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  1. Offsets from your resistance training will be another consideration as well.
  2. Opposite for me. Using the stack all winter I experimented with different swing thoughts, tempos, and techniques which seemed to help me improve my sequencing and general pre-shot routine. In 2021, my strokes gained off the tee were that of an 8 Index while I played off 11-13. This winter COVID, vacation, and soft tissue injuries got in the way of the Stack and my driver is a big struggle to start the year.
  3. Everybody has a ceiling in terms of index related to their physical strength/speed, golf skills, and amount of time to play and practice. Many people will never be better than a 14 index. For others that is a 10, 5, etc. Many think lessons will automatically fix them, but don't have the time available to dedicate to the lessons plus all the individual work making those changes which takes thousands of reps.
  4. This is a great idea if you can afford it. I did this with Callaway APEX irons recommended in a fitting, but I wasn't convinced only hitting it off a mat. Getting to try irons off the tee, 3/4 shots off sidehill lies, bump and runs around the green give you a much better feeling of what day to day life will be like with a set. Not to mention seeing how the misses play when you thin one or hit it off the toe.
  5. I bought an EXO putter from them before and the condition always seems better than expected from them. Seeing irons available in "like new" condition for like 65% cheaper than when they were new in Canada is mighty tempting.
  6. It appears I have some decisions to make... $500 for new irons is tempting.
  7. Are there certain times of year that CPO traditionally has good sales? I think it’s time to upgrade to some new old apex 19 irons.
  8. Metal yard stick for putting start line, usually under $5 at a hardware store.
  9. The shaft is not completely parallel to ground in the first photo, but it is close for comparison here. Your club face is 45+ degrees more open at shaft parallel in the downswing compared to takeaway. These large differences are going create inconsistencies. You likely need to do a lot with the hands to square the club face between impact and this second position. Your hands are flying out to throw the club and square the face. If you arms and hands stayed tucked to your body, you would hit the ball extremely far right.
  10. I play a consistent fade off the tee which can exaggerate into a slice. The draw setting on my Cobra F9 helps neutralize it. Have never thought about going back in the 1.5 years since I did it and personally prefer this change compared to moving weights.
  11. I'm rocking Cobra Baffler Rail-H 2, 3, 4, and 5 hybrids circa 2011 ranging from 17 to 25 degrees with no fairway woods. All bought used and very chipped up, only have head covers for half of them. Just bought the 3H this winter because I hit the 2 and 4 so good! Hit the 5H better than my 6 iron. So my irons start at a 7 now plus 4 wedges. Lead tape on putter, driver, all irons and PW/GW. There's also a random "driving iron" with a Ping G700 4 iron head on a 6 iron length AWT 2.0 shaft.
  12. I asked my instructor (who is getting 1 start on the PGA tour this year) how he gets fit for irons. He said he hits them on the course and looks at the trajectory to make sure it is what he wants. Definitely a personal thing!
  13. This is a thread about iron fitting and therefore representing the numbers you will get on course as best as possible. Not about whether you can effectively practice off a mat. I agree you will reduce variables on a mat. But an outdoor practice facility should be damn near flat whether its grass or mat. You shouldn't get fit on sidehill lies
  14. It's well known that mats reduce spin for irons and wedges. The fitter should have some idea as to how much. One of the most impressive things I heard from Ian at TXG on a podcast was testing turf and building a hitting surface to best mimic outdoors in that specific region. The ability to use your own ball indoors can influence spin by 500-1000 rpm and is a larger benefit than what is gained by trialing irons off grass with range balls. Depending on the quality of the range balls, they could severely impact spin numbers. I used to believe outdoor fitting was the only way to go, but many of these locations still have you hitting off a mat outside which is the WORST of both worlds. IMO it's better to reduce variables (like wind and temperature) inside. Especially with the ability of Trackman to give you low point location and depth. Best case would be to start inside, then verify outdoors to check ball flight and turf interaction.
  15. I had a bad start to the season for putting. If you are struggling 5' and in, I recommend doing the clock drill setting up balls at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o clock around the hole at 3 feet. Once you make all of them, reset them at 5 or 6' from the hole. This will get you practice making breaking putts each direction. As you get better, change the clock positions as you change distances to get different putts. For example, on the 3 footers putt from 12, 3, 6, 9 o clock. On 6 footers putt from 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, 10:30. This is my warm up before every round to learn the greens and build some confidence making putts. These come up a lot on course after lag putts and chips from greenside. Then I finish by hitting 20-60' putts for speed or using 1 ball to putt out to a variety of holes on the practice green.
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