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  1. After refreshing my phone I now see your whole post. All I got earlier was just the golfworks link for some dumb reason. Thanks again!
  2. Hmmm, didn't (and still don't) see an eBay link on your post, just golfworks. It did however tell me what to look for so I guess you mentally got it across to me anyway lol.
  3. After cnosil's golfworks suggestion, I knew the right search terms, and lo and behold I found numerous postings on eBay with sets of 4 screws for $10 shipped. Just wasn't searching correctly!
  4. Thanks, I don't do much club repair so I forget about golfworks. However, it's $16 shipped for one screw so I might as well just order an adapter at that price. Appreciate the suggestion though. I'll keep digging around. Maybe eBay has some.
  5. Hi guys. Maybe a dumb question, but the adapter screw came out of my SIM so I need to buy a new one. Is there some place I can buy just the screw or do I have to buy a whole new adapter? I'd like to just buy a screw and maybe a spare. Hate to buy a $15 adapter just for a 20 cent screw but I guess if I have to I will. Thanks in advance for any direction. John
  6. Finally got my new balls and had a chance to test them. It wasn't the best day as it was in the 50s and windy but I thought they performed very well. I didn't find them hard at all off the driver or irons. A little clicky sounding off the putter but still felt fine. The wind didn't seem to affect them much which is nice here in Kansas. Not sure about spin as the greens are still pretty firm as we've had a cold streak lately but on approach shots over a hundred yards they were within a few feet of my pitch mark which I would say would be normal for me with just about any high quality ball that I played this time of year. Short shots I played to bump and run and allow for rollout because I knew there wouldn't be much check right now but overall I was very pleased for the price. I bought three dozen to get free shipping and I was worried that I would be trying to sell them or give them away but I won't mind playing them out. Not sure if they will be my main ball forever but I won't have any trouble playing them along with maxfli tours or pro V's.
  7. The Rick Shiels video was interesting as that is really the only negative video I have seen. Of the 10 or so I watched (just whatever came up under "PXG Ball") they've mostly been pretty positive. His was about a complete 180 compared to the others.
  8. I haven't read all the responses above but I will put in my two cents. I had never done a putter fitting before, mostly because I'm too cheap haha, but I just really doubted that it would make any difference. I was a pretty good putter and liked the putter I was using (also a ping). While vacationing in Atlanta it turned out that a pxg store was right across the street from my hotel. My wife wanted to do some shopping at the mall that the pxg store was in so while she shopped I wandered down to the pxg store to look around. There was a sign there that talked about fittings and it mentioned a putter fitting for $50. I had nothing going on and I was on vacation so I thought what the heck I'll give it a try. There was no one else in the store so the girl working there said I could do it even though I didn't have an appointment. We spent about 45 minutes trying all different types of putters with various necks, lengths and weights. I was shocked at the difference it made when she finally dialed in on what fit me specifically. I was always pretty good in the four to eight foot range but now I'm very consistent on my lag putting as well as my short putting. The putter just kind of swings itself. The best part was after we were done and I went to pay her the $50 she said that it was on the house because she was bored anyway and it gave her something to do for an hour. So that was pretty nice. She actually offered to let me do a fitting for woods as well but like you I cannot hit off a mat or in a simulator and so I passed on that. The last time I tried to do a driver fitting in a simulator the gentleman told me after watching me hit about 10 balls everywhere but the center of the club face that I really needed to practice and learn a little more about the game before doing a fitting. My son was with me and got a big charge out of that and told the fitter that I was a six handicap and had been playing for 35 years but I'm still not sure the guy believed him. At least we all got a good laugh out of it. Whatever you choose to do good luck and have fun!
  9. Appreciate the feedback. I don't know much about shaft vs. head, but I know when you get the correct version of both together it's magic for sure. Thanks!
  10. Mostly center. Trying to get it higher on the face to kill some spin but mostly center or slightly toe side of center.
  11. Ball flight for both clubs is about the same, fairly high launch, not much roll. I'm guessing you are correct, 425 just has more spin (which is why I tried a couple low launch, low spin shafts to no avail). I played draw with occasional big hooks most of my life. About 7 years ago, working with a coach I switched to a fade, but then ended up with two way miss...could be big push/block to the right and then overcorrecting to a big hook. SFT experiment was just to take the right side out of play for the most part, which it has done fantastically. I also love the feel and response of it. I just hate the fact that it just drops out of the sky when it gets to the 230 yard mark lol. I will say that it is a CONSISTENT 230-235...not 210 one drive and 260 the next. It's too bad really...I love everything about the driver except the distance. On my local course it isn't really a big deal as it is relatively short, but I played in a member guest event with a buddy a few weeks ago and he even made the comment (without knowing I dropped a new driver in my bag) "Man, it seems like you are crushing your drives but they aren't going anywhere!"
  12. Thank you for that link. I will check it out.
  13. Switched to Ping 425 SFT last month thinking it would turn my fade into a draw and gain me a little more distance. I'm 57, 6HC and average about 255 with my Sim2. The SFT is truly a fairway finder for sure (I didn't have any issues with big left misses like some have talked about). My problem is that my distance has tanked with it. It's all I can do to push it out to 230-235, and that is catching it on the screws. I've tried 3 different shafts and no difference. I was playing yesterday and really striking it well so I asked one of my partners if I could hit his driver (Ping G model from several years ago) and flew it about 20 yards past where my original drive finished. Never saw this mentioned in any reviews I read or watched. Just wondered if anyone else that switched to the SFT saw this issue? I hit about 10 fairways a round instead of 4 or 5 now, but coming into the greens from 20 to 30 yards farther out kind of sucks so I'm a bit torn on what to do, especially after just dropping the money on the Ping. My scores are consistently better being in the fairway rather than the trees, I'm just greedy and want distance and accuracy haha. Thoughts or experiences? Thanks, John
  14. Got the 0211s with Recoil Dart 75 stiff shafts about a month ago to try something different after playing Cobra one length irons for the last 5 years. Nice club for the money. Feel good and are pretty forgiving. Maybe a few yards longer than the Cobras but not crazy long like some people have experienced. The graphite shafts seem a little softer than my steel KBS, but hoping they will be easier on my hands and elbows. Stock grips are fine for now...if they get slick later I'll change them out for the cords I like. Important tip: my lofts and lies were all over the map, same with two of my buddies so get them checked when you receive them! The pro that did it for me says that is common with PXG clubs.
  15. Sorry about that. Everything is standard, never had anything adjusted. Length is 34, not sure what loft and lie are. John
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