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  1. Off to a great start at 1 over par through #7 then the wheels fell off and rolled aimlessly down the fairway into the water and never came back. Doubles, triple, OB, chunk, shank, putter goes south....sigh .... could only muster 2 pars on the back nine. Not a pretty day.
  2. Putting: Get control of distance. Distance is more important than the line. You've got to get the first putt close to the hole so that the 2nd one is manageable.
  3. Not me. I prefer spikeless shoes. Today's models have sufficient traction for me.
  4. Yes @revkev...there's no it all trolls and then there's those that can be called angels of mercy. The way I see it, you were protecting the field from wayward shanks...hahaha
  5. Love those AP3s in black! How you doing with the stability shaft? Working better for you than previous shaft?
  6. Interesting results. When I was doing a putt fitting with CC on SAM, I was comfortable with my TM Spider and it was a good fit for me according to SAM. The testing did reveal that I was having a tendency to miss fairly consistently just to the left edge of the hole. We played around with a few other putters including the Stroke Lab 7S (toe hang very close to my Spider) and suddenly the stroke felt better and I found myself holing almost every putt. Put the Spider back in my hand and I was burning that left edge again. I bought the Stroke Lab right off his demo floor. Used it yesterday to shoot a 78, only missing 2 putts that I felt I should have made. Thanks for your test and excellent write up!
  7. Hope you get as much enjoyment from your Stroke Lab putter as I'm getting from mine. Took me a bit to get used to it, but now it feels like a perfect fit in my hand.
  8. Gimmies should not be given in stroke play....putt it out!
  9. Just received these from . Haven't played with them yet, so no idea on longevity, but the fit is consistent with similar cabretta gloves. Leather feels soft. They're priced similar to other high end gloves at $19.99 (free shipping). Shipping was fast via first class USPS.
  10. Seems like it happens all too frequently with my game.
  11. 6 over 78 .... hit one over the pond on #7 but just wasn't far enough to keep from rolling back down the hill and into the drink.
  12. Just ordered a glove from Snell to test out. No great savings on them, really. Will test them out, though.
  13. I'd pimp out to anyone willing to pay me....LOL
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