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  1. Just purchased the zx7’s. Never been a Srixon guy and was trying to find any way out of getting the. Really wanted the mizuno 20’s or tm Mc/770 combo... 


    I was so much more consistent with the zx7’s it was comical. Great feel, very forgiving, great sound and really loved the turn interaction which is very unique. Wish I could say something bad but even hit the 4 iron great. 

  2. On 4/20/2021 at 9:44 AM, Pkc said:

    Funny, the importance of fitting, was ready to buy the p770’s or mp20 based on reviews.  Club Champion fitted me, both those irons were a miss for me, p770 had a big dispersion, the mp20’s had the worst carry distance and too high a spin rate.  Tried the Cobra, T100, ZX7, jpx forged and tour, Pxg 0311t and ping.  First club the fitter choose for me the ZX7 was still the best dispersion and second longest with great spin numbers. I had no thought of even trying Srixon and was looking for a distance style players iron, which some how the ZX7 is just a players iron but went second furtherest after the p770.  The p770 was averaging 1.4 yards more distance but was flying very high no matter which shaft I used and had a lower spin rate, 4,800-5,000 with a higher dispersion.  The Mizuno’s all were the shortest irons I hit with a very high spin rate, 6 iron with 7,200-7,700 spin rate.  While the ZX7 was 9-12 yards further then the Mixuno irons with a more normal 6,000-6,200 spin rate with my 6 iron.   I guess the importance of fitting every well rated club doesn’t fit everyone the same.

    I had the exact same experience. Crazy! Absolutely loved the zx7’s

  3. The more I try new balls the more I realize a lot of these tests vary depending on the golfer. I play both the X and Black. I’ve noticed more stop and drop with the black. It feels like it compresses a lot more off the driver but haven’t seen a lost in distance. The X I still really love but I don’t really see the extra spin. I like the sound of the black on my putter better and probably will go to that one more full time I think. 

    if you want a crap ton of spin, grab the Kirkland Costco ball... holy smokes, I was playing the Lee Trevino hole at the Stadium Course the other day and ripped it back about 25 feet. 

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