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  1. As a hydropearl owner i am most interested in how much the finish is damaged by each shot in the sand... Is the coating essentially gone from the club face after 1 season for your bunker club? That is a test I would be interested to see... Either way I believe the Mizuno system of having vertical grooves to help channel the water away would last longer than some fancy Teflon. I stick to my older 56 from green side sand traps and the 60 is only for short lofted chips within 50 yards. So i hope the keep the moisture repelling coating in tact for a long time.
  2. Will be interested to hear your results after the grip change. I didn't care for the squared off edges on the top of the pistol grip and found it didn't sit in my hand comfortably. I prefer the alignment lines on the CERO but the Elevado head shape and will have to demo both a bit more to see which suits my eye better. I would describe the face as "hot", probably due to much less material removed from the face compared to the milled original HB and SOFT series.
  3. I rolled the Elevando in the store today, crushed the first putt past a hole about 10 feet away. Feel was very firm compared to the HB SOFT #6 which I own and like the distance control on. Made a couple medium range putts but nothing that stood out. I agree with OP that the alignment is pretty basic/minimal and will have to go give the Cero a try in the future with the additional 2 lines on the back flange. Need to try it on a few longer putts as well. Maybe try to hit a couple balls off the weights as well. As someone who plays slow to moderate speed greens and occasionally struggles with leaving putts short, I am interested in the potential of this line of putters given how "hot" the face seemed.
  4. I guess I need to try the LST... I have demo'd the G410+ head to head against the F9 twice this year using the Tensei Orange stiff and Tour 65X. The 410+ has been consistently higher spinning than the F9 with the Atmos Blue 65S both heads at 9*. The F9 has beat out the 410+ in terms of distance (10-15 yards) and dispersion in 2 sessions on the simulator. Part of this is attributable to the fact my contact is much more consistent around the center of the face on the F9. The club ho in me who just bought a set of G410 irons wants to get the matching driver. But my bank account and past success with cobra hybrids (Rail-H bafflers still in the bag) is making the F9 hard to turn down. Especially after holding the F9 and G410 hyrbids side by side and preferring the F9s which have the same shafts as the driver...
  5. Forgot how to swing a club... hit 6 shanks with irons and steady pull hooks with driver helping contribute to 6 penalty strokes all capped off with a 9 on the par 4 18th for a grand total 95 in what was my worst round of the year. Made a game time decision to use the EXO 7s instead of the Huntington Beach SOFT #6 since I just upgraded the stock grip to a TOUR SNSR contour 140 on the EXO and ended with a season best 31 putts to keep it under 100. Hopefully, the new grip is going to help the EXO behave after cycling through 4 putters this year. I don't think I can game the SOFT 6, the sight dot seems to have me pushing everything right of the hole. Maybe there is something to the visual aspects of the Edel putter fitting system...
  6. The insert on these is very much personal preference; milled vs. insert is an entirely different comparison. I just put the 2018 EXO back in my bag after a re-grip (TOUR SNSR pistol) and putted lights out. I previously encountered some problems with speed control on the non-Stroke Lab EXO 7s which disappeared yesterday. I now feel like the white micro-hinge is more sensitive to strike location and delivered loft than milled or other inserts. Interested to see how putting holds up for the last few rounds before courses close up here in Canada.
  7. 2nd round in the bag with the G410's with 2 consecutive 56% GIR (38% GIR on the season) performances including 7/9 on the back after poor striking on the front. Excited to see if that can go even higher on an easy course Sunday. Used the 9 iron and wedges around the green for the first time, you can definitely notice the speed off the face on touch shots. Quickly turned into a believer on the value of getting fit... Probably need to sneak in a driver fitting before winter hits.
  8. Initial Feedback - clubs arrived in Canada from PING after 1 week which was great as I was itching to get them. If I had to wait 2-3 weeks the fitters quoted me, it would have been torture. Currently finishing some renos around the house and it is being listed for sale so I haven't been out as much as I would like. ON THE RANGE First day I had them took them to the local range to hit a half bucket to try and figure out my distances. Looked a bit bigger than I remember at address or at least compared to my old Cobra S3. After I warmed up with some easy 9 irons I worked through most of the set to see where my ball flight transitioned from a pull or draw to fade which was the 7 iron. Coincidentally I found the 4-7 irons to feel harder than the 8-UW. Distances seemed pretty similar to my 8 year old irons which was a bit disappointing but i was hitting the ball a bit fat and the priority for getting fit was improving my dispersion anyway. I worked through the 9 ball test using my 7 iron and was glad to see flighting and shaping the ball was working with what seemed like larger heads. ON THE COURSE A couple days later and I am able to sneak in a quick 9 on the executive course (no par 5s) near my place. I play this course 10+ times per year and use it as my equipment testing and practice track. Couldn't have gotten off to a better start: nail a 220 yard 4 iron off the tee leaving me a 90 yard gap wedge. Stuck the gap wedge to 12 feet and got 6 feet of backspin (using Srixon Z star) to hole high which is unheard of for me. Looks like the higher launch of the Modus shafts is working... Roll the birdie putt about 6 inches low of the hole for tap in par. This would be a recurring theme of the day as I missed 3 birdie putts each by about 6" - 2 low side, 1 just left short. I shot +1 through the first 5 holes and finish with a +4 (36) which ties my second lowest round ever on this 9 with 5/9 GIR (season average is 38%) including a short par 4 which I drove the green playing a fade around trees in the fairway (so the G410s can't get all the credit). Of the 4 missed greens; one was 2 feet short of the fringe in the rough and another just rolled off the back of a par 3 - unfortunately into a trap and now short sided... Each of those shots were about 2-3 yards from being GIRs. More importantly, my average proximity on all approach shots was 37 feet which is probably half my usual average (based on shot scope data) and included 4i, 5i, 6i, 7i, 3x UW, LW (Glide 2.0) and 1 Driver (!) shots. My longest putt was from 50 feet which I rolled 4' past but made the come-backer for par. (I also put my new Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT #6 in play for the first time... So the only clubs I used this round that I ever played before was Driver and LW. Also, was experiment with the Z star vs the XV as I have not played the XV before and love the Z) Needless to say I was thrilled with the performance and can't wait to get these out a few more times before the snow flies up here in Calgary. Overall, it wasn't my best ball striking day with irons and couldn't get up/down to save my life. I sliced a 5i into the trees of the tee which cost me a double bogey with a terrible 3 putt. I hit the 4 iron thin on 2 tee shots, 1 of which still resulted in a GIR on a 200 yard par 3 and fatted 1 approach with the UW which I then failed to get up and down. On the course with proper balls the new sticks seemed to give me approx 1/2 club more distance but the accuracy and forgiveness improvements are huge. I'm already about to book my driver fitting at the same place to see how the Epic Flash, G410, and F9 stack up and try to realize some similar gains. I will be a bit more frugal with those and see what stock shaft/head combo work best for me and pick it up used next year.
  9. What is the tee shot strategy? To use driver as much as possible and shorten your approach shots?
  10. 9 ball test with 3 trajectories and shapes... Nailed it with the 7 iron and then decided to try it with a 2H which didn't work nearly as well.
  11. Most Wanted "Hall of Fame" testing - winners or even top 3 from previous 3-4 years in each category. Give the bargain hunters what they want! Sponsored by Callaway Pre-Owned and ebay
  12. I have been working through the 9 hole putting assessment in the book "Better Faster: The Modern Golfer's Blueprint for Getting More from Less" recently to compare different putters and really help ingrain what I learned from a recent Aimpoint clinic. Before the assessment I usually putt a few balls to the fringe to get a bit of feel for distance and then make a couple straight 4-6 footers to make sure my aim is in the ballpark.
  13. Got fit for G410 irons with Modus 105 stiff shafts Going to be a nice upgrade over my off the rack 2011 Cobra S3 irons. Anxiously waiting for the phone call they are ready for pickup so I can get a few round in before the season wraps up in Canada.
  14. My SAM fitting/lesson had an actual hole and I was making between 4 or 5 putts after the first batch once I adjusted to aim at the right half of the hole... I was using an Odyssey #9 style putter which I lag great but started to struggle lining up those 4 and 5 footers that used to be stress free with a mid mallet. So it was costing me more strokes on short putts than I could make up with good lags which pushed me to try out the EXO 7 with a slant neck to add some toe hang. I am not sold on the EXO insert feel so far which is another reason to trial putters on the course because you can't simulate a long uphill putt on slow turf indoors.
  15. I just recently put the 140cc Golf Pride TOUR SNSR contour on my EXO after using one on a friend's putter and picking up a backup with the 104cc Contour (also to achieve some counterweighting as my ideal headweight seems to be in the 345-350g range). I am not a fan of small/standard size grips like the stock odyssey pistol that came with it. I can palm a basketball so my hands are above average size. The Ping online fitting tool recommends standard grips on irons but i prefer mid size. I also like the SuperStroke grips in 2.0 and 3.0 sizes as it doesn't feel like my hands are swallowing the putter grip. The bigger grips seem to minimize wrist breakdown and hold my forward press.
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