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  1. Every year I try a couple of different balls, every year I end up playing the ProV1.
  2. The group I play with doesn't say much if one of us is having a bad day. I usually just say "At least the beer will be good".
  3. I was interested to see how he played this first tournament with the new gear. Tee to green is pretty good. His putting so far isn't great, leaving many putts short but seems many players are leaving putts short...slower than normal greens maybe? He really needs to get a tailor. This new apparel doesn't fit him well.
  4. The past few months I've had some very long delays on eBay items shipped USPS. I'm to the point of not buying if it's shipped USPS.
  5. When I finally figured out what "stay connected" meant. For years my body and arms were working against each other. I bought one of those swing shirts and it finally made sense.
  6. I have both in the bag. SM8 looks just a hair longer heel to toe and feels just a bit heavier to me. No difference in performance. Either one is a great choice.
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