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  1. My opinion is you would see these on the Champions Tour or LPGA (relative to PGA or KFT with longer hitters) if there was a noticeable gain in distance without offsetting accuracy. Players at that level should have the best chance of handling the shaft given their skill levels as well as benefitting more from added distance. Adam Scott was hitting it all over the park when he tried it. It could be the softer flex smooths tempo when beginning to use it and as you adjust, you revert back to your previous swing and the misses are amplified.
  2. I was wondering if there is a way to add more banners to the forums?
  3. Please go full Michelle Wie and get a LAB @ 80* lie angle and 24" long
  4. I'll have to look at NTC again, I've watched it multiple times. After a while, 90-90 swings are easy for me to shank because I will stop hip turn altogether and just flip my arms back and forth. One could say that I have a particular set of skills... For shanking the ball.
  5. I just recovered from the shanks (primarily on partial wedges), so I don't think this could possibly be worse compared to the number of balls I sent sideways under a tree or into the water.
  6. @B.Boston @Kenny B @RickyBobby_PR - Thanks for the help To all you seasoned PM users: Should I get into this thing mid-season? Or stash it in the closet for 4 months until the season is over, grind all winter, and emerge a new player next year instead of mixing in a bunch of playing with old habits?
  7. My LW is 60 degrees. It maxes out around 80 yards but I would never hit it more than 60-70 which is what I consider a full swing. It is used for greenside shots when I can't use a bump and run or lower chip. I would estimate 5% or less of all swings are close to a full swing because blading it 50 yards over the green is not worth the risk. It is mostly used from 20-40 yards after missing a green when there is minimal room for rollout.
  8. I'm about to buy one of these used. The original owner never registered it and seems a bit confused by the process on the website. Does it eventually ask you for a serial number on the PM to complete registration after you add it to your cart and checkout? Is there a waiting period before it is completed to get into the advanced content?
  9. I regularly cycle through the RX, X, and XS models of the Bridgestone Tour balls. Would love the opportunity to do something similar with Titleist in addition to the odd time I hit a Pro V1 or V1X I find on course.
  10. My vote goes for the putter that gives best distance control which is a combination of many factors pertaining to component and overall weight of the putter, as well as how the individual delivers the putter to deliver the best roll with minimal amounts of skid and hop off the face.
  11. Started Lead Arm Enhancer, my SC200 was unable to capture lead arm swings (trail and 2 arm swings worked fine). Used the Stack website to reach out for support. Within 15 minutes I was on the phone with the man, the myth, the legend; Dr. Sasho Mackenzie. We discussed speeds from baselining when I first received the Stack, my speeds during progress check, and decided Lead Arm Enhancer was likely recommended because I was not able to capture lead arm speeds during my recent progress check. The missing data would have showed as a large deficiency in the software which prompted the recommend
  12. Would like to see how this measures vs a cheaper Caddytek laser and if the GPS is comparable to 18 birdies or Shot Scope. My playing partners will be thrilled when I measure distance with 4 different devices.
  13. Rest season progress check. Not bad for 55F with a couple single arm swings for warm up and then ramping up from 90 mph swing speed.
  14. If you go vegan you will apparently live 7-10 years longer on average. The old guys are usually the bandits around the green chipping and putting. Eventually can only hit it 150-200, but always down the middle. Club head speed slowly drops, but you got 20-25 years of being able to swing driver at least 110.
  15. Preliminary on course performance with the EVNROLL 2.2 from the fitting is strong and has validated the fitting after some ups and downs. I believe the skid vs roll measurements from Trackman correlate strongly to improved distance control, EVNROLL's face grooves probably help as well. I've had multiple runs of 18+ holes with no 3 putts and my longest streak was 53 holes. Not bad for someone averaging 2.5 3putts per round last season. I am making more in the 6-9' range after setup adjustments to get my eyes closer to the target line which is showing up in the last 5 rounds after this was becom
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