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  1. You could donate them to something like First Tee and take a tax write off for more than the amount you'd get selling them, plus you'd help some kids. You might want to look at 2nd Swing or some other used club online dealers. If you look in eBay at some of the used club listings, you'll see a lot are resellers and not individuals. Contact some of them about buying your clubs.
  2. Arrived on Father's Day! 3 Spin Milled Square Groove Vokey wedges, 52, 56, and 60°. I got a good deal on eBay, I really have to stop browsing there. The wedges need a bath and they have some battle scars, but they have plenty of grooves left. For under $100, I'm pretty happy with them.
  3. I saw this Kickstart project today. I like the idea of it, but I think trying to be too many things makes a product weaker in specific areas. A Swiss Army knife is great, but it's never the best knife, or the best corkscrew, or the best awl, etc. Also I'm not wild about having to wear a sensor. I can see losing that pretty quickly. The X3 promises some great features, but I think it's overly ambitious, especially at a ~$500 price point. Putting themselves up against Mevo+ and Skytrack seems very bold. It's an interesting project, but I'm skeptical. If they can pull it off, I could see it being well received for the features vs. price. Thoughts?
  4. I loved my Boonie hats! I had to toss my last one I had from the early 80's. I think I still have a pair of OG-107s that I was issued! The odds of me ever fitting in them is astronomically small! Thank you for your service, Easy!
  5. I picked this one up on Amazon a while back, Einskey Sun Hat. They have an adjustable elastic cord around the headband so it is easy to get a custom fit. They are $16.99 today, I think I paid $24. Lots of colors available, I went with the color shown below since lighter equals cooler. I like it for keeping the sun off my ears and neck. The vents are nice, but nothing will fix the humidity here in Georgia! I wore it Thursday for league golf. I give it for the functionally and price.
  6. Mods, my review has been posted. Thanks for letting me help! I found no bugs or errors in the submission process. Pictures uploaded fine, the resizing feature worked well, text formatting worked as expected. I am going to add an audio clip to the review later to see how that is integrated into the post. Update: audio uploaded perfect into post.
  7. For a comparison standpoint, this is the first "new" driver I have ever purchased. My reference for comparison is an old Wilson and a Nitro driver, neither one in this league of clubs. Looks: I love the way this driver looks! The colors, the carbon fiber, and the overall shape are very pleasing to my eye. The look at address is fantastic! The C logo alignment mark is nice, different than just a dot or a straight line down the crown of the head. This is a large 460 cc driver with an elongated tail appearance, thus the XB nomenclature (Xtreme Back). The infinity milled face gives this driver a bit of a distinctive look. The Motore X F3 shaft on mine has a matching overall black theme. It is a regular flex graphite shaft, other options are available. The color coordinated head cover offers plenty of protection and a secure fit on the driver, it is a bit of a task to remove it. Tuning: The weight in the driver head is set low and rearward for better forgiveness. The weight can be adjusted via the optional weight kit and tool. The weight kit I received had 8, 10, 12, and 14 gram weights along with a tool for securing the weight in the driver head. These are in addition to the 6-gram weight that came in the driver. Cobra says the idea is to balance the weight front to rear, instead of just throwing the biggest weight in the back and letting it rip. Trying different weights, I could see a difference, mainly in the launch angle and overall trajectory. The club is adjustable ±1.5 with the included adjustment tool. Sound: This is a subjective rating. I like the sound this driver makes. It is not a deafening ping, but it is a midrange, sharp sound. It is louder than some clubs, but far from the loudest I have heard. If you want a club that will make everyone turn and look every time you tee off at the range, this probably is not the club you want. This club seems really forgiving, as even a mishit sounds nearly like a good strike. Recording below: messages_0.mpeg (1) (1).mp4 Feel: The Cobra Connect grip (Lamkin Crossline) feels a lot like a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip to me. It is a comfortable, normal size grip; other options are available. This is a comfortable club to swing, even on mishits, it sounds and feels almost like a good hit. That is not to say this club is so dampened that you cannot distinguish mishits, but that the infinity face does a great job of making mishits seem like pure hits. I love way the Motore X F3 shaft performed. Forgiveness & Performance: As I have mentioned throughout this review, this club is made for forgiveness, and it is one of the main reasons for my purchase. The elongation of the club head allows for lower spin and higher launch. The forgiveness of the club may come at the cost of some distance compared to the XD version of this club, which is heel weighted instead of rear weighted. Compared to the other drivers I have hit, this outperforms them all easily. I do get more distance, on average at least 10 yards. I have no shot scope of trackman data to offer for distance, speeds, etc. Accuracy: Since I am still a novice golfer, I cannot say this is the most accurate club in the world. I can say this puts the ball a lot closer to where I wanted it to go than my older clubs. I seem to hit more consistent shots, again probably due to the forgiveness Cobra built into this club. On Course Performance: I have only played 9 holes with the Cobra RADSPEED XB, but it was one of the best scores for me so far! I think knowing I have a little bit of room for not-so-perfect hits that will still find the fairway has given me more confidence at the tee box, and confidence is a lot of this game. Misc.: The inclusion of adjustment tool and headcover were a nice addition. Play it or Trade it: I am 100% keeping this driver!
  8. TheOther1

    Urethane or not?

    Have you looked at Lostgolfballs.com? $25/dozen for mint balls. I've never received anything that did not look and perform like 100% new. Idk if they ship to UK. There may be something similar closer to you.
  9. The RADSPEED XB (XTREME Back) Driver features a slightly oversized profile at address (460cc) and 20 grams of back-biased RADIAL WEIGHTING to deliver low spin, and the fastest ball speed with maximum forgiveness.
  10. I really need a new bag, mine is no telling how old and starting to fall apart. Clubs get snagged in the dividers every time I use it. So I'm looking at a 14 way Big Max Dri Lite Summit stand bag, in UGA red and black, of course!
  11. I'd be willing to help out. I could review my new Cobra RadSpeed XB driver. I'm still messing around with the weights and adjustments. I only have my old Wilson to compare it to.
  12. After a couple of weeks off, I got back to my league play and shot a 49 on a par 36 9 hole course. That is actually a great score for me and I won $9 in the skins game. And I only lost 1 ball to the water hazard.
  13. Am I becoming a club ho? I couldn't resist this Cobra Radspeed XB. Got a great deal on it on ebay. Motore X F3 regular, a weight kit, head cover, and adjustment tool. Used for 4 rounds, I love it! Can't wait to dial it in on the range, and try it out on the course this week. My first real near-new club purchase.
  14. You need my putter head cover to finish out your bag!
  15. Agreed. I'm investing primarily in lessons and practice rounds/driving range.
  16. I do play weekly in a league, I practice chipping and pitching in my yard almost daily, and there is a par 3 course near my house that I have discovered. No starters, no crowds, fantastic for real practice. You can spend all day there for $20. I'm trying to work in a 1/2 day there each week. Today I went and hit 2 balls from each tee. I took the score from the best ball on each hole. Ended up with a 40! For me, that is amazingly good! I have a tripod and have started recording my swing.
  17. I think he gave it to me to spite me!
  18. Lol! We might be golf twins! I subscribed to Clay Ballard's Top Speed Golf. I'm working my way through drills and practices. I have a small tripod with a phone holder and I've used it a few times. I forgot about watching my own swing! I'll do that next time at the range. I do have a Ripcoil RP6 tempo trainer. I took it out of my bag and haven't used it in a while. I think I can go to the PGA Tour Superstore and have them help me with picking the right used driver for me. I'm going to hold off on clubs for a while until I get more lessons under my belt.
  19. Thanks for all the input folks! I've taken a few lessons, but almost a year ago and didn't play through winter. Hey GaDawg! It's a Wilson Profile XD 10.5, regular flex. They are like $45 on eBay. My brother in law gave it to me when he got a new driver 2 years ago. My shots, both driver and irons, are either pretty good or absolutely terrible. More than likely terrible. Slice, top the ball, miss completely, etc. I try to go hit at least a bucket of balls during the week and play Spark Golf on Thursdays. It seems I start off pretty good and get rattled and it all falls apart. I need to remember the only shot that matters is the next one. I'm going to start with more lessons. I'm holding off on equipment until I get the pro to look at my driver. He's the one who sold me the cobra irons ($100), but I'll have him check them out, as well. He had a buy-5-for-the-price-of-4 lessons thing. That seemed like a pretty good deal last time. I think I'll hit up the local PGA Tour Superstore and try some used gear after I get some recommendations from my pro. I'll certainly look at Maltby. I like the not breaking the bank idea! I don't have the cash to do an indoor golf simulator properly anyway. I have a Cobra 3/F Baffler Rail F 15.5° and it plays pretty well. I may get a 5 hybrid to replace the Nitro 5 I have.
  20. So let's not pretend I'm even close to good. I suck at golf, but I like it. I think the best I've ever scored is 63 on 9 holes. I've got old Cobra bio cell red irons and an old Wilson driver. If I had ~$600 to invest in my game, which of these would be the best purchase? A "good" set of irons fitted to me. A "good" driver and a couple of hybrids or wedges fit to me. A Garmin R-10 so I can work on my swings and have some fun hitting indoors. Lessons. A combo of some of the above items. Thanks for the input!
  21. I played another 9 on Thursday in Spark Golf league. I got my very first birdie! And on the very first hole, I was so happy I forgot to stash my birdie ball and hit it right into the water in the next hole. The rest of the round was downhill after that, not even a par. Did I mention I got my first birdie?! I'm headed to the Mitsubishi Electric Classic today for a few hours, then to Chateau Elan for 9 holes on their par 3 course. Good luck out there, everyone!
  22. Thursday, I lost 2 on the front 9. I also made my first birdie ever! Then immediately hit my birdie ball into a water hazard. Should have stuck that one back in my bag.
  23. I've recently started taking 25 foam balls out in the front yard and hit my 60°, PW, or 9 across my yard to where I stuck a little utility locator flag. I try to do this twice a day to get up from my desk and move, get some fresh air, and maybe improve my game. It's at least not starting into monitors all day.
  24. Played my second Spark Golf round. Played with 2 really nice guys who were very supportive. I played better than my first round, but still > 60, so I have a lot of work to do. Hit a bucket nice and easy before the round and was feeling good about it. 1st drive on opening hole, hard hook over the cart path, down a hill, onto white tee box of next hole. I could have just teed off from there for the next. It took a couple of holes to regain my composure. I did hit GIR in 1 on a par 3 but 3 putted. I had 2 bogeys but all others were double or higher. Unfortunately, that was the highlight of my round.
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