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  1. I really hope Exputt has some sort of sale for black Friday or the upcoming holidays. The Canadian dollar exchange rate is bad right now. $525 plus some likely import duties is getting pretty pricey. No details on their website about CDN shipping either. If any of the testers want to part with their unit, feel free to send me a PM.
  2. I agree with all of this. I like Edel's fitting approach to aim but I don't see how changing putter weights by stimp is better than hitting long lags on the practice green to calibrate your distance. I just watched an Edel video about grip last night based on collaboration with Mike Adams on "fold patterns" of the arms on the backswing depending on your physical characteristics and ranges of motion. Some of it seems to support my pull miss, so I am messing around with claw grip a bit indoors this winter to reduce the rotation in my dominant right hand. Through my trials, I had a Golf Pri
  3. Appreciate the response, I’ve had an evaluation of my gamer on SAM but not a full fitting. My only fitting was mostly visual with some help of the iPing app. I’ve rotated through 7 putters the past 2 seasons and the visual fitting yielded one of the worst performers on course. So I’ve mostly resorted to trial and error. I believe Calgary just got a new fitter with quintic, so I may give them a shot.
  4. Yesterday I stumbled across the Taylormade FCG putter and was surprised I never heard of it or saw much on anything about reviews on most forums. The specs caught my eye since I do better with lighter putters and prefer a mid-mallet shape, as these are some of the lightest head weights I remember over the past decade (329g in the 35" length). I know this putter is supposed to "simulate" a blade but I don't remember seeing many stock anser's putters coming out at 335g recently, let alone below that. I am interested to see if a new trend in upcoming product cycles is to begin making putter
  5. I found that it had all of the content from "Every Shot Must Have a Purpose" plus more, and there wasn't anything important from the other book that was left out of be a player. I like the practice exercises and "explorations" they structured for 9 hole rounds from Be A Player better than the few practice games in the other book that seemed more driving range specific.
  6. Motivation is different for everyone and ties into a lot of internal and external factors: Competition with friends and family, the time available in your life to play and practice and how that ties to other priorities like kids/family/work/hobbies. If the personal characteristics aren't inherent to drive you to improve, there is limited benefit to forcing it and grinding if you don't enjoy it. Just play casual rounds as time permits and enjoy the opportunity to get out in a relaxing setting for some recreation. Personally, stat tracking helps... If you can't be bothered working on pu
  7. From top of grip (normal grip position) to bottom of grip is roughly 10 yards for me from any iron or swing due to the change in club head speed. Finesse wedge swing (shaft parallel) with GW is 40 yards when gripping down near steel. Grip at top end of grip - pretty close to 50 yards. Full swing with GW = ~100 yards, full swing-grip down = 90 yards, grip down and swing back to 9 o'clock = 80 yards. These 10 and 20 yard increments are consistent with my distance wedges all the way up to 9 iron. 7 and 8 iron get less consistent on the 9 o'clock swing, but gripping down still wor
  8. 5 and 10 yard chips is something you can do in your yard most likely or a nearby park. (You're not likely to get a ticket dinking around with some little chips, hitting 100 yard wedges is a different story) I drag my hitting mat out of the garage and have the benefit of hitting 10,20, and 30 yard carry shots in my back yard (used to hit across the road into a park at old house). You can drill the feel through random and block practice at a range or park, then confirm rollout on a green. This also gives you reps to identify your bias - I pull all chips 1-2 yards depending on distance. Hav
  9. Your Short Game Solution - James Sieckmann Be a Player - Pia Nilsson Lynn Marriott (I found this better than "Every Shot Must have a Purpose") Lowest Score Wins Throwback - Golf My Way - Jack Nicklaus Better Faster: The Modern Golfer's Blueprint for Getting More from Less Also agree with the other Bob Rotella and Dave Stockton books listed above.
  10. I'm sure you're familiar with wedge matrixes and knowing carry distances for full, 3/4 and half swing wedges for approach play. Carry vs roll is just as important from 30 and in (maybe even 50 yards) where you are not generating much spin unless playing a full lob or a specialized low spinner. After you blade a 60 yard LW over the green and leave yourself another flop from 30 yards over the back (or fat it and leave it short), a 30 yard chip with a GW (or 20 yard 9i) starts looking like a good option.
  11. Looks awesome, glad I could provide helpful feedback. I don't know what size boxes you have for jumps, but look to add jumps where you are facing 90 degrees from the box to add a rotational element. You can then progress to jumping with your back to the box, requiring a 180 spin to land on the box. (These came from a TPI level 2 trainer, I'm not just making it up). Personally, I like single leg box jumps on 20" and 24" boxes as another progression. (I played a lot of basketball so 30" jumps are straight forward for me, but don't really like the risk of exceeding more than 36". So I work at lo
  12. Do you know the ratio of carry vs rollout for each of your clubs on a stock chip within 5-30 yards? If not, you can make some rough approximations and then test on course or at a short game facility. For example: My 9 iron rolls twice as far as it flies (2:1) but can get up to 3:1 on fast greens or downslopes PW 1:1, GW 1:2, SW 1:3, LW is minimal rollout that depends on distance and how the shot is played. Just practicing these swings and developing feels for 5, 10, 20 and 30 yard carries will make you more comfortable with these shots and allow you to play easier shots to the fro
  13. Interested to see your progress with the Fit for Golf programs as someone with a good strength baseline. Mike offered 1 free month of programs in the past which I received as I had some sessions booked in person with golf-specific fitness trainer who was also providing exercises. My wife is pushing for a home gym setup due to COVID. If that becomes a reality I may also go down the FFG route to stay motivated and keep receiving new material to follow at home. The mobility work always seems to be the piece which falls off. It is much more fun to be lifting... Medicine ball throws have becom
  14. You need deadlifts, lunges, or some other hip hinge movement in weight training, it's one of the most important moves for crossover to golf. Check out the Fit for Golf twitter and see a few variants of medicine ball throws, there are some options if you don't have a wall to throw the ball against. These are going to be most important for golf speed in addition to jumps. If volume is a concern, you could remove the speed ladder or toe touches.
  15. As with anything in putting, it is extremely personal and less about an "ideal" technique than any other aspect in golf. It is best to experiment in a setting where you can control and isolate as many of the variables as possible so you can observe which stroke length is best for you by tracking make rates or proximity to the target. I've only heard of an equal length of stroke before and after the ball, or the stroke length after impact being roughly double the backswing length as you mention above. The idea of shorter follow through is interesting, but I wouldn't apply concepts from Sn
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