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  1. Check here for good, inexpensive impact screens. https://www.virtual-golf-simulator.com/golf-screens/. They are really helpful and can custom make your screen. I'm still planning mine, but this is where I will buy from.
  2. I just posted my setup with an R10. I started with just a net and a TV off to the side. Having a projector makes it way more fun! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/61795-garmin-r10-numbers/?do=findComment&comment=983780
  3. I played Heritage 2 weeks ago with my cousin and brother in law (I've been busy, so a late update...). We picked up a 4th who walked the entire course. His name was George, super nice guy! I shot a 116. For me, not that bad. That course doesn't have 2 consecutive feet of flat ground, the greens have at least 3 breaks each. The falling leaves managed to consume several balls, I had just switched from neon orange to white balls that morning. I second guessed that choice throughout the day. I had a blast though! George, if you read this and are headed back through GA, let me know and I'd be glad to play 18 with you again! We saw a coyote on the course also.
  4. I have the R10, but I only use it inside. I initially only had nets hung up, and with poured concrete walls, I think I was getting a lot of echo effect that confused the unit. I since have hung a moving blanket behind the net, a tarp and a sheet in front. It seems to be much more accurate now. I have 11' from ball to impact surface, 7'6" to R10. I'm running the R10 -> iPad running e6 -> Roku attached to my projector. Asking Santa for a 1 year subscription to GSpro! @GaDawg, I've never used my R10 outside, so I can't say how it would work on the range. For the record, I love my R10! I've not put it side by side with my coaches BLP, but my distances shown on each launch monitor are similar at home and at my lessons.
  5. I started looking at Shot Scope because I want something 99% automatic that I don't have to fiddle with during a round. 18 Birdies took me too much time using the phone app for shot tracking. If anyone is interested in a Shot Scope X5 for the price of an V3, they have X5 ex-display units available with 1 year warranty for $199.99
  6. Morning, all! Working on the second cup. No golf today. I have not played in over a month, we took a European vacation for a few weeks. Once I got back to Georgia, it seemed to rain daily in the afternoons and even a few driving ranges were closed due to flooding the other day. 90° and 125% humidity makes for miserable golf. Off to play pickleball with the wife. That's not a euphemism... [emoji1787] Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  7. Play like I do. People on adjacent fairways all stop to look at me, mostly because my drives end up over there, but still!
  8. I gotta say, Rory's swing is pretty sexy, very much golf porn... 1661044734280.mp4
  9. Outstanding! Congrats to yours as well!
  10. So I have to brag... My daughter graduated with honors from UGA last night! There is one more Dawg ready to conquer the world! I'm so frikin' proud! Plus, I'll have more $ for greens fees!
  11. I found a couple yellow Bridgestone balls on my local course, not with your makings though. I really like them, considering switching to them.
  12. I found a new coach that I really connected with. I took my first lesson with him the other day. I had paid for lessons when I first started to play, but I realize now that I just threw money away. He taught me nothing, just made me hit balls without telling me really anything iwas doing wrong or correcting me at all. I have since learned my grip was wrong, my swing was wrong, relying on my right arm pushing instead of my left arm pulling the club, I was trying to help the ball get loft by hitting way too far back in my stance, getting no distance on anything over an 8 iron. I'd considered selling everything and quiting. After my lesson, and a few hours of practice, my swing started to come together and I am getting distance and better accuracy. So, I guess I'm starting over. It's working though, I dropped about 6 strokes in my league game last week. It's weekly lessons for the next couple of months for me. I may end up being a golfer after all!
  13. In June, my wife and I are taking a once in a lifetime (so far) trip to Europe for our 10th anniversary! We are flying to Barcelona and staying 3 days. Then we are getting on a cruise ship for a 9 day cruise: BARCELONA, SPAIN PROVENCE (MARSEILLE), FRANCE CANNES, FRANCE FLORENCE/PISA (LIVORNO), ITALY (2 days) GENOA, ITALY SICILY (MESSINA), ITALY NAPLES, ITALY ROME (CIVITAVECCHIA), ITALY We'll spend 3 more days in Rome before flying home.We've been to Turks and Caicos, Mexico and other places in the Caribbean. Neither of us has been to Europe, we are so excited!
  14. Well, I did it! I went and got fitted and bought the Cobra Aero Jet irons. I got 5 - PW + GW with KBS Tour Lite Regular shafts, The first new clubs I have ever owned! Very excited to hit them. I've accidentally become a full-fledged Cobra fanboy... I'm keeping 2 of my Vokeys in the bag.
  15. I love my Dri Lite 14.0 Hybrid. The straps are pretty comfortable, it has plenty of pockets for me. When I put midsize grips on my old clubs, the slots were a bit tight, but not a deal breaker. I chose red and black to support The Dawgs!
  16. Has anyone used one of these devices? Opinions or thoughts? Seems like it may be useful, for $27.
  17. 75° and a bit overcast here today. I'm trying to wrap things up at work early and slip out for a quick 9 holes before my dinner date with the wife tonight! This will be the first I've played this year.
  18. Those sound like the FJ Flex. I have those and love them. For the price, they are very comfortable, but not waterproof.
  19. I tried driver out in my simulator today, it was unpredictable, off target, and poor distance. Just like before I had new grips put on! I really couldn't tell a difference with the grip upside down. Just cosmetic more than anything.
  20. Yes, I took the entire club. I guess I could see how it could happen. 1 out of 13, that's 92% I'll take it back when I get time. They should be able to pop that grip of and reinstall it, right?
  21. I bought a new bag, 14 way Big MAX Dri Lite Hybrid. I like it but have not gotten out on a course with it yet. I also just had my clubs regriped with Golf Pride MCC Align plus 4 midsize grips. PGA Tour Superstore put driver grip on upside down! Maybe I can rotate the shaft 180° and keep the angle the same. I should have checked before I walked out.
  22. I have the same question. Considering the AG lifetime.
  23. I'm pretty tired of subscription models. Netflix, hbo, Spotify, internet, headspace, prime, password managers, online golf instruction, Rosetta stone, vitamins and supplements, even razor blades! At the end of the month, I could have played several rounds at a nice golf course. I saw this article that mentioned E6 & Awesome Golf integration, which is yet another subscription.
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