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  1. I weighed a Cobra LTDx LS last night. It was 194g which was 4g lighter than my F9 and is at the light end of standard heads. I believe Callaway heads are on the light side as well.
  2. Whats your typical Driver swing speed or ball speed?
  3. I am confused how it is similar to the lowest flying and spinning ball as well as the highest flying and spinning ball from the Titleist lineup that are on opposite ends of the compression/feel spectrum.
  4. For those who still want to use mats: Make a plywood base (probably at least 5/8" thick but 3/4" is better) for your mat with 2x4 or 2x6 along 2 sides. This will lift it off the ground, allow for some give and flex.
  5. I basically did the same except was too lazy and didn't fully commit. I used a 2x6 board and laid it across a piece of trim that was 1" wide and 1/4" thick so the 2x6 can rock from side to side.
  6. I play Callaway APEX and would rank these high in forgiveness for players distance/forged iron. Misses low on the face get good distance. They are more forgiving than the i500 and p790 when I tried those a few years back. Switched from Ping G410 and find no problem with the smaller club heads.
  7. It's worth a try, then you can be satisfied you did it instead of wondering. The point cnosil makes about nobody doing it on the PGA was one I could never get over. If the best players in the world can't make it work, are willing to try anything to improve with financial motivation, and have unlimited time to practice, there is likely a reason it never caught on. I tried it and kept stats for 6 rounds as I was supposed to provide them to Lou Stagner for a study he was doing (Practiced 2x before taking on course). I couldn't last the full 10 rounds he wanted data on, especially in Canada with a 6 month golf season. Findings (according to Strokes Gained on Shot Scope) - Was slightly better inside 10', worse from all other distances (felt like I missed some easy 3-4' with bad pulls) - Worst distance was 30+ feet (averaged stubbing the ground behind the ball probably 1x/round) - Gut feel was I made more 15-20' putts than traditional method - To do it long term, I would only use up to around 20' This last point made me go away from the method. I felt like I would need to be reviewing data to decide on the max length to use it. Would I second guess myself on the course if I had a 21' putt but decided to only go heads up within 20'? Should I strictly limit it to 10' and in based on the data? There was likely a sweet spot between 10-20' for the break even point.
  8. If you want something that sits open you need to focus on woods that are aimed at better players or the company default is open clubs. You could run into an issue with these being low spin models and losing out on carry if you can't demo them. Taylormade SIM, Tour Edge C series (721 and earlier) fairways, Callaway EPIC Speed or older sub zero models.
  9. @ejgaudette - can you use my update below for check in #1? I will be away from the Konica Minolta Swing Vision lab on vacation until late December or early January.
  10. Take a look at the graphs in the app that break speeds down by weight. I felt the same way as you and did Neural Drive after my first time through Foundations. I didn't gain any speed through the program. Through Full Speed Spectrum I felt I was struggling with the heavier weights more and was considering Heavy Hitter. Then I checked all the data and you could draw a straight line from the lightest weight through to the heaviest weights so I gave up on Heavy Hitter. Fortunately, the 195g driver speed is a bit above that trend line but I am sure that is due to it being used every session and often for multiple sets so you ensure it is being hit on your "fast" days. Foundation was the only program where I gained speed, but it was also my first program with the Stack. Full Speed Spectrum had me losing speed, put I also stopped the program for about 2 months in the middle. The only thing I don't like is Full Speed Spectrum is so long with 24 sessions, it takes 2 months or more to complete whereas all the others are 18.
  11. Put another way, you are definitely going to earn every MPH from here on out. So enjoy every 1-2 you get, because you are les likely to find 5 MPH through 1 of these Stack cycles. Have you looked in to TRT? I heard some guys swear by it at the gym yesterday
  12. MAYBE - you are reaching you max potential. Everyone has a ceiling somewhere, 120 isn't shabby. Maybe the thread will have to change to just needing lower scores and not speed.
  13. This feels so good. Hoping it can help my smother pulls with driver.
  14. More jumps! Box jumps, split squat alternating jumps, jumps with light DB's in each hand.
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