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  1. I did say "for me". But, no, I didn't try every golf ball available, nor did I feel the need to do so.
  2. "Best" is a relative term. For me, the best ball sub $40 would be Snell MTB-X. The other balls in that price range fall well short on performance for me.
  3. Yeah, the PNW got some weather. We have a winter storm hitting tomorrow. Shouldn't be too bad, though. Might get an inch of snow at our location. We should warm back up early next week.
  4. Pretty much a repeat of yesterday. 83 that should have been lower if I could get my head out of my .....
  5. Stop doing that! Had a buddy playing pickle ball tear his Achilles heel....he's out for awhile! Us old guys gotta remember we're not the young stallions our minds try to convince us we are!
  6. Hopefully, we don't get that much from this winter storm moving through.
  7. Left deltoid. But that was humorous More likely that my brain is preventing me from executing the shot! LOL
  8. Between playing a new course, shoulder injury a couple of weeks ago, and winter conditions on the turf, my game is in the tank. Handicap has gone from 7.3 to 8.6 in the last month. With a low of 6.8, my handicap will likely be restricted in no time. Anyway, shot an 84 today. 2 birdies and a couple of throw up holes. Really struggling with short pitches/chips and the tight lies. I tend to be a bit steep and I know that I'm moving way more than I should be. Although I work on it at the chipping practice area, I choke at the most inopportune time and hit fat, leading edge digs into the turf, and the ball pukes on itself far short of my intended landing area. On the positive note, I made some stellar putts today. OK....got that off my chest!!!! Good chance to see some snow Saturday. Gee thanks!
  9. I have one set of clubs. Play them at home and away.
  10. Light rain and 34 degrees. I opted out.
  11. 2 Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 midsize grips for my Sub70 wedges. They were out of stock for my previous color so I had to go with something a bit different -- but the wedges are different from the other irons, so ....
  12. I'm currently using (and will likely continue to use) Golf Pride MCC +4 midsize grips.
  13. Brisk wind and I don't think I made a putt on the first 9 holes. Disappointing 84 today. My shoulder is still healing, so I shouldn't complain, I guess. Going to be cold the next few days, so I'm guessing I won't be playing until Saturday -- and there's an 80% chance of rain that day.......oh well!
  14. No, I have the White/Black cover. Is the newer one smaller? edit: Sorry, I wasn't thinking this morning.....I have a mallet style cover.
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