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  1. Playing golf today, 2 boys had a table set up on #4 tee box behind their house. They were selling candy, soda, and golf balls. They had the balls sorted by type for the better golf balls, selling them for a buck each. I reached in my used ball pocket of my bag and handed them 8-10 Snell balls and gave them to them to sell. They thanked me then asked about Snell. I told them a bit about Dean Snell then told them to google Snell golf. I don't think they really cared about it other than it was 8-10 more balls they had the chance to sell. The balls were headed for my shag bag/box of used balls likely to never see the light of day again. Giving them to the boys to sell made more sense to me and they certainly were appreciative.
  2. I'm playing in a couples Chapman format tournament next weekend in Grants Pass, OR and had our practice round today with my golfing partner. 3 hour round as it was just the two of us and it wasn't very crowded prior to our 8:45 tee time. Anyway, shot 38/39 for a 77 today. Decent ball striking. 2 birdies, one par from a lateral drop from a hazard. No doubles! Felt good to play decent again after the struggles on the course lately. Lesson paid off. First time playing with this lady. She's a 15 handicap, keeps her ball in play, albeit not very long. Chapman format should bode well for us. We'll see.
  3. I was a member of Yellowstone CC many years ago and the assistant pro had played on the LPGA tour for a few years (daughter of head pro). I was desperately trying to break 80 and time after time, I'd fail. Lots of 80-83's but I couldn't meet that goal of 79 or better. I asked Pam what I had to do to break 80 on this course? Her reply was a simple one. She simply said "What are thinking about on hole #14?" The next round I went out with the intent of not focusing on my score and shot 78. The mind has that tendency to get in our way if we allow it. And those darn doubles still seem to creep into my game on a regular basis. And yes, the dreaded ABFU. Ya gotta love this game!
  4. I quit trying to keep stats for exactly that reason. Found I was being too analytical and not just letting the game happen. Like you said ... takes the enjoyment out of the game for me, too.
  5. Took a tune-up lesson the other day from my head pro at the club. He's worked with me for at least 10 years and is familiar with my tendencies and swing. Anyway, we tweaked a couple of things after he pointed out that I'd let the ball drift back in my stance and become a bit too flat on the backswing again. Went out the next morning and it was a total disaster for the first 6 holes. I'm talking worm burners and wicked slices. Couple that with greens that were fast as lightning in prep for the member-guest tourny. Anyway, shot horrible until I finally settled down about hole number 8. Went on to birdie 9, 10, and 13. Finished the round with some confidence that better days will return soon. Missed a lot of putts on the slick slopes, but limped in with an 85. Now, that's over my handicap, but given my horrendous start (thinking it was like 4 doubles on the first 6 holes), I was pleased with the turn-around.
  6. I got my license and worked at Interstate, Johnson, and Lane 30 years ago. They still downtown?
  7. 10 shanks and that wedge is history! I generally replace mine when the tree is too tall to climb or they're too deep in the pond to retrieve them.
  8. Like Kenny, I typically know my score in my mind unless I'm really tanking a round. I do often feel that I scored better than I played or scored worse than I was striking the ball, at times. And when you look back and reflect on each hole, the putting and chipping tells the story.
  9. This pretty much sums up how well I've been playing lately!
  10. Good luck with your progress. Look forward to seeing the highs and lows as you work your way to better golf.
  11. CarlH


    I buy golf balls 5 dozen at a time (Snell) and generally play a new ball every round. When I get down to one dozen balls left, I reorder. Given that I play on average 3-4 rounds a week with a new ball, I guess I go through a bit more than a dozen a month ... so $28-35, give or take.
  12. Our course continues to keep the safety measures in play, although they have allowed 2 persons per cart IF wanted. They still encourage social distancing, no rakes, noodles in the hole, no sand/seed bottles on club carts, no cash transactions at snack shack or pub/restaurant (we're a private club so it just goes on our account), etc.
  13. Abysmal! Shot my handicap on the front and didn't get much better on the back. I'll blame it on the cold wind. Surely it couldn't be me!
  14. For the most part, better ball striking today, but was 5 over on the par 5s today to shoot a 42/40 for the day. Pleased with improved ball striking, but it's still a work in progress. Driver was not my best friend today. Since Covid 19, my index has gone from 7.6 to 9.6 and no signs of turning in back around, yet.
  15. There are tons of positive and negative reviews on clubs out there. They really don't mean much, though. What works for one player may or may not work for you. Best bet is to go hit them, see what you think of them, then, if you like them, have them fit for you. I play Apex CF19 clubs, custom fit for me. I love them. My friend can't hit them worth a darn, but hits his TaylorMade 790's just fine.
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