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  1. Really interested to see how their tech helps to produce a better roll. I tend to get a little skid on mid range putts.
  2. If the grass pelt was put back that is way better than a divot. the ball can settle in the front of the divot where it does not have free passage out, not so if the grass is there. Also the ball is much less likely to stop on than exact square than it is in an unrepaired or poorly filled divot.
  3. It is no less vague than half the current rule book. As I guessed you still have issue with it because it differs from your opinion. I am just trying to take some of the luck out of the game and reward good shots in the "fair"way
  4. If a ball in the fairway lies in a depression without grass underneath then the player may take the nearest point of relief no closer to the hole.....done! Although I am sure you will still have issue with this.
  5. I guess everyone is missing my point. If you stripe a drive down the middle of the fairway and land in a divot 275 yards away that cannot be seen from the tee, why should you be punished for that when someone else in the group can drive it into another fairway and find a perfect lie and line because it's an area others haven't hit from frequently
  6. Thanks, I know the rules. If you could move a divot then your argument may be valid.
  7. I know......That is my point. Why should a divot in the fairway treated differently
  8. First off how can you not be a fan of Paige!? Now that we have that out of the way....I totally agree with the divot rule, how/why should it be different than a sprinkler head or drain cover. Might as well include being able to clean mud balls as well.
  9. I agree with Pankagolf....a swing path slice can't properly be eliminated with club adjustments. If it was an open club face at impact then you can adjust that out. Look up some drills on swing plane. It helped me a bunch, I went from an over the top fader/slicer 5yrs ago to barely being able to hit a fade when I try to now.
  10. I am looking at new irons and the Sub70 699pros look like they could be a fit. I like that they can send you demos before you buy. Anyone else done that yet?
  11. All these years blaming the equipment for my scores and thanks to MGS I finally have data to back it up!!!
  12. I know there is a max length rule I was saying it should be shorter for putters..36" max, you could still arm lock but would have to change so much
  13. I know my bag doesn't fit sideways in the back of my "grand "cherokee....it is a bit frustrating to have to lay the seat flat every time
  14. I don't understand why the USGA and RGA don't put a max putter length in the rules. That would get rid of all this.
  15. I usually only get to play on weekends and most courses will not let you walk unless it is very early or twilight. I don't mind walking but a 4some walking often will take longer than riding so you always have someone right behind you which messes with my rhythm a bit.
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