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  1. 5 over going into 18 -- pull the drive left, have to punch out (trees), leave my 7 iron approach short, chip 10 feet above the hole, miss the slippery putt down the hill and it rolls out long, then miss the putt back up the hill for a triple bogey!!!!! 80 for the round. Sigh!
  2. I didn't really play today, but I did go out and play 4 holes so that I could take pictures for my review of the Sky Caddie SX400. By myself (aka no witnesses), I go birdie (par 5), par, par, birdie (par 3). Go figure! Should have played at least 9, but it wasn't an option today.
  3. If Snell didn't perform to my satisfaction, I would not continue using them and would go back to either TaylorMade or Bridgestone balls. But, they do perform well for me. I don't lose many golf balls and retire more than I lose (after several rounds or too many collisions with cart paths). That's why, when I open my last dozen, I know it's time to reorder and don't worry about not having balls available. (Shipping is a lot faster than how fast I'd go through a dozen golf balls!!!!!)
  4. Not a good scoring day for me again. 3 double bogies (again) and a mediocre 43/43. Been awhile since I've shot my handicap (we're not posting this time of year, so nothing changing from where I froze on the first of December). I'll blame colder weather, wetter fairways, and other conditions beyond my control....it can't be me! Didn't strike the ball badly. Just made enough mistakes that got me in trouble. One that I need to look into is my 9 iron. On 3 occasions, when using it for approach shots, I came up short right. Interestingly, don't have that issue with the PW or my 8 iron. On a positive note, I borrowed a friend's Ping 400 Max driver and left my M4 in the bag for the day. Drives were noticeably longer, even misses. Going to play this driver for a few more rounds to see how things play out. Come on warmer weather. Although I was able to play in short sleeves, it was still cold on the first third of the round.
  5. I can't avoid those double bogies! One on each side (both bonehead moves). 42/42 ... but, it was a nice sunny day and was able to play in short sleeves! Missed too many putts today.
  6. Just ordered another 5 dozen MTB-X because one of my buddies wanted to buy 2 of the 3 dozen I still had in my garage. Easy peasy. Got the high number version. Regarding saving a buck or two here or there, yes, there are better "deals" out there on golf balls...but are the balls better? The lower price attracted me, but now I play Snell because I like them.
  7. Didn't score well yesterday for various reasons, but felt like I was making significant strides in better ball striking. Lately, my ball contact has been off and I sought out my golf pro's eye to see what was going on. He made a couple of changes that I incorporated and began working on. Yesterday, things began clicking with the swing changes and I felt more solid contact again. An OB, a dreadful lie in a greenside bunker, and a 3 putt after not hitting the green in regulation, all led to double bogies. Ended up with 42 on the front and 43 on the back. So, the score wasn't there but I went away from the round with some positive feelings that better things will return soon.
  8. What are the actual golfing days? Wed/Thur/Fri or Thur/Fri/Sat?
  9. I broke a few cheaper cast clubs back in the day. Was always able to work the better name brand clubs a degree or two, but off brand clubs would often snap in a heartbeat. We always warned the customer that breaking the club was a distinct possibility and that we would only do it after they accepted that risk.
  10. Rather than posting on social media, wouldn't it be better to directly contact the manufacturer? That always seemed to work best for me.
  11. I actually do have something else that week tentatively. Edit: I can cancel the conflicting trip and be in Bend for all 3 days of golf. So, count me in!
  12. No, I don't get up there very often. I keep thinking about doing a "reciprocal trip" with some guys and do the circuit, but so far it hasn't happened.
  13. Welcome to the forum Tysonova .... you also have a reciprocal with my club here in Medford .... Rogue Valley Country Club.
  14. Then I've only played the newer course.....the one out by the fairgrounds off airport road.
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