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  1. Have you tried ebay? I always get 100 pro v1x got like $50 Been hit once but usually good quality. Worth it enough for me, I've gone that route many times
  2. I've seen SO many packages and so many price ranges so figured to ask... What's your best Florida golf package for around $200/night? Thinking summertime to save money
  3. Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here and look forward to good conversation
  4. Going one-length myself very soon! The idea just makes sense, consistent setup for consistent contact. We're in the same handicap range but you've also gotta look at speed. Especially with the lower loft irons if you don't have enough speed the ball will fly super low. Get a fitting for best results but I think this will slowly catch on once people get over their own insecurities about doing something different.
  5. The Grint app is only $40/year, very easy to use, plus you can find friends on there, track stats etc. Definitely worth it!
  6. Purdy Do you use stock head covers or after market? Seems to be a thing these days I noticed so many fancy head covers out there
  7. Hello My name's Mark and I've been playing golf for 18 years, currently a 9hdcp and chipping away at it bit by bit. Golf as we all know is a physical and mental challenge! When I make the tough putt or pull off the shot in my mind it's such a great feeling. I don't know why other spies yet but I've been a mygolfspy reader for years now. My hometown is Sunrise, Florida and usually I play at Colony West. Although with so many options down here golfnow I'd the way to go and I make my way around to different places all the time. Golf in Florida is great because we can play year-round! Of course the summer heat and showers are the negatives but the deals in summer make up for it. I'm an airline pilot but I used to work in the golf industry for over 10 years! From the golf shop to the range to instruction I did it all but hardly ever got to play; hence the career change. My username is my instagram handle, pretty easy there
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