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  1. Well, the narrative was about as lackluster as my play today .... Really putted poorly today...41 on the front was all due to poor putting. The 40 on the back had 2 doubles (10,17) and 2 birdies (back to back on the par 5 #12 and the par 3 #13), but the last 2 holes left a bitter taste in my mouth. After driving the ball decently all day, the drive on 17 and 18 were off the toe and equally damaging, requiring punch outs. On 17, I chunked a chip and walked off with a double and 18 I managed to save a bogey.
  2. Last week, I played a member-guest tournament with my friend. I chose to play a Pro V1 since that is the ball my partner plays and I thought we were going to be playing some alternate shot. Anyway, I was able to detect that I was not hitting the Pro V1 as far as I was hitting my Snell MTB-X. To be fair, the MTB-X is likely closer to the Pro V1X, but still.....I'm sticking with the Snell MTB-X for now, as it works better (for me and my swing, anyway). However, part of the tournament gave me a $125 gift certificate to be spent at the Mizuno Mobile Tour van. Wasn't a lot that was availble th
  3. Pulling for Dylan Wu (currently tied for 20th at 1 over after day 2). His father is a member at our club and I watched Dylan growing up as a junior player here at Rogue Valley from the age of 10 or so. He's done fairly well, but nothing exceptional on the McKenzie and Korn Ferry Tour and was able to qualify for the Open. Would love to see him make some noise and do well!
  4. Back on my home course again. Struggled with my short game on the front 9 to shoot a 42, then got it going on the backside for a 37. 79 for the day.
  5. I dropped my LW from my bag....at least for now....it was done more to put in another longer hybrid, but I haven't really missed it. For any shot where I'd be thinking LW, I just take the SW. Although, one drawback is that the SW has more bounce than the LW (in my case), but I've been able to deal with that effectively.
  6. Final day of the Diamante Classic and my partner and I played miserably. 2 man scramble was the format. Opening hole is a par 3 at 153 yards. Both of us on the green and my partner has the easier putt and is closer at 7 feet ... we both miss the birdie putt and the rest of the day went downhill. Although we did birdie one hole, we basically stunk it up, missing putts and unable to score. By the time we had 5 holes left, the 3 days of high temps and humidity got to both of us. I was simply exhausted and had nothing in the tank. After a 2nd place finish in Better Ball, a first place finis
  7. Another 83 yesterday in Round one of the Diamante Classic. Our team came in 3rd in our flight for the round of Better Ball. Didn't pay for the daily payout, but it did pay off for the Player Pool (Calcutta). I had 4 doubles as the wet ground and unfamiliar greens continue to give me some issues. Today's event will be a modified Stableford. Looking for the team to do a bit better. The guys we played with yesterday were on fire and ham and egging it well, shooting a net 63 mainly because the higher handicap player of that team didn't seem to make that many mistakes on the stroke holes.
  8. Had the practice round at the member guest tournament at Diamante CC with my friend In Hot Springs Village Arkansas. Been some heavy rain here and the course was soaked. First time playing this course and came in with an 83. Course was very sloppy, but the greens were flawless, not as fast as usual, but receptive. My partner had his best round at the course since becoming a member here in December with a nice 75. Today is the first round and we'll be playing Better Ball. Hopefully I'll play better and hopefully my partner didn't spend his limit with yesterday's round.
  9. With age comes wisdom. I'm just wondering how much older I'm going to have to get in order to get some of that stuff!
  10. Yep, started this week for me, too. Last weekend, I struck the ball well. This weekend, it was like a foreign entity inhabited my body --- one that had never played golf before.
  11. Another out of sync day on the course and poor ball striking. Rather than just letting my swing flow, I'm forcing it. I know better, but.... Flying out tomorrow to play in a member-guest with my prior neighbor and best friend -- Diamante CC in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas -- I'd better get my act together. Practice round Wed, then 3 days of tournament play (better ball, modified Stableford, and Scramble). Looking forward to playing!
  12. Absolutely terrible day. First 13 holes and I'm 13 over. Just felt out of sync and too mechanical...harder I tried, the worse I hit it. On 14, I loosened my swing and just let it flow. Shot 1 over on the last 5 holes to card an 86.
  13. I'd recommend having a golf instructor look at his swing. While a ball may have some influence, it's more likely his swing that is the major contributing factor. Angle of attack, effective dynamic loft, and other variables will have much more influence on trajectory than what ball he's using.
  14. Had to cancel my usual Wednesday round today. AC went out, dog was puking, wife was sleep deprived. Did get the AC fixed and it's a good thing since we hit about 93 before the AC was working again (bad capacitor). House only got to 84 inside and is now 80 and dropping with 64 degree at the vents. 95 outside. Didn't really mind not playing in that!
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