my comfort zone
  12. I like the SS mid slim 3.0 with no taper which is around 70 grams I believe, but it is all personal preference on shape, hand size, grip style, etc. I have used both sizes of the Golf Pride TOUR SNSR pistol which has a nice texture, but the large weighs 120 grams which is a big increase to club weight.
  13. SC200 performs better than newer models according to some testers in other forums... The price is right on eBay and the remote is a nice feature for changing clubs. Accuracy looks to be similar to the PRGR. That is the monitor I am likely buying since SkyTraks are sold out, hoping it works a advertised indoors but will be nice to use at the range occasionally when this is all over also.
  14. They feel hard with the tp5 pix balls that golftown had down on the putting greens compared to most other milled face putters. A lot of that could be adjusted through ball I imagine. Check out last years most wanted results. Same putters didn’t do nearly as well in 2019.
  15. Finished Lowest Score Wins and Golf my Way. Considering picking up a copy of Unconscious Putting but see that it is offered as a free e-book on amazon currently with an audible trial. Can't argue with that price! Does anybody have feedback on Putting out of your Mind by Bob Rotella? I am looking for something geared toward routine and mind state as opposed to mechanics. I hear the book is relatively short with a lot of stories as examples, so it seem like it could be light on actual content which would make it easy to pick up from the e-book.
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