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  1. My assumption is that the ones that fly off into the woods are the bad ones.
  2. I got fitted for the first time about a month and a half ago (before these results). Ended up with the G410 LST and have been happy with it. One of the interesting thing for me was that my swing speed was notably slower with the radspeed than any other driver I tried that day. Was sitting 113-114 with others. About 108 with the Radspeed. That plus the actual results with that driver was a quick elimination. Probably would have tried the Tour Edge EXO Pro if I had seen this.
  3. Ron Carnal Kennett Square PA Timmy Armour No 3 (2019) Would love to compare the new No 3 to the previous version.
  4. Getting out already whenever the weather is half decent. Loving it.
  5. Close enough to Delaware . im sure we could figure something out. I did end up joining Hartefeld National, really enjoying it so far. I’m actually going to be in Dover tomorrow afternoon at the speedway getting my vaccine. No time for anything else though.
  6. I think I’m going to get a couple boxes of Snell Get Sum to try after I work my way through the assortment of leftovers I have in my bag. High handicapper, so it shouldn’t take long.
  7. Considering this myself. I’m thinking of getting a set of pinhawks as a proof of concept. I’m a higher handicap, so I’m perfectly comfortable trying out the pinhawks at a very affordable cost. Lower handicap may decide they are not up to snuff I suppose.
  8. I picked up a Rogue draw bias driver last year. Before I continue I will say that I only played 45 holes last year. While it seemed to help a bit in keeping shots straighter, I also ripped off some wicked hooks that I have NEVER done before. I just got fitted for a new (used driver for this year as I decided the draw driver was not for me. I’ve joined a club and plan on getting lessons with the pro (which I also have never done before). I believe that there are surely some fundamental things I am doing wrong (grip, stance, set up) that may help me. In short I think taking a little time to
  9. I couldn’t find a forum for this type of thing specifically so I thought I’d post here. Apologies if it’s in the wrong place. i just wanted to report on my experience being fitted for a “new” (used) driver at 2nd Swing Golf in Wilmington DE. I believe it’s a chain of some kind. This was the first time I’ve ever been fitted for any club (I’m 54), so it was a very new experience for me. The guy I had an appointment with did a real nice job of explaining things to me, why he was pulling out certain clubs to look at, shaft stiffness and weight, what I (He) was looking for in the stats that
  10. I have a bunch of Costco 3-piece and Callaway hex tour soft (also from Costco) sitting on the shelf to try this year. So let’s see, I have at least six dozen combined. Should get me through the first month....
  11. Thanks. I had a question written down similar to that, but talking with someone other than the membership director about it is a great idea. Thanks for the input.
  12. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I guess technically I’ve been playing for close to 40 years (I’m 54), but I don’t think I’ve ever played more than a handful of times in any given year and I’ve gone long stretches of years where I haven’t played at all. Played 2.5 times last year. Typical score would be mid 90s to low 100s depending on difficulty of course. What do you love about golf? I like getting outside in a nice setting. I also like hitting something very hard and watching it go a long way. What
  13. Thank you, these are great. Some I had already come up with, but others I had not thought about and are very good. it is golf only. Other privates in the area are more country club and cost a fair bit more. Since I have no interest in pools and racquet sports, I discounted them right away. I’m definitely adding some of these to my list.
  14. I am considering joining a club for the first time and I have a tour scheduled for Saturday. I’m seeking some assistance on what type of questions I should ask during the tour. That is, what are the “important” questions that would help me evaluate whether the experience will be worth the cost. It is a private club in southeast PA (near Delaware). Thanks in advance for any guidance you all can provide.
  15. My goal is to join a club for the first time and actually play more than 3 times a year. (I’m 54 and have been playing off and on since I was a teenager. Not sure if I’ve ever played more than half a dozen rounds in any given year.) I have no formal handicap, so getting that is a goal. Finding a regular group of guys to play with. This should go hand in hand with joining a club. Improve short game (I have no metrics to measure this yet, but it’s like the Supreme Court definition of pornography, I’ll know it when I see it)
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