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  1. They put to sleep the nightmare they called a season. What a yawner.
  2. HVIII feeling the nerves? Dustin needs to play flawlessly on the way in and it would still need for BK to have some disasters along the way.
  3. I never base my yardages off the range balls. They are almost always short. Temperature will also have an effect on ball flight. Base your average distances per club on what you see while playing. If you're consistently long on your iron shots, dial it back a club and see how you fare.
  4. From what I understand, Ping is one of the better ones out there. Having said that, I would still take the clubs back to your fitter when you get them to ensure that they do, indeed, meet the specs you requested.
  5. Not at all. OEM can build to whatever spec you request. Some are better than others, however. I can tell you an experience with Callaway several years back....I was working at a golf retail shop and special ordered a set of Callaway clubs directly through our Callaway sales rep under a personal use discount available. I requested the clubs be +1/2" and 2 degrees upright. When they arrived, I had to bend all of the clubs to either fix the lie or the loft to specs requested (the lofts were all supposed to be standard but most were off). I pretty much lost faith in mass production specs after that. Hopefully, they've gotten better since then (20+ years ago). But, I always check my clubs now.
  6. Even if today is just a repeat of BK's dominance over the rest of the field, I'll find it interesting to watch for several reasons. Obviously, watching BK break records and achieve something that hasn't been done before will be historic. But also watching the race for second will be a great subplot, providing that CBS doesn't focus solely on BK. Back when Tiger was dominating the field in tournaments, golf was still exciting to watch, including the meltdowns of competitors, the sheer awesomeness of Tiger's performance, and the possible mistakes awaiting down the road were all factors. And, most of us remember Greg Norman's famous collapse from a for sure win at The Masters --- stranger things have happened. Besides, I'm still pretty much bed ridden and house bound following surgery, so I'll have little else to do but watch golf
  7. I went for the full bag fitting, even though I was mainly interested in irons and driver. My fitter opted to lower the cost to just an iron fitting if I were to purchase the irons (which I did). Even had I not purchased anything through them, the experience was fully worth the cost to me. It's difficult to discuss monetary advantages or disadvantages because we all have different levels of pain when it comes to money. For me, there was significant intrinsic value and I was comfortable spending the money for the fitting and I was comfortable spending the money to purchase clubs through Club Champion, even though their costs are at a premium over OEM and most other fitters. I could have had the same clubs at a lower price, but the intrinsic value of knowing that I'm getting exactly what I was fit for, the fit guarantee, and satisfaction were all a factor in my decision to go with CC. Not everyone will have the same thoughts on the added cost and that is not only understandable, but perfectly okay. If we're not fully satisfied with our decisions, there will always be that niggling feeling back there eating away at us.
  8. Retail cost of a full bag fitting is $350. There are sometimes discounts available. Fittings for less clubs (i.e. driver only, irons only, etc) will be less. Their website contains the pricing structure.
  9. Age has a way of slowing things down. While Tigris still an incredibly gifted player, the awe factor isn't there anymore. Younger players aren't as intimidated by his mere presence as players once were. Sent from my SM-G965U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. Sand Holllow is definitely a course that should be on anyone's play list. There are quite a few really top notch courses along the Red Rock trail to consider.
  11. In one of our men's club events, we had one group that was long behind all of the other groups. Since, we all gather after the round to payoff that weeks winners and to enjoy light hors d'vours, we decided not to wait for them. Their group was not considered for the winning prizes AND there was almost no food left when they got back in. Seriously, they were 30 minutes behind every other group!!!
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