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  1. When I join as the single, I generally find the reason they couldn't find a fourth!
  2. My regular group has decided that this month, because of the very wet course and winter golf anyway, we would play 2 holes on each 9 from the tees forward of our regular tees. The discussion came up about handicap posting and I suggested (and it was agreed upon) that we do NOT post our scores to GHIN, but we do continue to track the points earned from play since we're all playing the same. (Group accumulates points over the year based on gross scores on Saturday events to determine the top 20 players for a RYDER CUP format weekend). I have no problem with anyone playing hybrid tees, but if there is no established slope/rating assigned, posting to GHIN for competitive handicap calculations should be avoided. Now, if one doesn't compete in handicap tournaments and only wants a base line handicap for informative info, fine and dandy, do as you see fit. JMO.
  3. More people should get their ego out of the way and find the gear that helps them play better golf and have more fun doing it! Good on ya! More people should get their ego out of the way and find the gear that helps them play better golf and have more fun doing it! Good on ya!
  4. ahhhhh yes...the old Breakfast Ball on #1 tee box. I agree with you on the divot challenge. It's fun to complain about the lie then hit it on the green
  5. I played with the Mezz Max, Mezz, and DF 2.1 for quite a bit when I was at a PGASS in Plano last month. I'd heard such great things about all of the L.A.B. line that I was very interested in trying them out. True to the hype, they felt great in the hand, albeit a bit awkward looking. I went back and forth between all 3 models and came to the conclusion that I really liked the DF. With a leap of faith, I placed my order for a custom build with L.A.B. DF 2.1, including a stability shaft. Closing my eyes at the cost, I pressed enter. It is enroute to my house as I type and it is expected to arrive Thursday. I can't wait to hear the comments from my playing buds about the ugly, oversized, branding iron I call a putter.
  6. Rained out after 6 holes. Looks like bad weather for the next week...rain and possible snow.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, orthopedic surgeons don't immediately jump to surgery without reason. What did he diagnose?
  8. Tough day today. 2-3 club wind. Opening holes were directly into the wind and I doubled the first 2. Ended up shooting an 85. Greens were slow today, in addition to the wind...just made for a tough round.
  9. Do you have to defrost them in the microwave prior to play?
  10. I've had both knees replaced (arthritis was the issue for me). Extensive rehab is required after knee replacement. Knee replacement aside, exercise and stretching of the joints (knees, hips, feet, arms) is never a bad idea. I recommend finding a good plan for exercising those hip and knee joints and doing so on a regular basis, regardless.
  11. Not all of us! I'm still a holdout in serious resistance mode! OUT damn spot! OUT!
  12. Just got notified that it is shipping from Oregon today! Edit: Arrival date moved up a day and will be here tomorrow. Of course, we're in the middle of an ice storm. Friday might be available to use the putting green with it. In the meantime, I guess it's the indoor putting mat to get a feel for it.
  13. Despite his self-proclaimed status of one of the best putters in the world, I'm not sure he'd be my first place to seek advice.
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