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  1. I just play the same ball year round -- Snell MTB X. Prior to shifting to Snell 2 years ago, I played Taylor Made balls year round.
  2. I've started working with a new swing coach. One of the (many) things he saw was that my right hip sat naturally higher than my left hip when standing straight up. I do have one leg slightly shorter than the other, so it made sense. After working a bit, he asked me to take off my right shoe and hit balls. Very interesting results -- better clearing of the hips on the downswing. We also worked on a couple of other issues, including pointing out my weight distribution and changes during my swing (used a pressure mat to identify). Again, surprised a bit by what I saw. One last issue that w
  3. November? More like all year long
  4. Played 18 holes without a double bogey!!!!! It's been a long time since I've done that, despite scoring decently. Anyway, shot a 77 today. Only one birdie, but my partner and I won the game (We have a standard $5 game on Wednesday with our 4some, changing partners each week).
  5. Struggled getting off the tee box all day but putted lights out. Actually, on the front side, had 3 doubles (#1 had wedge issues, #3 had tree issues that went OB, #7 hit another tree on 2nd shot when I tried to just miss the tree and catch the left side of the green and then didn't have a shot to the green for the 3rd shot) to shoot 6 over, then on the back shot 1 over. They were doing maintenance on #2 today, so we skipped it. It's a handicap hole for me, so I added a bogey to my score to post an 80 for the day.
  6. I haven't played there in many moons, but Charleston National is quite nice. Also, Crowfield in Goose Creek was a pretty nice course when I played there. Snee Farm was my home club when I lived there, but that was a private club then. May be different now.
  7. Brutal day today. After shooting my handicap by hole #6, I knew I was in for a big number. The rest of the round wasn't much better and I carded an 85. No excuses. Just out of sync all day and never found my groove. My team wasn't real thrilled with my scores, either
  8. 78 today. 2 birdies, neither paying off for skins.
  9. We have an unusual 27 hole course. Rather than all 3 nines starting and returning from the clubhouse, it's set up where you either play holes 1-18 (Rogue Course (par 36/36)), the inside 9 (par 35), or what we call the crossover, where we play holes 1-3, 13-18, then the inside 9 (Original course or Chandler Egan Course (par 37/35)). Holes 4-12 were added later and became the standard course. Obviously, the pro shop determines which course you can play on any given day. The normal course is the Rogue. The inside 9 is the tougher of the 3 nines.
  10. Played fairly well today, but ball striking was not all that great. Shot 78; 2 birdies (one on each side) and doubled both par 3s on the backside . 39/39 (par is 37/35 for this course setup).
  11. We're still using noodles, leave the pin in, no rakes in the bunkers, and one person per cart (except family) or mask required if 2 in cart (although I don't think too many are doing the mask in cart thing). I'm okay with all of the preventative measures except not having a rake. Although we allow placing a ball in the trap if you're in a foot print or unrated area, I'd still rather go back to raking the traps and playing them correctly.
  12. Yes, these are borderline. The saving grace is that they're not so hard that you can't control the ball with full shots. In the grand scheme, it's more of an issue of pin placement than speed of the greens. Ideally, you'll see 6 tough, 6 easy, and 6 moderate tee placements. The masochist who set our pins obviously preferred to put all of the pins such that slopes played a major role in things. It was, indeed, an exercise in speed control! On a positive note, our foursome had a game of 2 best net with another foursome and they faced the same issues --- at the end of the round, they were
  13. Finished bogey, bogey, bogey to post an 80 yesterday. Our greens are incredibly fast lately, faster than I've ever seen them in the 17 years I've been playing this course. While I prefer fast greens generally, these are like putting on glass and when they put the pins close to natural slopes, it can get dicey.
  14. Oh, what an up and down day! Mixed bag of junk, mainly. Had 4 double bogeys, one of which was a 4 putt on a par 3. Another 3 putt on a different hole. Putting stroke wasn't bad, but I had issues with burning the edge and putting too far beyond the hole. Mixed in 3 birdies. Limped in with an 81.
  15. Started off with a birdie on #1 (which won a skin!) then proceeded to tank the rest of the round BADLY! Shot an 88. Friday, I made every putt I looked at. Today, I missed putts all day long. Ball striking suffered from the lesson that I took Friday morning, but I suspected that might happen. Making a swing change after ingrained memories is difficult, but, in my case, I think it will pay off in the long run.
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